India behind most terror attacks says Malik

October 22, 2009


ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Wednesday accused India of sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan, saying Delhi itself would be responsible for any terrorist attack if carried out in future on its soil.

‘We have solid evidence that not only in Balochistan but India is involved in almost every terrorist activity in Pakistan,’ the minister said after attending a meeting on security of educational institutions.

Mr Malik asked his Indian counterpart Chadambharam to stop blaming Pakistan for terrorism in India, saying: ‘Mr Chadambharam should first take care of his own country and then blame Pakistan. Don’t threaten us. We can give better ones to you.’

APP adds: He said that the Indian interior minister should arrest culprits of Samjhota Express bombing, killers of Rajiv Gandhi and many more such incidents instead of blaming Pakistan for being incapable of coping with terrorists.

‘If we talk about composite dialogue, they (India) should not consider it our weakness at all,’ he added.

He said India had made it a practice to threaten Pakistan every three months, adding: ‘We are a nuclear state and not so weak. We better know how to retaliate.’

The minister referred to the Indian prime minister’s statement that more Mumbai-like attacks could take place in India and said: ‘I ask the Indian prime minister that if they have any information about more Mumbai-like attacks they should share these with Pakistan and we will look into them, but if India does not share anything with us then they would be responsible for any incident,’ he said.

‘I have time and again said there was Indian involvement in Balochistan and we have evidence, which could be shared with India, if they agree to come and sit with us,’ he claimed.

About Mumbai attack, Mr Malik said: ‘We have yet not received the seventh dossier, but we have arrested all seven accused of Mumbai attacks.’

Pakistan would definitely take action against Hafiz Saeed if he was found guilty, but the government could not take action against any citizen of the country without solid proof against him, the minister said.

In reply to a question, the minister said that Pakistan had earlier handed over 18 accomplices of Abdul Malik Rigi, including his brother, to Iran.

He, however, said that Rigi was not in Pakistan and said he was in Afghanistan and ‘we can even point out his exact location in Afghanistan’.

To a question about installation of biometric system at the Pak-Afghan border, he said around 50,000 people crossed the border daily.

‘We have installed a biometric system on the Pak-Afghan border to check the movement of the people and the matter has also been taken up with the Afghan government and they have also agreed to install a similar system at their side of the border.’



  1. really?? lolz 🙂

  2. Rehman Malik ke andar ab AKAL aai hai

  3. Rehman Malik ko abhi b akal nahi aai. He have not included usa to be involved in terror in Pakistan. Where are all these weapons coming from?

  4. Rehman Malik ko abhi b akal nahi aai. He have not included usa to be involved in all this terror in Pakistan. Where are these terrorists getting weapons from? And how do they get highly explosive like TNT?

  5. ye bayan bhee india or America ke ijazat k baghair nahi de sakta ye…

  6. oye hoye, whats this? 😛

  7. like he said in his statement ” India had made it a practice to threaten Pakistan every three months” no doubt about this part but Malik exercising the same after every three month with such very glamorous statements he is lunatic that’s it.If he is loyal to this country then he should speak out against notorious BlackWater/Xe bluntly and criticize Zionist government of USA.

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