FO reacts to Indian concerns on Pakistan’s nuke assets

October 24, 2009

The Foreign Office Spokesman, on Indian concerns over the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear assets, has said that such remarks are evidently self-serving and integral to India’s efforts to seek unilateral advantage at the cost of regional strategic stability by its feverish militarization and working on dangerous military doctrines.“Pakistan has refrained from commenting on India’s own record on nuclear safety and security and its overt and covert endeavours to build its WMD programmes,” the spokesman said in a statement.

Instead of finger-pointing, India should accept our proposal for promoting regional strategic restraint regime and work with Pakistan to promote strategic stability in South Asia, the statement added.  The Spokesman said suggestions in this regard were made to the Indian Foreign Secretary at the recent meeting of the two foreign secretaries in New York. “It is also time that India stop its opportunistic propaganda against Pakistan,” the Spokesman said.



  1. what a ghatia neighbor we have!

  2. Next thing you know… their army chief will ‘express his deepest concern’ over Pakistan even having a military. Clowns.

  3. I think India should worry about their own missing nuclear scientists dead odies recovered from the rivers rather then paki nukes…….so take care of ur own nukes rather then…..

  4. These bloody Indians will never stop their rant about Pakistan.


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