Terrorists Prevented From Infiltrating GHQ

October 10, 2009

US-linked Private Security Firms’ Involvement Suspected

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An attempt to attack the General Head Quarters of the Pakistan Armed Forces has been foiled earlier today as four militants were shot dead while trying to enter the premises. ISPR (Inter-Services Public Relations) spokesman Major General Athar Abbas confirmed that four attackers dressed in army uniforms started firing on guards when stopped at the gate.

RAWALPINDI – Loud gunfire and blasts were heard near the Pakistan army’s headquarters in Rawalpindi at 11:30 this morning after a team of gunmen brandishing assault rifles and grenades tried to break into the fiercely guarded compound on Saturday, sparking a raging gun battle with troops outside Islamabad.

According to witnesses, four militants in a white Suzuki van attempted to enter the GHQ premises from gate number one. When intercepted by the checkpoint guards, they started firing indiscriminately and throwing hand grenades while making their way towards gate number two, where security officials promptly acted, shooting the terrorists dead after a short but intense pitched battle. It is not clear how many security officials were martyred in the exchange.

The entire area has been cordoned off and roads leading to the GHQ have been closed for traffic, and army helicopters have begun hovering over the GHQ.

The van is said to contain explosives while sophisticated weapons and communication equipment have been found both inside the van as well as on the dead militants, which points towards possible involvement of US private security agencies operating in Islamabad. These private security firms are employed by the US Embassy in Islamabad, and have been provided with banned sophisticated weapons after special approvals were obtained from Interior Minister Rehman Malik and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani.

Security forces recently raided the offices of one such agency (Inter Risk) and recovered a large cache of sophisticated heavy weapons, while arresting its owner Ali Jaffar Zaidi.

Investigation conducted by police revealed that Inter Risk had made an agreement with an American security company, DynCorp, to provide security to US installations and diplomats and security personnel along with protecting their interests in Pakistan.

The firm was also asked to recruit security guards, especially those who can qualify for joining Special Services Group, and arranged a place for their training.

Sources said that during interrogation the accused disclosed names of some bigwigs, including officials of the Interior Ministry, allegedly involved in provision of licences of prohibited bore weapons to the security firm.

But the investigators are reluctant to take the ‘big shots’ into custody, the sources said, adding that a request had been made to the government by senior police officers.

With this morning’s attack on the General Head Quarters of the Armed Forces of Pakistan, one hopes serious action will be taken to shut down these US private security firms and their training centers, as well as in investigating the involvement of the US Embassy as well as interior ministry officials in anti-state activities.



  1. bad, but to mention ”The gate number 2 is not the internal or the forth coming gate after the main gate”, its the number 2, the second (alternate) entry point.

    Purpose of mention is that the GHQ was not intruded, but was an attempt to do so, also that the article, specially the televised news sound as the first gate was intruded and the second gate was being intruded.

  2. Sad news man…btw ISI is behind that ;)…cuz they want to start an aggressive operation in Waziristan….

    • Devil ….your name is very much in contarst with your thoughts……….

    • ISI cannot be behind an attack on the GHQ,if you beleive it is,then you should leave this country or start working for an external agency as you clearly have no understanding of the Pakistan Army.The TTP is behind every bomb blast and attack in this country.Its time you guys stop spreading conspiracy theories and unite against extremist viewpoints.The TTP had recently declared that they would avenge the death of Baitullah by attacking American & Pakistani forces.Is it too hard to understand?
      As for the author of this post,i understand that you are bound by the policies of this blog to promote anti-american sentiment,but i dont understand why you have involved the Interior Ministry of Pakistan and the Prime Minister in it?

      • TTP is also strategic assets of ISI 🙂

      • Devil..dont you belong in hell????

    • my DAASH………… is also an agent of isi and dont u remember DEVIL?? isi uses it on u EVERY NIGHT..

