Two Commandos Sacrificed Their Lives To Rescue Unarmed Hostages

October 12, 2009

Rauf Klasra

ISLAMABAD: The standard operating procedure of not allowing any civilian or uniformed officer working at the GHQ to bear arms on the premises was cleverly exploited by the well-trained terrorists, who did not receive severe immediate resistance after some of them managed to break past the outer ring check post, reached thenearby located intelligence wing building and took hostage a large number of unarmed civil and military officers, reveal official sources.

The sources said that the operation was so well planned that while the terrorists were engaged with the army inside the GHQ, outside a group of their associates was busy calling media people on their cell phones within minutes of the attack. These journalists were informed that Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan men had taken control of the GHQ and had taken in a large number of hostages. The TV journalists in particular were told to air the news with the demand to stop military operation in Waziristan if they were interested in the safety of the hostages.

Reportedly, Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani, who was present at a public ceremony, was given the news about this attack with the information that some military officers had been taken hostage by these terrorists. PM Gilani got this news almost around the same time when the terrorists’ associates were making desperate calls to the electronic media to inform them about their control over the GHQ and demands to stop military operation in Waziristan.The sources said that the hostages were taken within 10 minutes of the operation, but the news was not released to the media.

A source said that there was huge confusion once the attack was launched at the first check post of the GHQ as no one knew who was enemy and who was solider. The sources said the snipers sitting at the top of the building also took some time to recover from this shocking attacks as initially they got confused when after exchange of firing, they saw uniformed soldiers coming towards the GHQ while raising slogans of Allah-o-Akbar. These snipers took them as their own presumably going to protect the officers present inside the building. But, once these terrorists started killing people in front of the offices, the snipers knew better and killed four of them on the spot. But, it was too late as in the meantime, rest of the attackers had managed to penetrate the GHQ building and entered the Military Intelligence office.

They took over 22 military and civilian officers of MI hostage in one room. One suicide bomber was made to sit among those unarmed civilians and uniformed officers. Sources said these hostages were later taken into the basement by gunmen, who apparently had good knowledge of the building layout, and this made the job of rescue forces even more difficult.

The sources said at one stage when it was felt that the commandoes might not be able to capture or kill the terrorists without some losses to human lives, the decision was taken to storm the room where they were being held. But, later another strategy was adopted as two brave commandos volunteered to come forward to face the terrorists to diver their attention, so that others could storm them. This strategy was said to have worked but not before two valiant commandos knowingly embraced martyrdom so that many others could live.



  1. Salute to these brave soldiers.

  2. Salute the Brave souls of Pak Army.
    Long live Pak army
    Long live PAKISTAN

  3. Salute to the Brave souls of Pak Army.
    Long live Pak army
    Long live PAKISTAN

  4. Koi naheen hei dunya mein hamarey MUJAHIDON Kaisa. Pak Fauj Zindaabaad! Pakistan Payendabaad!

  5. I stand up and salute our soldiers. they are ever ready to sacrifise there lifes in order to save us and save our land…..while reading the last few para. tears came to my eyes.. for the two soldiers who took up the responsiblity of deviating the Bas****…..hats off to our soldiers…they are ready 24/7 to protect us…may God give all of them a place in heavens….”Salute Pak. Forces”

  6. PAK fauj Zindabad….

    PAK fauj Paindabad…..

  7. Salute The Brave Souls of Pakistan
    Long Live Pakistan Army
    Long Live Pakistan
    God Bless All of Us ……….

  8. Pak Fauj Zindabad!!!

  9. Pak Army Zindabad !

  10. la illaha illalah muhammad ur rasool allah…insha allah pak army is gonna screw the miltants as well as thier sponsors

  11. Pakistan Army ko Salam.

  12. Salute to pakistan army muhjadeens.ALLAH AKHBAR.all shaheeds of pakistan army in our hearts.pakistan army zindabad pakistan zindabad islam zindabad

  13. ALLAH hamari fauj ko qaim rakhe aur un ki himmat aur azmat ko barhai



    I am crying crying and crying ………

  16. Salute The Brave Souls of Pakistan
    Long Live Pakistan Army
    Long Live Pakistan

    Salute to these brave soldiers.

    God Bless All of Us ……….


