Lahore attacks to further strengthen Nation’s resolve

October 15, 2009

Aquib Moin & MS | PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com

The dust from the GHQ attack had barely settled down and once more we’re faced with not one but three synchronised attacks on security establishmentsin the city of Lahore.

With the recent pattern of targetting security forces, it is evident that the terrorists are working on a specific agenda which is a part of a greater plan. The impact of these attacks will serve to creating an uproar in the International media about Pakistan being vulnerable to a ‘Taliban takeover’ – Nothing could be further from the truth. While these attacks are a setback for the security forces, the tide in Pakistan has swiftly turned against the foreign-backed terrorists in Pakistan over the last few months.

It is a crucial time and the Pakistani nation, patriots and the Armed forces should be vigilant, alert and very cautious. The scenario that is building up points towards the desperate attempts of the enemies of Pakistan to lead it to a battleground wherein they can engage Pakistan to achieve their sinister goals in the region. But before doing so, they need to create “favorable” circumstances in Pakistan by accomplishing certain “sub-tasks” using these recent act of terrorism.

Their sub-objectives with which they intend to lead Pakistan to ultimate chaos are as follows:

a) To prove that Pakistan is extremely vulnerable to terrorist attacks and even the prime security establishments, which are responsible for the security of Pakistani people and assets, are not exempted and are unable to handle the terrorist threat – therefore justifying the presence of foreign security agencies.

b) To justify the enhancement of “security” for the foreign nationals by getting more suspicious personnel under the cover of ‘security’ and equipment into Pakistan, while transforming the embassies into armed fortresses.

c) To justify the extension of the faltering war in Afghanistan into Pakistan by alleging the presence of ‘Taliban / Al Qaeda’ in major Pakistani cities such as Quetta and Peshawar, and calling for air-strikes and action by ground forces in these cities.

d) To claim that Pakistan’s nuclear assets are not safe since the institution primarily responsible for its protection has itself become a tender target for the extremists – building a case for the nuclear sites to be made be accessible to foreign agencies and bring Pakistan’s Nuclear arsenal under the control of US/NATO command centre(s).

e) To destabilize Pakistan from inside, weakening its very foundations, engaging the Armed forces and other security forces within the country and waging a “sudden” attack from both the Eastern and Western borders to balkanize Pakistan and make it subservient to America’s slave-soldier in the region: India. India has been seen mobilizing its military resources on the eastern side of Pakistan’s border. Not so surprisingly, this deployment was done a few days before the GHQ attacks. To any conscious mind the move clearly highlights the role India and its notorious Research and Analysis Wing has played to fully benefit out of the situation that Pakistan faces in wake of these terror strikes and to engage the Pakistan military on various fronts. Indian involvement in cross-border terrorism from Afghanistan into Pakistan stands higher than it has ever been in the past.

f) To hinder Pakistan Army’s offensive against the terrorists in Waziristan, which is another safe haven for anti-Pakistan elements after the successful uprooting of TTP at the hands of Pakistan Army in Swat.

Critical national security decisions must be made and Pakistan’s foreign policy must be revised to protect Pakistan’s interests. The present government should open their eyes and realize the increasing intensity of the matter, otherwise the Armed forces will have to play their role to do the “needful”. These are the kind of circumstances which often decide the future of a nation. Pakistanis must stand together as one, proclaim what is right and reject what is wrong.

Since US President Obama’s ‘Af-Pak’ doctrine defines both countries as a single theatre of operations, perhaps we should take that on board and strike the supply lines of TTP terrorists and hit their foundations which lie on the other side of the Durand Line. The debris of America’s disaster in Afghanistan are falling directly on Pakistan and it is about time we declare our neutrality on Afghanistan, halt our support to the US and NATO forces and at the same time strike deep into Afghanistan on targets that are involved in sheltering, arming and funding terrorism in Pakistan.

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  1. great job PKKH i realy liked ur work i wuld like to suggest that u must generate the young souls campaing in the universities of pakistan to make them aware of all the shit-head activities made by foreginers in order to capture the maind of young souls they are trying to control our minds!!

    plez help this new souls and makethe future thinkers to think good way for pakistan!!


