Goodbye Husain Haqqani?

October 12, 2009

Maleeha Lodhi On Stand-By As Possible Replacement.

Following the recent diplomatic disaster in the shape of the Kerry-Lugar Bill, this will come as pleasant news for Pakistani nationalists who had been campaigning hard for Husain Haqqani’s removal: The American Envoy to Pakistan (also known as ‘Pakistani Ambassador to the U.S.’) Mr. Haqqani may well be replaced shortly on account of serious incompetency and inability to carry out official duties.

Haqqani has been criticized widely for his particular role in the Kerry Lugar Bill and for being a watchdog of American interests in Pakistan rather than Pakistani interests in America. The charges mainly include:

  • The disclosure of an extremely confidential letter which ended up in Delhi and made stories on Indian Media for days
  • The granting of Visas to a number of Americans on “Ambassadorial discretion”, many of whom were identified by the security agencies and deported earlier.
  • The inclusion of clauses in the Kerry Lugar Bill that directly violate the sovereignty of the nation and target the Pakistan Army.
  • The damage to the Pakistani interests abroad.

There have been reports that majority of the elements in the establishment have clearly told the government to get rid of Haqqani as soon as possible. The only visible resistance comes from the president himself who is reluctant to remove this American loyalist from such a critical post. Pakistan is passing through one of the most sensitive periods in its history of 62 years and this crucial position should therefore be handled by a more competent and seasoned diplomat, is what the establishment has resolved.

The decision is said to be announced within 48 hours. It is also being said that Dr. Maliha Lodhi is the likely choice to become the next Ambassador of Pakistan in United States.



  1. I have emailed my CV for the post of Pakistan’s Ambassador to US , if the above mentioned post lies vacant… I will definately make USA change its policy towards our nation.. 😉 …. hahaha..

    • first learn how to spell definately….hehe,,,

  2. His competency is not the question.
    His loyalty to Pakistan is.

  3. Glad this guy is gone!! He should be arrested and hanged on charges of treason! Also who is Maleeha Lodhi and what is her history? Is she going to work in Pakistan’s interest?

  4. Hi,
    Plz stop spreading this propoganda against Hussain Haqani sahib. he is a hard working person, so please stop bothering him

    • Are you kidding yes this sob is hardworking for his own interest, I call him a lota in 70’s he was a member of Jamiat and President of Students union at National College, Karachi than figured our to get more benefits from PPP and joined Banazir and still reaping benefits of relations after showing his loyalty to ex Mr. 10% and now all Mr. percents.
      and also loyal to Americans I think he should be sent to Pakistan as American Ambassador as no one can be more competent than him to save guard American interests in Pakistan.

  5. One thing is sure.He is not a traitor.His style is pro-active and pragmatic.
    India was said to be worried,as he had made inroads into the American administration.But as he was alone and the Pakistani caucus in America was not as active and influential as compared to Indian,he could not achieve more.
    Diplomacy is not something which any Tom,Dick and Harry can understand.Anyway,Maleeha would be a good replacement.

    • Correct! the problem is our Government @ home that is not communicating with the Parliament and not taking the matters of National Interest to debate unless they are pushed to the walls! I don’t know if it is pure ignorance or undermining of the opposition and all other stake holders. Surely all the confusion on the subject could have been avoided but current situation has made it quite controversial. I think the opposition should have been more vocal then having the Army speak for them. Anyways i think, it is a winning point of Democracy in Pakistan. so far or is it ?

  6. roothi hui larki , Hussain Haqqani tumhare abba jaan hain? bakwaas na kar idhar, agar uski side leni hai toh ALLAH kare tu duniya aur aaakhrat main zaleel ho aur tujhe har pakistani ki laanat ka saamna karna pare.. AMEEN !!!

    • now now, we all have our way of protest, please be tolerant to listen to others, and be rational.

    • Rhymes- Your slang language shows your education.. its not the way to show anger, if you’ve gutts so show’em via proper comments not by slang and rubbish comments, atleast do respect ladies as the name shows ROOTHI HUI LARKI… Anyways Have A Life Looser !!

  7. I’m still not able to understand,who is real stackholder in Pakistan…either it is army or our people???pakistani state institutions has no right to dictate Pakistani democratically elected civilan Govt…Hussain Haqqani doing his job with great zeal,devotion and he is also keeping national interest supreme…He contributed too much for present US policy for pakistan,is to engage with the people of pakistan and ensure that money meant for pakistanis is acctually spent on them,and the infrastructure they need.this is a break from previous US Govt’.Who have engaged with the pakistani military and establishment rather than the 180 million people of pakistan….We salute Hussain Haqqani Contribution…

  8. guys calm down as this is not the time to fight with each other. Hussain Haqqani is an american citizen how can he protect our interests and the interests of our country when his own interests are somewhere else not in Pakistan. Please stop supporting this present government as it is selling Pakistan on the cost of our army and intelligence agency which are only two units holding our country together.

