RAW Rogues

October 16, 2009

India’s infamous RAW has been involved in series of secret wars to subvert and destabilize South Asia . Pakistan , Sri Lanka , Nepal , Bangladesh , Maldives , Sikkim , Bhutan , Tibet and Myanmar are its victims. With the help of cultivated criminal and anti-state elements it foments subversion, terrorism and sabotage there. RAW continues with its covert operations in Pakistan by injecting dissension among political parties, religious sects and armed forces. It instigated Chakmas in Chittagong Hills, trained and equipped rebels and supported their insurgency. It created and trained Shanti Bahini to carryout subversive activities. It had a hand in assassination of Gen Ziaur Rehman in 1981. Sikkim , Nepal and Bhutan being landlocked were coerced and made totally dependent on India.

It was instrumental in creating LTTE in Sri Lanka . India had not forgiven Colombo for allowing Pakistani aircraft and ships to use its ports for transporting war needs to the beleaguered Pakistani troops in East Pakistan . LTTE was a lifelong cancer given by India to Sri Lanka to keep the government compliant. Huge amounts were pumped in for stoking Tamil insurgency which simmered for almost three decades.

In 1998, RAW orchestrated an attack on Maldives and then dispatched an expeditionary force to help the beleaguered President Gayoom. Idea was to project India as the policeman of the region. RAW has been abetting armed insurrections in Nepal to create internal strife and conflicts and compel Nepalese government to buy Indian weaponry to control trouble. Maoists were instigated to rebel so as to give India an excuse to intervene militarily under the garb of controlling insurrection. Nepal economy is wholly in the hands of Indian moneylenders and business magnates. India has gone to war with Pakistan three times since Pakistan is its chief adversary and a stumbling block in the way of its expansionist designs.

For the fulfilment of its evil plan of cutting Pakistan to size, RAW was created in 1968 and mandated to subvert the eastern province and to create conditions favourable for launching military instrument. It played a key role in poisoning the minds of Bengalis and in straining east-west relations and making East Pakistan chaotic. After cutting Pakistan into two, RAW continued with its subversive activities in other parts of Pakistan and has struck its foundations repeatedly.

In league with KGB and KHAD, it lent support to Baloch insurgents in Balochistan in 1970s. Failing to achieve any success, RAW shifted its attention towards Sindh and by end of 1980s succeeded in creating deep-seated antagonism between rural and urban Sindhis and making the whole province volatile. It succeeded in enrolling an extensive network of agents and in inculcating ideas of separatism. Throughout Afghan war, RAW in conjunction with KGB, KHAD and Al-Zulfiqar, indulged in sabotage and subversion to destabilize Pakistan . Victory of Mujahideen in Afghanistan and demise of Soviet Union caused a major setback to Indian plans. Military operation in Sindh in 1992 followed by police action in Karachi in 1995-1996 checkmated ulterior Indian designs. To add to their woes, acquisition of nuclear capability by Pakistan minimized option of open war.

9/11 paved the way for RAW to conduct covert operations against Pakistan in league with CIA, MI-6, RAAM and Mossad. It is using Afghan soil for carrying out massive terrorist activities against Balochistan, FATA and Swat. Zahidan too is being used for destabilisation of Balochistan. From India , only Shahgarh-Kishangarh route is under use to supply arms to dissidents in rural Balochistan. Short but focused operation in Balochistan took the heat out of Baloch insurgency. Full-fledged military operation in Bajaur and in Swat in July-August 2008 and again in Malakand Division in April 2009 defeated RAW sponsored militants posing as Taliban. Operation Rah-e-Rast has taken the wind out of sails of Indian plans and it is still licking its wounds.

After collecting concrete evidence of RAW’s involvement in all restive areas of Pakistan , PM Gilani handed over the dozier to Manmohan Singh at Sharm el Sheikh. Latter rather than feeling ashamed had the audacity to stick to Indian standpoint of bringing culprits of Mumbai attacks to book and dismantling terrorist network in Pakistan. It is over 10 months and Indians are still shedding copious tears over the incidence in which lone witness Kasab captured under dubious circumstances authenticates Indian woven story. As against the dozier provided by Pakistan , information fed by India is full of loopholes. It has nastily made resumption of composite dialogue conditional to acceptance of its illegal demands.

RAW is also responsible for indulging in disinformation campaign and launching bogus websites. It is also confusing ground situation in Kashmir so as to keep world’s attention away from gross human rights violations in Indian-occupied Kashmir . RAW is unable to digest that 20 years junior ISI has overtaken it in terms of efficiency and output. Feeling outclassed and outwitted, ISI has become prime target of RAW’s intrigues. The ISI is considered to be an impediment in RAW’s operations and has been made a target of intense villification campaign. The tirade against ISI continues unabated since it thwarts RAW’s thrusts. Purpose is to keep ISI on the defensive by alleging that it has had a hand in supporting Kashmiri mujahideen, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Taliban. RAW’s fixation on ISI has taken the shape of ISI-phobia, as in India everyone traces the origin of all happenings and shortcomings to the ISI. Whenever and wherever there is a kidnapping, a bank robbery, a financial scandal, a bomb blast, or what have you, the ISI is deemed to have had a hand in it. While hypocritically accusing Pakistan of terrorism, RAW has been indulging in terrorism in Pakistan since 1968 at a massive scale. Dozens of RAW agents killed and arrested in Swat, FATA and Punjab in recent months and seizure of Indian origin explosives, ammunition and Indian currency testify foolproof involvement of India in covert operations. Even USA has now hesitatingly advised India to trim Indian consulates in Jalalabad, Mazar-e-Sharif and Kandahar notorious for RAW’s clandestine activities against Pakistan .

Taking into account rules framed for terrorism, RAW stands qualified to be declared a rogue and a terrorist outfit playing havoc in entire South Asia against all its neighbours. It is a treacherous organisation which excels in falsehood and in art of manufacturing concocted dramas to blackmail neighbours, prepare excuses to wage a war or to apply economic sanctions against landlocked countries. Its hands are soaked in blood of thousands of innocent victims. It is solely responsible for keeping South Asia backward which in turn has given rise to extremism in the region. Aggrieved South Asian states should collectively take up a case with UN and asked to deliver justice. If it can pass resolutions against Islamic fundamentalist groups, it should do so in case of non-Muslim rogue outfit as well without discrimination. RAW must be fully exposed as a rogue and terrorist outfit.

courtesy: Pakistan observer



  1. yeh tu sare kuttey k bachey hain…………….

  2. RAW is also playing a vital role in bomb Blast held in PAKISTAN.
    I think GHQ attack was indeed supported by RAW but Aqeel case used as tissues.
    But how to solve this issue and stop these actions against PAKISTAN??
    Why we are not united to put them down in ground by holding their breathe

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