    • @Devil :-If TTP is the strategic asset of the ISI(as you said so)why would the ISI stage a fake attack on the Army’s Headquarters to wage a war against its own so-called strategic asset in Waziristan?Think before you speak..open your mind

    • Hey, We know whats going on and who’s behind the attacks. We dont want your suggestions . Its better you stay quit rather than speak out bullshits. Its not a fun time. and I know who the hell are you and why are you questioning like that just to give another perspective to think out that way.
      TTP is US sponsored assett and they’re behind every attack . In simple words US is involved all the attacks at the moment indirectly to destabilize Pakistan.

    • ISI was behind this, i just wish the ISI had picked another target… may be now the generals who opposed waziristan operation will favour it now. If it is found that the people were not ISI, and RAW, then pakistan must block land,sea and road access to india and begin shelling indian postions and ask iran how to live with american sanctions.

  3. Drama…

  4. what are u talking?? ^^

  5. Love u ISI, We blame CIA for 9/11….CIA, RAW, ISI, KGB, MI6 or MOSAD…all are the same 😛

  6. excuse me???? ISI attacking its own GHQ??? talk sense man

    • Y not mate??? is CIA can do 9/11 or RAW can do Bombay….then y not ??? get a life man 😛

      • If you are a Pakistani, it is advised that you don’t spread conspiracy theories.Regarding the two agencies and incidents that you are talking about, ample of proof have been found by independent analyst, mostly Indians and Americans who & have reasons to believe that the two agencies are involved in staging dramas. Secondly if Pakistan does have to conduct operations in Waziristan it does not need any excuse, we have had plenty of Bomb Blasts already and we have cleared most part of Sawat with the consent of the people and the Parliament, so say things which make sense… Please dint miss lead people by being immature. Thirdly there has been an on going propaganda to weaken ISI and thus make Pakistan vulnerable, the media and other tools have been employed in this regard, so, the propaganda is propaganda and it can never hide the truth. All readers should go to the facts rather than these baseless allegations.
        Pak Fauj Zaindabad , Pakistan Paindabad.

      • Excellent comments Syed. 🙂

  7. Don’t take that even seriously… our ARMY need an excuse to start a aggressive operation in Waziristan. Which is good cuz its going to be a final battle against Al-Quaida Inshah Allah. PAK ARMY Zinda Abad. Final Destination is near!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • devil sb, i think u r hired by another devil ( rehman malik). for ur information army is gaining time b4 starting wazirastan opertion, because to ensure complete involvement/ inteligence reports.

  8. Sure Blackwater, Xe Worldwide DynCorp and other foreign private security firms involved in this incident and I think they are testing the resistance and react of army.

    • Yea rite 😛 …XE is hiring our X service men. Take it easy bro…. get ready for a full ON operation in Waziristan……….

  9. Wipe them out.

  10. In my opinion, We are missing a point here, this could be done by American Agencies to Force Pak Army to start the attack in Waziristan As soon as possible….

    • Yes it is too possible

    • May be….or both CIA cum ISI drama…mate Dance with the Devil…Devil does not change… It changes
      U 😉

      • Brothers, Americans will never ever like to have Pakistan Army start and finish operation in Waziristan. Its never their agenda. The reality is that US always want to have a reason in their hands to threaten and malign Pakistan for its failure by pointing towards Waziristan and have Kerry/Lugar bill passed and have unrestricted command over our Military sovereignty.

        Its my opinion, I might be wrong though.


    • NO my dear.. more likely for them to attack Swaziristan as Pak Army not capable…

  11. Now It Should Be Very Clear For All Pakistanis That Peoples Have Enterd Inside Pakistan For Terror Activities Against Our Homeland. And Unfortunately They Have Good Support From Our Depts Also. It Is All Because Of Stupid Policies Of Mr Musharrif.
    It Is a Time We Should Forget Our Differences And Shoult Stay Behinde Our Security Agencies. Our Current Leadership Have No Courge, Not Able To Secure Our Great PAKISTAN. So We Are All Praying For Better And Positive Role Of PAKISTAN ARMY.

  12. When you oppose Kerry Lugar Bill, when Karzai and pro-India elements join hands then its easy to exploite TTP terrorists further against Pakistan.

