India Behind GHQ Attack: Army Sources

October 11, 2009

25 Hostages Freed, Terror-cell leader nabbed alive

Ali Khan | PakistanFirst.com EXCLUSIVE

ISLAMABAD – PakistanFirst.com contacted highly credible sources within Pakistan Army for information on yesterday’s attack on Army’s General Head Quarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi. When asked about who could be behind the attack, the Pakistan Army official (speaking on condition of anonymity) informed us that according to Army’s preliminary investigation it was certain that of the footprint of Indian intelligence agency Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) on yesterday’s attack on the GHQ and the hostage situation that followed.

Pakistan Army has within 24 hours of the attack on the GHQ, located the rented house in Rawalpindi that had been used by the terrorists to plan the attack. Security officials confiscated anti-Pakistan propaganda material, fake security forces’ uniforms, explosives and materials that were used to plan the attack.

The 22 hour standoff that followed yesterdays attack was brought to an end this morning as Army’s elite Special Services Group (SSG) commandos, in an operation of high military efficiency, killed four out of the five terrorists while rescuing the 39 hostages. The last terrorist was nabbed alive and could provide vital information into the Indian involvement in terrorism on Pakistan soil. 3 hostages were martyred by the terrorists before the Army could rescue them.

The source also confirmed that the hostages were made to sit around a suicide bomber who was ready to pull the trigger if the Army started the operation – the SSG commandos were able to take out the suicide bomber without giving him time to detonate.
The capture of the lone surviving terrorist is being hailed as a major breakthrough. Identified as ‘Aqeel’ (aka. Dr. Usman), the terrorist had been on the wanted list for his role in planning and masterminding the attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket Team on March 3rd this year in Lahore. At the time, Punjab’s interior minister as well as the Police chief confirmed Indian involvement in that incident.

Our source within the Pakistan Armed forces has also confirmed that his attack could be perceived to be a response to the bomb blast outside Indian Embassy in Kabul on October 8th, 2009 which India and Afghanistan were quick to blame Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) for – despite the Afghan Taliban having claimed responsibility for the bombing. Pakistan army has rejected Indian and Afghan claims as ‘baseless’.

It must be remembered that recently Gen McCrystal, the ISAF head in Afghanistan, expressed his concerns of India’s involvement in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s Interior Minister yesterday also passed his concerns to the United States over India’s support to terrorist activities in Baluchistan and Swat, and its role in destabilizing Pakistan.



  1. if such attack happened in India then it has blamed Pakistan but we are still doing nothing.

    Blame India like she blamed us.

    • block land,sea and air access to india

      dont trade on the LOC

      Block all meat imports from india

      im pissed off man,

      • wont happen
        breaking connectiions with india will be more harmful for pak

      • Get real sal!

      • If you ban then you are going to die baby

  2. no i dont think…. give him a lesson she will remember it for ever …. its not the first time or they wont stop here …. teach them a lesson..

  3. The lone surviving terrorist,Aqeel,is said to be from Tehrik-al-ansar,a deobandi group.Deoband’s Hussain Ahmed Madani,opposed Pakistan.
    One Deobandi Mulla was very furious at Musharraf,in April.Musharraf gave him a befitting reply.

  4. Amazing work from the Armed forces of Pakistan… Mashallah …

    i guess that now that one of india’s guy in Pakistan is caught (Akeel A.K.A. Dr. Usman) they will try to kill him before he gives up his partner indian RAW agents working in Pakistan..

    i know that PAKISTAN’s armed forces are prepared. but i hope that they are prepared for more foul play that india will try to do next.


  5. this is our problem…we are always soft with these buggers..i dont know why..? north korea who had nothing was able to bring them to table talk and iran who yet has no atomic bomb can convince them as he likes..but look at us..

    • What is this guys!

      In Pakistan nothing is short of conspiracy … I guess things are now convoluted beyond any reason, logic or rational. Guys get real… lets get some straight answers and the truth

      i) Why is there a cover-up on every operation post a terrorist strike in Pakistan…. all information available is on the condition of anonymity and are baseless information.The world is still awaiting the Official Pakistan version of some of the past events on what happened in Lahore, in Peshawar etc.

