Zardari Looking To Replace Kayani?

October 11, 2009

Amir Mir

LAHORE: Amidst rising tension between Pakistan’s civilian government and the country’s military tops brass over some controversial provisions of the Kerry-Lugar Bill, there are reports that President Asif Zardari has been contemplating to replace Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani for his persistent opposition to the USD 7.5 billion American financial assistance programme.

The Pakistani military leadership has already made public its opposition to the Kerry-Lugar Bill by issuing a formal press release following the October 7, 2009 corps commanders’ conference which evoked immediate panic at the presidency and in government corridors. The statement issued by the military spokesman expressed serious concern over some of the provisions of the legislative bill and warned that these could affect ’national security’. Unlike previous no-strings US aid packages, Kerry-Lugar non-military financial assistance bill makes support conditional on Pakistan’s military being subordinated to its elected government, and taking action against militants sheltering on its soil. The Pakistani military leadership’s ire is focused on the Kerry-Lugar Bill’s specific requirements that the US Secretary of State certify, at six-month intervals, that the Pakistani military remains under civilian oversight, even specifying such details as the need for the government to control senior command promotions.

Kerry-Lugar also requires that the Pakistani military act against militant networks on its soil, specifying those based in Quetta and Muridke. However, the Presidency has dismissed the concerns of the military leadership, with President Zardari forging ahead with his unwavering support for the bill. The presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar, while commenting on the press release issued by the military after the corps commanders’ conference, has said that there are established channels for the Pakistan Army to express its views and these should have been followed instead of making public the issue. These developments, especially after the corps commanders meeting in Rawalpindi to discuss the Kerry-Lugar Bill, even caused rumours about President Zardari’s possible sacking of the Army Chief General Kayani.

Amidst all these developments, the Pakistani ministry of defense has informed the presidency in a recent communiqué that seven senior generals of Pakistan Army including Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (JCSC) General Tariq Majid, and three senior corps commanders are due to retire by November 28, 2010. Well informed sources in the ministry of defense say the presidency has been provided with the most up-to-date seniority list of the 30-plus serving generals and lieutenant generals of Pakistan Army, in the backdrop of the October 7 corps commanders’ conference in Rawalpindi, which expressed serious concerns on certain clauses of the Kerry-Lugar Bill, maintaining that they were bound to affect national security.

The seniority list, which is now carefully being scanned by the presidency, seems to have been updated till October 4, 2009 when four major generals of the Army were promoted by COAS General Ashfaq Kayani to the rank of lieutenant generals, including Maj-Gen Shafqat Ahmed, Maj-Gen Khalid Nawaz, Maj-Gen Alam Khattak, and Maj-Gen Sardar Mehmood. These promotions were made following the September 23, 2009 retirements of four three-star generals including Lt-Gen Muhammad Masood Aslam, Corps Commander Peshawar, Lt-Gen Hamid Khan, President of the National Defence University, Islamabad, Lt-Gen General Raza Mohammad Khan, Director General Joint Staff and Lt-Gen. Shafaat Ullah Shah, Chief of Logistics Staff, GHQ.

However, approached for comments, the presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar strongly refuted media reports that President Zardari wanted to remove General Ashfaq Kayani for making public the concerns of the corps commander to the Kerry-Lugar Bill. He said such reports were in fact a deliberate attempt to undermine President Asif Zardari. He said the issue was being politicized by vested interests despite the fact that the Kerry-Lugar Bill has nothing against the national interests and sovereignty of the country. “Let me make it clear that no one in Pakistan would want the security apparatus or for that anyone to subvert Pakistan’s political judicial institutions and processes. The hype about adverse conditions attached to the Kerry-Lugar Bill is simply unfounded and part of the attempt to delegitimize President Asif Zardari”, Farhatullah Babar concluded.



  1. i think Zardari is Sane, he should replace Hussain Haqqani, who is a Pakistan Ambassador in US, but working as an Ambassador of US.

    • Let Farhat Ullah Babar know that if you keep on bragging about the KL bill – that nothing in the bill is against our national interest then he should also be ready for a pole with Zardari. They just don’t get it. The sovereign people of pakistan say – sack Zardari and not Kiyani. Zardari will be dead with a death to KL Bill

  2. sorry i meant *if zardari is sane enough*

  3. the whole Pakistan is with the army…

    only Rehman Malik is with Zardari…

  4. “Zardari Looking To Replace Kayani?” only if zardari wants to end up hanging on a pole in ISLAMABAD after being severely beaten by the residents of ISLAMABAD.


