The New Great Game

October 22, 2009

Zaki Khalid

As our brave Armed Forces take their positions in Waziristan for Operation Rah e Nijat, US and Ally checkposts are abandoned as a clear signal of what the new game is developing into. Meanwhile, India is deploying more MiGs on the eastern front alongwith more tanks. A few days ago, Manmohan Singh called upon the heads of India’s military divisions and expressed concerns of intelligence reports suggesting “imminent attacks on Indian soil”.

For those with an eye on the full picture, these reports mean nothing. Whereas for those who bother to think, what we see is that Pakistan is being surrounded and cornered from all sides. Ofcourse with the exception of long-time faithful friend China, which is more willing to take further pro-Pakistani stands, almost all the other regions are now conspiring against us. We have Iran, taking another quite-expected pro-Indian turn towards Pakistan during such a time of coaxial crises, blaming Pakistan also alongside the US and UK for supporting and even “housing” Jundullah militants in their territory.

The Paasdaran Guards asked the domestic authorities to give them permission to personally come and attack on “Jundullah hideouts”. This is a preposterous statement and a sign of utter shame and disgrace for those who claim to be the leaders of this country. As if there was more of national sovereignty and dignity left to be tarnished, we have recent unfoldings of Hussain Haqqani trying to sue a leading media group here. And now, the Foreign Minister’s son was found to be a member of John Kerry’s legislative group, who suddenly decided to quit the firm when the reality was being exposed of what actually forced the peanut-minded democrats to implement the “Kerry-Looser” Bill. Cospiracies against the nation, as usual by its enemies but foremostly by Mir Jafars within it, proves that there is something sinister, a contended pact, signed between those is government now and by the US and UK, a pact which probably forces the ministers and state bureaucrats to give into enemy prowess because of certain terms that had to be ensured in exchange of a “clean” previous track record.

Yes, I am referring to the NRO. This National Reprehensible Ordinance was signed in Abu Dhabi, in a secret room it seems, by top echelons of the elite Zionists, US, UK and Saudi rulers. And look who come into power. Slum people, majority of which have not bothered to pursue education beyond high school, holding the flag and claiming to lead the country. “Democracy, democracy, democracy” is all you hear from their smelly mouths. This is a democracy, but a totalitarian one. And dear reader, totalitarian democracy is equal to dictatorship, or autocracy, so to speak. The US has sent foreign mercenaries under the guise of “aid workers” in and near Kahuta. The UK is also helping arm the terrorists in Waziristan and FATA. Last year, Irani miscreants were captured in the Balochistan province. India’s RAW is heavily involved alongside the Mossad in Afghanistan, sending in hordes of savage terrorists in the Tribal Belt and within Pakistani cities by collaborating with separatist Baloch and Punjabi movements.

If you remember, Nazir Bhatti of the Pakistan Christian Congress had demanded a separate “Christian province named ‘Takistan’” years ago, before he got expelled from the country, The separatist elite Seraikis demand their province. BLA and BRA are doing so in their areas. The present government in the NWFP is separatist-minded also. So its pretty obvious, all have some common vested interests, and are working towards that goal. The CIA, now using Hakeemullah Mehsud as a proxy after their previous comrade Baitullah got cunningly targeted by our daring ISI, is looking forward to safe havens in and around Pakistani nuclear facitilies. To wreak havoc, using covert ops, they will try to prove that “terrorists are at reach to Pakistan’s nuclear facilities, we need global support and support to combat this menace by stationing American and Allied security forces in Pakistan”. This is where it’s all headed.

The Final Showdown of Asia. Islamic scholar Imran N. Hosein pointed out that “the biggest threat and last obstacle to the Zionists are the Islamic Bombs in Pakistan”.  At these times, we need not worry. What we can do though, is to recognize the real enemy. The TTP, some double-agents within this government, Indian-minded locals. They must be removed.  We need Hope and Unity now. This is precisely the problem.  Our so-called leaders, not giving hope apart, they specialize in giving discouragement, disgrace and shame. We need Unity, Faith, Discipline, as The Quaid said. Our courageous troops need the support and encouragement of the nation to get the due morale for perfect combat against the enemy. This is the least we can do. May Allah Help us all.



  1. i think we need a revoulousanary leader like imran khan i think a new leadership should come up and i personally think he is the last hope for us people need change we are fed up of ppp and muslim league nawaz .