    • As a Nation our defeat is now inevitable. We are doomed to be balkanised. The TTP network is far too strong now, if we go after them we will be left far to vunerable to other forms of violence ie shia-sunni, PPP/PMLN .

      For 60 years all of pakistan rulers apart fro ZA bhutto failed to address the corrupt system of goverment and now we will pay the price

      • Hamza apne naam ki hi laaj rakh lo yeh kia bakwas kar rahe ho – some of the RAW agents come with muslim names on our websites and try to deceive but you can understand from their language, tone and message where they come from and obviously you are one of them – shame on you raw agent

      • hamza(so called),y r u using muslim name and posing as pakistani, u can easily use ur indian or hindu name here, nobody is stopping u, read this article, if u can read urdu(nowadays hindus also getting education in madrassahs,so u must b able to read both urdu & arabic), this article says how a senior hindu fellow killing his junior, for his kaali-maata.


  2. Amazing Article!!! Aquib and Maryam hit the nail on the head!

  3. Add one more point, sack the Evil Trinity of gillani-zardari-Haqqani.

  4. All the ‘sub-objectives’ from a-f are either achieved or will be achieved…


  5. Splendid article, Point (d) is the one that is their foremost objective…

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  7. Lahore-Terror Attacks: RAW’s Guerilla Warfare
    Sajjad Shaukat

    On Thursday morning, at least 16 people including 12 personnel of the security forces have been martyred in foiling three separate terrorist attacks by killing 9 terrorists at FIA Building, Manawan Police Training Centre and Bedian Elite Police Training Centre in Lahore. Meanwhile on the same day, at least ten persons were killed in a car suicide attack in at a police station in Kohat. According to reports, in the Thursday evening, several people were injured in a car bomb blast in Peshawar, causing the three-storey building near the Officers Colony to collapse. Many people are trapped under the debris.

    Four days before, nine militants targeted the General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi where in a successful operation of 18-hour, Pak army and its commandos foiled a major tragedy by rescuing 39 hostages and killing eight terrorists. In the event, 12 soldiers, a Brigadier and a Lt. Colonel had also been martyred, but militants’ ringleader Aqeel alias Dr Osman was captured alive.

    Besides these latest terror-incidents in Rawalpindi and Lahore which involved gun battles between the terrorists and the security forces, previous pattern of subversive acts through suicide attacks have also been intensified in the past few days. In this regard, on October 12, a suicide bomber killed 41 people in a market of Shangla district. On October 9, at least 50 persons were killed when a suicide bomber blew up his vehicle in the Khyber bazaar of Peshawar. Waziristan-based Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility for all these attacks.

    All these terror-attacks indicate that Indian secret agency, RAW has been waging a guerilla warfare in Pakistan through its well-trained insurgents who could conduct attacks in major cities despite Pakistan’s successful military operations against the militants and the death of the renowned militant commanders.

    After sponsoring bomb blasts and suicide attacks in the past, a perennial wave of the same in 2009-particularly in the last 18 months clearly proves that RAW has modified its tactics of subversion in Pakistan. Apart from direct suicide events, now militants, armed with hand grenades, machine guns and other weapons also come to help the explosive-laden vehicles so as to penetrate the security at the target points and to clear the way for the blast. Sometimes, exchange of fire takes place between the saboteurs and the security guards, and sometimes, purpose is to directly kill the security personnel of our country. A number of terror-events in Pakistan endorse that RAW’s agents have been acting upon the guerilla techniques. First of all, unlike the past, in most of the terror-tragedies, huge quantity of explosives has been used. Regarding the October 9 blast of Peshawar, the Police Chief Liaqat Ali Khan pointed out that the attacker was in a car packed with a “huge amount explosives and artillery rounds.”