    • he will be hanging on a Pole nonetheless!!!

      • InshaAllah

    • Pardon brother but please consider residents of other cities too for completing this noble task



  5. THINK…!
    4 Countries of different religion
    hmaray pyaray PAKISTAN ko tornay kay liye 1 ho gaye hain to kia Hum
    Apnay watan kay liye 1 nahi ho saktay..hamara
    mazhab 1
    ALLAH 1
    RASOOL 1
    QURAN 1
    KAABA 1
    Sub kuch eik hai
    SO JOIN HANDS 2 save this country SAVE PAKISTAN BE ONE, n stand against the external powers alongwith ARMY.
    Stop spreading rumors n start working, everyone in its own capacity…PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

    • Tanzeel – You forgot the Mahajir, the Kahsmiri, the LET, the Taliban etc, etc, etc

    • we all in Pakistan are ONE…..Insha.Allah, we will teach our joint enemy a eternal lesson.
      Our enemy must bear in mind…Pakistan has been brought into being by ALLAH at the day 27th Ramadan. No power, no man, no group can eliminate Great Pakistan.

  6. Aik Zardari sub punjabis prr bari

    Jeay Zardari

    • this speaks of ur mental horizon & ur father must be a benefitinary of nro

    • Now that was cheap, extremely cheap, Mr. Abdul Hafeez.

      • cheap

      • This is not the meter of zardari and punjabies. Matter is hw can we save our pakistan.ager pakistan hi ni rahy ga to punjabi sindi kya.

  7. practically zardaris in it for the money and if we watch him replace kayani then god help us all.neverthless this country’s going to the dogs,hopefully the general can save us!!

  8. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto appointed his favorite General as Army chief. He got hanged by his own favorite General. Nawaz Sharif appointed Musharraf. Musharraf ousted Nawaz Sharif. Let Zardari appoint another General as Army Chief and see what happens.

    • Simple, history will repeat itself yet another time. 🙂

  9. […] […]

  10. This is the time where the military should seriously think about implementing (Civil+Military) rule in the country. However, they should not repeat the mistakes of their Ex-Bosses, who relied on these defector politicians and ignored the power of common Pakistanis. (Military + Common Pakistanis – Politicians and their loyalists) => Emancipation of Pakistan from Dajjalic setup. Insha Allah.

  11. in recent circumstances surrounding Pakistanm, no political party has a will to act as Pakistani, all major parties want full support from External Masters (America) to please them. No party or person who has the authority THINKS about Pakistan or ordinary Pakistani people. The only institution guards Pakistan’s interest nationally and internationally is PAK ARMY. Long live Pakistan, Long live Pak Army.

  12. if zardari replaced GEN KAYANI that will b the last move of GHADARI i mean ZARDARI

  13. Guys that GHQ drama is an inside job…plz try to understand….dont be emotional 🙂

    • devil sb , keep ur hamid mir style of thinking with ur own self, we are talking some thing serious.I’m sorry to know that hamid mir type people have come to suuh dignified forums.

    • It can be an inside job but then it can be so many other things too…

    • that’s true that most of the peoples’ thinking has become so negative that whatever happens they say ohh this was a game plan and inside job. Our people have become so rigid. Mr devil if you are that much emotionless then why don’t you prove that it was an inside job. As if Pakistan has no more enemies and no one is after our army and intelligence. If you have such a thinking then I am sorry you are a loser.

    • devil? shut the f*** up! what the hell are you saying here? my ham-wattan this is a dignified forum allowing you a mouthpiece to air your opinions but gee thats one helluva a reckless statement!! ppl like you are and will do Pakistan alot of damage. shut your mouth for the time being. when you have something sensible to say then say open sesame! man theres some real jaahils on this site !! sorry to be this way, but if me censuring you in this way makes you think and act in a more responsible manner then it will have been worth it. take care and think twice before you utter such remarks in future. regards and duwa.. Ali

  14. AOA! Pakistan and pakistanis ve ALLAH , dont worry inshaALLAH nothing gonna happen with Pakistan, Her kuttay k din atay hain zardari ka be aye ga.;)..

    • true and i wish nothing happens to our country, optimisim is good but we must also be on guard against illicit designs of our foes who are manipulating the geopolitical situation in pakistan to their advantage. we must also be very careful and watchful of the events happening in our country in the backdrop of 1971 tragedy we cannot afford and cannot allow such like tragedy of errors to happen again which our so called politicians and leaders are capabale of we seriously lack leadership and right directions. God help us and protect our country from them. Pakistan Zindabad.

