Brig. Moinuddin Hit Ordered By Delhi

October 23, 2009


PKKH EXCLUSIVE | PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com

More proof of Indian fingerprints on terror attacks in Pakistan.

ISLAMABAD: Suspected Taliban militants shot and killed Militants shot and killed Brigadier Moin-ud-din Ahmed, deputy force commander of the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS), who was on vacation in Islamabad, on Thursday.

UNMIS, one of the world’s largest UN peacekeeping missions with around 11,000 personnel, was set up to monitor and support the 2005 peace deal than ended the two-decade civil war between Sudan’s north and south.

There is no doubt that there are a lot of suspicious activities taking place in Sudan by using the humanitarian and UN agencies in particular. An alliance led by US, UK, Israel, India are allied with Southern Sudan’s SPLM (Sudan People Liberation Movement) and Pakistan, China, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries (excluding Libya, and partially Egypt) support the Government of Sudan, i.e. the Northern government.

Pakistan is strongly represented in North Sudan while India is investing heavily in Southern Sudan, primarily through traders and in the hospitality industry, plus technical experts (working with air contidition etc) employing both Muslims and Hindus in the South.

Pakistani presence in the South is very limited but this is compensated with Pakistan’s influence in the North and the Head of UN  Special Mission to Sudan is Ashraf Jehangir Qazi, (former Pakistani Ambassador to the US) hence all information from the South is sent to the North. Pakistanis are represented more in the UNMIS headquarter level in Khartoum who receives all information from the South too.

Indians are increasing their presence in the UN in Southern Sudan (UNJLC, UNOCHA, UNICEF) though less in the UNMIS (where India also has a contingent) where Brigadier Moinuddin was the Deputy Force Commander. UNMIS is in general much more up do date concerning the status quo throughout Sudan than the other agencies, although the WFP has good insight in throughout the ten states of South.

The UNMIS Force Commander is a Nepalese (Maj.Gen. Paban Jung Thapa) educated by the Indian Army and that the less influential UNMIS Police Commisioner is an Indian (Rajesh Dewan). [LINK]

Deputies (Brig. Moin) usually has the operational responsibility while the Commander (Thapa) have the representational responsibilities. Whoever knocked Brig. Moin off, knew he was going to be in Pakistan at that time, Moin’s leave request has to be approved by Major General Thapa.

In our understanding, despite of the heavy Indian investment the Pakistanis still had an edge on the information collection which is envied by India. What a conincidence that Brigadier Moinuddin was assassinated while on leave from his Sudan duty.



  1. We should be under no misguided, mismanaged and or under no doubt to know India has hit Pakistan directly this time once again. Pakistan would now need to get UN NATO forces command under its wing, since NATO forces are proving to be the most corrupt, incompetent and letting in a massively terrorist country India into the net where Pakistan always has played a central role in terms of peace keeping and combating various insurgences. The murder of Janab Brig. Moin should be an open book to know who is behind this hyenas’ crime. The brigades of Ghurkhas have a long history of loyalty to the British Army and recently Ghurkhas have been given British states and rewards by the British government of Gordon Brown. These Ghurkhas were brought from Nepal to India and from India to UK for their further grooming and newlines with states and new positions for triennial field works!

    • You are 1001% right. These indians now should fear Pakistan, because any given day india will get what she has done in Pakistana nd in Afhganistan. Set fire to hindoo india the only way to eliminate these black smelly hindoo niggers!

    • indicka should be bombed by Pakistan. Why are we waiting. Let’s blow up this filthy cuntry indicka full of smelly badshakale hyena black hindoooz.

    • Endia is dead from now on. We should attack this filthy failed state. Why and how did this happend. How Pakistan allowed this to happend?????

      • Yes sir ..Please come along & inflitrate through LOC and get shot dead by army .. or rather wear a suicide jacket to blow up .. blooody only talks no action ..

    • Pakistan people wake up we are under attack. Let’s join the army of Pakistan to fight with these indian terorrists. We dont want Kerry Luger Bill. america should roll this bill and stuff indian gand as usual. bhainchhood hindoo india tari maa ko choodu. WE WILL CUT YOU NAPAK PALEETH HINDOOS INTO PICES FOR EVERY DROP OF OUR BLOOD. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

    • There should be no doubt that crimes like these against Pakistan Millitry forces is not done withour Pakistani Governoment involvment. Pakistan people Party is involved in these terorrist attacks.

