United States of Terror

October 16, 2009

PKKH Editorial Team | EXCLUSIVE

Ask the average American about the role of United States in the world and they will probably repeat the usual buzzwords of ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’, ‘peace’ and other such clichés. Ask almost anyone else, and they will frown and spit venom. For good reasons.

Most Americans may be oblivious to their cruel and unusual kingship of the globe but the rest of the world is only too familiar with the reign of terror that constitutes US foreign policy. For far too long, the US has wreaked havoc in places it has no business or concern; propping up puppets, destabilizing nations and all the while ruthlessly checking all opposition to its hegemony.

All this chicanery is aided and abetted by the highly influential US-controlled global media. Here, US interests are couched as universal – interests that all nations must accept as their own, regardless if they coincide or not. It is this same media that constantly propagandizes, spreading misinformation and blatant lies to further US objectives. Dig further and the perpetrators of this shameful dupery gather to form a small nexus of media firms that come with separate names yet identical aims.

Thus we witness colossal travesties like the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the terrorizing of defenseless Palestinians by Israeli forces glossed over and seen as ‘necessary,’ while the laughable phantom menace of a bearded man in a cave is projected as ‘an existential threat to Western civilization’.

Most will not have a problem with a nation legitimately pursuing its own interests; after all, all nations must do this. This problem arises when it is done with a dose of hypocrisy that is indigestible to the casual observer. While cooing about peace, they wage wars of choice, killing millions. While crowing about democracy, they scheme against the democratically elected government of Gaza, inciting rebellions. While advocating freedom, they implement legislation like the PATRIOT Act, destroying civil liberties.

If we are to judge by deeds and not by words, then US and its pet allies (Israel, India, UK) are terrorist states that spread mayhem and chaos around the world. Tools of the New World Order, these countries ruthlessly pursue the cause of darkness, depravity and deviance, all the while couching themselves as ‘liberators’ and ‘peacemakers’. US may call itself the ‘policeman of the world’, but real police enforce justice and law – US only bribes, extorts and aggresses; ‘gangster of the world’ is hence more accurate.

A criminal history:

  • United States of America is the only nation in the world to ever drop atomic bombs and commit nuclear holocaust, murdering and maiming millions of innocent Japanese civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.
  • America offers ‘unconditional’ support for the terrorist bandit State of Israel which is aggressively expanding its borders at the expense of the Palestinian people. The US always turns a blind eye to Israel’s massive nuclear arsenal and War Crimes, while railing against Iran which is only attempting to gain nuclear technology for peaceful purposes and has never committed an act of aggression for hundreds of years.
  • The wanton bestiality and criminality of US occupation forces is evident wherever they are in the world. Prostitution, rape, theft and war crime allegations follow the terrorist US Marine Corps and CIA like a dark cloud.
  • Selective outrage. When Muslims are ‘suspected’ the American propaganda machine goes into full gear whereas if Israel and India conduct Crimes against Humanity like Gujrat, Samjhota Express and the Lebanon and Gaza Wars, America couldn’t care less.
  • Failure to support American foreign policy can result in serious repercussions. After 9/11, the American thug Richard Armitage had the gall to threaten to send Pakistan to the Stone Age if it didn’t support America’s fake War on Terror.
  • America has a long and distinguished history of agitating against, invading and occupying weaker nations based on spurious and nonsensical claims. The staged farce of WMDs in Iraq, the Gulf of Tomkin incident, Pearl Harbour and 9/11 are only a few of many, many examples.
  • In North-West Pakistan, US drones have inflicted 60 separate attacks, killing more than 550 innocent people including women and children, since August 2008. This is a blatant violation of the sovereignty and dignity of an independent nation.
  • America’s pharmaceutical mafia treated innocent Africans as guinea pigs for their untested drugs. It has been proven that they were responsible for spreading the artificial AIDS virus in Africa, and then profiting from the vaccines. Millions have died around the world since. Now it is the turn of Swine Flu.
  • America tops the international list of domestic crime rates and rates of mental illness, depression, obesity and suicide. More people are incarcerated in America than China and India combined. Not the mark of a contented nation.· During the past 60 years, America has exceeded even its own expectations of mass murder. Conservative estimates reach a staggering 5 million killings in fake, illegal conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan etc. The figures still omit the clandestine operations assassinations conducted to gratify loathsome purposes.
  • Gangsters only follow the money. Being the ‘gangster of the world’, the US was a silent spectator as barbarous acts of genocide were committed against the Kosovans, Bosnians, and Yugoslavians at the hands of the Serbs. Crying crocodile tears over the welfare of the Iraqi’s under Saddam Hussein, US invaded and seized Iraq’s resources. Yet only a few years earlier it turned a blind eye to the million man genocide in Rwanda and the massacres in the Congo.
  • It has fanned intense hatred between Somalians and Ethopians leaving thousands dead. Vengeful payback in retaliation for its humiliation in Mogadishu.
  • Hundreds of thousands of civilians during the US assault on Vietnam on apocryphal claims.
  • Hundreds of thousands of innocent Kashmiris have been martyred due to forced, brutal occupation by one of America’s primary partners in crime and terror – India. According to one conservative estimate approximately 60,000 orphans and 30,000 widows are a product of this heinous conflict.
  • India has deployed more than half a million criminally inclined troops in the Occupied Territory of Kashmir, making a living hell of the unarmed civilian’s lives. Rapes, murder, abduction are among their favored leisure activities.
  • America’s explicitly closest ally, the bandit state of Israel has spread a dark shadow of terror in Palestine and neighboring countries . Palestinians paid the main price of the European holocaust when their nation was wiped from the face of the earth by Zionist usurpers and terrorists. Thousands were murdered and millions were terrorized by the oppressors.

