One Bullet That Saved 39 Lives

October 17, 2009

PESHAWAR: Muhammad Aqeel, alias Dr Usman, took dozens of army personnel hostage during an attack on the General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi last week because he believed this would force the government to free over a 100 detained militants, interrogation has revealed.

Sources quoting investigators said on Friday that Aqeel was sure the government would release most, if not all, of his comrades after he took almost 40 army personnel hostage. “Once I was successful in taking several personnel hostage, I believed the army would not fight back and the release of my comrades would only be a matter of time. I was also sure that I would receive safe passage to end the hostage situation,” the sole surviving member of the terrorist team who attacked the GHQ has been quoted as informing military investigators. Senior military officials said the real turning point in the attack was when a military sniper killed a militant who was wearing an explosives-laden suicide jacket while sitting amongst all the hostages. “That single gunshot changed the entire scenario,” they said. “The terrorist was taken out with a bullet to the neck, giving him no time to act,” they added. Investigators are still probing the entry points used by the attackers to move closer to the GHQ targets and have started investigating whether the terrorists could have received any “support from inside the GHQ”.




  2. That is why so many countries are envious, of the professionalism shown by our armed forces. Attack of GHQ as it is said was not a cake walk, indicating involvement of the foreign hand(s).

    We as patriots of Pakistan should demoralize the opposing Propaganda against our armed forces on every forum.

    Pakistan Zindabad

    • very nice said
      Pakistan Zindabad

      • Alaa…!

      • Pakistan Zindabad
        Pak Army Paindabad

  3. its so strange so many policemaen adn civilians heroees died and yet none of you assholes had the guts to say good thing about them ..how they sacrificied for their country.do you even know their names.the army lost 2 or 3 soldiers and the whole media including you is ga ga over them.shame on you civilians are as importnat as the army.

    • Ecuse me James but u dont have to call othe people assholes just because you are ignorant of what we stand for here. We value every single man and woman , civilian or military, who has given his/her blood to this country. THIS article however is about the very brave and courageous commandos of Pakistan Army and dat is why all the praise that you find here is directed towards them. Get a brain, we cannot keep doing the thinking for you here.

  4. @summaya

    are you are naeive.Those commandoes did their job as they were supposed to just like the civilian police officers who laid down their lives in service of their country.Are you suggesting teh value of military commandoes is more than the civilian police officers.shame on you and shame on all those who think like this

    • @James.

      Are you perhaps mentally challenged or just plain stupid??? What did I say? I said “We value every single man and woman , civilian or military, who has given his/her blood to this country.” Did I suggest that the value of military commandos is more than civilians? NO. So I don’t need to be ashamed for your lack of a brain.

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