  15. kayani we as a nation with u to support you and stand by ur side whenever u need us. we as a nation finish this present govt. we strongly oppose this present govt.

    pakistan zindabad

  16. who the hell is zardari.??? just throw the rotten eggs out of the country ………..

    our army is the best ……. and it do work for the welfare of the people of Pakistan……


    • absolutely

  17. Farhatullah Babar is nut Although Musharaf was very horrible general in the history of Pakistan but at least he Appointed Kyiani for good reason.Kyani is very patriot person n at this time of turmoil we need him.

  18. Zaid Hamid Attack on GHQ and Kerry Lugar bill with Ahmad Qureshi


  19. This Govt. is the most sane one in the history

    • And what did u drink last night????

  20. This is where, we were being ruled so long by Army, the sole reason is POLITICIANS unable to look beyound closed doors,they dont know what is nation, and what are national interest.

    To bring Black water in, Benazir agreed to sit along with Musharaf. And our country is presenting Iraq’s look now.

    Thanks for politician for destablising country. Thanks to media for moking people against Army.

    But Long live Pak Army.

  21. zardari him self murder benizir butto and now he is going to held over pakistan to US, so its better to replace zardari ….

  22. Can some1 help me know exact dayz of mr zardari’s total stay in Pakistan??? Well one kan count easily…A person who waz thrown out of cadet kolij Pataro due 2 his loose character is our President… What a shame 4 us all… Aamaal ke maar par rahi hai bhaioöo… Nthin else…

  23. God forbid if this happens,hang Badmash Sharif and Cheap Justice.They have taken the country to point of no return.
    As Badmash Sharif had constitutional powers to fire Musharraf,Zardari too has.Now he has American support also.A coup will be a folly as UN and world powers will not recognise.
    It will be too late for Badmash to repent.
    God save Pakistan.

  24. who is DR aqeel and who is naik muhammad who lived in mansoora during sirilinkan team attack.they are not indians of nephews of bush they are our traitors basterds and all of them suppported by Jahil Mullah’s.same person Attacked on Musharraf and Got bail from Court from So called chief Justice.So why we are crying now.Blackwater or XE is only trying to defend thier citizans can we defend our’s ofcourse not.Pakistan Zindabad ,Pakistan Army Zindabad,wait for wazirastan in few days waziristani Taliban will be resting in Hell.

  25. The most corrupt president Zardari is too strong for these Generals? These two positions are the two wheels of the same cart. Our children might understand this reality better when they would look into the past in hindsite.
    I see in this forum some supports Musharaf who was proud to sell his own people and Some support Zardari who is a curse of Allah on us.
    Army only seems to cry out when the integrity of their institution is threatened and they are the one who collaborated with the same US delegates to impose these rulers on us.
    There must be some good officrs at top brass level who could see a bigger picture and have the nerve to do the right thing for the whole nation not just for their institute. People who support Musharaf should know that their leader having a good time in Uk and busy in putting MQM and Qadiyani together through Rehman Malik. Mr Altaf has already decided to have a presence and bring his ideology in Punjab. We will see how he conviced the people of punjab and others of his ideology that works against feudalism but act as a prostitute to please the same.

  26. Seems like “Geedar nay shehar ka rukh kar liya hai”.

  27. If we look at our economy and pace of development (which should have been actually, it is very crystal clear that we are not on teh right track. in tidays world, wars can not be won through arms and invasion. todays world deamdns teh utilization of mind, strategies, deplomacy etc.. like USA is doing at the moment.. At one hand USA invaded on Afghanistan and Iraq so at the other hand it is using Pakistan by using its long term strategies and attacking at our weaknesses and now we find more or less same situation in pakistan as in afghanistan and Iraq. whyyyy ???

    Because we are not understanding the tricks of west. we stil cretaing disputes b/w provinces and inter provinces level. we are not bale to decide whether local govt is benefitial or other alternatives can be a decisive factor..

    This is all about inability and lackness of sincerity, patriotism form our Govt..

    I m not criticising any political party or individual of a pary. i dont care who is president or primeminister. who ever they are, they have to work as per situiation demands which we have seen not yet found.

    PakIstan Live Long



    How on Earth u idiots can imagine Zardari has such powers to allow US infiltration …asshgles

    n by the way i used to to think of this forum as patriotic people who have some sense …n can think of uniting people not dividing n spreading hatred.

