Gen. Kayani May Declare Emergency

October 24, 2009


Okaz, JEDDAH – Pakistani military sources said Friday that the army was considering announcing a state of emergency in the country following the deterioration of the security situation as the military operation continues against the Taleban.

The sources said that a National Security Council meeting due to be held within the next 48 hours will consider Chief of the Army Staff Gen. Ashfaq Kayani assuming the role of chief executive in order to supervise security with the presidency and government institutions continuing their activities in governing the country. According to the sources, the move has received preliminary acceptance from the Pakistani presidency, although a source at the Presidency denied knowledge of any such move being tabled for discussion.

The state of emergency would continue until the end of the operation, the sources said, which the military has scheduled to last eight weeks. An official army source told Okaz, however, a state of emergency announcement was “mere speculation”, and declined to provide further details.

Meanwhile, the Kingdom’s ambassador to Islamabad is to hold an emergency meeting Sunday to consider the status of Saudi schools and the embassy’s affiliated offices in the light of the current security situation in Pakistan. Ambassador Abdul Aziz Al-Ghadeer said that a decision would be taken on the resumption of classes at Saudi schools following a one-week suspension due to security concerns. The schools are currently due to reopen Monday.

Emergency evacuation plans are also in place, he added, for the 250 to 300 Saudi nationals in Pakistan. – Okaz/SG



  1. May it not be a ploy to remove Kayani.America wants Army subservient to the civil Govt.A miscalculation by Kayani will be disasterous.

  2. How is see the whole situation which looks like more than full scale war against the state of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. But this time there is more than four countries who have declared war in the disguise of terrorist,and tagged it as “Pakistani Taliban”. All main frontline enemies US,Isarel,India and Afghanistan with a full support of UK, they have not only bought traitors from th civil and armed forces but also imposed a full fledged government which are doing every thing to support the enemies of Pakistan what a curse.

    Now if we let this situation like that what worse we could imagine to be happen “Allah Almighty protect pakistan and its armed forces and its innocent civilians.

    I think it will be more dangerous situation for Gen Kiyani and Pakistan if he does’nt take this decision of declaring state of emergency”.

    It is much required that all the security related decision should come under any patriotic pakistani then remains in the hand of bastards like zardari and rehman malik.

    God Bless Pakistan – Long Live Pakistan



  3. Why did Mushraff come to power and get us sucked into this war on terror. Mushraff is a military leader he has no idea about Foriegn Policy and Politics

    Zaradri came to power because of Mushraff,mushraff came to power because of the incompetence of Nawaz Shariff. Nawaz Shariff came to power because of Zia-ul-haq

    Zia-ul-haq is behing all of pakistan problem from failed leadership to the taliban

    Geo ZA Bhutto

    • It is time for you Pakistanis to reap the fruits of what you have mentioned.

      • @neel

        You are already reaping with the 21 states being hit by insurgency and not being able to control Kashmir for decades!

      • You are fool IM,
        The most loss regarding kashmir had on Pkaistan rather than India .. Look at below,
        The insurgency started from 1989.. Helping this insurgency ISI and PAK army spent dollars ( it got during cold war era & War on terror ( post 2001)) on militants rather than spending on Pakistan’s economic development .. so far it was good .. but still after 20 years .. Pakistan has not able to got inch of Kashmir and could not able to alter the LOC…It was not able to successful in bringing India in negotiation table ..
        The army strategies about kashmir is the consistant failure .. During 1965 War. it happened same way .. after cease fire .Pakistan achieved nothing in kashmir ..
        1971 itself it lost its territory ..
        The biggest failure is Kargil.. During kargil.. Pakistan was advantegeous position .. But Indian played it very tactically .. they re-captured just two peaks out of 134 captured by Pakistan and Built up International pressure on Pakistan forcing it to withdraw without any negtiation …The result it loss money in the war .. more than 500 soldiers which achieved nothnig.. not 1 inch of LOC has moved …
        The biggest disastar for Pak is .. it losss its credibility internationally and every country in the world started viewing them as rouge nation …and it increased credibility of India by not starting the full scale war…
        International experts says .. India played very smart game in Kargil.. if they wanted they could have launched attack in multiple fronts or even could have tried to win all the peaks captured by Pakistani army near kargil.. but in doing so .. They would be under internationl pressure and forced to go on table negotiating pak and possibly lost the terrotory won by Pak army near Kargil. since it was LOC & not international border..
        Bottomline . our leaders and Army are full of jokers ..

