A Salute to Pakistan Army

October 26, 2009



A Proclamation of Support to Pakistan Army By People of Pakistan

We, the people of Pakistan, would like to convey our utmost gratitude to each and every Jawan and Officer of Our Great Army. You give your life for our protection, for protection of family and our friends. We support you and thank you for all the sacrifices you have made.

We, the people of Pakistan assure you that we stand behind you in your war against anti-Pakistan forces and terrorists who try to kill our children, destroy our mosques and challenge the pride of Pakistan.

We, the People of Pakistan, also promise you that your families are our families and we will make sure that they never face any problem in this country.

We are the people of Pakistan, we love you and we adore your love of this home land. We Promise that when need comes by you will find us standing beside you.

With our sincere prayers and passionate support

The people of Pakistan

Please support and sign the proclamation by clicking below:

Once the count reaches 100,000 this proclamation will be read in every unit of Pakistan Army



  1. they should also tell k how many have already signed it. this is very important so we know what is the response as we promote this on different sites.

  2. Will always support Pakistan army.

    Pakistan arrests Iranian Revolutionary Guards:

  3. Mod, could you perhaps add a Facebook share button?

  4. We Support Pakistan Army who are fighting against enemies of Islam and Pakistan. Every Pakistan should support our Jawans. Pakistan Zindabad. Pakistan Army Zindabad

  5. In the present context,though,it is Army as well as Air Force.

    Otherwise we support the Armed Forces of Pakistan.

    • I think the Pak Army heeds no more to these hollow proclamations an nor will it be stirred by an overwhelming emotional deluge from its people.

      In reality and sorry for saying this – the current war is being dictated by the US and I’m sure with the Armed Forces strapped for cash,it desperately needs more US $ to fight this war including the Night Googles, Armoured Vehicles, LGB, Attack Helicopters which would do some good and bring a decisive victory for them.

      Moreover the era for miltary adventurism should come to a close post this war as Pakistan can ill afford the hegemony of its armed forces which have for long destroyed the very fabric of civilian governance in the country.As for now the ~ $ 3 Billion US Military Aid will surely keep it financially viable for some more time. But they still needs to look a little more into the future. In the past they ( Pak Army) remained financially viable either through Nuclear Proliferation (but it will more be the case in future) or through Military Coups that have been legitimized by fighting one or the other war ( 1965 – Ayub, Afghan War- Zia and Kargill – Musharraf)

      • Viali

        We don’t need US orders to kill our enemies!

        Why don’t u sthu and concentrate on ur army men who are committing suicide or going on rampage killing other army men as well!

      • That’s one hell of a statement.

        If the military is ‘strapped for cash’ and can’t win without the US, why don’t you specify to us just what their budget in the war in Waziristan is. And how much will what cost. Please enlighten us. When do you think the Pak military will ‘just call it a day’ and return to the barracks because they ran out of money.

        Just curious.

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