      The world is still to know what happened in SWAT. Not a single Taliban leader has been captured or eliminated, why is there a veil

      ii) Each operation is a grand success, the attackers are eliminated, a couple of them are nabbed but they never go public…. there are no public scrutiny/ investigation reports produce and all but some weak political accusations blaming the Americans and the Indian follow before. I don’t understand what is there to hide

      iii) Why brand the Taliban as American or Indian Agents when the Taliban were actually created by the Pak Army( lets not blame the Americans squarely… Pakistan had every right to refuse the support in the first place be it 1979, 88 or 2001)

      iv) For godsake, you don’t need more Hamid Guls or Aslam Baigs.. they bought you into this state, they turned your very own people against you. They can’t provide answers …they can only pull the nation into a deeper abyss

      v) Learn from the history – The Germans and the Japanese were completely annihilated by the Allied forces in WWII… but look at them today …they are the top economies of the world and without a iota of respect lost in the all these years

      vi) Is the Pak Army really doing its job ….or the American’s forcing then to do so

      vii) Its wake up time… the American’s are not losing the war…the number of body bags sent back till date is minuscule in comparison to nearly a million life lost in the Af-PAK war. Look deeper only a handfull of 68000 men are holding a 170 million strong country at ransom. Should they leave, trust me there will be an open civil war in Pakistan just like the erstwhile Yugoslavia…

      Time to wake up kid.

      • May I ask just a simple question fron you Mr. Viali(Indian). Why you people are still fearing from Hamid Gul or Aslam Baig. They have no stake in Army right now, they have been retired from Armed forces for more than 15 years.

      • Wake up. I don’t think you’ve been following the news lately have you.

        i) Pakistan has already said that India among others was behind Manawan attack, i’m not going to fish out all the info on some of such attacks, it’s out there on the web to find for yourself. No big fish captured in Swat? Then who’s Muslim Khan? http://www.nation.com.pk/pakistan-news-newspaper-daily-english-online/Politics/11-Sep-2009/TTS-spokesman-Muslim-Khan-4-others-captured


        Why is there a veil? Because this is not Bollywood, the real world requires covert action: “‘We did not want to disclose their arrest since we were getting a lot of useful information from them,’ he explained.

        ‘They told us that there are a large number of heavily-armed hardcore militants there and that ‘you cannot enter that area’. But so far, we have encountered and engaged small groups of ten or so militants,’ he said.”

        ii) See above answer. Is it so hard to understand 🙂

        iii) Why not if there is every reason to. What the hell are those guys doing in their consulates in Afghanistan. Just how many Indians do you know that go on vacation there. Indian interference in Pakistan starting there is not reported by Pakistan alone. The TTP was unheard of until last few years and even the Afghan Taliban (who used to work via ISI) have clearly stated they have nothing to do with TTP’s mission. Who’s pumping the money and resources into their ratholes.

        iv) and v) What are you trying to say.

        vi) Ofcourse. After all, it’s absolutely no big deal having your citizens chased up, forced to embrace Taliban lifestyle, forced to marry off their daughters to militants, have your colleagues in the army and FC slaughtered, beheaded by hordes of Taliban. It’s no big deal. We really wouldn’t retaliate if it wasn’t for the US. Genious. You should write that up.

        vii) The Americans are not losing. Ha ha. That’s why they’re still figuring out strategies to win 8 years after they invaded Afghanistan. Time to wake up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2hnXgrnlUQ&feature=player_embedded

        Fast forward to 10.40 and hear the Marine tell you who’s winning.

        “Should they leave, trust me there will be an open civil war in Pakistan just like the erstwhile Yugoslavia…”

        Really. Sounds like a real empirical statement. Based on what? I didn’t see it happening after they were beaten back out of Swat. Or Buner. Or Bajaur. Where’s the public support for the TTP now, you tell me.

        No need to belittle other visitors here by addressing them as ‘kids’ since apparently your own statements on these matters indicates gaping holes in your knowledge on it.

  6. I Hate India..

    • @ adeel,

      If India indeed is behind the attack on GHQ in Pakistan, it is a welcome response to Pakistan’s decades old sponsorship of terrorism against India and Afghanistan.

      It is time Pakistan have a taste of its own medicine.

      India must make sure Pakistan continue to burn in its own fire.

      You Pakistani fu**ers will see a lot more in the years ahead.

      • Thanks for presenting your national mindset, I really appreciate that. This is the true face of the mainstream Indian championing tolerance and democracy in their society. Behind the veil, very few Indians feel any other than you do, be it ordinary citizens, politicians of military leaders. This absolutely justifies us keeping our guard against you sky high.

        Well, good luck on your local adventures against Pakistan. Since you’ll never ever have the balls to face us in a direct military conflict. It has really improved the armed forces’ (SSG’s) capabilities. Who would’ve thought, rescueing 39 hostages PLUS arresting the main cell leader alive with minimal casualties. Your Black Billa brigade can take a lesson or two from this.