    Time to get strict with national security and ping the traitor government

  13. […] the involvement of the US Embassy as well as interior ministry officials in anti-state activities Terrorists Prevented From Infiltrating GHQ Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz Kashmir, Sindh, Punjab, Sarhad (NWFP) and Balochistan we are United […]

  14. Slam o alikum
    Stop haten the ISI this is what our enemy wants to destroy the ISI so their target (Pakistan) could be more easier. so stop giving your perdictions without a knowledge, didn’t you have enough fun where we stand today after all this. So please stop giving your gentlemen theories in the favour of our enemy like our stupid Govt is doing. who ever did this we will stand firm and together to defend our Pakistan, thats the bottom line. as our Quaid Said ” We are now all Pakistanis–not Baluchis, Pathans, Sindhis, Bengalis, Punjabis and so on–and as Pakistanis we must feet behave and act, and we should be proud to be known as Pakistanis and nothing else.
    Reply to the Civic Address presented by the Quetta Municipality on 15th June, 1948 ”

    so we as a nation wont let our enemy to take us as his easy target, he has to go through us to achieve his evil dream and we wont let it happen Inshallah. Pakistan Zindabad

    • Mate i dont hate ISI… I personally love them… we need a full ON operation in Waziristan….. to finish the International elements in that area.We need an excuse as well to do it… common that is our National Interest as well 😛

      • You’re an IDIOT if u think ISI did all this in which 6 jawans got martyred… what a pathetic mind u have!

      • yaar u are insane. or insanely stupid.

        Army/ISI doesn’t need any ‘justification’ to attack waziristan.

        Whole nation has already supported the op in swat/malakand, after we realized the true objectives of TTP and the true face of their warped ideology.

        Army will start an op there whenever they want and feel is the right time. These sort of incidents will not make the generals change battle plans or make hasty decisions. The generals have a job to do, not votes to win.

        TTP and other agencies are behind these attacks to weaken the country. This is by their own admission. Their distorted view of islam means that they don’t recognize the existence of Paklstan. This is not what i am saying, but what they themselves say.

        And you are really a stupid sod (if you are a Pakistani, but i really know you are an Indian bastard.)

  15. Sab drama hai!
    Staged by pak army to get more western aid and divert Pakistanis from its failings.
    This is will also add basis to their claims that they also are ‘victims’ of terror.

    • beta yeh tumhara masla nahen hai apnay kam say kan rakho apnay india ko sambhalow

      • oyr rajk BC pehle apne mulk mein jo naxalites tum logon ki LE RAHE HAIN unhein to sambhalo! Tum logon ki band bajti ja rahi hay aur tum log phir apni phaarne k liye idhar dafa hojate ho. ja dafa ho!

      • hahahaha….why are Indians so darn predictable!

      • Bhaiya jab aur ke yahan hui to drama!9/11 drama 26/11 drama!!!!!

        Appne yahan hua to drama nahin…..!

        BTW do not worry about naxals.

        They are our own people, who believe they are fighting for the oppressed and poor.

        We cannot deal with them like we do with the jehadi types in kashmir!

        They are not separatist or terrorists.

      • RajK

        {{{{We cannot deal with them like we do with the jehadi types in kashmir!}}}}

        The IAF has asked to government to give them permission to attack the naxals when they want to.

        Even ur PM MS is saying fight against Naxals is failing!

      • IM

        The IAF has asked for permission to open fire in case they are fired upon.

        The PM was saying this while pointing to local state govt, who sometimes due to electoral considerations, local politics and vote banks are considerate to them.For example the West Bengal govt with its commi rulers.He said that unless states take up their responsibilities seriously, the fight will not succede.
        There is no equivalence to jehadis since naxals are NOT seeking to separate from india NOR do they target/bomb indisciminately nor are they proting any religious cause.They target only govt symbols, security forces and informers.
        The only problem is their stalinistic and extreme left views as a means to improve the lot of the poor.

      • And wht is ur take on maoists?? Your northeastern states!

        Your news channel was even reporting that the Lal Garh operation is a failure!

  16. In my opinion this was an attempt to see the response of the Army if GHQ or any other Cantt is attacked. This was just a staged play and the four militants were secret agents of US secret agencies. This was just to test Pakistan Army’s strength and ability to handle such situations.