    • what Imran khan has done so far, by blaming army all the time, to bring revolution? he is so blind to reality that he is playing the blame game instead of exposing the sinister agenda.

      we need someone like Zaid Hamid.

      • zaid hamid is nothing but same like Jamat-e-islami.. he will start talking much nonsense about his useless theories about USA, Isrial ,India , Britan and now Iran.. We need modernist..

      • plz don’t fight over leaders just stay put and show some unity that’s what we need right now

  2. Very Well Written and covered bro.
    keep up the great Work

  3. Very well put together and must be enough for us to understand what has been going in Pakistan for over 30 years. Zionists work slow but sure, and we need the same persistent attitude to combat these enemies. I think the unfortunate incident at Islamic University could be blessing in disguise for all Pakistanis and they might begin to understand this big game, that these so called “Muslim” terrorists are puppets/agents working for NWO along with our Elite who wishes to see Pakistan as a Moderate State. I believe in moderation and advocates it fully but not the one envisioned by these elites. This moderation is no less then extremism. Pakistan is here to stay Inshallah and we will do whatever it takes to safeguard our integrity protect our fellow citizens. It’s high time we get rid of Mir Jafars and Sadiqs rattling among us and nurture more Tipu Sultans. Pakistan Payendabaad(Inshallah)

  4. very nicely written! Well done!

  5. agreed with amna..no hope from these politicians who know nothin but to to side democracy….wastin their tym n ours 2….

  6. Very nice work…..
    keep it up ….
    but… at this point i would say we all are with closed eyes… we think … ” ham ankhen band kar lain gay to bili ko ham nazar nahi ain gay…” first of all i say this to myself and then to other please wake up and do as much as you can do . .. . . katra katra mil k darya banta hai.
    ALLAH-Pakistan ka hafiz

  7. I love what you have written here. These leaders are a disgrace to our Nation. We stand United Insha’Allah ! … Army is badly trapped in all this mess … and I havent heard about any encouragement from the leaders of this nation … I just wonder how we can get rid of them?

  8. We need revolution like France where all the deprived people tarnish the elite government for their rights.
    Current Pakistan government not more than a looter and barbaric they don’t care people and Pakistan anymore.

    May Allah help us

  9. hellow every one nothing persnol itz my opinion and i hve shared with u ppl i agree with mr imran khan that military operation is not the solution our enemies want that there shuold be a military action. we are killing are own people for some dollars and this is the reaction which is what we are watching in our country where were these talibans before 2004 …. this is the reaction of what america is doing in afghanistan and the drone attacks which are happening here …this is a fact that by drone attacks they have killed 700 innocent ppl and only 14 alqaeda members only and one should know what is the culture of pushtons revenge is in there blood i would like to say the operation which we have started in waziristan we will nevaa succseed thereee if military operation was the solution then yyy not super power like america has won the war in iraq or afghanistan i would like to say that the whole game is to denuclearize pakistan we as a nation should stand up and consider imran khan as our leader we have tested all of them please give a chance to him he has achieved many things in his life for example shoukat khanum hospital,namal college one should visit his consituency alot of development has been done there lets give a chance i cant see my country burning lets stand up this is my opinion thankz brothers and sisterz

    • As u said it urself. It is your opinion. But not necessarily the right opinion as it half truth.

      Army is an institution much more established than Imran Khan and Jamat e Islami. No disrespect to them.

      We have killed our own people in the beggining BUT due to the confusion. And this confusion was on both sides. Not only on our side. But we are very careful now. Population has been evacuated and chances of hitting our own are fewer now. Look at the SAWAT operation.

      If u like Imran Khan, support him. Not not cry for it.

  10. No one can come to power without American or British Asheerwad.That is why Imran visited Florida and had long discussion with Bush’s brother who was governor.

    But as we are having trouble in the Pathan belt,Imran might be a candidate of a last resort(although many do not like him,including me as he is an autocrat).It is
    “Nain Mamoon se Nakta mamoon”

  11. No one can come to power in Pakistan without American or British Asheerwad.

    That is the reason why Imran visited Florida to meet Governor,who was the brother of Bush.

    In the present circumstances,as there is trouble in the Pathan Belt,Imran may be a choice of a last resort(Masses do not like him and me too as he is an aristocrat).


  12. @ mr yousaf for your kind information no one is crying here it was just a opinion and time will tell how sucssesful will be our army in waziristan and the policy which we are following wht will be the after affects

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