Fozia Wahab silenced by Luqman

October 21, 2009

Fozia Wahab being thrashed by TV host Luqman.



  1. Good job Luqman sahab!

    What is the name of this program? I want to watch the rest of it. Thanks

  2. i am glad to see luqman silenced fozia wahab…

  3. Excellent answer..!!!:D The programs name is “D-bate with mehreen khan”

    • Thanks 😉

  4. Its not a critism,All the population of Pakistan holding theirselves and one day every person would be talking like Mr.Luqman,They are hundreds,Other point which should be raise but its just a starting.I think its more than enough for PPP goverment to wake them up.
    Khudiaya: One day we have to answer ALLAH.Please be sincere with their job and responsibilities. Dont run after materialist things (Money,Luxurier life) only. Please do something for betterment of Pakistan.When there is a flood.Everybody get caught.

    So please we are already going from very bad time,We need to be simulate together and Please be sincere to each other.

    Good luck Luqman,I hope no one from Govt. approach you to threat 🙂 or avoid this kind of comments. I like when you say ..MERI PHUPHI NE AKER KARNA HAI …..I feel its not you, Its whole PAKISTANI people comments.

  5. yaar aik to pakistani log b us ki side laite hen jo besharam or badtameez ho or bakwas kar sakta ho like these type of anchors of private media…shame all zuban daraz bey haya media persons.wah wah karana ka shoq hae in ko.

  6. luqman u r great

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