Kerry’s ‘Explanatory Statement’ Does Not Solve Our Problem: Marvi Memon

October 16, 2009

Ahmed Quraishi

Pakistan— One of the brightest stars of the next generation of Pakistani leaders, Pakistan Muslim League politician Marvi Memon, a member of Parliament, has rejected the manner in which Washington has embedded humiliating conditions in a bill that US officials and politicians claim is a ‘true reflection’ of American friendship to Pakistan.

“The explanatory statement has no legal validity before the bill which will become law,” Ms. Memon said in press release last night, amid reports that President Obama has signed the bill despite serious Pakistani reservations that have not been addressed. “And even if it did have a legal validity, it does not reduce the impact of the lethal aspects of the bill,” she added.

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  1. @ Marvi Memon,

    You are just right.. ! The US is not here to do “charity” in Pakistan, nor is “free lunch” available to Pakistan for ever. Now is the time to make a departure from the past and deliver.

    Pakistan Govt. has used every opportunity to accuse the US and the CIA for what ever wrong happened in the past, in order to justify continued collboration of Pak Army and the ISI with all kinds of terrorist organizations.

    Well, that is not going to cut much ice any more, as far as what is happening today !

    It is time , politicians like yourself in Pakistan be accountable for all the wrongs of the past, and work towards a change in policies and mindset in Pakistan, instead of expecting the world to change for Pakistan.

    Pakistan’s living in denial and sticking to the policies of the past has to be confronted, and the Kerri-Lugar bill is only a small step in that direction. When conditional aid won’t work, the big stick will eventually take over in the years ahead.

  2. I think Marvi Memon is a reasonable politician. This bill should have been rejected by all parties BUT they all have their agendas linked with America.

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