      • @Iimran,

        If you are a Pakistani, then I must say you are a disgrace to this great resilient nation. From the jist of your message, you appear more Indian than a Pakistani.

        It is lot more easy for India to garner support from the powers because India is NOT a threat to them. You were NEVER big enough to be a threat to world power. Infact, your conniving Machiavellan-o-Chanakiya ass comes in handy when dealing with a sleeping giant. Mind you a SLEEPING GIANT. Yes, Muslims were a force to reckon with and it still is.

        Issi liye tum logon kee hum Musalmaanon se phat-tee hay

        It is not surprising that the vested interest “respect” India. Once their needs are over, they will dump you like a “chussa hua Aaam”.

        Pakistan DID give you a hard time in Kargil. Tum loag bilak bilak kar ro rahay thay to the point that you even made a movie out of that. Agar tum logon Mein itna dam tha to kiyon nahin attack kiya?

        Because your coward-ass could not dare to since Pakistan had atomic bombs. Pakistan soldiers have fought valiantly and gracefully during all the wars that we fought. If it was not your MACHINATIONS, we would have won 1971 EASILY. Pakistani military operation was started after March 71 and in few months and in the MOST unfamiliar of terrain and situation, Pakistani Army had almost controlled the rebellion. Then India attacked. Pakistani soldiers fought this battle with even more courage and we would have EASILY won this war if Yahya Khan had not ordered the withdrawal of troops because the witch Indira had negotiated a deal with the then US president. Same thing happened during Kargil. That is why Musharraf developed strong disagreement against Nawaz (who ordered the withdrawal of the troop).

        We may have not been successful but we DID manage to give you tougher time. One thing emerges from all this: Pakistani military and soldiers are a force to reckon with.

        We lost on the conference table but we DID NOT LOOSE in the battle field.

        Yeh kaafi hay tumharee —- pharnay ko.

      • @Iimran,

        You are the one who FAILED in Kashmir. After many years of subjugation by Indian Military, the desire of independance among Kashmiri Muslim is ALIVE and KICKING!! and has gained more strength.

        Not only in Kashmir, you are facing this delima in other states as well, such as “seven sister” states also.

        NOW this is what I call SUCCESS. Pakistan is able to return you your “favors” and that too on a grand scale. HA HA HA

        With ALL the money that you spend (right from Nehru), you are UNABLE to destroy Pakistan. Pakistan NOT only continued to exist (besides all the political instabilities) but became one of the major military powers.

        You will NEVER be able to destroy Pakistan because Allah(swt) protects it. You are coming closer to your destruction inch by inch. Once you make a mistake of attacking Pakistan, you will see how many mini-Indias we will create out of you, Inshallah.

        Just wait till the next Episode….

    • you must be an idiot to support ZAB because it was him that ruined this country even more than zia did. he was the one who threw pakistan into the 1971 situation, he was the one who stifled the democratic institutions, he was the one who thought himself too big for anyone else. he got what he deserved.

    • I think it is really a trite thinking that All the “democratic” leaders were good and “dictators” bad. We all know both of them did some good to Pakistan and made some decisions antithetical to Pakistan’s interests. Only they know the justification of their acts.

      Whoever suggests that current democracy is better than a dictatorship is living in a fool’s paradise.

      In the Islamic context military rulers had both the offices. Holy Prophet Mohammed, Khulfa-e-Rashideen, Moghul Kings, Salahuddin Ayubi were all rulers and military officers.

      I am for , as Zaid Hamid puts it, spiritual democracy and benevolent dictatorship. I hope Kiyani follows through this option. I fear that the current Pak government and USA might not be willing. They may have alreay got a wind of the desires of Pakistanis to replace the Zardari government and they might get suspicious as to the motives of Kiyani. Although, Kiyani is discussing this with the government (as this article suggest).