    • That comment did not make any sense whatsoever, Amir. I have had to remove a comment that you made previously. Please mind ur language. PKKH Mod.

  29. I think, Kiyani should think to replace Zard-aari





    • No one wants martial law my friend but people voted for a democratic government not for civilian dictator. I think Zardari can’t even be trusted with household shoping let alone the country. We were all supporter of Zardari when he said Pakistan Khapay that’s what deceived the people. Do you think its democracy in pakistan? Sure not as Zardari did not want to restore the judges, trying to accept a bill which is not in our country’s interest. So how can we say that he should be supported. He should only be supported if he looks after people and country interest. Would he??? He has certainly showed so far that he wants to please the yanks and not pakistan. I hope that there will be another election and we will be able to vote this mafia group out including Zardari, Sharifs, Altaf (the brit slave) and all these stooges. Of course we don’t want martial law but honest, credible, reliable patriotic leaders who live in pakistan and want to die in pakistan unlike these stooges.

    • support Zardari?, that’s the Foolish dream.

      Since the creation of Pakistan, Democracy never suited us. Its the nation’s nature, who take the name of Islam, but behave like Hypocrites.

      so Uncle Amir, you are supporting a hypocrite corrupt killer, who also support the traitor group MQM.

      Do you even know how much Zard-Ari grabbed from Pakistan and put in his foreign accounts?

      And if nation is happy with this corruption, then corrupt nation does require a martial law.

      • Farrukh…bache kisi baat ki investigation kiye beghair baat nahin karte beta…

        Ur Uncle Musharaff held him 10 years in Jail n didn’t even prove one case on him…

        n have u ever looked at wht wealth army has taken from the national wealth…

        Who on earth can imagine such luxuries of Army Cantonements n wealth of Army Generals like in Pakistan…..
        Beta not in US or any other nation of the world has such rich Army Generals….whose paisa is this???????? aur General Mansoor ul Haq ka to pata hi ho ga….

        so like i said …stop behavin like a brainwashed fool

    • Amir Uncle,
      Zard-Ari was not held by Busharraf, but another civilian govt. whose people were held by BiBi.

      I know the corruption of Army Generals, but that doesn’t mean, I will start supporting your favorite Traitor ZardAri, who also shake hand with enemies of Pakistan including MQM and Busharraf.

      Being an elder, your blind support for this corrupt traitor shows your morality. Zard-Ari supports Busharraf and most degraded traitor Altaf of MQM (Mustaqil Qaumi Museebat). So for me, all are corrupt.

      And even Army have much wealth, this Zard-Ari has wealth more than all army which he never earned from any business, but grabbed and collected via bribery.

      Even in the meeting of Friends of Pakistan, somebody commented on him “if he bring back his wealth to his own country, they will not need to beg from FoP”

      So its you who seems to be Brainwashed even being an elder, but behaving like fool

      • Zardari is rich than the army?????? when 75% of our budget goes towards army.common kid …where r u gettin facts from???

        I dont know why people like u just cant stand Peoples Party.. the largest political party of pakistan… n the mandate speak for itself…

        You r n immature child…..who as influnced so much by zaid sahab’s analysis…n put all the mess on politicians n leave the corruption of powerful beaurocrates and army who dont even care abt the civilian government…..n u dont have any logic to back ur arguments….ur statements dosen’t realy make any sense….

        And seems like u r more inclined towards dividing the nation instead of uniting… Altaf hussain jaisa bhi hai…bt we need to live with the fact that he has majority of Karachi n Hyderabad with him..

        Do u want a civil war in country by sending army to Karachi???

        Unfortunately …corruption is our culture no one is left from it…n i accept the mistakes made by these political parties but that doesn’t mean that u wait for Another Army General’s turn..General Kayani has categorically said the army will not intervene in government…which is a great thing.

        I think we should be united in these troubled times..Dont talk of overthrowing elected people in the government n we shud correct the mistakes they r making by pressurizing them thru media n protests…thats how nations solve their problems …not by a martial laws

        This war of Army n Politics has already done so much damage to the country

    • Uncle, you should better get information about Zard-Aree’s wealth in foreign banks, especially swiss bank and you’ll get surprised.
      Search for “zardari money in swiss bank” on google or any good search engine and then see the information just related to Swiss banks

      Zard-Aree’s corruption was even exposed in the times of BB.

