Terrorists Strike Lahore

October 15, 2009

Armed terrorists have struck in Lahore this morning in a series of co-ordinated attacks at police training centres and the office of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Police said two of the attacks were over but one, at the Elite Police Training School, was continuing, with reports of explosions and intermittent gunfire. Helicopters hovered overhead as authorities deployed paramilitary forces across Punjab province.

According to reports, the attackers included women, which is a new tactic employed by the terrorists in Pakistan.

Terrorist attacks have escalated in Pakistan since last week, targetting security officials after the Armed Forces raised concerns over the ‘Kerry-Luger’ aid bill.

According to Pakistan’s former ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) chief Gen. Retd. Hamid Gul, when asked about where the TTP is getting funded and armed from, replied without hesitation:

“Of course they are getting it from across the Durand line, from Afghanistan. And the Mossad is sitting there, RAW is sitting there — the Indian intelligence agency — they have the umbrella of the U.S. And now they have created another organization which is called RAMA. It may be news to you that very soon this intelligence agency — of course, they have decided to keep it covert — but it is Research and Analysis Milli Afghanistan. That’s the name. The Indians have helped create this organization, and its job is mainly to destabilize Pakistan.”

Watch this space for more updates.



  1. what you sow is what you reap!!!!!

    • lol.. atleast get the saying right. And remember it, when something happens to you. That time you start crying like a baby!

      • yes Sri, you will very soon be reaping what u guys are sowing!

  2. sri, remember my words, now what you are sowing, you will not be able to even reap…

    • Love that comment mate!

      • U indian hindu, we in india know u and ur tactics.You r aligned with ur bosses in israel and usa,and want to create chaos so that u can disintegrate pakistan and ur lord in israel fetch those islamic atomic bomb.But listen ur satanic masters plan and ALLAH also plan,My brothers in afghanistan and pakistan r suffering but will kick ur asses and remember my words we muslims in india will kick u even hard.Mark my words muslims in india r shoulder to shoulder with our taliban brothers in afghanistan and muslims in pakistan.Pakistan Zindabad hindustan,israel,nato countries and usa murdabad murdabad.

      • you indian pathan .get offfffff india.the holy land

  3. indian pigs leash has to be tightened … but they are not such a big problem. they created =>RAMA = Research and Analysis Milli Afghanistan<= but one must ponder, how can the brainless think??

    the more worrisome aspect of all this is MOSSAD. recently israels ambassador to india said that india had lost Karghil if not for the israeli help. we all know that indian are no match for PAKISTANIS. but with MOSSAD on their back it is the same story as that of KHAIBER before the CONQUEST OF MECCA

    indian are not the brains of all the terrorist activities going on, they are just the cheap muscle, doing the dirty work. all the brains is MOSSAD.

    Today three women terrorists are reported to have attacked. THIS IS SIGNATURE MOSSAD MOVE. MOSSAD is famous for using women for their work/spying. these women are much more successful then men at their work. PAKISTAN SHOULD BE CAREFUL

    • with good response, we Muslims should not forget to do Duaa, its our main Hathyaar.

    • Wish the Pakistanis would at least once think strategically and not tactically.Pls learn the history of your nation.Learn how your military and ISI has led you down the drain.How foolish tactical plans, starting from the days of operation Grand slam and Gibraltar in 1965 down to kargil in the 90s.At least when you fight pls 1) see what your resources are 2)why the assumption that the other side will simply keep quiet.
      Pakistan is a nation face with a dwindling economy, foreign reserves and dependent on aid from china, USA and oil credit/aid of saudi arabia.
      And yet the pakistani army/isi meddles in afghanistan and Kashmir (from pilferred US aid).Will there not be retaliation.Does pakistan think its war’s through?India went and occupies Siachen in 1984.Despite what pakistan has done, India has not moved an inch from there.
      Pakistan could not even hold kargil for a few months!!!Despite what pak has been trying it has not shaken India an inch on kashmir.
      And now see what has happened.Pakistan itself is being torn apart.

      Live at peace with yurself and pakistan, all will be well.Meddle around, then pls do not assume that India cannot be nasty,cunning and ruthless.The fight as always will be taken to the enemy many fold.

      • Dear please don’t lecture us about our affairs. Pakistan’s biggest mistake was when they stopped the Jihadiz in Kashmir, very soon it’ll start again and then your Indian Army will be preoccupied. And that is the solution to all of Pakistan’s devastation. Pakistan should allow these elements to go across border and carry out their acts there! I see it coming soon…

      • Keep your illusions to yourself’
        Pakistan is unable to even keep the Hurriyat united, what to talk about fomenting jihad.


        The moderate faction even favours talks with India.Are the kashmiris mad to want to join Pakistan which is chaos and ruin.At least they have a good economy from tourism.What will aid dependent Pakistan give them apart from hollow words which it does not follow itself.Apne ko to sambhal nahi sakte, chalein kashimir ko azaad karne.Kashmiris are not blind to see what is going on in pakistan.

        You threw(and still try when you can)whatever you could at India from the 90s.How do you expect to win the war of attrition with an enemy who has much more resources and forces than you.And how did you expect that the ‘enemy’ will not make sure that pakistan too gets busy(and remains busy) and diverted from its ‘jehadi’ efforts in Kashmir.Forget your illusions on Kashmir.Only the Sunni muslim valley has some support to militacy.The Hindus of Jammu, Buddhist of leh, ladakh and kargir, the Shias in j&K hate pakistan and there is no militancy in these areas.
        Restart trouble ONLY at your own greater peril.
        Your own so called islamic taliban does not listen to you, why will the jehaids.The taliban sas how one call from Bush made Mushy piss in his pants and give up the taliban after 9/11.Yu think the jehadis have any botheration for a pakistan, leaderless and reeling under its own troubles.The fact is you have been Hoist with your own petard.What trap you sought to lay for others, has sprung on your own.

