Foreign Minister’s Son lobbying against Pakistan

October 20, 2009

Islamabad—The debate on the controversial John Kerry-Lugar Bill has taken a new critical turn after lawyer Ahmad Raza Kasuri revealed in a private television talk show that son of the foreign minister is on staff of Senator John Kerry in Washington, working as Legislative Fellow. Foreign Minister’s son Mr. Zain H. Qureshi’s assignment is clearly linked with John Kerry’s legislature work. Against this backdrop, foreign minister’s vociferous defence of John Kerry-Lugar Bill tends to lose all lustre.

Political observers in the federal capital point out that the foreign minister might have been aware of the John Kerry-Lugar Bill’s formative stages through Mr. Zain H Qureshi. If that was the case the analysts have reason to ask as to what was the rationale of foreign minister’s rushing to Washington to seek “ clarification” or in-depth briefing from the horse’s mouth. If all this was Act One of a melodrama, Act Two was rushing back to Islamabad with John Kerry’s assurance. Based on that was foreign minister’s rhetorical statement in the parliament.

The analysts say, supporters of the Bill are trying to weave a tale which at best can be termed as cow-and-bull story. They point to the posture of our ‘His Excellency’ in Washington, our ambassador Hussain Haqqani who sounds more like John Kerry’s spokesman than Pakistan’s envoy.

Whatever the shades and shadows, the debate over the John Kerry-Lugar Bill will enter decisive phase very soon with foreign ministry cutting a sorry figure with embarrassment writ large on the faces of those trying to defend the Bill in the forefront”, one analyst observed.

Pakistan observer



  1. This buffalo breeder should be put to task. What an irony.

  2. What a Douche bag,both Father and Son should be SUED!

  3. Shame on all of us as a nation that we tolerating this Government. It is better that they make all us burn alive instead of letting our heads down with the shame in front of other nations.

    Ah,it is who have make them elected. In the end it makes every sane men puzzle that why the hell we are cursing army? i tell you why! even with all odds Pakistan Army is the only instituation left in Pakistan who helped poor in the time of disasters, enemy attacks and now from terrorism. They are putting their best to stand like a rock in between to defend Pakistan from inside and outside.

    And please don’t give me the example of Gen parvez musharif and general yahya khan…you wont find 100% righteous people in any country so plz dont put forward it as an argument.


  4. I don’t have words to express my disgust, i really don’t.

  5. This mango-farmer from Multan and his son will be dealt with soon InshaALLAH by the awaam!


    • Insha-ALLAH
      we shall….

  6. Talk about tyrant generation,

    Now we know why the hell he (Foreign Minister) was defending the kill Bill with such zeal as his son drafted it.

    With such foes of a father and son who need enemies.

    I think Chief justice should take some action on this.. Or can he..??

  7. No.Cheap Justice will not do anything.He was aspiring for the third(according to himself) position in the country after President and PM.Now he will not put that in danger.

    Is it a solution to remove the Government.Shah will join another party and come to power again.

    I will not be surprised if other ministers who are advocating KL bill,have also been lucratively offered,let alone admission in Harvard or MIT.

    All the politicians are small people and can be easily sold.

    The solution: Revlolution is the only answer.

  8. I think all you guys are ridiculous, would u have said the same about somebody whose father wasn’t in the government interning for Kerry?
    He does NOT work for Kerry he is studying in the UK, u guys need to get ur facts right, and a stupid one month internship it seems, which btw a LOT of other pakistanis took up in washington, does not make anyone a traitor..
    its ridiculous that u think the AWAAM will deal with this because hte awaam voted them in..
    What u guys fails to notice is that whatever his son did he did to probably gain experience, or earn some money, which to me is a very normal thing any kid is entitled to doing..
    Every previous government that has come has in one way or the other allied with the US, we are on their side for the love of God are u people blind? This does not make this poor guy a traitor.. and may i just point out Shah Mehmood Qureshi has a SPOTLESS career, unlike these other politicians..
    just because this kid had nothing to hide and did whatever he had to under the scrutiny of the public eye, he gets judged.. no wonder us Pakistanis are such morons, because underhand deals with a whole lot of controversies go one and have been going on for a while.. We are too dumb to judge those and yet we rush to conclusions when some kid does an internship and call perhaps our ONLY clean politician a traitor..
    so much for knowing the difference.

  9. and no he is not LOBBYING against pakistan.. him and his father have done a whole lot for Multan, and have doen it perfectly well and helped a lot of poor people there.. atleast all u people acknowldge that he is a ‘mango farmer,’ and a ‘buffalo breeder’, had he been LOBBYING against pakistan the US would have given him so much money him or his next generations wouldnt have to work for a dime for the rest of their lives..
    im not a ppp supporter , im very disillusioned with pakistani politics, but lets call a spade a spade shall we?

  10. http://ahraza.wordpress.com/2009/10/20/a-state-of-denial/

    The GHQ attack has drawn accusations from several quarters in Pakistan that it was inspired by foreign powers; some have named India and the US among the usual suspects. Such ‘experts’ rarely bother to give any concrete evidence to substantiate their charges, which are based mainly on conjecture. They can only argue as to which country would want to hurt Pakistan the most: surely it must be India. Since many now see the US as the enemy, it too, in their view, could be the hidden hand behind the attack. In this particular case the leader of the terrorists has been captured alive. An army spokesman has identified him as Aqeel, alias Dr Usman, affiliated with terrorist outfits based in southern Punjab. The terrorists involved in the attack were apparently trained in South Waziristan.

  11. If the above news is wrong,then PKKH is reponsible for that.Lately,they have been drifting away from their course.

    Spontenous re-action to the story is understandable.The nation has suffered so many betrayals,to them,anything seems possible.

    The way Z.G.has responded,clearly shows that either he is related to Shah or is his “subject”.

    These Makhdooms and Pirs are a cancer in our society.They accumulate wealth from their illiterate
    subjects(another Makhdoom,Javed Hashmi has acknowledged that he recieved one crore from one subject) and make to politics.

    These Sajjada Nasheens,instead of getting religios education in institutions like Al-Azhar or Islamic University in Madina, to spiritually guide the people,go to Cambridge,Oxford,Harvard etc,to play bigger games in politics.It is all a family affair.Next in line will be Zain.

    In fact,this whole institution of Sajjadas has been corrupted.Few years back, in India, a Hindu became Sajjada of a mazar.

    Z.G. is full of praise for Shah,but can he give an example of any poor man’s son having been sent to Oxford or similar places.

    These Makhdooms,may help people for the marriage of their daughters,local education,health, but they will never help them to stand on their own feet to create a challenge for themselves.That may be the reason of dropouts from schools(specially in Punjab) as they are told that no use studying beyond 4th or 5th class.

    One suggestion above of a revolution is imminent.

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