      He is playing on same grounds as Traitor Altaf is doing, i.e. Bhatta Khuri. So many companies have to either bribe Zard-Aree or pay taxes which are directly going to Zard-Aree’s account, for their own survival.

      There are so many such things related to ZardAree which exposes his cruel face.

      As far PPP’s biggest party issue is concerned, it was a big party just because of BB, but now it lost its values. People are no more like PPP.
      Especially when Zard-Aree started supporting MQM and Busharraf, he lost his balls.

      As far MQM is concerned, whole karachi knows how he captured karachi and how he raised Mohajirs and divided people on the basis of language. Altaf’s history is full of corruption and killing and world has not forget yet 12 May’s killings in Karachi by MQM and Busharraf was dancing in Islamabad by saying “Phir aap ney daikh lia taqat ka muzahira”
      MQM is also a biggest supporter of Busharraf..

      ZardAree and MQM also supported the Anti-Chief Justice movement but people rejected that. Public supported CJ and now he’s back on seat and your corrupt ZardAree’s friend Busharraf is out of country just as Traitor Altaf.

      Recent sugar scandal also opened the eyes of People and PPP’s govt. supported this scandal against the rulings of Supreme Court.

      How can we forget that PPP imposed such heavy taxes on people of Pakistan and where that money is going? Check ZardAree and PPP’s ministers accounts for that.

      My dear, we have to eradicate such evils from our nation who are actually diving us.

      You may be elder, but you still need to understand that these corrupt leaders are playing “Divide and Rule” with us just like foreign enemies did with us.

      Time has proven that this corrupt Zard-Aree, MQM, and Busharraf, and PML Q are alike and striving for their own benefits.

      I don’t want any kind of conflict or civil war in Pakistan, but those corrupt elements would do that because this will actually benefit to them.

      We desperately need to clean our nation from such corrupt elements and this requires many hard decisions and actions.

      • GUYS GUYS! Both of you in your views express +ve & -ve. It’s good but we need to get along together and promote tolerance. I am no supporter of Zardari but certainly not in favor of Martial Law aswell. I think they should be allowed to complete their term but if things become impossible then the Rule of LAW should be applied to handle such chaos. The situation we face today should be an eye opener for all of us to pursuit a system that’ll help take action against any worng doing backed up by Law enforcing agencies. In my opinion I think we should just focus on “LET GO” of all the hatered and filthy thoughts opinions or what so ever wrong doing and should work together in forming a system that can ensure, justice, rule of law and accountability. Our Chief Justice has been restored and it was only possible by the people. We should channel our energies in to making our Judiciary to have powers and honest people working. If they are strong then we can be given justice and also challenge the GOVT aswell if there is any foul play suspected. Current situation is only due to lack of accountability, a weak & politicized judiciary system…

  31. Street justice is the only solution to get rid of this figures not only in the government and opposition rather any ever walks of life to save this this country which is a real gift of ALLAH subhana hu taalla.

  32. Some elements are spreading rumors regardubg differences between Govt and military chief on the issue of Kerry-Lugar bill. The aim of such rumors is just to create chaos in the country. Pakistan government and Army are enjoying good mutual relations .Military chief and Govt have complete consensus on the issues of national interest and in the recent days President held a meeting with COAS. Such attempts have been made in the past when there were news of placing Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) under the Interior Ministry control.

    After failing to dislodge Zardari through NRO, corruption allegations and conspiracies, these elements find another easy way that is military. It is tantamount to invite military to intervene a democratic process. These are the elements that always paved way for the military intervention. However they can’t succeed in their nefarious designs, COAS is much mature and democracy liking.

    On the other hand issue of Kerry Lugar bill was being politicized by vested interests despite the fact that the Kerry-Lugar Bill has nothing against the national interests and sovereignty of the country

  33. The best solution to all these problems is to replace zardari with some one who has the guts to talk to America and all other countries on a same level.

  34. doesnt atika comment look like a statement of hussain haqqani…lol:)amir and atika…ur pppp is goin very soon…tou jitna naachna aur cheekna hai ..u know ur usual slogans..kal b zinda thi bb..roti kapra makan e.t.c cheekhlo…coz jab wardi walai ayaingai tou 10 tumharai karkun ko khara karaingai..ik ko goli maraingai..baqi 9 masjid mai dhaari nikaal kar namaaz parh rahai hongai..so enjoy ur last months..we all r goin to miss u so much..u have given us the most incompetent and corrupt govt..ppl r so eager to kick ur a** out of pakistan..

