Zero Point – Javaid Choudhary

October 25, 2009

A truly sovereign and independent state, no matter how strong or weak, big or small, never tolerates anyone trespassing the boundaries of its honor, dignity and self-esteem. The authorities bearing the name of such a nation, have the guts to wage a strong protest against an event of disgrace and they build a fitting response to neutralize the effect of such an event. But unfortunately this has never been the case for the leaders of Pakistan. Most of our leaders have been shameless enough not to understand the meaning of honor, dignity and self-esteem, never stood against a matter of disesteem for the nation and they have always compromised the dignity of the nation. We are in a need of a dignified leadership which has the courage to protect Pakistan’s honor and self-esteem.

Read Javaid Choudhary’s article “Ghayrat” here



  1. i am 100% agreed with mr javed chaudhry. Its look like while writing this article his heart has exploded with woe for Pakistan. I can feel the electrifying patriotism in this article.

    God Bless Pakistan – Long Live Pakistan


  2. Bring tears to my eyes ….
    we have gone so far below …. Baighairaton ke waja say…..
    kuch hamare aamal bhi aise hain …
    ALLAH Pakistan ki hifazat kare aor in baigharton say hamain apni panah main rakhey Amin

  3. We are following this agenda for last 62 years..we should get used to it 😉

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