India is Involved in Balochistan: Pak Govt

October 21, 2009

Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that there is clear evidence of Indian involvement in Balochistan and that New Delhi should not be pointing fingers at Islamabad.

The interior minister said that India must be prepared to come to the table and discuss their concerns. He added that Pakistan is well aware of the Indian involvement in Balochistan and if given the opportunity, they will present officials in New Delhi with concrete evidence. He was responding to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statements, when the federal minister warned that India should not hurl accusations at Pakistan as it is fighting a war on terror and is also holding trials of the Mumbai attack suspects. He said that India should respect Pakistan’s judicial system.

Condemning the twin bombings at the International Islamic University in Islamabad yesterday, the federal interior minister stressed that militants are now aiming to create panic in the country and that innocent civilians are being targeted. Pakistan is not weak; it knows how to defend itself, said Malik. He assured that security zones will be set up in the federal capital.

Rehman Malik also condemned the killing of Iran’s revolutionary guards on Sunday.—DawnNews


One comment

  1. Rehman Malik please take this matter to the UN and other forums. The open challenge of debate to India is meaningless because they must be laughing at these statements. We need to be practical as you know there are means and ways of dealing with these kind of acts. As you claim that you have credible information then expose the INDIA OUR DIRTY ENEMY IN INTERNATIONAL FORUMS – ACTIVATE PRESS, MEDIA AND PAKISTANI COMMUNITY EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD AND EXPOSE HOW THEY ARE TRYING TO STOP OUR WATER. WHY YOU STILL WAITING FOR ANOTHER STAGED DRAMA FROM INDIA LIKE THEY STAGED AS PARLIAMENT AND BOMBAY ATTACK. EXPOSE THEM EXPOSE THEM EXPOSE THEM NOW INSTEAD OF MERE NEWSPAPER STATEMENTS.

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