US spying on Kahuta since 2003

October 23, 2009


ISLAMABAD – Despite the fact that Americans have been permanently housed near Pakistani nuclear installations at Kahuta since 2003 in the guise of imparting training at the Police College Sihala, neither the military nor the PPP regime has dared to dislodge them.

According to reliable sources, the PPP government paid no attention at all to the hue and cry raised by senior police officials against the dubious movements and installation of the American trainers.

It has been learnt that some senior police officials have been continuously raising questions on the quality of training courses being offered by the Americans to the senior police recruits. The officials at the same time claimed that Pakistani police officials could impart much better training courses than that the Americans were providing at present.

But the government turned a deaf ear to all these concerns of senior police officials and made no efforts to close the American training base allegedly involved in monitoring Pakistani nuclear activities.

Police officials, on condition of anonymity asked that even if this training by Americans was necessary at all, why had this very sensitive area been chosen and why this training has continued, risking the secrecy and sensitivity of nuclear installations of the country. They were of the view that Americans had no interest in the area except the intention to monitor the activities at the Kahuta nuclear sites.

Therefore, the sources observed that the government should immediately review this policy of allowing effectively an American base inside the Sihala Police College just nine kilometres away from the sensitive installations of Kahuta.



  1. Yar mera buss may hota to may installation kahin aur karta, ya kahuta may say in Khooton ko Nikalta, May kia karon ?

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  3. […]  PKKH Category : Pakistan Summary […]

  4. Tum kuch mat karo.Aaram say baithay raho.

    The fact they have not been able to succeed since 2003,is a proof that they are in safe hands,InshaAllah.

    Once Mush had said ” they are so safe that nobody can reach them”.

    During Zia days,a foreign diplomat tried to sneak into Kahuta.Our agencies knew it.They let him go to a certain point.Then they called Zia,who said “Kambal Mar” and he was given a very nice treatment.

    In the last NA briefing,ISI chief Gen.Shja’a said that we are fully prepared for any eventuality.

  5. It is already proved in by the media and by Zaid Hamid himself that there are heavy installations by US Marines in the vicinity of Kahota and Risala Police academy. Major of the areas where even higher pakistani officals are not allowed to enter and being controlled by US Marines (Black Water now known as XE).

    Some of my questions:
    1- Why this government including the army along with the politicians are speechless on this topic.

    2- Why there aren’t any measures taken to throw / with draw them.

    3- Who are we waiting for to come and unite the Pakistani nation.

    4- Who are we to fight the war for peace in Afghanistan.

    5- Why US and NATO are not looking after the heavy transfer of the ammunition from Afghanistan to Pakistan, that is being used to kill Pakistan people (ARMY, Students, Men, Women, Children).

    6- Why do we need an AID – Why we are supporting the KL-Bill.

    According to Kerry Lugar Bill – We will not spend any MONEY for the expansion of our Nuclear program – US will have a direct access / acquisition to All resources that are directly or indirectly related to Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. (ARE WE A FAILED STATE – PKKH)

    7- Why Mian Nawaz Shariff is quiet …

    8- How much Area of Pakistan has been SOLD out ….

    9- How many of these top officials are SOLD out …. else then Zardari, Rehman Malik, Gillani, Nawaz Shariff, Pak Army Generals …. Who is included in this list … and why they are not being exploited in this media ……

    —– Information for the Pakistan people ——


    2nd Largest Salt Mine

    5th Largest Gold Mine

    5th Largest Coal Reserves

    7th Largest Copper Mine

    Still Begging From IMF

    2nd Largest Dam

    3 Nuclear Reactors

    5 Rivers

    Still Load Shedding

    6th Largest Army

    7th Nuclear Power

    Strongest Muslim Army

    Still Silent on Drone Attacks

    7th Largest Rice Producer

    8th Largest Wheat Producer

    Still 40% Hardly Get Food



  6. US spying on kahuta since 2003? So what! What the fuck are you pakis gonna do about it! You dumb fucks!

    • We will nuke your Bhindia in such a way that there will be nuclear winter for next 400 years.

      Dig it sucker.

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