    Apart from the latest incidents in Lahore, similar tactics of exchange of fire were occurred in connection with many terrorist incidents as the militants reached their directed targets with latest weapons. In this respect, on March 3, 2009, terrorist attack which targeted the bus of Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore had killed 8 persons after a continuous gunfire by the militants. Pakistani officials confirmed that “grenades and rocket launchers had been recovered” which were of foreign origin. Afterwards, official inquiry disclosed that RAW was behind that attack. Besides Thursday’s foiled assault, on March 30, more than 10 terrorists raided the Manawan Police Training Center in Lahore, leaving at least 12 dead. After eight hours gun battle, Pakistan’s security forces regained the control of the police academy, capturing five terrorists alive. On May 27, more than 30 people were killed in Lahore when an explosive-laden Suzuki van exploded near Rescue 15 building of the police which was completely destroyed. It also damaged the building of the Lahore Capital City Police Office (CCPO) and that of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) which was the main target, but could not be hit due to heavy firing by the security guards on the terrorists who came along with the vehicle, firing at the security guards. Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said on the same day that Indian involvement in “suicide attack in Lahore cannot be ruled out.”

    Similar types of terror-tactics were applied by the culprits in relation to the Pearl Continental hotel in Peshawar where more than 20 persons had been killed in the suicide blast. Eyewitnesses had pointed out that the gunmen, sitting in one car first started firing at the security persons and then exploded their first vehicle to give a safe-passage to other truck which was carrying 500 kilograms of explosives.

    Another guerilla technique of the RAW-trained terrorists is that they camouflage themselves by wearing the uniform of Pakistani security forces so as to deceive the security guards and to get inside the targeted point for conducting their assigned task. Two weeks ago, U.N.’s World Food Program in Islamabad was attacked by a suicide bomber who was wearing an official uniform, evaded tight security and killed five people. Again, the militants who attacked the GHQ on October 10 were wearing army uniforms.

    In fact, in the past 10 months, Pakistan’s security forces have broken the backbone of the suicide bombers by arresting most of their commanders and insurgents, while thwarting a number of suicide missions through pre-arrests. But Indian RAW with technological support of Israel and the US has succeeded in training the new culprits who are regularly being sent to Pakistan with a view to destablising our country. Now, this fact is known to everyone that Pakistan is the only nuclear country in the Islamic world. Hence, US, Israel and India are in collusion to weaken it by creating lawlessness for achieving their secret strategic interests.

    It is of particular attention that the militants enter Pakistan from Afghanistan where tentacles of terrorism exist. In this respect, India has set up secret training centres in Afghanistan where its military personnel in collaboration with its secret agency, RAW have been imparting training of guerilla warfare to the youngsters, having connections with South Waziristan where some other such training centres are also working. By setting aside the atrocities of the Taliban insurgents, Indians propagate that Pakistan’s armed forces are killing its own people.

    Notably, Pakistan’s civil and military high officials have openly been revealing that Indian secret agency, RAW, Israeli Mossad and other foreign agencies are involved in supporting insurgency in the Frontier Province and separatism in Balochistan.

    As regards the external elements, on June 28, NWFP Governor Awais Ghani disclosed that some world powers were trying to divide Pakistan, adding that if he were not a governor, he would have exposed them. In this context, on April 23 this year, in the in-camera sitting of the Senate, Rehman Malik displayed documentary evidence of Indian use of Afghanistan to create unrest in Pakistan. The main aim of in-camera session was also to show the engagement of CIA against Pakistan. In fact, America has been playing a double game with our country. Tough conditions of the recent Kerry-Lugar aid bill coupled with the admiration of Pakistan’s successful military operations in Swat, Buner and Dir might be cited as example.

    During the ongoing military operations, some of our high officials repeatedly pointed out that the late Baitullah Mehsud chief of the T.T.P, who was killed in a US drone attack on August 5, had been backed by the foreign powers. He was having a number of secrets regarding foreign intelligence agencies. Nevertheless, like Baitullah, his successor, Hakimullah Mehsud is also collective agent of RAW and CIA. While playing a double game like his paymasters, his real aim is to incite the innocent Pakhtoons in order to further destabilise Pakistan.

    At present, military operation has almost started in South Waziristan, but India with the tactical help of the US has also intensified its strategy to sabotage the same through guerilla tactics applied by its Waziristan-based agents.

    It is mentionable that on October 7, BBC displayed a documentary movie regarding the eighth anniversary of the US-led NATO invasion of Afghanistan. It stated, “Now this war is being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, and “it will soon spread to Pakistan.”

