Traitor Haqqani spares US publication and sues Pakistani one!

October 17, 2009

ISLAMABAD – Mr. Husain Haqqani, Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States, has served a legal notice of Rs. 1 billion against the Editor-in-Chief of The Nation for publishing a report titled, “If Fired, Haqqani Threatens To Unveil ‘Reams’ of Pakistan’s Secrets”, written by Ahmed Quraishi and published on Oct. 14, 2009. The legal notice was received at the offices of TheNation in Lahore. He also used the platform of the official news agency, APP, to distribute the full text of the notice. Mr. Haqqani is demanding an apology and retraction and is threatening to press charges if his demands are not met.

This is TheNation’s response to his legal notice:

Ambassador Husain Haqqani has chosen the safer course of suing a Pakistani newspaper [TheNation] and spared an American news publication [Foreign Policy magazine] that originally published the information in the report in question. This alone demonstrates that Ambassador Haqqani’s purpose in serving this legal notice is damage-control inside Pakistan more than anything else, and he wants to do this at the cost of TheNation. By sparing the American publication and targeting us, Ambassador Haqqani is making a political statement for the consumption of the domestic audience in Pakistan. Ironically, Mr. Haqqani, who has worked for several US media organizations at different times during his stay in the United States, chose to give a pass to his American colleagues and instead targeted TheNation, a newspaper that gave unprecedented space to his views and positions many years ago when he was not as well known as he is today.

Ambassador Haqqani’s legal notice begins with the claim that, “The services of Mr. Haqqani for Pakistan military are undeniable as because of his sheer hard work, dedication and excellent diplomatic skills Pakistan secured F-16 from USA.”

The truth is that public and official record of the Government of Pakistan will confirm that the contract for the supply of 18 new F-16C/D Block 52 aircraft was signed between Pakistan and US governments on September 30, 2006 after a long series of negotiations and with predetermined delivery schedule. All Mr. Haqqani did is to pursue an existing project, which is a responsibility that came to him as part of his official duties as Ambassador. So this attempt by the Ambassador to use the legal notice against us for self-serving propaganda does not stand.

As for what Ambassador Haqqani describes in his legal notice as his ‘services for the Pakistani military’, it is enough to quote the wording of a question that an American television anchor posed to Ambassador Haqqani in a recent interview he gave to the TV show ‘Frontline’ on PBS [www.OBS.org] where the American anchor asks as follows [transcription available at the website]:

“You [Ambassador Haqqani] have said over the years that one of the reasons that the Pakistanis haven’t been able to get at the Taliban is because the ISI [Inter-Services Intelligence] has protected them, that Musharraf’s ISI has protected the Taliban.”

This is just one sample of the ‘reams’ of his writings and interviews where he has accused Pakistan’s military and intelligence services of various allegations.



  1. Ahmed Quraishi we all pakistani stand by u for great services provided in shape of articles & talk shows. Mr haqqani to be removed / brought back and tried under treason. We can ask help from so called free judiciary, if they have free time out of their personal vindatta.

  2. People like Shirin Mazari and Ahmed Quraishi, the media spokes-persons for the Pak army and the ISI, that make a living out of misinformation campaign to confuse the people of Pakistan, went too far in their misplaced jingoistic nationalism, that has taken Pakistan nowhere.

    They must be wetting their pants now………

    • this is indian tradition (wetting pants” and your post on this forum is an evidence of it. stop spamming here

    • Neel
      We don’t need morons like YOU to tell us whom we should trust and whom we should not!

      Rightly said amna!

  3. http://ahraza.wordpress.com/2009/10/18/bring-them-to-justice/

    The current bombings in Pakistan are definitely a cause for concern. It is unfortunate that after a successful military operation in Swat and surrounding areas, these shameful militants still take pride in the loss of human lives. Then again, it is difficult to expect them to respect the value of life once they become suicidal and so keen on killing others. The Kerry-Lugar Bill is another operation that has exposed the lack of respect journalists have for others as well. From fake stories, to conspiracies and downright lies, Pakistan’s media has seen and done it all. The legal battle ensuing from the lies has only proved the malice and bad intentions with which journalists like Ahmed Quraishi pen their writings

  4. Everythng is clean n clear now. HAqqani the traitor is exposed now.

    I really appreciate ur efforts Ahmed. Keep fighting for truth. This is the true JIHAD.

  5. ahmad quraishi and shirin mazari, have absolutely no fear from the traitors like haqqani. you are serving the motherland, Eternal Pakistan, in a befitting manner. cheapshots like haqqani will end up as losers like all other traitors to the nation.

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