Israel Spearheading deadly US, India Troika

October 19, 2009


Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Friday that a controversial television drama which shows actors dressed as Israeli soldiers killing Palestinian children will not be taken off air. This is the latest, in line of cracks that have appeared in the Israeli-Turkish relationship. Recently the Turkish government has developed a serious mistrust and suspicion of Israel and Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Earlier in January this year the Turkish Prime Minister walked out of World Economic Forum after a heated debate with Shimon Peres. This was not a random moment but a well calculated political move on Turkey’s part. On returning home from the Forum, Turkish Prime Minister was greeted with millions of people on streets celebrating outburst of Turkish anger against Israel. During the Israeli massacre of Gaza, most animated protests against Israel took place in Turkey.

Israel has been playing a nefarious double game with Turkey. This is directly posing a serious threat to Turkish national Interest. Turkish nation maybe split in two distinct groups of practicing Muslims and secular Muslims but when it comes to national interests’ Turkish nation is united like ‘Wall of China’. After the US invasion of Iraq, Israel started meddling into Kurdish Iraq. Israel wants to control the Oil of Kurdish Iraq, and eventually use the political conditions to create an independent country of Kurdistan. This will include part of land that is currently part of Turkey. Turkish Army and Air Force has carried out many operations against Kurdish Rebels during the last three years. Turkey is improving its relationship with Syria, and Russia. This is something that is neither in favor of the US nor Israel. Most recent event that further soured Turk-Israeli relationship was the cancellation of a military exercise between the two nations. Turkey is also not on board with Israel’s plan to attack Iran using Turkish airspace. Just like in 2003, Turkey refused to allow US Air force to launch operations into Iraq using Turkish bases.

Israel’s Mossad is also blamed for serious of terrorist attacks that have taken place in Turkey during the last three years. This is not surprising, since Mossad was also behind a failed coup attempt to remove the Turkish government; this was organized through a group called, Ergenekon. (More on this here: www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=77062&sectionid=351020204)

In conclusion Israel has been secretly plotting against Turkey’s national interest. The US knows about the workings of Mossad in Turkey but the US simply doesn’t have the power to check Mossad or Israel. Israel’s dirty plans are not limited to Turkey but they spread all the way to Afghanistan and Pakistan. It’s Afghanistan and Pakistan that is the main breeding ground for CIA, Mossad and RAW guinea pigs testing their noses in foreign territories. Through Afghanistan these agencies are involved in destabilizing Pakistan, Iran and China as well.

Israel and India have military partnership that includes hardcore intelligence sharing as well. India has launched two satellites build by Israel those are being used to monitor Pakistan and its Army. Its open secret now that India turned to IDF help to save itself from humiliating defeat in Kargil. The Israeli Air Force has trained Indian pilots to counter PAF F-16s; Israel is working hard on India’s failed Arjun tank project. Mossad told RAW to create false mujahedeen groups in Kashmir and commit acts of terror to malign the image of true mujahedeen’s. List of Israel-India partnership is long one but these are just some of the highlights.

The US, Israel and India now form a deadly nexus against Muslim interests. Currently the main target of this nexus is Pakistan. They want a secular, de-nuclearized, timid, and fragmented Pakistan. Unfortunately for the troika, the Pakistani nation which was asleep for sixty years is finally waking up from its slumber. There are still many traitors and troika boot lickers in our midst, but sooner or later they will be wiped away like tiny particles of sand in front of a rising tide. Pakistani nation is awakening and reshaping its political and intellectual thoughts. The US, Israeli, India nexus will not progress further in Pakistan. Pakistan is the last fortress of Islam and its here where this deadly nexus will be defeated.

PKKH has learned from certain credible sources that recently Israel had requested airspace from Turkey to attack possible Iranian Nuclear Arsenal. However, Turkey strongly refused to allow any such act of aggression by Israel. At the moment, Turkish Air Force is on standby to thwart any adventurous attempts by the Israeli Air force. It can therefore be assumed that false flag attacks might be launched by the trio’s intelligence coalition in any country across the world and be blamed either on Iran or Pakistan to gather the rest of the world’s support to launch attacks on either of these two Muslim countries. Iran must remain on high alert. Pakistan on the other hand needs to continue absolutely high level of vigilance, especially on diplomatic level.



  1. indeed, its here where this deadly nexus will be defeated. May Allah help Pakistan and defeate these pigs.

  2. True to its meaning the Turkish people are what patriots ought to be. I don’t think that there’s any force on the planet that can challenge their infinite love for their homeland. Truly an example for every single one of us.

  3. Gazan Journalist reviews Turkish TV Drama on Gaza

  4. Current trends seem to suggest that the future of Israel will be that of a binational state. While this is not something most Israelis want, even many conservatives Israelis have concluded it may be inevitable.