      Pakistan people Party is involved with Indians and USA terorr camps.


    • Readers please read on carefully as indicka begs on.

      Gordon Brown has given indicka £825 worth of foreign aid followed by more instalments for the next 3 years followed by whopping one £Billion.

      January 21, 2008 –the British PM has promised a sum of US$1.6 billion (euro1.1 billion) as per aid to India.

      As per Brown, a sum of 500 million pounds (US$980 million; euro670 million) US$1.6 billion (euro1.1 billion) from Britain over three years for different aid development programs and all this much money to indicka on the name of indicn fake poverty.

      A scam that indickn hindooooz have been running for ever since; a very famous scam of poverty and grabbing billions of dollars from the world.

      Yet not one penny is spent on ppl but is spend to building nukes, armies, Terrorist networks, i.e., indickn RAW LTTE and TTP and mooncow missions that west has given to indicka to ((fake up indicka)).

      indicka has been fooling the world and been making buckets full of money from EU, UK and Russia. Recently new funds have been released to indicka; 100 million dollars to fight so called AIDS in indicka, so international funding scam has become an indefensible caricature for indicka.

      indicka never has a power to purchase anything but to sell her women on bollychood screens with lots of lights to hide blackness of indickn women.

      Pakistan President is not begging as all hindoo propogating to stop Pakistan getting any money from the world fundings and so on. Pakistan President is demanding the world to foot the bill of this criminal terrorism which is going on in Pakistan through Afghanistan by indickn gov and its RAW backed TTP.

      As always Pakistan have survived on its own unlike indicka whose father the UK always steps up and provides dosh as of a reward for hindoos slavery to the west.

      I’d say well done Mr President of Pakistan. Make all the stake holders to pay up for what Pakistan has been through and still is going through with. We demand world community to step up and foot the huge bills Pakistan is facing because of the indickn terrorist activities in Pakistan.

      It is a time for USA, UK and EU to turn off their tapes turned on indicka and turn those tapes on and for Pakistan for a bit of change and for a bit of balance.

      West is trying to make others believe they own hindooz.. No one can own hindoooo race. Do you know why; because hindoo race has Muslim Rulers stamp on it? We owned them over 1000 years and we will carry on owning them.{yes we know you lot hate us but fact remains the same; we have ruled hindoo race for generations and no one can match us up:))} Ask any of the 500 Million Muslims in india they will tell you the truth about hindoo’s existence.

  2. Where is the proof? you have made an insinuation, an allegation the kind you always make without any corroboration / proof / logic.

    What a loser.

  3. It is REALLY good to know so many paki muslims are working for India now. And they are everywhere in papiland- right in Islamabad. LOL!

    • @ Mallu terrorist!
      Isn’t it even great as some Indian media has stated that Naxals are helped by ISI! 21 states Not bad eh??

      • unfortunately of this naxal trouble which exsited in 6 to 7 states none of them is breaking .. .. Pakistan broke 38 years back… time will tell what will happen ahead ..

      • @Shabbir

        Even India broke in 1947 … only time will tell how many more states get independence!

        BTW they have even started beheading “Hindi speakers” in Assam!!

  4. For better and more reliable coverage of war on terrorism please visit http://pakiterroristan.wordpress.com

    • For BEST coverage, visit – http://indianterrorism.bravepages.com/

      • Hey i kinda lost that ref. Thanks for bringing it up IM. Love the comments page in it…

      • Catalyst

        Have u seen that comment by Indian saying ‘I want to work for Pakistan’s agency, help me in this regard’ =D

    • Frst of all you sh*t face Indian punk its not Pakistan you moron Its your stinky India Terrorist, who the heck in the world told u that india is together. Sikhs, Mavits, Bangalis, Christians and most importantaly hindus (Brahman Hindus) are figthing for free state. i am sure you are one of those lower cast of hindues whos mother get f***** every day by those Brahman hindus. unless you are day dreaming thats another thing so now you showed no proofe but i do have a half a dozen of videos if you got the courage to watch it on you tube, no 1. cast masscare – India no 2. untochables – India no 3. Vulture Culture – India no 4. Cast Wars – India no 5. The New untouchables – India

      these all videos are yelling and screaming about mass murders in India every day but your stupid Govt just sit and support Terror in Pakistan. The way you are laughing i can tell you, you stupid f**k that Pakistan is the one who will have a last laugh. Pakistan Zindabad

      • I admire your patrotism. Keep the tone high and keep their (Indians) holes choked. Well done.