    Regarding Thursday’s simultaneous terror attacks in Lahore and that of Saturday on the GHQ, ISPR Spokesman, Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas, Interior Minister Rehman Malik and other TV commentators have indicated Indian involvement behind the attack, remarking: “Hakimullah Mehsud and other terrorists are “the enemies of the state” and “are mercenaries who receive arms from Afghanistan to destabilize the country.”

    Nonetheless, Indian RAW has launched guerilla warfare inside Pakistan by inciting the militants through various techniques of propaganda, supported by the subversive acts of guerilla warfare.

    Writer and author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

    Email: sajjad_logic@yahoo.com

  8. Well written! Very accurate.

  9. wake up ………….wake up……please enlighten as much people as u can………how dare……our enemy….the yahood and nisara had got the cheeks to attack our military headquarters and the heart of our mother land…….its time to stand united and kick the sons of mir jaffir ……….who are actually selling us……..

  10. very good analysis Indeed
    now em thinking that our current COAS must dissolve the current corrupt government and take all decision by own .. now i m seeing civil war in Pakistan.
    May Al Mighty Allah help us

  11. for evry action thers is a reaction equal in force, using force againest milltincy only worsen the situation, there should be peacful intervention between the goverment and the milletent, the civil war and milltency in Algiria stoped after such interventions that was supported by muslim scoulars from Saudi arabia and others, in Saudi arabia the goverment intiated a “munasaha” program,were milltents would call directly princes offic and muslim scolors interviened, and that is how saudi was abble to compat terrism in there country, dear sir pleae read this


    if the pakistani goverment treated the milltinncy in pakistan like sudies did terrism would stop, please sir conseder addvcating peacful means in deailing with the milltncy

  12. Very good analysis.The disaster is at our doorsteps.

    But army takeover is not the solution.As the change only at the top never worked.Army leadership has to run the country with the help of same police,judiciary,civil
    service,lawyers,politicans,which cannot be in-doctrinated in one day.
    The sincere electronic media should do the job of in-doctrination of the masses and educate them to elect people who are sincere,above biradri,tribal levels.

    Moreover,quota system has spoiled all institutions,including that of secuity agencies.In Sindh,once police jawans were recruited who did not know how to handle a gun.
    I hope our Armed forces are safe from this menace.

    If the princile of”survival of the fittest” is followed,Pakistan can achieve great heights.

  13. Asalaam alikum wr wb;

    Pakistan is not doomed and will never be balkanised ..it is destined to greatness as many spiritual personalities like sufi barkat ali, qudrat ullah shahab, asfaq ahmed, mumtaz mufti and many more. Pakistan is going through a tough phase but will come out of it. All mir jaffar mir sadiqs traitors of this blessed land will be eliminated alongwith all american, indian and israeli assets and agents whow are working day night to launch covert operations.

    All young pakistanis must work together to secure pakistan. We must do the work equivalence of what the young muslim students federation did before partition to achieve pakistan. Once again it’s time to work hard and give sacrifice. As quaid e azam said that ” Our enemies want pakistan to disappear quickly therefore we must continue to give sacrifice”.

  14. The work you guys are doing is extremely awesome ! … i really appreciate the time,effort and hardwork you guys are putting in to spread the message or courage and awareness for the youth.

    I hope Allah (swt) guides us all and then blesses us with the honor to let the lead the Muslim Ummah. Ameen.

  15. hey u all@…why most of r u so hopeless by such attacks..pussies get doomed by stupid attacks..these attacks are part of pshycoligical operation..dont u rem time before swat…there was same attack on manawa police station and other cities to halt operation against foreign funded ttp..everything is under control..yah this incompetent govt has to vanish but army is well mainataining the defense of the borders..some attacks right at the heart of the capital doesnt mean the country is finished..we have to hold ourselves tight…this is the time of showdown boys..cowards run away from battlefield..patriots are not scared of these attacks..all those people who r speaking pakistan is doomed will be speaking in favour of pakistan after some days..dont listen to them…dont u all get the big picture..army opposed kerry lugar bill..ghq got attacked by ttp terrorist who were raw funded..no doubt cia and mossad assisted them..ask ur self why would raw,cia and mossad help these proxies to weaken state machinery..becoz everyone has his own goals..indians want to fight pakistanis till the last americans..americans are short of options with an angry pak army standing right to the next borders..and mossad wants to weaken pakistan so in case of a war with iran..pakistan is unable to help or remain neutral with iran..and they will do 100 more attacks to accomplish that…but insha allah thats not gonna happen..the whole ttp si shattered…they have only sleeper cells left..and they want to cause as much chaos in pakistan before they are cleaned out..since kayani calls south waziristan as intelligence black hole…military establishment might be forced to use preemptive strikes or some other means to cut terrorist supply routes from indian consulates..so this is a big game..so dont fall into the trap..we are destined to rule over india by mubarak words of holy prophet(s.a.w)..dont worry..these indian proxies are soon will be thrown to hell along with thier sponsors