    • yes. u have been taught to do so

  7. Our enemies are using extremists from different religion groups like Lashkar e jhangvi etc. All madrassas should be taken into gov control. Their Teachers should be enrolled and re- trained. Their syllabus should be prescribed. All sort of miltary training should be abolished from Madrassas and should be brought in main stream educational system. All sort of Pagri groups should be banned and educated. Then RAW and CIA will find no more fanatics to sacrify their lives just of cause of enemies of Islam. Pity, These fanatics think they are doing service of Islam and sacrify their lives. In real they are playing in the hands of kafirs and harming their own country, their own religion and their own home. They are betraying the sacrifices of millions of people who laid down their lives for creation of Pakistan. They are betraying our thousands of sisters daughters and mothers who had to sacrify their honour for this sacred country.

  8. Death to Deobandis who are easily misled by $$$$

    • WELL SAID.


      • dont incite sectarian issues, u r accomplishing these zionists agenda, be Muslim,live n die Muslim.

  9. I think Indian pigs have forgotten 1965, they need to be reminded of those days. I request every Pakistani to pressurize this faggot government to either start nuclear attack on Hindu Pig Indian and Afghanistan or resign from the office. Nuclear attack on Hindu pig India is the only solution.

    • @ Muhammad Amir,

      If India indeed is behind the attack on GHQ in Pakistan, it is a welcome response to Pakistan’s decades old sponsorship of terrorism against India and Afghanistan.

      It is time Pakistan have a taste of its own medicine.

      India must make sure Pakistan continue to burn in its own fire.

      You Pakistani fu**ers will see a lot more in the years ahead.

    • in 65, hindu pig govt kicked ur ass. did u forget?

      • yes we did because, now we have 1971 to remember at the best!!

      • Sal
        You beat us in 65 eh?
        Which is why Sonia Gandhi said “we might have lost in the 1965 war but our media is ahead of Pakistan’s”!!

      • @ IM
        maybe not a decesie victory but. india captured more land and lost less soldiers.
        I think I have shown u the proof?

      • I think enough proof was given to you as well in the PAF post!

      • the ‘proof’ has no links and comes from a pro-pak website. my links are all neutral.

        regarding my previous post, stopping trade with india will be bad 4 pakistan bcos a lot of rich pakistanis come to india to buy stuff regularly not vive versa.

      • Sal
        What a dumb link!

        Not allowing India to use our airspace will be a loss for India, many Indians even come to Pakistan to but marble as marble in Pakistan is really cheap! Trade is going on between both countries but more stuff comes from India and if trade stops it will be more of a loss for Indians than for Pakistanis!

      • just bcos u dint like that link does not mean it is false.

        But u r right. India also has a lot to loose.

      • aise haseen khwab mat dekh naamurad

      • Sal
        I find it dumb not just because stuff is exaggerated but even because we are talking about ‘trade’ here, not about people going on shopping spree to India or Pakistan!

      • trade is not jst about mutual buying and selling

        shopping spree is also a indirect form of trade. this will be affected if indo-pak relation sours.

      • Sal
        Even if the ‘form of trade’ is banned that wouldn’t make that much of a difference to Pakistan, coz than Pakistanis would start buying from Pakistan itself (which would be great) or go to other countries!

  10. Inside job guys….plz try to understand 😉 ….we all pak’s are emotional mother fuckers 😉

  11. its now time to raise this at international forums, like indians did when their parliment was attacked. I dont have a doudt regarding our SHEMAN type of foreign minister capabilities, so general sb its u we are looking at. Pakistan comes first, not this type of sham democratic govt.

  12. Now I personally feel many of politician like Zaradari and Rehman Malik should be nabbed who help India and USA beyond our expectations then Em sure such incidents wont happen again As we have one of Best Army in the World our current COAS Mr.Kyani is very deep thinker and loyal general.

    Long Live Pak Military
    Long Live Pakistan

  13. I think Pakistan defence budget should be raised five time of whats now, and some portion of the budget should be allocated to the security of the Installations such as GHQ, etc.

    Also I think it absolutley right time to deal with the piss drinkin and dunghill dweller in our east and west accordingly.

    • If the millitary budget is increased 5 times you will be Terrorist Nation No 1 in the whole galaxy

      • Man
        But Indians have already become the biggest terrorist nation by increasing the defense budget!

  14. Gr8 Job done by Pak Army

  15. Viali,
    It is rather,mind your own business call from us.Your Yogoslavia dream will definitely come true in India.You are divided between Draidians and Aryans.There is huge divide of Dalits and Brahmins.Language is big barrier in India. A man from south is a stranger in North.Rich-poor divide is increasing.Mittals and Ambanis are dictating your Govt.
    Your hoax of shining India has been exposed.Your Nuclear bombs were Patakhas.So on and on and on……Pakistan was created on 27th of Ramadhan.Allah is our Protector.You don’t have to worry.As a poet said:
    “Zamana bhar mukhalif ho falak bhi ho adoo(enemy)mera,
    Bigarta kuch nahin Ya Rab,Nigehban(Protector) jab ho too mera.