  5. Sir!!!the whole nation is with u…thnx for keeping us up to date

  6. Indians are slave by nature and had been slave over centuries, thus that prove is enough to believe that Indians would have attacked Brigadier since it was coward attack from behind which only Indians can do.

    • But world is not accpeting this is done by India … where we are lacking to expose ?

  7. If you are saying time and again that India is responsible for terror attacks in Pakistan, then what the fuck are you pakis doing in waziristan! You stupid dumb hypocrytes!

    • Operation is going on in Waziristan u moron because Indians have been involved in training terrorists in Afghanistan and sending them into Pakistan! Our army is crushing those douche bags trained by ur filthy RAW!

      • Call off SWA opreation and implement sharia law.. we need islamic revolution ..

    • We are screwing the guests send by you thru your consulates via Afghanistan, moroon.

  8. to my understanding fault doesn’t lie with india. As all the muslims well out of india or in india know that india is the biggest enemy of islam and muslims. So better to clear our shit that we have placed on our heads, i mean to say the corrupt leadership in pak. now is the time as they are wide nude and everybody can see them .let us join hands to eliminate them all together as i feel it is neccessary for pakistan to eliminate taliban but much more important is to first eliminate the corrupt leadership and the dogs who are being fed by the biggest SATAN —- INDIA . LETS NOT TALK BUT DO THINGS PRACTICALLY……

    • agree

  9. May Allah protect Brig. Moinuddin’s family and give them patience. May Allah support this nobel cause of Pak Army InshaAllah…

  10. If we the Nation put our act together , here are the steps we should take because enough is enough and we had seen more innocent blood ,lets tell our army that
    1) We are behind our Army and fully support every act of our brave army
    2) Lets throw PPP govt and throw Zaradri , rehman malik etc into the ghawadar sea ,
    3) Tell nato and america to stop the talibans (so called) to enter pakistan from afghanistan
    4)if not sealed the border forever and don’t allow a single truck to Pass Khyber or chaman border , lets see how stupid karzai feed himself and what nato do
    5) send j F 17 inside Afghanistan border and have few strikes on India raw sponsor training centers
    6) Be ready for War if India reacts , we need to destroy those terrorists centers inside Afghanistan
    finally Inshallah victory is our , Nation with courage and Faith will win this battle and Nation who has the courage to pay blood ,a new history is making here and inshallah we will be winners against all odds , have save believe ,

    • @ Imran..
      I agree with you and all of us Pakistanis want just this.

      Pakistan should go in Afghanistan and attack those Indian terrorist camps working under the protection of NATO and USA.

      Why Pakistani gov is so corrupt. Today Mr Kaira of PPP in Pakistan was asked a question on PTV about USA making discrimination between Pakistan and india. USA has given nuclear civilian deal to india and Hillary Clinton is giving Pakistan enough aid to repair its electric wires, repair water wells, repair taps and pipes. He said we should not compete with india usa and india are two powers and they are dealing accordingly. I could not believe to what I heard from this haramzada kira from PPP gov bigging up india and sidelining Pakistan.

      Pls kick them out before we lose everything.

      Pls let the army come in. This is not a right way for a country to be run.

      We are dying in Indian terrorism attacks every day and these harmzadys are making dinner parties right in front of us.

      What is going on in Pakistan is the most disgusting terrorism from indian, israel, usa and uk and their terrorist organisations.

      Pak forces we are with you the whole nation of Pakistan you just take over now, we don’t want this western democracy. To hell with this we want our Pak Army and Islam in Pakistan.

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