Hillary Clinton’s Pakistan Arrogance

October 28, 2009


After attacking Pakistan’s military and intelligence capabilities, US officials now turn to the nationalist Pakistani media.  US ambassador Anne W. Patterson already has set a precedence by applying pressure on a Pakistani newspaper to silence a longtime critics of US policies. Now it’s Madam Clinton’s turn.

The Nation

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—In terms of U.S. antics, things in Pakistan are becoming ever more ridiculous.  As if new restrictions imposed by Congress on military aid to Pakistan aren’t bad enough, we’re now seeing Secretary of State Clinton target Pakistan’s press. In true imperial fashion, she declared that Washington hadn’t responded properly to criticism in Pakistan’s media of the Kerry-Lugar Aid bill – criticism based on lies of course – but that now it would offer a fitting response. [The official bill is the Enhanced Partnership Act with Pakistan Bill of 2009]. According to Clinton, Pakistan’s media is full of exaggeration and doesn’t present the facts. That’s laughable considering how every line of aforementioned bill has been discussed ad infinitum to the point that there was no room at all left for exaggeration, which Kerry himself reiterated when he last visited Islamabad.

Unfortunately, it is the media in the U.S. that has targeted Pakistan and its nuclear assets, offering fanciful claims and insinuations far removed from reality at every opportunity. But Clinton’s attack on Pakistan’s media shouldn’t be ignored because it involves a veiled threat as well as an overt insult.  Considering how hard this nation’s press has fought and sacrificed for its independence, including in terms of lives lost, this is something we shouldn’t tolerate.

Clinton is now visiting Islamabad. The press should at least use the occasion to make its views on her derogatory remarks clear. Meanwhile, Clinton’s outburst should be regarded as the start of a new phase of direct intrusion into our affairs. This is a result of the Kerry-Lugar bill and other agreements this government and its predecessor have conceded to.

A far more serious threat that has become more visible is the physical access the U.S. has gained near Pakistan’s most sensitive installations, including its nuclear facilities. The case of Sihala is one such instance – and we are at a loss to understand why the government, now that the issue has been revealed, continues to allow this unwarranted U.S. access.

At the same time, it was disturbing to find that the Interior Ministry awarded import licenses to the U.S. for the importation of weapons into the country without following proper procedure. Now that same Ministry is lowering the boom on the Pakistani commandant of the Sihala Academy for telling the truth and voicing his concerns as a Pakistani nationalist, rather than addressing U.S. antics in America’s Sihala enclave and removing its presence from this sensitive area.

In a connected issue, the Ministry is also trying to put a stop to cases against Inter-Risk and DynCorp, and it refuses to admit the presence in Pakistan of Xe Worldwide (formerly Blackwater) despite glaring evidence that they are here. By all accounts, the interior Ministry seems extremely sensitive about safeguarding U.S. interests – even at the expense of Pakistan’s. Why?



  1. Shame on Rahman Malik, Sham on Zardari and shame on Shah Mahmood Qureshi. Someone needs to knock some sense into these idiot. I hope we can get rid of these people soon inshaallah. God hlep us, help Pakistan.

    • Someone needs to put a bullet in their head.

  2. I m an indian muslim but feel ashamed of pakistani government who is hell bent on selling pakistan and that too very cheaply.Rise o muslim brothers in pakistan and kick these ppl and if possible then hang them.We in india need a strong pakistan a pakistan of iqbal’s vision a pakistan for islam.Time is running fast,so act fast,otherwise if (nauzubillah) pakistan is broken (as is a plannning of troika of united states of israhell and india)then we muslims in india would be butchered the trailer of which was seen by everyone in gujarat genocide of muslims.As muslims in pakistan and as muslims we should ask ALLAH’s forgiveness for these traitors r nothing but azab of ALLAH on the ummat and especially on muslims of pakistan and india.Look at Iran and look at urself and think abt it.

    • I am indian muslim too.. instead of hoping to see stable pakistan as savior of Indian muslims why don’t you migrate to Pakistan and help Pakistan become stonger .. that will be good for us and you too..