      • Well dear, they don’t have much of a choice then. I support them aswell with their engagement with the Indian diplomacy. It’s politics at the end of the day. They have to survive and no way wise to move on a path of self destruction. resistence has it’s way when the basic rights and recognition is abused. Atleast that is what happened in the Partition of Ancient India when Congress failed to grant Muslim Autonmy. Pakistan was a result of Diplomacy. riots & unrest was everyday news before. I wish the Kashmiries the best and personally think they would be better off as an Indepoendent state!
        Get out of your Indian shell & open your mind before you rot!

  4. Indian bastards have once again attacked us. We should give them befitting response.

    • such as ? buy more indian onions and clothes? coz thats what were doing

  5. When we pakistanis will understand.. I don’t think Indian has any role in it.. leave them to their maoist.. Why some elelments in our society are still supporting Taliban? Why we still hesitate to accept that this is because of Taliban ? …we should be united for that our leadership has to be in place.. This Zardari, Gilani & malik are not making any sense ..

  6. for evry action thers is a reaction equal in force, using force againest milltincy only worsen the situation, there should be peacful intervention between the goverment and the milletent, the civil war and milltency in Algiria stoped after such interventions that was supported by muslim scoulars from Saudi arabia and others, in Saudi arabia the goverment intiated a “munasaha” program,were milltents would call directly princes offic and muslim scolors interviened, and that is how saudi was abble to compat terrism in there country, dear sir pleae read this


    if the pakistani goverment treated the milltinncy in pakistan like sudies did terrism would stop, please sir conseder addvcating peacful means in deailing with the milltncy

  7. Not only onions and clothes.Watch Bollywood.No channel news is complete in Pakistan without giving Bollywood news.’Aaj usko ham say juda huwe itnay baras beet gaey’The do not have a calender of great Muslims,Islamic history,Pakistan history.
    One shameless Pakistani was saying in these blogs”We see Indian movies for gaining knowledge”.Thuuuuu

    Anyhow,we condemn these terrorist attacks and to fight it, we must be “Seesa pilayi hoi deewar” in mind and body.

  8. It is interesting to see how the two nations have ended up so differently. Pakistan by many measures had a better starting point. But look at where Pakistan ended up and where India is.

    If only Pakistan could think rationally and give up its anti-India paranoia as well as its focus on hurting India at all cost, it could have done so much better for its citizens. Wake up folks before it is too late!

    • Where is India? I hope u didnt mean Pakistan progressing and India being the slum. Please do let me know. FYI i have been to India a number of times so please do think before you speak. If only India could think rationally and stop the hate monging and anti Pakistan paranoia that is going on through it’s ill media, films & literature. I think it is time You tune in to other channels.
      You are right we can do much better for our citizens just like you can for the 45% of the global Hungry people that India proudly hosts. WAKE UP!

  9. Now seeing this type of hatred in the mind of Pakistanis i would like to say that you borrowed Rs 300 crore from India during your independance

  10. It is a great deception and lie to call brave , honest, beautiful Mujahideens as Indian agent..May Allah destroy those people who blame them wrongly…

  11. Pakistan undoubtedly supports militants despite being a US ally as well. I think it’s found itself in a catch-22 situation now. Thought this video sums it up quite well and talks about US-Pakistan relations too. http://www.newsy.com/videos/pakistan_attacks_what_it_means_for_the_u_s.

    • Derrick
      The US is the biggest terrorism exporter of the world!!

  12. Hehe this indian Pathan is joker..
    From his comment & language it is very much understood that he is Pakistani with the fan of PKKH kind hatread blog…
    If you want Indian muslims view please go to http://www.indianmuslims.in... indian muslims do not hate USA … we do not love or hate any pakistanis … We want kept ourselves away from this Jihad & taliban mentality.
    In overall We indians do not care about pakistan.. we care only for the Justice for people who killed in Mumbai attack.. if Pakistan bring those to justice .. then Indians do not care about pakistan and its affairs.. we should then seal the border and keep tight watch.. and worry about how can our economy will grow over 8% next year

    • Imran
      If you can call “Indian Pathan” a Pakistani than even I can say you are a “Hindu”!!

      You want to keep yourselves away from Jihad and Taliban mentality which ofcourse you are pointing towards Pakistan?? Please explain to me about the “Love Jihad Racket”, Please explain to me about Indian Mujahideen, about an Indian Muslim who sent a letter to the government saying they will create a separate Muslim state!

      You want to bring Mumbai attacks perpetrators to justice go ahead hang all the members of congress coz they were involved!

      If you are not interested in Pakistan, write to your media tell them stop creating hype about Pakistan as you are not interested it!

      We also want the border to have tight security so that $h!t$ from India don’t try to enter Pak!

  13. Imran,whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim,will be decided where you end up,a Samadhi or a graveyard.

    Tell me,who gave you authority to speak on behalf of 200 M odd Muslims.By the way, the real population of Muslims in India is a big mystery.When it comes to election,giving jobs to them,giving them rights,the story is quite different.

    At least fight for the rights of oppressed Muslims in India and raise you voice agaist killing of millions of girls in fetus by Hindu parents.

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