  35. THINK…!
    4 Countries of different religion
    hmaray pyaray PAKISTAN ko tornay kay liye 1 ho gaye hain to kia Hum
    Apnay watan kay liye 1 nahi ho saktay..hamara
    mazhab 1
    ALLAH 1
    RASOOL 1
    QURAN 1
    KAABA 1
    Sub kuch eik hai
    SO JOIN HANDS 2 save this country SAVE PAKISTAN BE ONE, n stand against the external powers alongwith ARMY.
    Stop spreading rumors n start working, everyone in its own capacity…PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

    please yar aap log mayos na ho because mayosi kuffr hai…
    PAKISTAN ko kuch be nahi ho sakta beccuase we are nc power and we have best army with Jazba-E-imane
    no one can beat us..Rahey ge DUNIA to raheyga PAKISTAN!!!hamarey Khon k Har Katrey meh Basta hai Pakistan …bus aik baar Taliban ka Khatma ho jiaye Phir India aur israel ko bhi Dekh laingey INSLLAH….
    aur Pakistan ka rehna Khud Aamerica k intrest meh hai…..Aamerican think Tanks

  36. Pakistan is our motherland, our nation, our heart and soul, without it we are nothing. We need to take our country back from the corrupt politicans and corrupt ruling elite. We must work to create awareness amongst people about our true national interests and genuine concerns. We must make Pakistan free from chains of IMF, World Bank, foreign governments and their strategic interest. Its upto this generation our generation to take up the challenge from the previous generation of taking Pakistan to the right path, the true status that it deserves. The glory that we must achieve the dream that Allama Iqbal saw the Vision that Quaid-e-Azam made for us

  37. The Army will be perceived good if they serve the interest of the country. They must also stop exploiting and robbing the resources of the country. They should focus more on the national defense rather plots

  38. Insh’Allah this corrupt government’s days are numbered as they will be going soon with the death of K-L bill and Mr haqqani who is sitting in the US being an American citizen has nothing to do with Pakistan and the people of Pakistan. I also don’t want Army to takeover once again but if it’s in the best interest of Pakistan then I would’t mind it either. Americans have a policy to takeover our army and ISI who are working much better for our interest than these corrupt politicians who have always let down us.

  39. I hope we join our hands and be like a one nation. We have been suffering a lot because of difference of ethnicity, language and area. We have never thought that our enemies are taking the benefit of these differences as we still couldn’t figure out who our enemy is.

  40. @FARUKKH What are you saying about karachi people and MQM. Can’t your eyes see the development done by the Mayor, or you are color blind. There are many peoples like you who do only mouth firing nothing else. The only Party in Pakistan who took a stand against Taliban is MQM. PPP,PML(N) voted in favor of the shariyat bill and MQM rejected it.

    Stick onto the subject of blog instead of putting mud on other political parties.

    The person responsible for wrong clauses in this K-L bill is actually Hussain Haqqani, who should resign that’s it.

    • @Yasser First of all, my target was not specifically MQM, but it was Zard-Aree, and while talking about Zard-Aree, other related issues come into discussion.

      As far development is concerned, more damage is being done to Karachi while in the govt. of MQM, and its Traitor leader is already exposed to us in past. and please don’t ask me to repeat the history of 12 may and many other blunders by Traitor Altaf.

      MQM is based on the differentiating and dividing people on the basis of language and this is truly against the spirit of Islam.

      I know there is a huge investment now a days in order to raise MQM and ZardAree is doing this because he knows PPP is down due to his stupidities.

  41. @Adeel bhai i agree with your comments, it’s time to say we are just Pakistani, irrelevant of cast and ethnicity, all political parties especially PTI, MQM and PML(N) should join hands and work together for the betterment of the country

  42. Thanks Yasser at least someone agreed to something..I don’t understand why we fight with each other too much..I believe that our nation has become so much politically motivated and we are forgetting our welfare and the welfare of our country.

  43. People as the above comments show…..99% of you dont like zardari much….none of us really do…..but if you try to remember our history…….this was the same case when Musharraf was our president…..this was the same case when Nawaz sharif was prime minister……whoever the next will be the same case will be there……

  44. every politician in Pakistan is corrupted,they only care about money thats it……………they dun even think about other people at all…………..
    per day rent room for our so called president is 5000$ per day…………….even every political party i mean every one are bloody………….

    but are illiterate people always vote for them……………….

  45. i love pak army
    i love gen kiyani and gen pasha..

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