    If we see the situation through another angle, it is possible that this was done on content of our ^#@%&*!@# president. Because the army chief openly rejected the Kerry Lugar Bill, so this might be a reply to that since our @!$%!%^ president is desperate for the dollars that US is going to send to his accounts in the name of Aid.

    Its high-time and if the public leaves it as it has been doing for the last 62 years, it would be no surprise if Pakistan falls in another two three years or so.

    Wake up my countrymen, wake up and fight for what is yours. Don’t give up without a fight or without even calling wrong wrong. Don’t let the @!%!^#@@ govt take your rights from you. Be one and be what you are, and you are a FIGHTER!!!!!

  17. This is very bad incident.
    Army is the only and last Institution to save Pakistan

  18. black water and other american and indian agencies are higly involved this attack
    yesterday in afghanistan indian couclete was targeted by teerorists and india blames to pakistan

  19. According to latest News. 4 Soldiers, 1 LT.COl and And 1 BRIG have been martyred !

  20. the ISI has been compromised . I find it hard to believe that the GHQ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    was so vunerable to attack

  21. I think what’s happening is a number of proxy wars.

    We have some assets in afghanistan as a safeguard against undue american intervention, so they brought India into Afghanistan to counter that and use Indians as a proxy to create and manage internal strife in Pakistan.

    3 days ago we saw a massive bomb explosion in India’s Kabul Embassy (RAW base of operations in Afghanistan), which i sincerely hope killed a number of those bastards. So next day there was a cowardly attack in peshawar on civilians. Next an attempt on GHQ which has now failed since the bomb failed to get detonated. The peshawar attack was meant as a psychological attack, but by now, RAW should realize that our people are immune to this sort of bullshit. The second attack was overambitious. In the backdrop of this is the kerry-luger bill which the Armed Forces leadership appear to strongly oppose as a 21st century ‘East India Company’ game. So lets see who makes the next move.

  22. “Good Morning Pakistan…. Balck Water is here” …… This was the message

    the way the attack was conducted…. terrorists didn’t rush into the premises, neither they attempted suicide attack.. they were highly trained , stayed away .. took a secure position in the ground shows they were well aware about the building premises and locations….. clear indication who is behind this attempt……….
    time to be disciplined, faithful and UNITED

  23. Pakistani army as well as politicians n public should be well aware of their enemies.whose war is this,which is going on in Pakistan?we want peace and prosperity in our motherland and its the duty of Govt. to control such activities.our grand parents gave us an independent land then why our Govt wants to make us slaves?

  24. Hey PKKH people why dont you stop INDIAN/Bharti trolls from spreading their shit here.

  25. people is the people;the rule good muslim is bad people,the bad muslim is good people;which one are you ????;why everybody need to talk because they know the negotiation is the best way for politician;but for England;who’s teacher of the mouth,is who are you? the true Ability or wrong Ability with your mouth,it’s???????(azaz of England teacher 1843)

  26. The Foreign ‘Hands’ need to understand, that the Pakistani nation stands with its armed forces. They shouldn’t be testing our patience, history has shown that when I nation is cornered at pushed to the wall, the repercussions are grave. 170 million people ready to die for Islam and Pakistan are truly a force to be reckoned with. Please back off! Pakistan Zindabad!!!

  27. Its high time. PAK army has to take serious action against BlackWater n private security firms hired by US.

    Simple thng. Jst kick thm out of PAK. And also kick out politicians like Zardari n Rahman Malik

  28. My only comment,fire Athar Abbas and likes and clean the armed forces.
    How come they came in an army vehicle with army number plate? Was the vehicle on a sidewalk,un-occupied and un-attended?

  29. Raw is behind this. I think we should attack india. Bomb Mumbai, Delhi to get the revenage of this.
    Enough is enough. They cannot keep on killing our people and we are doing nothing to prevent this.
    Even Therik Taliban Pakistan is not an integeral part of RAW. Yesterday Bomb Blast in Peshwar and today Attack on GHG is their Response to the attack on Kabul Ambessy. We should responsd too and attack Indian In Mumbai and Delhi.
    If they have killed 49 yesterday and 6 today, then we should killed at least 55 indian bastards as well. only then fucking RAW will get their Ass out of our country.

