Political workers get Sex kickbacks in India

October 16, 2009


As much as the voter, every candidate standing for any election in India knows, his fate can be decided by the political worker. A political leader can have anywhere between 20 and 500 exclusive political workers working for him and it is just their involvement during the campaign trail that decides the leader’s success.   For a month now, these political workers have been swamped by sexual favours. Sources told The Daily Mail that during every election, and this one is no different, political workers are given incentives to keep them happy by servicing them with prostitutes.

These political workers hold the key to a candidate’s success during the campaign trail, which begins approximately a month before poll day. Said Tejaswi Sevekari, who runs Saheli HIV AIDS Karyakarta Sangha, an NGO for sex workers, “A month before the elections, the demand for sex workers is huge.  A representative of the political workers scouts the red light areas and books women at least a month before the polls.”Sources added that the rendezvous is generally fixed at resorts, bungalows and farmhouses in the outskirts of Pune and that Mumbai is generally not part of the scheme of things.  The women normally spend two days with the client and they normally attend in groups of at least six, if not more. In Pune, most of the sex workers are sourced from the Budhwar Peth area, which has at least 5,000 sex workers.

“Around 1,000 sex workers have been booked by political parties,” said another source. Sevekari added that the sex workers are also paid huge tips. “Only after they return, are we told that they were servicing political parties. All their expenses travel to the resort, and all incidentals are taken care of,” added Sevekari.

When contacted by The Daily Mail, Mary D’Souza, president of the same NGO, said, “Most girls are Nepalis or Bengalis. The girls are also expected to dance. our investigations reveal that a sex worker, who earns between Rs 600 and Rs 2,000 per night at other times, earns more than Rs 4,000 at such parties.” When the candidate wins, the parties are organised once more.
Sangli has the highest number of AIDS cases after Mumbai in the state and is also a hotbed for prostitution. “Most of the deals are now done on the phone. Local political workers source sex workers from here, but the rendezvous is at a far away place.
The demand is as much as festival time,” said Kamalbai Pane, from the NGO, VAMP, which works for sex workers in Sangli. Added Shashikant Mane, from the NGO, “There may be a local demand for sex workers, but they do not travel for parties.
In New Delhi, Raman Verma from Delhi Escorts, while talking to The Daily Mail said, “After the announcement of the Haryana elections, once the names of the candidates were finalised, the demand for call girls increased.
As Haryana politicians have a good network in Delhi, most of their demands are placed in the capital. No less than 30 to 35 call girls were sent to different parts of Haryana every day. Otherwise just 10 girls are sent.” “As the date of the poll drew close, the demand fell. Initially, I could not relate to this sudden change, but later, we realised most of the clients were associated with some political parties and the demand upped because of the elections,” said Anshuman from Escorts4You, another agency.
Political workers are particularly important to politicians as they canvass for them, do the ground work (from door-to-door campaigns, distributing pamphlets, handing over voter slips to citizens, taking part in road shows, getting numbers to attend rallies) making it impossible to participate in an election without their help. Most workers remain nameless, but the power they wield is considerable. In fact, they also coax the voter to go to the booth. It’s very irresponsible and derogatory to make such statements. And even if the workers indulge after campaigning, why are parties held responsible. It’s an insult to say political parties indulge in such things.
Madhav Bhandari, BJP spokesperson, upon contacting over the issue said. Similarly when MNS spokesperson Nitin Sardesai was contacted by The Daily Mail, said “I am not aware about such parties, neither do I nor the MNS ever attend such parties”.
The Daily Mail’s investigations into this filthy yet popular practice of Indian politics, reveal that there are different rates vary from city to city and state to state for one night stand to appease the politicians and their special workers.

Courtesy: Daily Times


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