  16. Its about time Mr. Kayani take over the country, or we can kiss goodbye Pakistan.

  17. @ the author,
    You Paki fu**ers have sucked America’s balls for over three decades, and now call India ” America’s slave-soldier”….. you shameless bas***ds….

    For over two decades Pak Army and the ISI has sponsored terrorism in India, and now you fu**ers have problems with RAW….. ?

    “Critical national security decisions must be made and Pakistan’s foreign policy must be revised” … ….a loser’s big talk, with a begging bowl in hand…..!

    • If so you indian dog in fact your country has been sucking the yanks balls not us. In fact we have always come to rescue the yanks be it in somalia – (blackhawk down) or in Afghanistan earlier and now. We have always helped the yanks but they have always deceived us. You banyas have a history of sucking the balls of every invader in india for centuries. Have you forgotten who welcomed the invaders – you banyas of course!!!! on the other hand who fought against them – TIPU SULTAN & HAIDER ALI and many more of us. Who sucked the balls of MOUNT BENTON – your GANDHI & NEHRU, Nehru even used his wife to get what he wanted – that’s what you banyas do use women – U even not enough men. That’s your nature of conspiracies no dignity but deceive people come from behind concealing yourself and posing innocent but you are a devil state full of dramas. See for yourself your staged drama of parliament and bombay attack even a blind will know that it was just staged and failed drama of yours of not enough men you are. YOU HAVE ALWAYS SUCKED AMERICAN RUSSIAN BALLS AND WHENEVER YOU COULD NOT FIGHT THE BRAVES OF PAKISTAN YOU BANYAS RAN TO WHITE HOUSE AND SUCKED THE YANKS BALLS TO COME FOR YOU AS YOUR SAVIOUR LET ME REMIND YOU OF KARGIL WHEN YOU WERE LOSING BILL CLINTON CAME FOR YOUR RESCUE WHILE YOU HAD HIS BALLS IN YOUR MOUTH. SO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT YOU INDIAN DOG – KEEP SUCKING AND KEEP BURNING IN HELL

      • And then sucking balls & presenting their women is called the Culture & heritage of India that it clebrates proudly. 😛

        Well said…

    • ur an idiot..my only question is..y are u on this? this is not for indian pigs..

  18. Fatekhan,
    Agian and Agian we pakistani are falling into this Terror trap.. Why don’t you accept that Talian ( whateve Afgan Taliban, TTP etc) are bad .. there is no Good taliban or bad taliban.. or There is difference of defination of terrorist ( Who is terrorist) made by Pakistan and By America. like Our own Mr. Zaid Hamid says .. Afgan taliban is not terrorist but TTP are terrorist.. The one who fights in Kashmir crosing the LOC are not terrorist but one who attacks peshawar are terrorists.. why this difference .. don’t you agree that The one who attacked on Mumbai are terrorist and one who attacked peshawar, lahore are also terrorist.. when this will dawn to us ? are we so stupid ? … because of you kind of people…the other people get mislead and confuesed .. right now its not clear for us .. who is terrorist ? as we are not able to define it .. then how we can our brave forces fight with them..
    All people who attack on state whether Pakistan, India or anywhere in the world are Terrorist and we must erradicate these one from Our “Pak” soil with or without help of America ..

  19. i realy feel that kyani should take over now other wise it would b to late .
    mr 100% is not working for pakistan he got a chance and he is trying to get as much as he can bcuz he knows that he can never even enter islamabad after he gets out of p.house .
    so ppp is on a mission
    lotooo tay phutooooo….. jeyay bhutooo

  20. Neel,
    The Muslim saying of “Baghal mein churee,aur munh pe Ram Ram,is not wrong. You have sent Hindus,training them on Islam,to Afghanistan and made them Imams of mosques there.
    Makkari at its best.