    • @ Ali Khan,

      The gun attacks are waste of resources, there has to be destruction of at least the scale of Indian embassy attack in Kabul.

      These attackers need to be provided with heavy weapons and man-portable rockets, to cause large scale destruction of Army installations.

  30. Ali Khan, that’s not practical, the biggest mistake Pakistan made was that they banned the organizations which were fighting for freedom in Kashmir, if somehow we can divert India attention again there, i am damn sure, India will sooner or later bend on her knees to Pakistan just like they did in 1965 and their PM Lal shastri begged for their land which Pakistan won in the war.

    • Pls do not make the mistake of thinking that yu stopped actions in kashmir because yu wanted to.

      Yu were made to.

      Yaar,see reality.Pakistan has resources, guns, weapons, etc etc.

      We also have them!
      Plenty plenty more than yu.

      Yu tried to make our borders hot.
      We have made yur west so hot that pak army has had to redeploy from its main enemy India in its east to its western borders in FATA swat, balochistan etc.

      Yaar sambhal jao.
      Aman chain se rahon, kashmir me dakhal mat do.

      Warna ye mat socho ke hum logon ko jawab kahan aur kaise nahin dena aata.

    • BTW when yu talk of 1965.
      Pls find out what was.

      Operation gibraltar?
      Operation Grand Slam?

      Role of the Special Service Group in kashmir.

      How they were totally massacred due to the foolishness of their leaders.
      Why yahya Khan lost popularity when 1965 was supposed to be a great moment.

      How the Indian riposte and thrust across the International border blocked pak plan under the op gibraltar and grand slam.
      How this diverted pak forces from akhnur, jammu, toward pak and led to failure of pak plans in kashmir.

      Read this!!

      Its yur own general.


      ‘Lahore, Sep 14 (ANI): The Indian Army crossed the international border to launch full-fledged war against Pakistan in 1965 because “low-level skirmishes were started from this side,” said Pakistan’s former National Security Adviser Mahmood Ali Durrani.

      “We started the intrusions on the borders, and I think we should think about the Indian response at that time,” said Durrani.

      He said the high-level military command was not involved in “a strategy to disturb India”, but politicians knew about what was happening along the border.

      Durrani told Najam Sethi on his Dunya News programme on Sunday that the then Foreign Affairs Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto also had no idea that India would cross the international border.

      Durrani said he had participated in two wars, and “I now think Pakistan did not achieve anything from these wars”.

      • @Rajk
        Who the hell told u Pakistan has moved the army from the Indian borders? Pakistan has been asked several times to do so but the army has refused!

        Regarding 1965 – There are dozens of other generals who say that India started the 1965 war!

        Beside ur sonia gandhi said – “we might have lost the 1965 war but our media is ahead than Pakistan’s” … Sonia Gandhi accepted the defeat!

        We don’t have to do anything in Kashmir coz the number of ur army men is automatically decreasing as they are committing suicide,the good thing is some of them even go on rampage killing other army men as well.

  31. Illumnati

    • WTF 😛

  32. The Government of Pakistan need to turn to “ISLAM” that is the only salvation for this country. Establish Sharia in the country, provide justice, throw all the filthy american or british types in the indian ocean.

    • correction arabian sea

  33. These American Shi* Ho**s are behind these attacks! For sure! Those militants were trained professionals!

  34. Naxalites are Dalits.No religion of their own.Dying of starvation,disease.
    RAJK,Anil,NEEL are all Dalits.To make them stand up,Gandhi called them “Harijan” i.e.nobody knows who is their father.

