Manmohan readies Forces to prepare for a new RAW terror drama

October 21, 2009

From Our Correspondent

New Delhi—Preparing his Armed Forces to be ready to react to the terror drama that Indian Intelligence Agency, Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) is preparing to execute before November 24,2009, when Indian Premier Manmohan Singh would be leaving for high profile US Visit, the Indian Prime minister on Tuesday gave a call to his Services Chiefs to be ready for another Mumbai like terror attack. Manmohan said on Tuesday that the regular Intelligence reports had warned of “imminent attacks” in the country and security forces needed to be prepared to meet any challenge.

Addressing the top commanders of three Services in New Delhi, he also said that the situation in India’s immediate neighbourhood had worsened, apparently referring to the developments in Pakistan which he did not spell out.

He referred to last year’s Mumbai attacks and the terror strike at the Indian Embassy in Kabul earlier this month, which he said was “yet another grim reminder of the forces” that India is pitted against. “There are both state and non-state actors involved in the business of terrorism. India is a democracy and an open society and is, therefore, sometimes highly vulnerable,” Singh said.

It may be mentioned here that the way the Indian government has so very confidently predicting another 26/11 like terror episode, the world media and global intelligence officials are more than convinced that this time the plot of such an episode has once again been designed by Indian intelligence agency RAW and it is more likely to be executed before Indian Premier’s scheduled official trip to United States, starting from 24th of next month so that he could generate added US support for India and pressure for neighbouring Pakistan.

Courtesy: Daily Mail



  1. IDIOTS ….

  2. I thin we should nuke Mumbai & Delhi this time and then we will say soory it was done by Mistake :D.
    It will not happen again 😉

  3. This could have very serious effects – If Indian army comes on border and start a war which is old bitch of USA and move their fagot asses on borders to pressure Pak Army – It will build tremendous pressure and deadly consequences on both countries it might ignite a Nuclear War. But i think what another mumbai like attack could do is Indian Army faking it almost to believe it to be real so that we move our nukes and THE sniffing dogs of CIA can trace our nukes and capture them. Oh i can smell a False Flag Operation.

    I am sure our Army would have assessed that too. so Indians be aware in your bitch game it would be us and you who will loose and CIA / Mossad are the only winners.

    Bitch Slap – To our Enemies

    Pakistan Army Zindabad.
    We will get you all sooner or later
    We will rise again as a Nation.

    Pakistan Zindabad.

  4. Mr. Rehman Malik you have been challenging the indians to debate on Mumbai terror attack (staged drama. Please read the above article that shows that our dirty enemy is again preparing to stage a drama and you and other memebers of the Government and FM Qureshi are quitely waiting for something to happen. AS YOU AS AN INTERIOR MINISTER YOU ARE IN POSESSION OF MANY SECRET REPORTS FOR INDIA DRAMAS AND THEIR INVOLVMENT IN BALAUCHISTAN, NWFP, KARACHI AND PUNJAB. DO NOT SIT ON THESE REPORTS AND EVIDENCE YOU HAVE – YOUR JOB IS TO EXPOSE INDIA IN EVERY FORUM OF THE WORLD BEFORE THEY STAGE ANOTHER DRAMA- EXPOST INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. pakistan must strenghten its airforce to silenece usa and india.we must acquired fc-20 as soon as possible may we might be fighting on two fronts eastern and western.rest of of army is okey.

  6. no one can destroy our country we proud to be pakistani

  7. This new RAW drama is highly probable. Having Pakistan Army engaged in Waziristan affairs, India could attack Pakistan from the eastern side (on the pretense of eliminating terror targets) while having USA to attack us from the western side

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