      I support General Kiyani on this and hope he stands his ground.

      • Good going Asher!!! 🙂

  4. This is the time we need to be united, Believe me guys this is the time our leadrs shold show up on the TV and address teh bation, we need the sppech like Gen Ayoub Khan, his one sentence brought the morale of our forces very high,
    We need to fight this together, everyone in everywalk of life to gettogether join the hands and throw away the evil forces wich are trying theri hard to destroy pakitan.

    Pakistan Army Zindabadd!!

  5. We are passing through a sensitive phase of history but I have my complete faith that we will be able to improve the affairs of Pakistan.

    A good time is coming boys a good time coming.

  6. I am not in favor of Military rule. But leaders like Ghadari and Nawaz who do nothing different but grab all they can and transfer country’s wealth to there Masters.
    Its time we take them out forever. All the politicians are failed once again and we don’t ever want to see the same people again.
    Its time for new leadership. Mr. Kayani! Musharaf let the opportunity go and he was drunk in the love for power. Look at his end he can’t even come back to his country. That is only if he thinks Pakistan is his country.
    Take this opportunity and clean them all once and for all, starting with the Ghadaris, Nawazs, etc.
    Bring Imran Khan and you be behind him.
    We are behind you 100%.

  7. I think its better for security of Pakistan if General Kayani announces the emergency,otherwise this current corrupt Govt will give this country to American (Jewish Lobby).
    There is no politician & Party who can stand against America & Believe on their own resources.

  8. Please Kayani Sir how much time will you waste to do this? now Every 1 wants MarshaLLah please do it as soon as possible.

  9. Without reading all these comments here, I welcome this decision by General Kiyani. I have been waiting for this for soooo long.

    Allah(swt) karay keh iss faislay mein koi aaray na aaye.

    I have been feeling very negative about General Kiyani lately SOLELY on account of his inaction regarding the current government. I personally saw the current government far WORSE a threat.

    This will give us an opportunity to appoint technocrats who are Islam and Pakistan loving and who will rule with IRON hands against the criminals.

    I am very very happy to hear that.

  10. Neel123,
    We,170m Pakistanis are a very vibrant nation,though un-predictable.We keep you worried all times,that is why we see statements daily from your leadership that Pakistan is coming and cry wolf.But one day,we will get you,InshaAllah.

    Don’t worry about us as we always rise to the occassion.

    • Obviously you guys have developed a thick skin, have not learned from the thrashing in last three wars.

      Only GOD can help you guys……….. !

      • @neel123

        and God will help us as He has helped us in the past against the Kuffars. The truth will prevail and your falshood (your oppressive systems and religions) will perish.

        Have you ever thought why your Indian soldiers are committing suicide fighting in Kashmir and how prostitutes are enlisted in Indian military to cheer them up and how the respect between junior and senior officers is dying out? Because you have NO conviction. You are fighting a false war throttling the justified desire of a sovereign nations: Kashmir, Tripura, Nagaland and other seven-sister-states.

  11. “A helping hand worth more than thousand words of advise”.Almost all the current parlimentarians can only offer thousand words of advice but there is no one who can offer a helping hand and look into eyes of americans.
    Let me tell you my brothers we all are ready to take a stand against americans or whoever comes in our way but we need one of our leaders to take a forward step and the whole nation will follow him.This is the great opportunity for General Kiyani and only few people get this chance to make history, if he stand’s sincerely for the future of Pakistan and Muslims i am sure whatever may be the outcome he will always live in hearts of our nation like Allama Iqbal and Quaid-E-Azam.
    Long live Pakistan. InshAllah


  13. jo rukey tou kohey giran thae hum
    jo chala tou jan say guzar gaye
    Rahey yaar hum nain qadam qadam
    Tujhe yadgar bana diyaa

  14. i dnt knw when we get united n become 1 power 😦

  15. slam!! to all ..
    i think its not a perfect time for pak army to participate in politics….it will open 2 doors for our army…thats what i think.