  17. We are proud of you My army men…………Keep it up……

  18. Pakistan Zindabad……..
    Brave soldiers of Pakistan Army, PAINDABAD!!!!!
    Salute to the brave soldiers…..
    Lets rise against the america and the anti PAKISTAN activities which government is going to adopt….

  19. Phir teray haseenoon ko zaroorat hai hina ke
    Aur baqi hai abhi rang meray khoon-e-jigar main

  20. Shaheed kabhi martey nahin, Pak Fauj ko laakhon salaam. Our jawans are truly some of the most remarkable people around.

  21. I got goosebumps after reading this!
    May Allah swt accept there Shahadats and give them place in Janat ul Firdous! Ameen!

    • Summa ameen.

  22. All nation is proud of Pak Army….. Salute to brave commandos who sacrifice their lives for others……. Pak Army Zindabad, Long live Pakistan Ameen !

  23. Salute 2 Pak army….
    Pakistan zindadad

  24. We love u …Pak army n commandos

    May Allah always be with you

  25. may Allah rest their soul in peace.

  26. Long Live Pakistan
    May Allah bless Pakistan arm forces

  27. This weekend’s dramatic attack on the army headquarters in Rawalpindi, the military center of Pakistan, underscores the volatility and fragility of politics in the world’s second largest Muslim country. The Taliban attackers demonstrated that despite losing the campaign in the Swat Valley this summer, they retain the capacity for terror in the heart of Pakistan – striking, in effect, into the Pentagon of Pakistan. And the attack, which left 16 dead, will almost certainly revive concerns about the capacity of the Pakistani army to protect its nuclear arsenal. If the Taliban can get into army headquarters, where else might it strike next?


  28. Thats funny. Just because some bastards sneaked into the GHQ in the guise of security personnel, safety of our nuclear assets cannot be questioned. Nobody in this world can get their hands on Pakistani Nukes let alone the Terrorist TTP.

    Pak Army Zindabaad,
    Pakistan Always Paindabad..

  29. May Allah bless there sould…


    • *Souls

  30. Salute to the Brave souls of Pak Army.
    Long live Pak Army
    Long live PAKISTAN

  31. Pakistan Need Unity Faith Discipline


    Pakistan Army Shaheeds Of Operation Janbaz GHQ Rawalpindi



    Nilma Azeem

  32. gir k kai baar medan-e-jang mein, Keu kehta hai mera dil.

    Sirf tu hi hai hakm-e-duniya, phir ho ga shah sewar A muslmaan

  33. Assalamu alaikum! A lesson for global muslims to know how to achieve freedom.BRAVO PAK ARMY.Present situation demands immediate removal of Zardari & incompetent Rehman Malik.They are not able to present Indian Sponsored Talibanism at international level.How India created a storm from Mumbai attack ‘d be an eye opener for the present Govt.It is high time we start a diplomacy war with SLUMDOG INDIANS & DRUG MAFIA AFGHAN RULERS.(IBK,inqlabi54@yahoo.co.in,INDIAN OCCUPIED KASHMIR)

  34. i love my pak army. they r the best. pak army zind abad.

  35. Rang laey ga sheedon ka lahoo

    I salute brave souls of Pak Army
    we r proud of our armed forcess jis k pass aesay bahadur jawan hon us mulk ko kon meeta sakta hay