    • Naxalites are Indians!
      Worry about the pakistanis!
      Have yu seen pakistans rankings in the Human Development report

  35. The attack on GHQ is definatly the activity of India n Blackwater commandos… We have to teach dem a lesson. we want Martial Law…

  36. Well it is clearly pointing the fingers to our great allies the Americans ofcourse with coproduction of all time scum bag Indian agency. Their bid to inject Pakistan with security contractors & the KL Bill has failed miserably. Good news for us but should be an eye opener for all well wishers of Pakistan. This needs to be taken at the same level as if the Pentagon was attacked. One should try to understand the objectives & Motives for carrying out such an attack on the GHQ?

    1) Calculate the response time of Pak Army
    2) Drill to simulate an actual assault on the GHQ & take the top brass hostage leaving the Command and Control vacant. (Neutralize Pak Nuclear CNC & paralize the strong Milittary without commanders).
    3) Divert attention of the masses from the KL Bill.
    4) Bid to control Decision making along with rogue elements in our bureaucracy.
    5) Message to the Army (Not to get involved in International Affairs) when puppet democracy is in place.

    Let us not forget to add the Indian Embassy bombing in Kabul to be part of the grand American theatre. Pinning it on the Talibans & ISI and then this attack to show how lawless and helpless Pakistan is. Hence to enter SWaziristan before the Pak Army making it an International Affair.
    Motives can be highlighted in the KL Bill (Concessions asked by the Americans in return for the so called AID to Pakistan). Please keep in mind the mild protest & the labelling by the Indian lobbyist in Washington that KL Bill is a success due to strong lobbying of Pakistan in US (only to gain acceptance in the Pakistani minds aswell as pose Haqqani a patriot doing a great service to Pakistan). It is no surprise why after the troika metting, the Gov. has finally accepted that the bill needs to be reviewed due to objectable clauses. Someone should be held accountable on the Pakistani side for brokering such a deal and insisting there was nothing to object on.

    U.S has started twisting the arm of Pakistan to go along with it’s intrest and do it the hard way if not KL Bill way.

    Pak Army has again safe guarded the Interest of the state and should now step up to their so called Allies (or ALL LIES) & should acquire more support from China & other countries both diplomaticaly & strategically in removing the American, Indian & Israel troika from our western borders. If the current politicians don’t have the gutts then it is high time for a mild cleansing in the corridors of power…

    Insha Allah, they’ll know what happens when you get your hands in a Wild Bees hive…

    Pak Army Zindabad ! Pakistan Paindabad…

    • The problem is that pakistan, with the billions of $$ of CIA and Saudi fund acted as a conduit for the CIA against the afghans.When the Russkis left, pakistan made a fatal assumption.It thought that it was pakistan which defeated the ruskkis, NOT the Billions of $ and weapons from the west and saudis.
      They tried to take upon this role themselves in the 90s, propped up taliban along with the saudis billions in their eternal aim for strategic depth in Afghanistan.
      The problem is after 9/11 the saudis gave up their funding.The CIA obviously is nowhere in the picture to fund taliban.The chinks are still staying away.Without big bucks, pak simply does not have the capability of handling the taliban.It has to beg for aid from the USA which is then diverted to the ISI and taliban etc.With the yanks playing hardball, how can PAk pour billions in afghanistan.The talibs/pashtos in any case are crazy people.The only thing running them is opium or eternal bribes.THey are now simply running amok, and as they say, the chickens are coming home to roost now!
      Big Time.

      • Dear, plz get your facts right nobody in Pakistan thinks that they broke Russia alone. It was the U.S with Israel providing the Russian weapons and other countries including saudis funding a Jihad not paying to Pakistan. And FYI after the defeat of the soviet, everyone just packed their bags and left the region leaving the western borders in devestation. Pakistan did it’s best to give the Afghans their support and host many in Pakistan for 27 years and still has them. We know better than you, the kind of people Afghans are and they are nothing like you think of…

  37. Ths incident clearly proves…..private American agencies had successfully penetrated PAK. And they are ready to overthrow and destabilize PAK by creating troubles n maligning PAK ARMY n ISI.

    Remember ISI n ARMY is only the last institution who cud save PAKISTAN. And no doubt if every instituion fails in PAK, defence establishment wud b the last patriotic element. Patriotism of ISI n army cannot b challenged bcoz u cannot find people sacrificing lives for nation except apart frm ISI n ARMY.