Analyzing the history of past half century, three countries have been the primary orchestrators of terror and strife. Together, they have inflicted inconceivable casualties on mankind. This Terror Nexus can more appropriately be named as the ‘United States of Terror (UST) comprising of the USA, Israel and India. The US alone is responsible for much of the world’s woes and has held the world hostage for decades now. The most hazardous reality being, that all of these states are nuclear-armed, posing a catastrophic threat to the entire existence of mankind. They should give up their masks of peace and their fraudulent claims of being serenity-lovers.

But their reign of terror will soon be over, starting with the US. America’s chickens are coming home to roost, and what the Buddhists call ‘bad karma’ is rearing its ugly head. As America flounders in the Hindu Kush and its debt-ridden consumer economy implodes into oblivion, ordinary Americans are already paying the price for failed foreign policy of their Government. Still the US citizens can play an effective role to force their government into changing its tyrannic foreign policy of global hegemony. While it may be a bit late, it is always better late then never.



  1. US of TERROR !!! I AGREE !!

  2. Well said, their hypocricy is only too obvious. Let me tell you that North Americans are finally coming out of their shell and realising that everything they were ever told about the world by their government was a lie, a fraud, a sham. Pakistan is going to change, the world will also change for the better inshaAllah. For according to general Zia, the higher you go, the harder you fall.

  3. According to one conservative estimate approximately 60,000 orphans and 30,000 widows are a product of this heinous conflict.

    In Kashmir? now thats lying too much dont u think?

    “•India has deployed more than half a million criminally inclined troops in the Occupied Territory of Kashmir, making a living hell of the unarmed civilian’s lives. Rapes, murder, abduction are among their favored leisure activities.”

    –lies again

    • Do you think the figures are even more than that! ofcourse they would be, the writer clearly wrote that these are all conservtive estimates

  4. Well said about the hypocritical behaviour of america with the rest of the world. But the american has unprecedent hypocracy with paksitan and has always back stabbed us when it came to any issues with india. Be it 1965 war, 1971 or current situation in Afghanistan the Yanks have always back stabbed us. Remind them the role pakistan played for them to bring them close to china, saving their chicken army in Somalia (the blackhawk down), the soviet afghan war and now once again they want pakistan to fight their war against its own people when they are again hypocrates supplying weapons and funds to these terrorists and allowing india the terrorist state to spread terror in balauchistan, nwfp and now all over pakistan. We have always been friends of americans saving them from somalians and russians and they keep on back stabbing letting india to have their terror camps in afghanistan and now bringing XE, Dyncorp to pakistan, expanding their embassy for fishy activities and saying bad things about the very army who saved them somalia and fought for them twice in afghanistan and now their war with their own people. COME ON PEOPLE OF AMERICA DON’T LET YOUR GOVERNMENT BACK STAB YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!

  5. Sal,You people are “Main na manoo”.
    What you say about millions of baby girls are being aborted in the fetus.Has Amnesyty,Human Right org. protested.Have america and Israel protested.The result is male society indulging in Gay activities.

  6. Articles like these really hurt me coz it shows how immature Pakistanis are. It will take a million more years for Pakistanis to grow up. Or maybe, there won’t be any Pakistan are a million year coz Pakistan instead of progressing, is regressing.

    • Correction: “after a million year”.

      • after a trillion year

      • well you are one of the casualties then…
        good luck with the pessimism, Pakistan doesnt need you! so mind leaving it for good?

  7. as much as i agree with the views, this article is factually incorrect. its totally one-sided and written from emotion rather than logic.

  8. Great Article, I don’t know what above readers were looking for from this doze of reality and why thay are calling it incrrect, emotional writitng and whtnot. This is straight forward, brutal and nothing but the truth and I like this new terminology, UST.

    Come on people, face the realty and stop looking for fiction in it.

    • My dear Haris Mumtaz,
      A man who doesnt have balls to stand for the girl he claimed he DESERVED and he WILL COME BACK for…has balls to speak for the world? World was going to end in 2012 and now your engaged to a kid? is that sane? May Allah never never never forgives you Haris!
      I kept waiting and look what you did…I pray you pay for all the tears i cry…

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