  9. Ahmed Quraishi’s article “If fired, Haqqani threatens to unveil ‘reams’ of Pakistan’s secrets” is a prime example of how this journalist is able to twist and manipulate facts in order to provoke hate and anger amongst the Pakistani community. As the title of Quraishi’s article states, it seems that if Ambassador Haqqani were to be removed from his post, he would threaten to disclose Pakistan’s secrets.



    • yaa he is basterd

    • OH my GOD? Look whoz talking !?

    • He is our hope 🙂

  11. right wing extremist are spreading baseless rumour against hussain haqqani. these rightwing extremist are not the contractor of patriotism and they have no right to call other traitors .
    hussain haqqani is such a talented man . his book “between mosque and military ” is worth reading and he knows both American and Pakistan establishment and society very well . i think he knows more about capitol hill more than those who works there.

    i don’t get when somebody question other loyalty to their country . to the hell with right wing extremist media.

    his lectures in Houston on’”Pakistan and american relationship” was total gem. you can watch them on following links :
    part 1

    part 2

    part 3

    part 4

    part 5

  12. Indian spends over 100’s of Million $ annually on lobbying forms get favorable policies in USA. With such huge money and influence of American Indian’s in USA, India greatly influences US policies towards South Asia. Present KL Aid Bill for Pakistan was strongly opposed by Indian lobby. As $ 7.5 Billion aid package would help Pakistan to develop civilian infrastructure without cutting the defense budget.

    Pakistani Ambassador Hussain Haqani who is very well connected in US decision makers successfully defeated all these efforts of Indian lobby. Even with very little resources which Pakistan spends on lobbying in Washington, Haqani get the aid Bill passed from congress. The controversial clauses like access to AQ Khan and Bulachistan were removed with his personal efforts.

    Now USA congress has further clarified the conditions for military aid, although there was no condition for civilian aid earlier. This will make Haqani more stronger who is already believed to be one of the most powerful diplomats in Washington. At these difficult times not only government but Pakistan army also thinks that there can be no better alternate of Haqani to defend Pakistani policies in US and have such important contacts in policy makers.

    The rumors being spread are from right wing extremists lobby, as, Haqani has been strong supporter of a secular and moderate Pakistan. His book is one of the important books on exposing how USA and Pakistan developed this monster called Taliban. This is unforgivable sin in eyes of right wing Taliban apologists. In fact Haqani has strengthened his position in eyes of Army and government and proved himself a powerful diplomat. Neither Army nor government afford his removal in these difficult times for Pakistan. PAKISTAN PAYENDABAD!!!

  13. hussain haqqani was the only journalist back in 1999 who severely opposed the martial law of musharraf. during the nawaz sharif governemtn he was in jail and was tortued by the police force on the orders of mian nawaz sharif just because he was a loyal ppp worker and an outstanding journalist opposing the draconian regime of nawaz sharif in which nawaz sharif even kicked out the supreme court judges. benazir bhutto held this man in great esteem and he was already decided by her to be the ambassador to US if she became the PM. hussain haqqani has been a precious man for pakistan. during a time when we have been blamned by the international community for playing a double game in the war on terror it was a strenuous task to re build the image in front of big poewrs and he did that skillfully. kerry lugarbill is the first ever non military aid to civil set up in pakistan and the ghq is after it only becasue it is not for the filthy generals but to build roads and hospitals for the poor people of pakistan.

  14. What I can say about fake and baseless rumours about Hussain Haqqani’s replacement. Hussain Haqqani is a true Pakistani and never turn his head when talks about Pakistani interests. He is representing Pakistanis with his eyes open. These rumours were started when some Media persons and opposing parties’ member collectively planned campaign against Mr Haqqani to undermine his role. I always believe that he has had ability to shut down the puffed mouths of these conspirators and I’m happy he finally taken notice of such reports publish in the newspaper. This week, Husain Haqqani served notice on The Nation after they published an allegedly defamatory article by Ahmed Quraishi. This comes after countless articles by Quraishi that attempt to cast the reputation of the Ambassador to the US in question. The legal notice also puts conspiracy theorists on notice.

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