      • Taliban denies Peshawar blast role .Please read the news on aljazeera

      • Much before that why don’t you get out of this Pakistani site and take your custom to your Hindu brethern who regularly rape your sisters!?.

        Pakistan is for Pakistanis not Indian Muslim’s so please remain where you are for we don’t need you in our country.You made your decision in 1947 to remain with India so live with it because our borders are closed to you lot!

  3. Dear Mu-Salman Khan!!

    I like your username 🙂

    I agree that if Pakistanis, collectively, ask for Allah’s forgiveness and promise to fulfill our covenant with Allah(swt), the circumstances can be reverted in our favor.

    We do need a few good men to rise to the occasion.

  4. Well my question is what army is doing ,
    why army is not putting pressure on PPP govt
    i believe army and Pakistani nation should overthrow
    PPP govt and kick Zardari ,Rehman malik ,shah mamood etc out of Pakistan , PPP govt is Pakistan enemy No 1
    to the above comments , we will not be butchered inshallah , they plan and Allah also Plans and Allah is best of the planner , Inshallah Pakistan will rise from these tough times ,its a matter of time only , we need to remove PPP govt in any case ,we are with our brave Pakistan army

    • I think what you should truly b asking is that what is opposition doing? why are they not talking to government about these issues, oh no they are scared government might fall and they don’t want to be part of any action to take down government.Let me make it clear that by not objecting government action, opposition is actually helping government is these acts and they should be confronted as well.Its not government that they should think about. Opposition should think about Pakistan first.

      • True, the lawyers can come to the street to protest for a politicized and corrupt judiciary, PML(N) can move to the streets if it needs to black mail for it’s own interest but sadly neither can play a healthy & constructive opposition. All of them are for sale. All of them just want to rule the domain and have agreed that, if they can rule over this land and a 170 mil. they can’t do it alone. They need to support each other in order to stay in power and loot the Idiot American tax payers money. Having said all this the Ex service men & the corrupts in the Army are equal to be blamed and are no better than these dirt rotten scondrel politicians!!

  5. We in India need to see a strong Pakistan that is not obsessed with India and Kashmir. We need to see a Pakistani Army that does not dominate civil society by fanning fear of India.

    • We in Pakistan need to see an India that does not commit war crimes and human rights abuses in Kashmir and does not train terrorists and send them across the border into Pakistan. We need to see an Indian Army that is not involved in ‘train bombings’ in their own country. We need to see an India that is not arrogant and hypocritical.

  6. hilary clinton looks like satan girl

  7. I find it really hysterical that right-wing journalists constantly talk about our nuclear assets being taken over by the United States. It reminds me of similar bogus stories that the US media speaks of when they claimed up till a few months ago that the Taliban were within 60km of taking over our nuclear weapons. It’s an open secret who is in-charge of Pakistan’s nuclear program. I will judge you if you claim it is the civilian government. Right-wing journalists drool at the very name dropping of the Pakistan Army. Since these journalists enjoy pointing out how vulnerable our nuclear weapons are (by constantly arguing that the US is nearing Sihala or Kahuta), are they implying that the Pakistan Army is incapable of protecting them? Please wake up and realize that these weapons are not hidden in an underground garage and just by breaking the locks, one would be able to nuke the other! Stop the bogus!


    • I agree with this. However, I still think that someone should be making the Poeple of Pakistan aware of what their leaders have done and what they are capable of doing. They have the right to know how Americans have intimidated their dumb and ignorant leaders/politicians.

  8. Salam ,

    I am Pakistani Muslim but i feel Pakistan needs major overhauling in terms of reviewing their Indian fear policies, Wrong use of religion for politics and survival of the country, Provincial Autonomy (we broke out due to this reason .. India involvement come next, actual problem is with us), Honesty in foreign relations ( Should not launched operation Gibralter, Kargil etc in hidden ways),Democratic process and national vision of the country……

  9. As an American, I see two knots of history which have to be untied before the world can move forward: Palestine and Kashmir. My country has amajor responsibility for the former, unfortunately, but not much for the latter. What has to be done to untie Kashmir?