  16. I dont think so this will happen .

  17. […] […]

  18. Asher,

    I am pakistani.. but only thing is I want to take all 360 view.
    every war or support for insurgency has objective . for which Pakistan mainly ISI was supporting the kashmir insurgency by funding them, provide arms etc.. the objective is We want the entire kashmir to our part.. whats the use of desire of independece by kashmir ..
    Is this objective is achieved ? after all this money spent on militancy .. what you have achieved in Kashmir is nothnig.. we were not able to stop India from deploying troops there .. we could not bring them in neotiating postion .. we could not alter LOC .. then what we have achieved or achieving till now … its worth to introspect the strategy ..
    if you look at the statics . violence in kashmir is reduced by much extent .. the main reason for this .. kashmiri itself are irritated with violence .. Again..
    You are mssing the point of kargil beyond the actual war.. what that war has achieved that is the question… Kargil shown the rift between our Civilian and Military leadership..
    Sharif said publically that He came to know about Kargil fight only when Indian PM called him after he ( Indian PM) realized of war … whereas Musheruf said sharif was informed well in advance during ISI meeting in islamabad conducted in March ( 3 months before kargil) . what it brings the question is who is in control of pakistan ?
    Just before kargil, Both sides Indian and Pakistanis work together to seek kashmir solution .. and it appeared that only solution is to convert LOC to International border..
    Our govt rejected it saying ” then we need to answer our people and give accontability of fighting the 1965 war as in 1965 the LOC was the same as today’..
    Hamid Gul made very classic statement about kargil. he said “Sharif lost war in Washington, that was already won in kargil”..
    The point in your comment is you are underestimating India ..
    my point was ..definitely we had good position in Kargil.. but our Army or govt never thought about the conseqences of the war which Indians did .. they could be able to fight the war but due to which there will be more losses on Indian side and Kargil will definitely be extended due to Pakistan’s strong positon..and if this wouldhave happen there will be more pressure (since both are Nuke power) India to come to Negotiating table with us and possibly loosing the territory won by us ( pakistan)..
    Our Army too.. thought similar lines they never intended to have big fight .. they want to start the struggle & expected eventially Kashmiris will rise agianst Indian forces once full way war will broke out in kashmir .. which will put India under pressure .
    But what happened is exactly opposite .. Indian played in smartly .. and they put pressure on us ..

    • Imran,

      I am still not convinced that you are a Pakistani since your line of thinking is very much Indian. It’s your sneaky way to demoralize Pakistanis. Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir has NEVER changed. Kashmir WAS and IS a Muslim majority area and according to the rules of Partition Kashmir was to accede to Pakistan but Hindu India connived her way out of this and occupied Kashmir. Since then Pakistan has been fighting for Kashmir’s independance and Yes, Kashmiris WILL decide if they want to be part of Pakistan or stay independant. There is NOTHING wrong with forming a condfederation or union with Pakistan or ANY other Muslim nation. Infact, that should be the goal of ALL Islamic nations in the wake of all these European Unions and other block. We can and SHOULD form a block of our own.

      YOU SAID: the objective is We want the entire kashmir to our part.. whats the use of desire of independece by kashmir

      This is your question that makes you an Indian and I have answered it above. India has been doing rape and plunder of Kashmir for so long. You guys have alienated them. In 60 years, you fucking Indians couldn’t make Kashmir your part, why do you expect that you will be any successful now. Another reason of India being a FAILED STATE. Break up of India is INEVITABLE. It is just a matter of time. India will die her own death. You just make one blunder of attacking Pakistan and we will finish that war by hoisting Pakistani flag in Delhi. Read this article here on PKKH: “The Tornado awaiting India. WE have SUCCESSFULLY started many separatist movements in India. We are zeroing on you. I don’t know where the hell are you living holding stupid views like this. At this point altering LOC is irrelevant. We want the WHOLE of India this time. You might think that you have reduced violence but you are unsuccessful in controlling those forces that are behind the liberation movement. Your violent handling of Kashmir has ONLY increased their ranks and now ALL OF them want independence of Kashmir. That is a MAJOR victory of Pakistan.

