Where Is The Mourning, Mr. Zardari?

October 29, 2009

To Our Elite And Not Just The President: Was a reception for a foreign guest more important than sharing the grief of your people?

More than one hundred innocent Pakistanis killed in one day, more than two hundred in less than a month. Attacks linked to our own and America’s failed Afghan policy. Attacks supported by anti-Pakistan forces in the region and not just unknown ‘extremists’. Children left without parents, a nation terrorized. And the response of our political elite? Dinner, toasts and merrymaking in Islamabad. Was a reception for a foreign guest more important than sharing the grief of your people? A shameless foreign-backed ruling elite.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—One hundred and ten killed in one day. More than two hundred dead in less than a month. If this were any other country, emergency would have been declared, nation would have been mobilized, and intellectuals would have moved to question the policies of rulers who draw their strength from Washington and London and not from the people and the interests of Pakistan.

Above all, there would have been a national mourning.

But not in Pakistan. Not in a country where one ruler sold his nation in exchange for a deal offered to him by the Am-Brits and where ‘elected’ rulers consider receiving someone from Washington and London the high point of their careers.

The list of grievances is long:

1. WHERE ARE THE RAPID EMERGENCY TEAMS: Many of the dead in Peshawar probably died beneath collapsed buildings. Where are the millions of rupees that were spent after the 2005 earthquake on rapid response rescue teams?

2. MOUNRING: How many innocent Pakistanis should be killed before our ruling elite decide to declare national mourning? How many Pakistanis should die before our President and Prime Minister cut short their toasts for Mrs. Hillary Clinton and rush to Peshawar to be with their own people?

3. FIND CULPRITS: We know our own citizens are involved in this terrorism, but the small terror army in South Waziristan is not getting its money and weapons from inside Pakistan. Rehman Malik’s Interior Ministry and the military’s spy agencies have credible, strong and detailed information about how a US-controlled Afghanistan is being used for anti-Pakistan activities. BLA and TTP terrorists have a safe haven there. Terrorist Abdullah Mehsud was killed in 2007 slipping back from Afghanistan through Balochistan [and not the tribal belt] after meeting his backers there. We know why the Chinese were targeted here. We have enough evidence of the condemnable role played by India and its puppets in Kabul, and of the suspicious role of at least the US intelligence if not the US military and the Obama administration. And yet our government and the ruling elite of Pakistan are shy of mentioning this publicly. How many Pakistanis should die before they move? How many of our children must be orphaned before you speak up? You are being forced to ditch Kashmir and submit without questions to whatever Washington wants to do in Afghanistan. Why can’t you take a stand? What are you afraid of? That your assets in American and British banks will be seized?

4. SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITIES: US diplomats camouflaged as Afghan Taliban carrying weapons and pictures of sensitive buildings have been arrested, not once but many times. US ambassador Anne Patterson has been using her personal rapport with President Zardari and the Interior Minister to allow US security firms into Pakistan, mostly to repeat the same mistakes of Iraq and Afghanistan. Pakistanis don’t want any of this. Pakistanis don’t agree with the American view that Pakistan is a war theater following Iraq and Afghanistan, and we will resist this. ‘Extremism’ is not the only explanation for the terrorist army in South Waziristan. America’s role in Afghanistan is also a big reason for the regional mess.

I make these grievances, and so do most Pakistanis, knowing that we are seeing a shift in this country. Patriotism and PakNationalism is on the ascent here. Take the example of one Pakistani politician who received a call from the US embassy last week. Senator Tariq Azim was asked to visit the US Embassy building in the secured diplomatic enclave because a former State Department analyst-turned-academic, Mr. Daniel Markey, wanted to see him.

Senator Azim accepted the request for the meeting but politely declined to come to the embassy. He said if Mr. Markey wants to see him he should come to the senator’s office. Sen. Azim’s action was not about being antagonistic to Washington. He is a proponent of strong ties with America but he wanted to make a statement on US meddling in Pakistani politics, where Washington’s diplomacy with Pakistan shifted over the past two years from the Pakistan Foreign Office to direct contacts and private dealings with political parties.

Show some pride and compassion and share the grief of your people before it’s too late.



  1. We will give these bustards the hardest answer in Pakistan. No one will run out from us. Also our bustard government.

    Sub ko kuchal kar rakh dana ha, Inshallah

  2. AOA

    Dear AQ,
    This is a very sad moment for all of us.
    We as patriots already know that there are some culprits in interior ministry and political govt. who constantly overlook the BW and Dyncor activities. But we should not ignore the support of some retired or in-service Army personnel who are helping the Americans or helped them during the Musharraf dictatorship.
    Please be realistic and do not rule out the sell outs in military. How it is possible that ISI and MI do not know the suspicious activities of the Americans???
    We should boost up the morale of the military but they themselves are responsible for this mess as they allowed air bases for drones and logistics. Pakistani public is innocent but generals such as Musharraf are the actual culprits who surrendered to the USA.
    May ALLAH help us.