  21. Civilian,
    You are right that RAW agents have sneaked into Muslim blogs.
    PKKH admn.should ensure like Indians do and say,”Your comment will take time to appear.First it will be edited.” before putting the comment on the blog.

  22. There are certain, significant contradictions in the article.

    One one hand you give reasons, a,b,c etc. most of which i agree with.

    And then, you contradict the very reasons initially stated, by mentioning point f.

    Also, you need to objectivley evaluate the term slave soldier.

  23. Nation!What nation?We are a flock of 170M people.

    When Aimal Kansi was handed over to America by Nawaz Sharif,in late 90’s,one American official was quoted as saying,”You Pakistanis can sell your mothers for money”.Quote unquote.

    He was wrong.We sell security agency’s uniforms and boots so that terrorists can use them.

    The demand for hanging AAZ with an Islamabad lamp-post may be right,but who will hang many lakhs of Lahorites and Pindi-ites,who were letting this happen in front of their eyes.Is it not the responsibilty of every citizen to safeguard the country.

    Even people like Hamid Gul did not raise any voice.

    As far as I know,it was Dawnnews which brought up the issue and everybody is now singing in chorus.

    The reason is that a vast majority of people do not know why Pakistan was created and how many people sacrificed thier lives to achieve that goal.

  24. You call indian citizens as RAW.

    This shows how much you are afraid of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Excellent Analysis indeed…!

  26. we dont except from those politician who have foriegn currency accounts on other word their necks are in the hand jewish banker

  27. Fear is in your instincts.
    Only yesterday,your Rahul said ‘why we are afraid of Pakistan,six times smaller in population’.He acknowledges the fear from Pakistan.

    One of our journalist appeared live in NDTV forum and said(and nobody dare say anything)that India may be big,but thumara dil chhota hai.You have dispute with Yangoon over a very small island of about few acres for the last 62 years.


  29. As u think am also ur enimy ‘se only am an indian nd am not a muslim.Dnt knw u hav frnds other than muslims, but i have plenty, ‘se i live in a palce calld kerala, in south india, where my neighbours and frnds are muslims and christians.It is not a wonder dat u r getting very worse things about india, ‘se we also get same vision abt pak also.As a tech savy i used tu read pak online newspapers as dawn, nd understnds wht hapening der.And i dnt ever wish pak to perish, ‘se there r a lot i lov in pak, from Mohammed ali jinnah, imran khan, adnan sami,etc.And i read a lot about swat valley which is one of d beautiful place in south asia.But i could not think as u think i dnt knw why, may b because i learnd to love, life is for peace and we, muslim, hindu, christan all live in love nd respect with each other.Ofcourse there are some major problems against muslims in gujarat, which is in north india, where hindutva terrerisom resides, but only 2 or 3% people are like that.As u said about brahmins ,castism all these things are true but it was before so many years, now brahmins are perished, no powers and most of them are poor.There was a problem of untouchabiliy remains in very few remote areas of 1 or 2 states only.In india, unlike pak, where 26 states more than 30 official languages and dosen of religions, and millions of people resides, some problems will occur, it is common in such vast countries.And bros, there r alot that u dnt know abt what is actual india is.Please b in touch with non-muslim bros, they also r humans, actually nobody born with a religion, if we born to a street somewhere, nobody can say which religion tu which religion we belong tu.So try tu understand others other than us, read a lot, not go for blind belifes these things are what i apply, as so my friends here.if u read somthin abt india, dnt read always anti india, eliminate india like dat….d india u knw is d past, nw it is not like dat.These things are apply only if u r a +ve thinker nd well wisher, but if u hav a blood of enimity which smbdy injected in u, sori frnd u wil also blame me.But no prblm for me ‘se people are unique, thaughts, behaviour, circustances are made up, men like u nd me.
    Aniway bro, wish u a gudluck…there r alot tu write…but no tme g2g…

