Al Qaeda – As American as Apple Pie

October 24, 2009

Atif Farooq | PKKH

Once it was the British, then the French, then the Nazis, followed by the Soviets and now it’s the turn of Al Qaeda. The latest incarnation of bogeyman to haunt the nightmares of America comes in the form of takfiri terrorists – a tiny faction of an extremist sect apparently living in desolate caves and numbering just a few hundred. But the difference with this latest enemy is that while the Americans did not create Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, they certainly did create Al Qaeda. In the Afghan struggle against Soviet occupation, the CIA was heavily involved in nurturing, funding and organising fighters for their cause. Osama Bin Laden was one among many.

He and his patsies then became accomplices and scapegoats in 9/11 – that massive hoax that justified the unprecedented aggression and wanton destruction that followed. But just as Americans are used to over-egging their cakes, the secret American perpetrators who ‘Made It Happen On Purpose’,  found it necessary to invent further hoaxes in order to keep the first one alive.

As the saying goes, truth stands constant, but lies need constant support. And so in the years since 9/11 we have seen alert after alert and video after video reminding Americans – just in case they forgot – of the sword of terror hanging over their heads. Meanwhile Bin Laden in his videos seems to suspiciously morph from one man in Bin Laden costume to another, and his videos seem more like tribute acts from something akin to an Elvis impersonator contest.

When the American public started getting complacent, the emergence of actors Adam Yahiye Gadahn and Yousef al-Khattab in 2004 conveniently overcame the tiresome english subtitles of Bin Laden and Al Zawahiry (Americans hate subtitles). These American misfits offered a more palatable, cable TV friendly and altogether more sinister American-accented version of the Al Qaeda scam story. Unsurprisingly, both have been exposed as Jews who apparently ‘converted’ to Islam only to then ‘attack’ their own country while wearing Muslim clothing.

More and more lies are becoming necessary to prop up the first. As masters of psychological warfare and black propaganda, don’t expect the CIA to slack off any time soon. These phantoms and ghosts are needed to justify the oppression and devastation that the Americans are raining down onto the Muslim world. Wherever the Americans want to invade next, expect Al Qaeda to pop up its artificial head. We should have smelled a rat when they claimed they were in Pakistan. Instead, our government nodded and tutted like lemmings. Now all of us are paying the price of this fraud.



  1. I think we are getting fixated on conspiracy theories way too much. We are seeing conspiracies in every thing that seems to us different.

    I don’t know why you had to drag Yousuf Al-Khattab into this and labes him as Jewish-asset. Give your proofs that Yousuf “attacked” his own country while wearing Muslim Masks. It is not good to create doubts about the character of a brother who took a 180 degree turn in his life and became a staunch Muslim from a staunch Jew.

    I have a lot of respect for Yusuf Al-khattab. We got Islam for free but he had to earn it.

    How can you say that this brother is not loyal to Islam? He has left Jerusalem and lives in Morroco or Algiers with his family. His whole family (wife and kids) converted to Islam.

    Please investigate before you malign other people’s character. You need to remember slander has a harsh punishment in Islam (I think 80 lashes or so).

  2. What is disturbing is that you are more concerned about “Yusuf Al-khattab” who is genuinely a Muslim but you ignore clowns like these:

    This guy claims to be a Muslim before and later converted to Judaism because during Ramadan his shoe size would decrease one inch. He used to be a “wasabi” (mind you not wahabi). This nut is just making a caricature of Islam and respectable reverts to Islam.

    and you are worried about Yousuf Al-Khattab?

  3. and how about Ann Coulter?

  4. anna coulter is bitch..@asher..its not ur country which is being bombed..its not ur people been killed..using pretext of alqaeeda has been the main source of all islamic phobia of pentagon and mossad..by the way mossad has a special division where they infiltrate thier people into thier enemies organization and learn thier ways and then harm the interest of thier enemy while posing themselves as the enemy..

