Pakistan Zindabad

October 22, 2009


  1. A arz-e-Pak tu hum se ye wada-e-wefa le le
    k hum tere ishq mein janoon rekhte hein

    mer ker bi ger hum teri tameer ker gaye
    to hum usi mot ko apna sekoon rekhtey hain

    Pakistan Zindabad InshAllah Amin

  2. Good Work Done, I’m on my way to betterment of Pakistan.

    Be Like Sher-e-Pakistan, don’t be Kath Putli

    Pakistan ZindAbad

  3. Very poorly presented.Does not leave any impact.
    It does not explain whether we should be proud of or ashamed of being 9th largest.

    Although Indians are much behind in English proficiency,they make $ 40B plus in outsourcing.Ask any South Indian to spell “minimum” You will have fun.

    The name of the game is determination.It is not depicted by being proud of Thar,K2,Khewra,lakes which are nature’s Gifts.And His gifts are spread all over the world.

    Unless the Ideology of Pakistan is inculcated in the youths of Pakistan:


    In-doctriantion of the youth is the need of the hour.

    • baniya chahay kitna roop badalay magar raihta wohi hai baniya ka baniya…go and drink cow cola … because it is available all around the world.

  4. we are not puppets and I regret that we have not considered UNITY FAITH and DISCIPLINE but its never too late my Paki fellas…

    its time now…

    we need to unite together and stand against the evil winds from west
    we need to have faith in Allah and His Messanger PBUH to confront this situation
    and we need discipline to show that we are worthy of fighting for the right cause


  5. Many in Pakistan fail to understand the value of their vote. Agreed we go to the polling stations whenever we are lucky enough to have elections, but having an ink mark on our thumb does not mark the end of our civic duty. When we come out in numbers, those politicians that take Pakistanis for granted are shaken to the core. Those law enforcement agencies carry out their duty with justice. Not only the government, but the army also realizes that it becomes powerless when it is dealing with the nation as one. If we, the people, are able to wield such influence over these powerful institutions by coming together as one unit, lord save the militants if we truly unite as Pakistan.


  6. hey guys! Gr8 job! I request to all pakis,spread this clip in cell phones,our youth really need this,they want the guidance,once they put themselves on track then see,wat happens,spread this clip,in 3gp n mp4 formats in cell phones.thnkx
    Long live Pakistan

  7. Nice Video!!

    Americans Suspected of Spying Near Pakistani Nuclear Site:

    Chinese Strategist Calls for Breakup of India:

  8. a very nice video,made me wanna go back to pakistan.who makes these videos???????

  9. For me Pakistan is every thing.I have blind faith on Pakistan. No matter what people say and it doesn’t matter what will happen good or bad I shall be with my country. No matter where I will go but my grave will be in Pakistan! I never asked what Pakistan gave to me and I will never be, its useless question but its my oath I shall give every thing which I am capable of even more. I already promised to give my life to this country. Let the time come! btw: nice video.

    Pakistan Zindabad!

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