  38. Bomb blast in Kabul on Indian Embassy, couple of days back …. Indians blame Pakistan for it and within two days of that what happens? ….. a bomb blast in Peshawar and now an attack on GHQ …. links are there for everyone to see 🙂

  39. good, jisna bhe ye ghalti karde, wo dekha ga k hum Pkistani qaum apni military ka sath milkar dushmano ko sub ca bura waqt dikhayenge aur wo yaad rakhenga. ab india ne sote hua shair ko jaga dia ha, it will cost fuckintg bharat the value of its on earth.

  40. Rajk is confused.First his problem was Pakistan and Pakistanis,now Pashtuns,who,he says, are crazy people.It is Pakistan,which is in their way,otherwise they will over-run India.
    Rajk might have known the joke that,to please the King one brought a grape(which Russia did) and other brought a big water melon(which is now America).After Pashtuns get rid of America,they will turn to you.Afterall they have ruled you for 1000 years.

    Khair manao dhoti parsad.

    • The confusion is in yur mind!
      The Taliban are pashtun dominated in Afghanistan as well as in TTP of Pakistan.
      Pakistan thought that pashtun nationalism and pride could be stoked against the non-pashto afghans, ie the tajiks, uzbeks, etc of the northern alliance in afganistan for gaining a foothold in afghanistan.They forgot that that the pashtuns of Afghanistan do not see the Durand line as a boundary.The feeling instead of being contained only to Afghanistan spread to Pakistan too.That is what is meant by the chickens coming home to roost in pakistan.

      Read this


      Why shld India be bothered by pashtuns.They are well happy in their mountain tribe homes.If by 1000 of yrs yu mean muslim rule then how are yu concerned with it.The capital of muslim rule was in India, in delhi/agra and the deccan.That is still very much in India.There are 160 million muslims in india who are the inheritors of the muslim legacy in India.The muslim medieval period is part of Indian history.How are yu concerned and bothered with it.Pakistan was always a sidey and peripheral area for the sultanate, mughal and other muslim rulers.NO important monuments or islamic architecture of great historical importance is in pakistan.(except a few here and there).SO forget the 1000yrs.Muslim history and culture is a part of India too.

      • Don’t try to teach us about the Afghan culture & people. We know better then you. You really need to educate yourself about the Mughal historical monuments in Paksitan. My advices to a child like you is…

        DONT CASH IN ON THE NAME INDIA AS IT IS NOW PAKISTAN, BANGLADESH & DIVIDED!. Get it through your head,,, and it’ll divide further in the coming times.I doubt that CURRENT India will see it’s 100th Aniversary..

      • And what cash in on the name Pakistan!!!!!
        Pakistans lack of culture is so that it has to borrow names of Afghan Kings for its missiles!!!!

        Don’t yu worry about India.
        Worry about Pakistan.Led by jokers and bandits like Zardari.The status of the PM Gilani is unknown.Woh kya karta hain, kisi ko pata nahin.Mehmood Qureshi the pak foreign minister roams around here and there.Yu can make out from his face , that he knows his country is an international laughing stock.
        Zardari wants to replace Kiyani, because Kiyani is preventing zardari from taking his kickbacks from billions got as american aid.
        YU better start hoping that that yur other sugar daddy China is able to replace USA as yur biggest aid donor.
        Why botherd about current india.
        Pakistan in the name of Islam, it supposed binding force, was unable to keep its part Bangladesh for barely a few decades.They sepearted on the basis of their language and culture.
        The same thing is happening on the west of pakistan.
        Worry abt yurself.

      • Yes USA is the biggest AID donor. Aid donated to Pakistan to buy more arms for Indian A$$ kicking. Bangladesh didn’t rivert back to India thou the Indians started the aggression for them. Well no regrets, it was our wrong policies that lead to such a sad episode. Anyhowz, they are better off that way & we wish them best! Pakistan has moved on!

        DONT CASH IN ON THE NAME INDIA AS IT IS NOW PAKISTAN, BANGLADESH & DIVIDED! Get it through your head,,, and it’ll divide further in the coming times. 😛

  41. That is why Indira said,”we have taken the revenge of 1000 years.”
    That is why you demolished Babri Masjid.
    That is why,you want “wande matram” and force Muslim tosing it.