  5. Agreed, but fatehkhan, I heavily doubt that Yusuf Al-khattab is a Jewish agent. We need to give him some credit to becoming Muslim. Why are we being so ‘takfiri’? If one accepts Islam then we have to believe him as Muslim unless we have proof of them being hipocrite. We need proof not conjecture.

    I did do some research on him later and found out that he is now back to US and has started a new movement “Revolution Islam” (something like that). I disagree with their open call for violence.

    But I don’t think Al-Qaida or anyother group is truly a neocon agent.

    I am simply using logic and statements in news.

    Think about what Afghan Taliban, Al-Qaida and other groups want: establishment of a truly Islamic state on the patterns of Khilafat. Each one of them have adopted a different methodology. Now which group this movement would be challenging for? Ofcourse, the neocons (the elite few who has the most power in the world). They will NEVER want an Islamic state. That is the reason 9/11 was staged and the reason behind Afghanistan and Sudan invasion.

    It is possible that the two can join hands together to fight a third common enemy. Since in the world of politics, foes become friends and then back to foes again. It is very complicated.

    But to suggest the two are working as ETERNAL friends is ridiculous at best. They can be temporary friend but NOT permanent.

  6. Excellent article Atif!

  7. The AL-CIAda (as founded by CIA) was headed by “Agent Tim Osman” at one time, known as Osama bin Laden (Ex-CIA Ploy).
    @Asher: Pity you being one from among the takfiris. Damned they were and damned they shall be!

    • Zaki,

      Don’t be judgemental and emotional. It is our responsibility to see things in their proper light.

      Don’t get me wrong. I am not taking his side. Infact, I am not taking anybody’s side. From now on, I am going to form my own opinions. I am not going to repeat somebody’s pitch line.

      Osama may very well be a CIA agent with “Tim Osman” initials but wasn’t he fighting for Afghan Jihad? Weren’t we, the Muslims and US, on it together? Didn’t Osama win this war? CIA has codewords for every intelligence operations and agent but that doesn’t prove that Osama was part of the big game. It is a bit of a stretch to believe that Osama from a Mujahid took 180 degrees turn and become an accomplice in sinister game against Islam.

      Zaid Hamid once in his program about the Afghan war mentioned how after the war; the Mujahids went back to their respective countries and started Islamic movements there. Bin Ladin formed some group and started attacking US interests throughout the world. So, we know there was some genuine animosity between USA and Osama. I can not discount that animosity and believe that whole Al-Qaida group has changed loyalty to US flags and are their accomplices in the neocon masterplan.

      I don’t agree with suicide bombing inocent people and I am curious to know which justification Al-Qaida uses to commit these acts.

  8. Btw, Wahhabis are nutcracks. LOL, Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab was himself brought up by the British spy Hempher during colonial rule in the 18th century. Go through history. You rejectors have been directly/indirectly serving your Masters for more than three centuries now. You people are apologetics towards savage Arab Imperialism, not Islam

    • There is so much CONFLICTING information out there to believe as truth. You are talking about Wahhab being a British spy. Somebody else was saying Sufis and Shias were Jewish agents. Which side should one believe?

      I can not follow someone else’s line of thinking anymore. It makes a lot of sense to do my own investigation.

  9. This is one of the most powerful things I have ever read.

    “So don’t be shocked when our grandkids bury much of this generation as traitors to the nation, … , leaving the country vulnerable to unchecked, unchallenged parasites.”
    — Kevin Tillman (Brother of NFL Player, Pat Tillman, killed in Afghanistan)

    Read the entire letter he wrote to honor his brother here.


    It’s time we stood up to put this shit to an end!

    Daniel Edd Bland III

    P.S. The 9/11 Truth debate is in full effect right now in the comment section. Join in!

  10. @Asher: “can not follow someone else’s line of thinking anymore”

    who is this “someone else” u keep referring to??

    • It is basically anyone. Any political commentator or analyst.

  11. My request to people here is that connect the dots together and prove how Al-Qaida is putting up a false-front and that all the bombings by them is just a ploy to give justification to US cause. The burden of proof lies on whoever made that assertion. In this case, it is Atif.