    • Sad but true

  3. Sad,,, If he was a patriot & really representing the people of Pakistan,,, He should have visited the location & should have spoken clearly to the US Sec of State that he cudnt attend her due to unforseen unfortunate incident that his people has suffered and should have protested to her to please rethink about the ongoing war in Afghnistan & it is time to change their policies towards this region.
    Our eyes filled with tears when we heard about this unfortunate incident and our hearts go out with the people who have suffered and lost their lives & loved ones…

  4. The only Reponse is to Fight Back with vengence against them and the Munafiqeen among us.

  5. My heart goes out to my brother and sisters who lost their lives in the peshawar blast & to their families. Most of the killed were women & children which just adds to the pain exponentially. This tragedy is also an eye-opener to people who think our ruling elite actually are working to make Pakistan a better place or working for the general public. I dont think there is any sort of governence.

    (Reading some comments about past leaders, there was no leader who completely free to make its own policy, every leader (weather civilian or military) had been influenced by the USA & quite happily accomodated them in more ways than one.)

    The best revenge for this kind of attack is to make yourself stronger so that when the time comes, one is ready to fight the enemy & be ready to lead. One of the ways of making the enemy weaker is to make yourself stronger, the enemy will become weak automatically because strength/weakness is a relative term. If your enemy is strong, it simply means you are weak, make yourself strong & your enemy will become weak.

    We can make ourselves stronger intelectually, physically, mentally & ideologically & above all have a character which is immaculate & based on high moral values which our religion teaches us. Speaking the truth should be a our biggest weapon & beleif in our ideology our biggest shield. Taking responsibility for our actions & consideration for others should be our motto. Once all of us are united & become like this, change is bound to happen & will be unstoppable which will be beneficial to all of us.

    This philosophy can be applied in our day to day life in whatever we do, weather we are students, professionals, housewives or businessmen/women.

    Pakistan Zindabad!

  6. For any progress to take place we need to first of all get rid of corruption. Specially from the top.

    Pakistan is not a puppet of USA. We need to put national interest before everything. We are taking losses for what the USA created. Their agents are continually destabilizing the Nation. The questions that need to be asked are ignored. USA will abandon us after all our losses and we will suffer more than anything they will. We are taking the bullets for what the US has created.

    Loyal to the Nationalist Revolution!
    Havi Zayed

  7. I morally support any organization who is willing to attack US soldiers in the region. What do these Americans want from us in the first place? Why can’t they just leave us alone? No matter what we do how many civilians are killed they keep clapping their hands and telling us to do more??? Pakistan has lost over 7000 civilians and 2000+ soldiers and our people are dying daily!

    They created this mess in the first place. They are responsible for abandoning the Pakistani nation not just in the past but they are following the same agenda today. This is while a nuclear deal with India is on the way with the same one denied to Pakistan.

    They now added another thing to Kerry Lugar bill on insistence of Indian lobby that Pakistan must confirm to the USA that it will not use its money on defense against India and will not upset the so called “balance of power in the region.”

    Its surprising to hear this when India already has a 3:1 advantage against us in terms of its armed forces. We have been fighting them all this time simply on the basis of mere willpower to maintain our freedom and never compromise on Pakistan.

  8. Kick these politicians out.

  9. PAKISTAN awaits bloody revoultion.

    Inshallah we wil hang each of these politicians who are enjoying parties.

    • Why dont we start the revoultion right now? What are we waiting for? Are we waiting for the basterds to destroy our ummah more?? Wake up people its time to wake up and take control. All this talk here is not going to help our country which is slipping into distruction every day. In my opinion if we wait any longer we will not have a country to fight for. Please wake up and act…

      • Tell me what sholud people do for revolution.. Destroy the parliament ? hang zardari to Islamabad electric ploes ? what do you means by bloddy revolution ?

  10. Remember our commando General Musharaff dancing on night of 28th May when people were being martered on the streets of Karachi…

    Where is our Brave General today?????????????

    • first of all it was not 28 may ..12 may and it was all due to cheep jusitce…can anybody asked him after his reappointment did he go to mazar-e-Qaid?
      dear brother it was a fight amoung political parites mqm,anp,ppp and jamat-e-islami.
      if another same incident take place and no innocent person got killed i will dance too…

  11. Where are our security agencies? What are they doing? This terrible incident should be prevented before. Our Army shitty policies are back firing. We should not only blame the politicians, security agencies should be blamed for that (ISI, MI and FIA). They should concentrate on the terrorist, stop bugging judges, Buru crates and politicians.

    • intellignece agencies work is to provide information and to take measure is the responsibility of a government and as far as backfiring is concerned please wait and let all the world see what these agencies can do and what they have done ?

      • yea right 😛 we are observing what is happening now a days in Pakistan. Pak Army is fucking our country from last 50 yrs. I think we had enough…

  12. WE as Individuals,Muslims,Pakis need to first go back to Quran and Sunnah!!!!! if this not achieved …we will continue to be punished not by talibans,americans,our own bastards,,,, but from ALLAH…
    May ALLAH forgive us for our SIns and Show us the true path to Peace and Glory

    Sayee Khuda yee Zuljalaal.!!!!

  13. most of the media was playing muisc and lucherpunnaaaa.while innocent pakistanis shaheed in peshwar.

  14. pro indian pakistani media is koom ko tabah karday gaaaaa.

  15. Devil i think ur Some indian Munaafiq So Shut ur filthy mouth and keep your comments in your ugly anhiliated buthole..

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