    • Well said!! I believe your words make no sense to faggots living in CURRENT INDIA.

    • Is that what they tell yu in yur madrassas!!!

      Grow up!
      Yu will not be able to lure away Indian Muslims.
      They are well aware, how islamic actually pakistan is, and how much freedom and equality is there.
      There are no blasphemy laws in India.No persecution of ahmediyas or qadianis.No persecution of shia by sunni extremists.No huddood ordinances.

      Yes they do have problems, but it is this land itself which is providing them justice also.
      Has a temple actually come up a babri masjid !

      On vande mataram. While some have objected, not all muslims are as hyperctive and fundamental as yu may be on a national song.Most have no objections to what is essentially a patriotic song venerating the motherland.
      And BTW this does not apply to minority institutions.
      The indian courts have in any case ruled against any compulsions in such matters.

      • “but it is this land itself which is providing them justice also.”

        We’ll see your law of the land for Narendar Modi.. What a joke!!

        Go through the comment again…

        That is why Indira said,”we have taken the revenge of 1000 years.”
        That is why you demolished Babri Masjid.
        That is why,you want “wande matram” and force Muslim tosing it.

        by Ultra Nationalist October 12, 2009 at 1:57 am

  42. A Grand Operation on S-Waziristan

    Ready or not here I come if You Hide 🙂

  43. ho hoh ho wait Pakistan is no bodys agent USA or Saudia some selfish indiviuals are palying fouls.

    Attack on GHQ 100% American plan how come Embassy warn American citizans not to go Satureday near GHQ this was published in news papaers on friday after Peshawer attack sure that was also by Americans.

    Time for all People of Pakistan to get rid off American agents and American policies.

    Shut up call is imminant to America rite now.

    Pakistan Zinda abad.

  44. It is very unfortunate that some people write things which are far away from reality or may be they are paid to spread such rumors to serve the RAW,CIA,MOSAD and RAMA purpose.
    we all are a family in pakistan and Pakistan army and its agencies take it as ONE Big Family thats why so many of our brave soldiers have given their lives to let us have some peace and life in pakistan.
    Please lets not underesitmate the scarifices of our brave men who are awake,defending our mother land.
    We have one of the best arimies and agencies in the world and due to which our enemies are finding it hard to step on our soil.
    I have great regards for our soldiers and those unknown shadows who live and breathe to save this country.
    Long Live Pakistan,Pakistan armed forces and ISI.
    well done our great soldiers

  45. Stop believing tripe written by cretins! Its the mullahs killing our soldiers, wake up and smell the roses.


  46. Rajk,the reason why Indian Muslims are oppressed,is your stooges Shahnawaz and Mukhtar Naqviwho are loyal to the king than the king himself. Remember,Shahnawaz staged a Hijack drama,starting from Bombay,wanted to land in Karachi,failed.Tried Lahore and failed.Finally landed at Delhi,Shahnawaz saying it was a drill.
    Makkari(hypocracy) never pays,Rajk.

    • The guys you mention are currently in the wilderness of electoral defeat for the moment.

      Oppression of Muslims would be a strong word.Yes,problems of discrimination,backwardness and poverty amongst Indian Muslims does exist.The roots of it are complex and historical.
      But, as much as the problems is with the majority, the Muslims too have failed in creating for themselves a dynamic forward looking leadership.They are perceived often to be seen content as playing the role of votebanks and little else.The community has not has a modern forward looking reformist leader/s who help break the insular and ghetto mindset of the Indian muslims.
      Having said that, things are changing.But societal change does not take place overnight.It will take generations.

  47. the colaboracy Pakistan and USA from 1953;why now you made them like enemy;it’s your Army and USA only make some reformation to make every house not have a Gun,like in South East Asia or another country,for USA army it’s like made fucking Big A.why they must make the new rule in another country;it’s the Pakistan not In USA they country,all crazy think for they are,wrong place ,wrong number,wrong exception

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