      Kargil showed that how WELL-PREPARED Pakistani Military is which is FULLY capable to fight any army of which is much bigger than them. The reason is very simple. The Indian army of pussies, no matter how big they are, can easily be defeated. Your soldiers have lost the morale to fight because you have no conviction. The rift between Military and Civilian government of thugs is WELL KNOWN by All Pakistanis many many years before Kargil. It is laughable that you even mention this point. Nawaz Sharif is a pussy cat. He was simply avoiding the US lash. So what if army is in control of Pakistan? Throughout the history, Muslims rulers had been military soldiers: Holy prophet Muhammed(pbuh), King Baber, Humayun, Salahuddin Ayubi etc. So, our Pakistani public have more trust in the military than these so called ‘democratic’ prostitutes who are willing to sell their honor so easily. In the past, our military jawaan fought the war of 1965, 1971, Siachin glacier and then Kargil and our victorious position was lost at the conference table. Such are our evil politicians that the public want to remove on PAINFUL DEATH.

      Being an Indian, “Imran” you will always downplay Pakistan’s achievements. I can tell you Kargil was part of Pakistan which was captured by India in 1971 war. Pakistan had occupied all the Indian posts numbering around 130 and gave you guys a tough fight. We played VERY strategically and blocked your NH 1A logistics route. We were well prepared for the terrain: an area which gets -11 to -15 degrees and occupied it 24/7. Pakistani militry did a pretty darn good job but our then premier fucked it all up.

      In retrospect, what is clear is Pakistan can not win as long as we have traitors in our government. That is the ONLY reason Pakistan is behind. We don’t have loyal Pakistan and Islam loving Pakistanis in command of Pakistan.

      Before I end this, I want to remind you it is Hindu-India which has opposed the creation of Pakistan since day one. India has and continue her attempts to disintegrate Pakistan. Your ridiculous obsession with the idea of Akhand Bharat and Chanakiya philosphy (don’t have good relations with neighbors) is the reason India is not liked. Your Hindu-racist beliefs (Aryanism is not any different from Nazism. The Nazi’s infamous sign is basically the Indias Chakarboty sign. No wonder Hitler is very popular in India these days. Books about him sell like hot cakes).

      It is clear that your fascist Hindus are a nuisance to this world’s peace. When you are in power than you oppress minorities: Muslim, Christian, Sikhs, Dalits, Shudars etc. Your Hindu religion is designed to cater to the “elites”. It should be more appropriately called “Brahmanism”. You don’t have lofty ideals and humanistic goals. That is why you have no conviction.

      That is why you will NEVER win this war.

      • Asher,
        I am not sure why you are accusing me as Indian..is our tolderance level is too low to listen to any opinion..& moment this opinion is opposite simple is just accuse person as traitor .. my only point is We lost more than 500 soldiers and lots of money and lots of credibility .. for what .. its ok We fought bravelyy so what ?? ehat for .. is there any quantifiable benefit .. show me the benefit ..don’t reply with just hollow big words… remember .. the time of militray wars are gone .. today’s wars are fought diplomatically and economically .. Pakistan can not dare ot do another kargil.. that much they have lost in first .. so point is we need to build diplomatic effort not the singularlt military effort ..
        there is stil no reason given by army about kargil.. casulity reported formally. .no inquiry commission.. My uncle is in pakistan army in Bahawalpur … he said .. Army takes all wars agianst india as reference for its teaching … means they revise all Wars history and examine what should be strategy and all in every case.. but Kargil is excluded from this exercise.. he said .. no officer discusses kargil in any of the Military academy course .. or even in informal discussion in officer’s mess … that itself answers many of my points ..something terribly gone wrong and its better to accept it ..just don’t shoot about accusing someone as traitor or anything ..without conclusion

      • Your line of thinking is very much indian.

        As for diplomatic efforts, I can guarantee you not even an inch will change. The kind of enemy we have in India are the lowest of the low. We have had many talks with India and that hasn’t stopped her aggression towards Pakistan. RAW is highly active in Pakistan. Pakistan is a Muslim country and an atomic power at that. This is enough for animosity.