    • hahahahhahaha.

      nice one.

      from where do u get these jokes?

  16. I read all these comments about how they hate India, but still each and everyone, that wrote the comments, support India by watching their films. The day the Pakistanis will stop watching their films, then we could say that we are doing our part to boycott India.
    I DARE YOU!!!!

  17. Dear brothers and sister
    Assalamu alaikum

    We r all aware that we suffering from this pain since long time, india never accepted Pakistan as a Muslims state because of their so called akhand bharat and doing all these rubbish efforts from 1947. We know they are cruel but as well we because we are not replying them, I dont mean here do as they are doing but if they are blaming us for all those attacked either in Afghanistan or in india then our ISI should do it. what I mean to say is that ISI should help Taliban to carry out these kind of attack in Afghanistan and eliminate these evil houses known as “indian consulates” in Afghanistan. jhoot bol bol kar kuch nahin ukhar sakay yeh indian to aisa agar ISI karay bhi to kya ukhar laingay. at least by doing this we will get rid of these bas***ds staying in Afghanistan.

  18. @ neel

    these pakis have been TAUGHT to hate indians. plz understand that unlike us, they have not been brought up in a ‘neutral’ environment,

    • neutral as is mass masacre like Gujrat. nuetral as is demolish worship places for other religions, neutral as in etc. etc. etc.

      Please go back to your Indian Media for more education about being a loving neighbor instead of beign obsessed on a Pakistani forum…

      • what i said is true. read this:

        any way, all the relegious massacres that happe in pakistan are much worse and scary. I have so many links. Do u want to see them?

        again, the only reason i am “obsessed” on a paki forum is bcos u guys are writing mailious lies about us. Stop lying and we will not bother u.

      • Sal
        It is India that has been put up in the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) has placed India on its Watch List for India’s largely inadequate response in protecting its religious minorities … not Pakistan!

  19. Go and drink cowpiss you dirty slumdog!.Your nation is full of shit which is why you’ve a problem with Pak!.Rundians and Gandustanis breed like rats so we should take your filthy bastards out once and for all!

    • see? this is the hatred every pakistani has inside. a hatred based on lies

  20. these zionists need pak websites to talk to each other:)

  21. Indians are surprise to see the professionalism of our SSG commandos they just got clear everything and within no time.
    Pak Army Zindabad

  22. and your nation the pakistan is full of problems,sarcas,hatred.stop infighting among your own people.then there will be peace in your country

    • LOL how’s the weather there in Jamaica mannn =D

      • i am indian and india rocks.

      • yeah, it will rockin’ soon..with all them seperatists blowing u guys up all over!

      • lol.. 🙂

      • u r from europe yes?

  23. This is high time to retaliate … we should send a clear message to India to mend its ways … we should not forget how they reacted on Mumbai attacks. Our media should come forward to play its role … I understand that the government has to wear a political cum diplomatic hat and it would not be able to react openly.

    Allah hamara aur hamaray mulk ka hami o nasir ho (ameen sum ameen).

    • Jai shri Ram
      Jai Mata di
      Jai hanuman
      Om jabakusum sankasam kasghyapeang mahadyutim

      • Man
        Post this stuff on ‘Hindu’ forums not here!

    • @ Yo Man,

      Is it time for your dose ??

      One glass of piss coming up!! or Would you like a bowl of piss with it?? I’ll help you complete your worship to Gay Shri Ram, Mata ki hanuman mein aur hanuman ki tumhare mein…

  24. YOu do not need to be a rocket scientist to realize that the militants did not act on their own. The timing is also important. The way the West depicted the events as homegrown cast more light on the real culprit behind the attacks: INDIA.

    Muslims countries around the World should stop dealing with INDIA.

    As if Muslims did not have enough of the West’s war on Muslims. India has joined the West in its war on Muslims. We all know that the issue of Iran’s nuke is just a smoke screen. The real target is Pakistan’s nukes and stability.

  25. Agree and Indeed India is the 1 behind every bad thing happening in our beautiful country
    God Bless Pakistan

  26. dear friends…..not only i but every pakistani know that indians are pig…the question is why we r watching the movies of these pigs????this is really tragic that our new generation are bound of in these blody indian movies…there heroes are sharukh ….salman…instead of hazrat muhammad(s.a.w.w)…they dun know even basic concept of islam but they know about every indian movie and songs……..i think we all deserve this………may God bless our country…PAKISTAN ZNDABAD

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