Shashi Tharoor reflects the actual mindset of Delhi towards Islamabad

October 22, 2009

By Makhdoom Babar
Daily Mail

The good terrorists are the guys who kill Indians in India and the bad terrorists are those who attack Pakistani interests whether in Afghanistan or in Pakistan.” “In other words, you blow up the Taj Mahal hotel in India, you’re a good guy, you blow up the Marriot in Islamabad you’re a bad guy. That is what the Pakistanis believe.”

These are the views of India’s Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor which he expressed yesterday while talking to a noted US News Channel the CNN. Shahshi Tharoor is not just the Minister of State for External Affairs of India but till sometime back, he was India’s nominee for the slot of Secretary General of United Nations.

This statement of Shashi Tharoor has come at a time when Pakistan is trying hard to fight militancy and terrorism and the whole Pakistani nation is united to eliminate the terrorists and militants for good. Tharoor’s statement has come while the Pakistan Army has launched a large scale operation against the terrorists and the terrorists, in return, have unleashed top level terror against Pakistanis. They are killing soldiers, policemen, women children and in the last display, they targeted innocent students of a University in Islamabad. The entire nation of Pakistan, from Khyber to Karachi is in pain and anguish and has condemned terrorism in all its forms and manifestations in any part of the world. But Mr. Tharoor thinks the other way around.

The most tragic thing in the whole episode is that such a mindset is possessed by none else but a person whom India had nominated for the slot of UNSG. One can imagine that had Tharoor been elected as UNSG, what, with this mindset, he had been doing to Pakistanis in particular and Muslims In general. It is very pity to notice that India, instead of nominating some neutral and unbiased person for the high profile and highly sensitive global position of UNSG, nominated such a biased and anti-Pakistan and anti-Muslim minded person.

Coming back to Mr. Tharoor’s views, The Daily Mail would like to ask the gentleman that on the basis of what evidence or proof he dared to say that Pakistanis or certain elements in Pakistan appreciated the act of terror that took place in Mumbai or they consider them as “The Good Terrorists”? Was there any private or official statement in this direction? Was there any public demonstration in support of Mumbai attackers in any part of Pakistan? Was there any circle of Pakistani media found in support or appreciation of Mumbai attackers? Was there any statement, printed or broadcaster on any of the Pakistani newspaper or TV Channel, released by any extremist group or individual in order to portray Mumbai attackers as “The Good Terrorists”? Everybody in Pakistan, belonging to all walks of life, condemned the Mumbai carnage just they way they condemned the Marriot blast in Islamabad and this is on the record and the whole world and global media community are witness to it. No one from any part of the world has alleged that any body in Pakistan did appreciate the Mumbai terror attack and termed the terrorists as “The Good Terrorists”. Then why Shahshi Tharoor has said so? Why has he tried generate hatred amongst the Indians towards Pakistanis by such an absurd and insane statement, to prove which, he does not have even an iota of evidence? It is very unfortunate that such a highly irresponsible statement has come out from none else but the person was otherwise supposed to be leading the world’s top peace and mediation office. Why is he trying to sow the seeds of poison and hatred amongst the generations to come through such devilish practices?

The Daily Mail believes that the whole Shashi Tharoor episode with the CNN, proves no point but that this is the mindset of Indian government towards Pakistan. Tharoor’s views simply reflect what the Indian politicians and bureaucracy think about Pakistan government and Pakistani nation. The Daily Mail is of the firm opinion that with this mindset on part of New Delhi, there appears to be no chance of a lasting peace between Pakistan and India and all efforts of Islamabad in this direction are set to go down the drain.



  1. any incident happens anywhere in the region, is always blamed on pakistan, so it shows that whoever these terrorists r, they r trying to portray pakistan bad, no muslim whether pakistani or from other countries, will never appreciate any act of terror, because killing one innocent human is like killing all and the result will be burning in hellfire for infinity. the statement of this indian is actually is their makkaari which they always do like chankya(the terrorist).

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