  5. Very well said AAKhan and in the times to come Turkey will play a great role alongside Pakistan to establish the United States of Islam. Inshallah!

  6. well written article.

    It is must read to understand israel’s terrorism in our region. it must be pointed out that israel is the first country who used “suicide bombing” against british. (the king david hotel bombing in early nineties)

    this article will further develop our understanding of israel’s terrorist activities.

    we have to dispell the “myth” of suicide bombing and why it is rampant in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan after US invasion in 2001.

    Israel is behind this targetted killing and our analysts, like idiots, keep honouring Mossad’s fake front talibaan.

  7. http://www.bintjbeil.com/E/occupation/ameu_iraqjews.html

    Iraqi Jews

  8. […] PDRTJS_settings_11610_post_840 = { "id" : "11610", "unique_id" : "wp-post-840", "title" : "Israel+Spearheading+deadly+US%2C+India+Troika", "item_id" : "_post_840", "permalink" : "http%3A%2F%2Fsiyasipakistan.wordpress.com%2F2009%2F10%2F20%2Fisrael-spearheading-deadly-us-india-troika%2F" } By: PKKH […]

  9. The problem with pakistan’s leader is strategic over reach and non-recognition of their own limits and capabilities.

    The israel bogey is another!

    Assumption of Isreal helpin India:-

    Pakistan relies too much of the ‘myth’ that India either is too timid to react or by the time it does so, pakistan would have made ‘gains’that would be used to bargain with India or that india is incapable to act on its own.

    It started in 1965, where pakistan thought it could initiate a rebellion in kashmir.Its leader ayub khan assumed that india would respond weakly and even if so, the reaction would be limited to J&K.India did the opposite.It cut across the IB into pakistan in Punjab.This relieved pakistani pressure in J&K, led to failure of Op Grand slam as envisaged by pakistan, and pakistani SSG who had infiltarted in Kashmir were wiped out to the man.


    The same happened in kargil.Why mushy did it no one knows!!
    Later people claim it was to 1) pressure India on kashmir 2)cut off siachen 3)force india to negotiate on kashmir.

    None of the above happened.
    Forget negotiating, India has not talked on kashmir EVER SINCE then with pakistan!!!

    The ides that isreali weapons helped india win kargil is another one of those quaint myths propogated by pakistan.

    What made pakistan lose(again) was the assumption that India will and can do nothing!!

    What makes pakistani’s think that when a bofors fires a 155mm shell on to a pakistani occupied position, the laws of physics will change!maybe the shell will magically disappear!!
    India used hundred of arty guns and fired thousand upon thousand rounds on pak positin.Often UPTO A HUNDRED guns were used on single positions.The IAF systematicaly decimated pak supply lines.

    BY simply cutting off pak supply lines the pak units occupying kargil were isolated and systematically wiped out.

    The mistakes have been summarised quite well by a pakistani officer:

    Failure to grasp the wider military and diplomatic ramifications of a limited tactical operation that had the potential of creating major strategic effects.

    Failure to correctly visualise the response of a powerful enemy to what was, in effect, a major blow in a disputed sector.

    Failure to spell out the specific aim to field commanders, who acted on their own to needlessly capture territory and expand the scope of the operation to unmanageable levels.

    Failure to appreciate the inability of the Army officers to evaluate the capabilities and limitations of an Air Force.

    Failure to coordinate contingency plans at the tri-services level.


    Kargil again revealed that the pak army ONLY thinks tactically and NOT STRATEGICALLY.
    When one initiates a fight, the first blow is not the most crucial.What is important is what will be your counter blow to the retaliation that will come.

    How does pakistan ever assume that retaliation from india will be small, kind or considerate!!Or that Indians are not ruthless or capable in defending their own intersts by themselves.

  10. Well well well we can already see the axis of evil India-US-Israel already bringing terrorists attacking our GHQ and suicide attacks in pakistan and recently in iran. I don’t understand when these people say that the attackers were pakistanis not indian, israelis or from US. Yes you are right in saying that but there are many in pakistan who will do that for money or mislead by these undercover israel-india-us agents who brainwash our people who have no knowledge of our religion. These trio is very cunning and know how to use all the tactics whether monetary or religion or any other way to attack using our own people. The example is Iraq where there are many suicide attacks 98% on iraqi people. Obviously these attacks are done by those who are used by this trio.


  11. You are wrong friend.The whole world has accepted a fact that Pakistan is the international Migrane and its the epicenter of terror.One line which striked me in your message was “undercover israel-india-us agents are brainwashing your people who have no knowledge of our religion” Does this still happen in Pakistan.We Indians really thought that time was gone when uneducated mullas and rulers in medival ages forcebly convert peoples to Islam.Its really shoking to manipulations of history still happens in Pakistan.Why dont you check your family roots. when you go deep ,you can hear the tragic stories or forced conversions which might have happened in ur family.

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