Pakistan and the KLB deception

October 28, 2009

Pakistani Patriots’ response to the Kerry Lugar Bill: The Jinnah-Iqbal Bill



  1. Excellent video!!

    I loved every second of it. Too bad that these traitors have accepted the KLB bill. Can we back out of it? The well-matched response could be to declare emergency in Pakistan or sack the current government. The only hitch is how will the public react to that.

  2. The bill is yet to be ratified by parliament however, I don’t think Zardari and Co are the type to follow normal procedures due to their overconfidence that they will remain unopposed by the people of Pakistan.

    The bill has no legal value at this moment however, our lovely so called democratic government has already started implementing the bill on the ground as Zaid Hamid stated in the video.

    What Zardari and co need is a very rude shock by Pakistanis rising up against them and telling them to get out of power.

    That’s the best way to do it. Declaring emergency will not keep these losers out

    • Sabeen,

      It would be great if Pakistanis can rise up. This is the part of democracy that we haven’t implemented.

      Unfortunately, nobody is there to drive the right movement. We had vested interests rise up to challenge Musharraf via lawyers movement.

      But there is no political party to stage a Pakistani public protest. We want the protest of the kind which Nawaz Sharif did to reinstate deposed Chief Justice.

      I think the easy way out would be declaration of emergency. This will give us an opportunity to simply APPOINT (read not elect) loyal Pakistanis who don’t belong to any political or feudal class.

    • it is not only zardari and co but approximately all political parites including PML n ganju party is on board and if PAK Army did not show their concerns they would accept that bill.

  3. Kerr Lugar Bill has been termed by many as the document of surrender. I agree with that. A new era of slavery is about to start and traitors from us are selling us.This is what happens when a nation gets stuck neck deep into corruption. Consider it the wrath of God maybe.

    A History of Clandestine Contacts between Pakistan & Israel:

    • Zeeshan,

      Pretty good article. It exposes the face of our leaders. I wish our leaders can understand that Islam does not encourage friendships with non-Muslims. A lot of people might say I am being fundamentalist. There is a difference between general behavior of courtesy and deep friendships. Friendships to me are deeper relations. Having an Israel and Pakistan friendship is like the friendship between a Lion and a goat. A Lion can never be a friend to a goat no matter how convincing he is.

      It says in Holy Quran that out of the Ahl-e-Kitab, you will find the Jews to be most staunch in hatred towards Muslim. Among the Christians, there are some who are God fearing.

      The ultimate goal of Isreal is “Greater Israel” which consists of almost all middleast. Pakistan is a significant road block towards that goal. They would either take direct control of Pakistan or give it to the hands of India.

      That is the plan but they will NOT be successful, Inshallah.

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