PKKH | Week In Focus – Episode 1

October 23, 2009

Host | Dan Qayyum
Guest | Talha Mujaddidi (Defence and Political Observer)
Guest | Mobisher Rabbani (Foreign Policy Analyst)
Location | Dubai
Date | October 16th 2009

This is the first ever official episode of our home production called ‘Week In Focus’. Appreciate your patience and your constructive comments / suggestions on how we can improve on this program. We hope to make this a regular feature, airing it fortnightly at first and then weekly in the near future. This particular episode was recorded on October 16th.



  1. Excellent Analysis. Well done guys!

  2. Nice Analysis….keep up the good .. JazakAllah
    Khul ga’ay Ya’jūj aur Ma’jūj kay lashkar tamām

    Chashmay Muslim dekh lay tafsīray harfay yansilūn**

    [Bāng-e-Darā ─ Zarīfāna:23]

    **Yansilun i.e. two verses of the Qur’ān, al-Anbiyāh’ 21:95-6 which end with the word

  3. Suggestion:
    either stick to english or urdu.

    the analysis was good.

  4. My suggestion to you is to try to stick to Urdu and put English subtitles.

    • On this forum, you always keep Pakistan foremost then please stick to the national language and ban english to be the first one for others to follow. Having said that should not be taken as against english but to keep urdu at its due position in comparison with english.

  5. Great Analysis Guys…Keep it coming

    We need a million more zaid hamids !

    • sure. if u want to turn pakistan into a war-mongoring, hindu hating state

  6. Great effort guys! MashAllah, this is a superb start!

  7. Very good effort.The guest list,hope,will be much wider: AUR KHUL JAENGAY DO CHAR MULAQATON MEIN

    On studio set up:
    1)No sofas.Gives a casual look.
    2)Should have bookshelves for impressive look.

    Bring more life.It should not look dull and dreary.

    On a funny note: Ending seemed to be:


  8. okay …2 observations as a media person….1 is that stick to urdu with bare minimum english words…or do it completely in english ..no switching. 2 is that if its supposed to be weekly…then you have to either pick ONE specific topic/event/news of the week and discuss/analyze that or do short reports on all the happenings of that week. Here it seems more like a broad umbrella where you are discussing maliha lodhi to china to hussain haqqani etc which have nothing to do with what you started talking about initially. I know im being very critical, but that is what im focusing on here, cuz everything good, people will mention obviously. Keep it up boyz! 🙂

  9. ham loog Lal masjid ko kion bhool rahay hain or ignore kar rahay hain un logoon k diloon main Pak Army k liay jo zehar ghula hua hay woh us k operation say pehlay or baad kay interviews maain saaf nazar aata hay and im 100% sure k army par mostly hamloon main lal masjid k he loog involve hoon gay MNA Abdul Aziz jis tarhan khul kar tv programs main Pak Army k khilaf bat karta hay us ko koi kion nahene notice karta?????????????????

  10. Thank you all for the critical comments, its always encouraging, PPKH is have alot of national & international audience thats why the program was kept in both English & Urdu. Rest is up to the producer & editor how they want the format to be but keep your comments coming.

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