    Until it is proven, I will continue to believe Al-Qaida as an independant organization claiming to work for Muslims but uses unIslamic methods to attain those goals namely suicide bombing innocents bystanders.

  12. Takfiris…. they’re everywhere!

  13. Okay, I see the above video now. This will give a little more weight to Atif’s article. How do we know if the news in this video is official?

    Let me see if I can verify this some more.

  14. Zaki,
    If Mohammad ibn Abdul Wahab was British creation, so was Ahmed Raza Barelvi.

    If you bring slander,you will get slander.Those who cannot argue resort to this way.

    It is you who started calling others as Kafirs( performing acts of Kuffars at Mazarat) but accuse others of being Takfiris.

    The other day I saw an Indian Channel,showing their Durga Puja.
    Muslims replicate the same at Mazars.

    If we base our religion on Quran and Sunnah,and Sahabas(RA),no need to see anywhere else.

    If our target is emancipation and rise of Islam,and fight the enemy,we must be united.

  15. Zaki,
    If Mohammad ibn Abdul Wahab was a British creation,so was Ahmed Raza Barelvi.

    If you bring slander,must be paid back in the same coin.

    It is you who started guiding muslims towards Kufr.You have no right to call others Takfiris.Only Allah knows reality.

    Last weak,I saw on an Indian Channel,their Durga Puja.Muslims(like you) perform the same things at Mazarat(Bihishti Darwaza and what not).

    If emancipation of Islam is the object,then follow Quran:


    When we have Quran,Hadeeth,and life of Sahabas(RA).,no need to look anywhere.

  16. @Faithful:
    What made u think I’m a lousy barelvi?

    this proves ur limited mindset

    laanat on all sects and their creators
    their’s only one group of right people

    those who follow RasoolAllah’s Sunnah (sallallaho alaihi wasallam)

    I told u, takfiris everywhere, hahaha, u too

  17. I normally do not point fingers ,but because you did it first,I wanted to probe you.Good to hear what you are.

    Quran says:WA LA TANABAZU BIL ALQAB,(don’t call names)
    :BA’AZ AZ ZAN ISM(some BADGUMANIS are sin)

    So,in your otherwise an academic discussions don’t jump to conclusions,which may be wrong.Thus you have served the purpose of enemies of Islam of infighting.

    I don’t think that it is the purpose of this blog to divide the nation which is already splintered into minor groups.Enough is enough.

  18. no names mentioned but theres some on here who follow zaid hamid and ultra nationalists very much blindly unable to see the contradictions.

    when in loud and clear AQ tried to get gen. gul to say something bad abot the ttp he refused (although tactfully.) i dont blame him for the tactic considering the sheer numbers of parvezies. zaid says parvezies have past in a time long ago but i say we are seeing them today

    pkkh were the final words of pre. parvez musharraf when leaving office. yet we know how he set pakistan up for a civil war

    now we have zionist pakistan watchers who appreciate zaid hamid for getting a large proportion of pakistani ‘patriots’ on board to the WOT pakistan.

    • *wot in pakistan

  19. Comeon Zaki and everyone here, let’s resort to proper method of debate. It is not a war that we are fighting here. Why do we have to trash each other?

    We have to realize everyone has a right to have an opinion. We all are reading news from different sources and are influenced by it.

    Lets be patient with each other. If we have any disagreement, we can provide evidence to prove our points. No opinion is written in stones that it can not be changed.

  20. Jumbo,

    In an another blog you proved with your comments that you were Indian.Now again by calling Pakistanis as”Zionist”you proved:

    By WOT,you mean; Win On T20.We know ZAKHAM BARA GAHRA LAGA HAI

    • by zionist, on this occasion, i meant proper greater israel zionist. you can keep you indian remarks to yourself mr pliant, war on terror fighter, pashtun killer, your a tel aviv foot soldier

      • sorry, i should not have said that. thats too much. inshallah you can forgive

        i wont be back

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