        You can make all the talks of peace and diplomacy but India will NOT hesitate to attack you when she sees the opportunity. At this point, she is making the most of the current situation of Pakistan.

  19. if this is consider, be the situation then what is projected is not the solution so we as nation should join hands together ,instead of saying this and that just for nothing, and stand against the thing which is imposed on us without any reason

  20. My only quesiton is why we are worrying about India’s minorities whether muslims or christans or sikhs.. how does it matter to us what brahmanisum exists there and how they treat dalits and all..? why we are concerend .. we should focus on ourselves ..
    Its high time we pakistanis do away with this self proclaimed role of savior of muslims in the world ( palestine, kasmir, chechenya etc.) we should focus on building paksitan..
    You were saying talks with diplomacy failed with India .. then still question remains what we have achieved all this covert opreation or any full blown wars ..I see nothing … the only solution is to grow our economy & emerge as strong nation.. The whole point is you & me are saying Its RAW’s hand in pakistan’s problem but world is not saying .. so we agian failing short of diplomacy ..

  21. As I said before, being Indian, you keep bringing up those points that are of interest to India.

    Whether Self-proclaimed or Ordained by Allah(swt), Pakistan SHOULD and WILL support the minorities in India just like you support our insurgents and separatist elements in NWFP, Southern Punjab, Baluchistan etc. You support them out of evilness and to break Pakistan. We support your minorities out of human compassion.

    I don’t want to waste my time discussing with you since you are now babbling with a propaganda. I have answered you very well and you keep bringing ridiculous points after point that doesnot make sense.

    I don’t think you Indians are listening to the World. The RAW’s involvement is pretty much known. We have SOLID proofs and we have shared that with India which made you guys poop in your pants.

    India is our enemy and so are other countries that we know, BEYOND THE SHADOW OF DOUBT, are behind destroying Pakistan. With such enemies, there is no diplomacy or peace talk.

    Imran save yourself some energy and stop trying to convince Pakistanis to your lousy perspective which is totally based on lies.

    No one gives a shit about what the fuck you Indians think. We WILL do what we GOTTA do.

    • Boy you are living in cocoon and you do not want to look outside …
      If you open any newspaper in the world not western but any country .. no newspaper is bashing India for Pakistani menace but giving news of what happening in Pakistan. … we are saying we have proofs then why not sharing.. why not making hallagulla like Indians did when they have mumbai attacks and forced our people to accept responsibility .. somewhere our leaders are failling short.. it does not matter you and me fighting but I can see there are clearly two set of people exists in our country .. one who blames every worng thing and anything on evil trio ( India, US & isrial) and other who wants to go one step back and think agian and want to introspect the past nuances of our state institutes like ISI and all. its worth for you to take other opinion into consideration .. I invite you to read dawn blogs where many pakistanis have different views than the overall views exists in PKKH.Look the blog below, especially comments

      “No one gives a shit about what the fuck you Indians think. We WILL do what we GOTTA do”

      We means who? do you think you own pakistan and whatever you proclaim people should accpet it no as a pakistani I will not accept it .. I am among those pakistanis who you will find in some of this dawn comments …. unfortunately I guess our communitiy is still small..

      • That is what tickes me off that Pakistan did voice her concerns to USA and were given SOLID proofs of Indian involvement which made ur leaders go through the roof.

        Go back to previous articles on PKKH and AhmedQuraishi.com

      • @Asher
        There are 2 Imran’s now on PKKH…one is an Indian (You can view his anti- Pakistani comments under various topics) and one the older member ‘Imran’..whose awesome at shutting up Indian’s mouth!

  22. I have been responding to this guy “Iimran”. I have been calling him “Imran” for simplicity sake.

    I think they are both the same.Because responding to “Iimran”, this “Imran” has been debating with me.

    I don’t know if you read his views. They simply serve Indian interests. Indians and the Western people always regurgitate or hold such views:

    1)It is the Madersaas that create terrorist.
    2)Pakistan lost all the wars with India.
    3) Pakistan harbors terrorism.

    Imran has simply repeated these. If he is not an Indian then he must be from the rich secular class who don’t really have a high regard for Islamic values. They are busy emulating the West.

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