    • Dear Raj, Your comments are well taken and I wish we find more people like you from India who would share your opinion. Pakistan is a moderate state and believe me people in Pakistan don’t really think anti india as the first thought. But constant -ve messages coming from India through their ill media, films & analysts has simply fueled the hate wave and what is happening is simply a retaliation. You can simply see on this blog how well the Indians are behaving, if you think we are wrong. You don’t need to get all emotional about Pakistan. I too have many friends from India. And no tension as we like each other in person. I really enjoy making typical jokes about Indians and like wise and we get along just fine. Most people in our society (both) lack humor. Please support the Moderates in both societies and reject the extremists & hate mongers. Even Islam doesn’t promote un necessary violence or hate based on religion. Bragging will do no one no good. There is simply too much hate monging on the Indian Media and I think that the masses enjoy it aswell. There is an audience for every kind of material that the media produces. It is no wonder why the Indians are brought up to hate Pakistan. Only engaging with the people in mutual respect & acceptance will create change in opinion. otherwise things will remain as it is and continue to believe what ever is fed by the media..

  30. Raj,
    It seems Gandhi is born again.The problem,raj,is that we are a nation”Once bitten,twice shy”We would have forgotten the sour past,but in the last 62 years,nothing has changed from your side.The case of East Pakistan turning into Bangla Desh,is your Army’s doing.Indira said that “we have thrown the two-nation theory(on which Pakistan was created)into the Indian Ocean.”
    You may be just starting to take interest into politics,that is why you are talking sweet.And again,it is not among person to person,it is between country to country.I also had a very good Keralite friend(named Gopinathan Unni)but it does not mean that I & you will not safeguard our countries interests.Facts remain facts.
    By the way,Kerala has 100% literacy rate.All three religions live in tranquility. It has all resources at its diposal like seaports,airports,and food supplies are in abundance.Then why don’t you separate and form an independent state,getting rid of “Bhooka Nanga India”.

  31. Raj,one more point.

    I do not agree when you say that a newly born child has no religion.

    Prophet Jesus(PBUH)spoke in the craddle,with Allah’s Command.You might know that our faith is not complete unless we believe that He was Allah’ Prophet.

    It will be difficult for you to digest.But if you listen to Dr.Zakir Naik,with the same open hearted ness as you have spoken above,You may know that God has sent messengers in every nation.As we have nothng to the contrary,your god may also be a messenger from Allah.Dr.Naik has proved from Vedas,that he also preached one God,but your Vedas have undergone many changes,resulting in the present status.

    Forgive me for starting this,but you were the first one to do so.

    • dear friends,

      thanks for ur replays catalyst and preacher.Preacher u r right, ‘se i also belive in one god.Actually, according to some ‘hindu preachers'(dey r not for hindutva,’se dey have deep knldge in vedas)to whom i asked some doubts,they also mentioned this thing.Der is one of my frnd mahammed who is a teacher in a madrassa he also told d same.The fact is that, those who have full deep knwldge in holy relgious books, they cnt hate each other in the name of religion.In my place, we together celebrates every religion’s festival, and for EID we used to go to our muslim frnds’ homes and they will share or make some special food for us.So is for christmas.Preacher, am not here for arguments ‘se am nto perfect in anithing and i belive that everybdy has there own rights to belive or disbelive, i just wanna knw abt this wound btn d two nations, ofcourse not btn all d people.but smbdy puposefully does this , nd wht is d benefit for them?, ofcourse some abundant markets and resources.In this blog u can see some ugly comments, from both sides, and defntly der is somebody who is enjoyin this by watchin these fights.Well, whtever ,as a wellwisher, i hope these things r temporary, and pray for a peaceful, strong, united south-asia.
      bye 4 nw.and guys, may i knw ur real name if u dnt mind pls.

  32. dear catalyst,

    i forgot to mention my frnd, all d indian people r not against pakistan pls dnt think like dat.Ofcourse some medias r misleading,and der r plenty medias who dont do so, i think same will b with ur medias also.Most of people r aware dat political reasons r d main problem, nd see, divide nd rule policy is workin well among 2 nations…and d inventors of dat rule r nw a developd nation, ‘se their blood is our resources.dey r livin peacefully nd we r fighting each other!!! These r d facts dat i found as reasons.

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