    Pak Army Zindabad
    Pakistan painda bad

  36. The weekend attack on Pakistan’s iconic symbol of power and institution, the Pak army GHQ, shows impotence and a lackluster attitude on the part of the military. A Taliban onslaught, the likes of which had never been seen, speaks volumes about its’ resurgence and robust condition which fueled such an audacious terrorist operation. It should be obvious to most, that the group of 1o attackers had “inside” help, with uniforms, id, license plates, etc. That of course raises the question as to how deep have the bad guys infiltrated the Pakistani military? It is clear that the Interior Ministry, the intelligence agencies and the Federal Government, in general, were caught with their pants down, this despite the information sharing that took place just a few weeks ago. The Lahore police department shared intelligence that warned the federal government of exactly such an attack! Perhaps the limited success during the Swat military action inflated the collective egos of the Interior Ministry and the Army, duping them to falsely believe that they had “broken the Taliban’s back”. As we now know, that is not true. For Pakistan to survive this and future attacks, it is imperative that the fight be taken to the Taliban heartland and a decisive and fatal blow be struck to finish them off. However, such operations need ideal conditions and most importantly a meeting of the minds between the civilian leadership and the military. Recent opposing views expressed by Zardari and Gen. Kayani on the issue of verbiage in the US aid package of $1.75 billion per year over a 5 year period, amounting to a public spat, demonstrates the dangerous disconnect between the two and therefore, does not provide conducive grounds to mount such an operation. Zardari and Kayani, for now, will have to meet at a common point to overcome their differences and such a common point should realistically be the existential threat faced by Pakistan. One other thing….Rehman Malik, interior Minister frankly has a big mouth…to put it simply and bluntly. Normally military operations of major consequence are not “announced”, much less are they discussed in the media with such flamboyance and in such boastful terms. Such public announcements completely compromise operational effectiveness, not to mention jeopardize the lives of servicemen. Rehman Malik should be removed immediately and replaced by someone much more introspective and responsible with their words. Pointing the finger at India, US, Israel, et al, frankly, is only taking away from the Pakistani establishment from holding itself accountable for the many failures and abject let downs, particularly in the area of national security, because of a lack of governance or sheer ignorance. Such lack of security will most certainly give rise to questions about Pakistan’s resolve to fight this scourge and more seriously it’s’ ability to safeguard its’ nuclear assets! This recent attack clearly was meant to send the Pakistani leadership the message that the Taliban can hit anywhere, anytime and anyway they choose to do so. At best, the Pakistani government and the military are either too late and at worst they just cannot stop the attackers! People in Pakistani cities are being killed; innocent bystanders are being maimed and injured. At the core of this problem lies 60 + years of mismanagement, rampant corruption and feudal land lordship, which together have come home to roost. Over the many years after Jinnah, leadership in Pakistan has always, somehow failed the ideals and purpose of Pakistan! Jinnah’s “democratic and secular Pakistan” is facing a fundamentalist Islamic enemy that seemingly will stop at nothing in order to achieve their goal of an “Islamic Pakistan”!

    • Excuse me Intrepid but you need to take the sunnies off. The myth that Jinnah wanted a ‘secular’ pakistan was just that, a MYTH! Have a look at this and wake up.



      • sorry
        rupeenews.com is a comedy website.

      • Summayac or whatever your names is….what are you a Limey? Cheers?????Where are the hell are you from? Wake up and smell reality! Your perception of things is quite warped!

  37. May Allah s.b.t recieve them in the highest spirits!! mashallah just look at their courage and love of the country… I salute the PAK ARMY and the families of the two camandoes the govt. should honour them with the highest awards!!!

    literally tear came to eyes… its a DAMN BIG thing to give ur lives up specially at a young age and when u know u have a grea career and family with u! not the illetrate bitches talibans who have never seen the real life and brain washed to kill innocents may ALLAH give them hadayat too… ameen!

    pakistan zindabad…

  38. May ALLAH give all Shuhda to the highest level of Paradise.And thanks to GOD to make our commandos as the best special forces in the world.Allah-h-Akbar.
    Pak Fauj Zinda-baad.
    Pakistan Pai-inda baad.

  39. Salam hai in jawano ko
    Allah hosla aur bolundee inkay gher waloon ko


  41. Sab se pehlay tou ALLAH PAK ka karam hai k uss ne aisay jawaan apne fazl-o-karam se iss mulk mein utaray jis per puri Pakistani quam naaz krti hai.Mera SALAAM un shaheedon k naam jinhoon ne apni jaanoon ka nazraana de kr aik baar phir puri UMMAT-E_MUSLIMA aur ISLAM aur Pakistan ka naam saari duniya mein roshaan kr diya aur iss mulk ka tamaam dushmanoon ko ye messege de diya hai k Pakistan k ye beytaay dushmanoon ka un ki qabroon tak peecha krien gay.
    SALAAM ho ISLAM aur PAKISTAN per k jis k aisay jawaan hun. Aisay religion aur mulk ko kaun hai jo shikaast de sakay.Koi nahi…….Himmat hai tou azmaalo .

  42. i luv pakistani army ..
    no one can defeat our army !!!

  43. i love Pakistan army because Pakistan Army is our proud.

  44. Pakistan and Pakistan Army Live Long Inshallah.

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