    • Kashmiris should be given their right of self determination and plebcite. To choose their fate as registered in U.N. The people there will decide wether they wish to be part of India, Pakistan or Independent!


      • What a novel idea! Who could oppose that?

      • Just allow them to decide, the very thought will bring forward” who is against it”

    • very simple let people of kashmir decide what they want?

  10. I would call him shah Mehmod Feroshi because he has sold independence of pakistan and rights of pakistani people for his son’s futur zain feroshi ( Employyee of John Kerry). What an ignorant fool.

  11. US will help consolidate Pakistan’s democratic institutions, Hillary Clinton :- http://www.apakistannews.com/us-will-help-consolidate-pakistan%E2%80%99s-democratic-institutions-hillary-clinton-144442

  12. Guys i dunno that why dont you look at the positive side of American Friendship.Lets look at the Kerry-Lugar bill.One of the clause of the bill is that the American Aid will be directly given to the Pakistani people,NOT TO THE CORRUPT PPP GOVERNMENT.Also the Clinton’s visit in Pakistan will open new ties of US-Pak friendship.Why u ppl blame America on our current condition??The guilt should be on our leadership.If our leaders would be strong,then even the DAD of America cant wipe out Pakistan.

  13. And we Pakistanis stand with the Indian Muslims against the elite Hindu Leadership.Not only with the Indian Muslims but also the the Naxalite and the Maoist movement.

  14. The problem is not the US, but the total lack of guts on the part of the people of Pakistan when it comes to standing up to terrorists and the Taliban. As an American who survived the 9/11 attack in NYC, my personal feeling is that if Pakistan continues on its cowardly path, takeover by Muslim extremists is inevitable. Ladies, get ready to be prisoners in your own homes and raise your daughters to be illiterate – happy Sharia law to you all!

    • WOW ur are such an @$$! I think the US GOV plot missed you or they let you live to spill your venom out against the people who have nothing to do with 9/11. There were all fabricated Arab names and still they didnt attack those countries instead fed false stories to ignorant idiots like you who don’t have the gutts to ask their gov. where is their tax money going. n how come a Super Power country with so many agencies failed to protect the mail land and it’s people! Americans lack common sense,,, very sad.

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  16. I am have bad news for anti-India Pakistanis who try to use religion to provoke or insult my Indian muslims brothers and try to turn them to be-imaans. Vast majority of Indian muslims are proud to be Indians. I am proud of them too. That is why I protest, fight and donot put up with Hindu hardliners. That is why now anti-India Pakistanis have started supporting Naxalites etc. Bad blood does need an outlet afterall

    • What? what? what? who said anyting about Pakistanis supporting Naxalites. Son when we do start supporting them. It’ll be a nightmare for the Indians. They are your own people that have turned Anti INDIA. DEAL WITH IT !!

      • Maosits are not fool to garner support from you.. the simple equation is .. Maoists are not Anti-Nationalist and they are maintaining that status-quo. Due to this status Indian Home minister is forced to open talks with them due to mounting pressure from intellectuals bashing govt using force agianst maoists..
        the moment maoists garner support from you people Indian govt can declare them as terrorist (much like kashmir) and they will loose the sympathy of people .. Govt then use military easily to crush them .. Maosits flight having different cause .. they are not fighting for religion .. like Taliban in Pakistan .. actully US intelligence has prooved many times that your senior level Army generals are Taliban sympthisers .. and Mussherruf had tought time to tackle with themm .(e.g.. Karachi Corps commander Genral Usmani was close collegue of musseruf during Oct 1999 coup, but he opposed musf in his support for war on terror agiasnt taliban.mush relieved him..

      • @Mallu Terrorist

        Yes Pakistan is supporter of Taliban and those are the Afghan Taliban and they don’t go around killing innocent people anywhere in the world, there only priority is to kill foreign forces in Afghanistan! The Taliban are only the Afghan’s no one else!

        What about the 7 sister states in the north east they want separation!

  17. […] group of protestors as well as some angry questions from students over US policy, particularly The Kerry-Lugar Aid Bill, which if anything only proves just how colonial US-Pakistan relations […]

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