Students at IIU protest against Rehman Malik

October 21, 2009

Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik was at the receiving end of students’ fury when he visited the Islamic International University (IIUI) in Islamabad after the twin blast which rocked the university campus on Tuesday. Angry IIUI students pelted stones on Malik’s bulletproof car and chanted slogans against him when he visited the blast site inside the university campus.

Malik escaped unhurt from the blast site thanks to his guards, but not before witnessing students’ wrath. Malik was not allowed to talk to media persons present inside the campus, as students chanted slogans against the government, The Nation reports. They said the blasts were result of Islamabad’s continuous support to the United States in the latter’s ‘war on terror’.

An unprecedented security cover for Malik also added to the students anger, as they said their friends and fellow students were pushed to death due to lack of proper security arrangements inside the university campus. The deadly twin blasts inside the IIUI campus killed six people, including three female students, injured 29 others. (ANI)



  1. Yaar kidhar kidhar security karain. Our gourment is fucker that do so much support to usa. USA and India is behind all this terror in Pakistan.

    Rehman malik ko aur maro. Kutta da puttar. Yeh sub ghaddar hain. They are supporting USA to do all this terror in Pakistan. They have welcomed blackwater and american terrorists in Pakistan.

  2. […] dignity? Write your congressman in Washington? this is just the beginning. time 7:00- 9:53 Students at IIU protest against Rehman Malik Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz the fate of all americansied political baboons will be the same in coming […]

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