Pakistani Patriots: Response to GHQ Attack

October 10, 2009

Aquib Moin | PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com

On October 10, 2009, we witnessed an attempt to target the Pakistan Army GHQ in Rawalpindi.

We take this as a direct assault on the National security, sovereignty, integrity and dignity of the State of Pakistan. We suggest and recommend that the following measures should be taken to respond to this serious attempt of sabotaging Pakistan’s National Secutiry:

a) Zardari and at least his erstwhile con Rehman Malik should be thrown out of the avenues of power immediately and must be interrogated regarding the permission of entrance granted to the suspicious US personnel, allowing illegal weapons in the Federal capital and conspiring activities of foreign secutiry agencies like Inter-Risk, DynCorp etc and their possible link with today’s attack.

b) As the Army was preparing an assault on the American/Indian backed TTP in South Waziristan, the US-linked private security companies working under the cover of NGOs have attemped to create a diversion by planning and executing an attack on the GHQ, which the TTP was the first to own. It appears that the links between TTP and BW/Xe are now becoming clearly visible for those who are reading between the lines. Both the entities are working in close collaboration with each other. We also suspect that this was a desperate attempt by these hostile elements to divert attention from the current criticism being directed at the Kerry-Lugar bill. It seems very palusible that the new plan of action for TTP is to cover up for the mischiefs of BlackWater and associates. Hence by owning this attack, they are trying to generate more chaos and confusion in the mind of Pakistanis. TTP’s track-record of lies, terror and deceit are enough grounds for us to treat their claims as extremely suspicious.

c) All US and NATO supplies through Pakistan must be totally suspended until the time the US authorities bend over backwards to cooperate with the investigations of this attack and ensure that there will not be any American intervention in any internal affair and that there will not be any American attempt/involvement/design that threatens Pakistan’s integrity, sovereignty and security. Unnecessary expansion of the US embassy and the arrival of US personnel should be immediately suspended, we don’t need them to run our affairs. Suspicious security agencies should be shut down with immediate effect. There should be tight check on the hire and purchase of property by foreign elements in Pakistan.

d) Strict scrutiny of the equipment coming in Pakistan, foreigners residing in Pakistan for any purpose, they should be ordered to deposit any illegal and unnecessary weapons and equipment to ISI or Pak Army or face criminal charges followed by instant deportation.

e) A loud, clear and unanimous message should sound from the entire media domain, politicians, Pak Army and all four corners of Pakistan that “The enemies of Pakistan, whether your are Americans, Indians, Israelis, traitors on our on soil or any other elements, we know that you did this. We know that you will spare no means to do damage to Pakistan, malign its name, threaten its national security and dissolve its integrity. But we as the nation of Pakistan are one, we are standing against you and we are not going to tolerate all this and should you choose to try and invade or infilterate our country in anyway, we will annihilate and obliterate every single one of you. INSHA’ALLAH.

Allah enabled our elders to lay the foundations of this country, and He has made us able to protect it and He’ll enable us to take it to the top Insha’Allah

Pakistan Paindabaad.



  1. What nonsense!.. Get serious… the writing is on the wall… Guys this one event will have have far-reaching impact then what is percieved as the real problem that the article is trying to address. Here are a few of them

    1) This will renew the debate around the globe about the security of the PAK nuclear assets…this one act will eroded all faith in Pakistan’s capability to ensure the safety of the weapons or any assurances provided today or in future

    2) There is definitely a inside element that was played a role behind the curtains( Not ISI for sure)… It will be hard to believe that a heavily garrisoned city could be attacked in such a manner. Expect a witch hunt very soon.

    3) The western forces will now ensure all military aid will be to strengthen/support the counter insurgency operations and force the PAK ARMY to transform itself.

    4) FODP, including China will be wary of running aid programs in Pakistan given that nothing in Pakistan can guarantee their safety

    • ISI was behind this, i just wish the ISI had picked another target… may be now the generals who opposed waziristan operation will favour it now. If it is found that the people were not ISI, and RAW, then pakistan must block land,sea and road access to india and begin shelling indian postions and ask iran how to live with american sanctions.

      • aniq? u dickhead! shut the f*** up!! what the hell are you saying here?? what a statment ‘ISI was behind this’ wtf???? dont make such irresponsible and reckless statements. think twice before you post such a ridiculous statement. by the way, if you read abit more and study the right material, you will surely know WHO isntigated the GHQ tragedy. soch samajh ke baat kiya karo my dear elementary ham-wattan! regards and duwa.. Ali

    • Stop goin on the defensive with every attack n conspiracy of our enemies; by doing tht u play into their hands…we need to get a back bone and we need to stand up for ourselves…we don need assurances from the west n their psychophant friend India to be a progressive nation….somebody once asked the President of China if the constant critisicsm levelled at his country by the likes of America worried him n he replied tht when we r doin gud our enemies criticize us coz they want us to stray away from the right path by creating uncertainty in our minds…i will be worried when they would appreciate us coz tht wud mean tht we are doin sumthin wrong!
      Stand by your troops, Stand by the dream that is Pakistan, InshaAllah one day it will be realized!!!

  2. gud article. EXELENT.. the article mathches WITH the pulse of the PATRIOTS


    “….The incident showed that the militants retain the ability to strike at the very heart of Pakistan’s security apparatus despite recent military operations against their forces and the killing of Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud in a CIA drone attack in August….”

    Source, “http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33251608/ns/world_news-south_and_central_asia/”

    So clear are the objectives of this attack, Pakistan is facing a covert war, they don’t have the balls to confront us in a direct conflict. Therefore, the only option they have is to breach our defences through traitors in our ranks and building up a disinformation campaign by our heavily penetrated media.

    As the growing secularism of Pakistani media continues, my concern is, “what strategy the ulema are adopting?”

    Although a much appriciated counter-attack by Sir Zaid Hamid, PKKH team and others is launched, still i feel the access is limited.

    A humble suggestion that we should take the Ulema-e-Haq in confidence, as they have better access to the masses.

    Eventually, victorious would be the TRUTH of Islam, but my fear about my brethern, that they may not stand on the wrong side of history.

    may Allah guide us to understand the wisdom of our religion, Ameen!

    Pakistan Paindabad!

  4. Watch Rawalpindi GHQ Attack Video.

  5. zardari and his “buddies” should first be interogated, then HANGED(coz we all know the end results of the investigations)

  6. viali sahab, the writing is on the wall for the Americans and their proxy India.

    The Americans brought Indians to Afghanistan as a proxy to offset Pakistan’s influence and its assets in Afghanistan. All that RAW needed to do was pump a few million dollars worth of resources into the semi-autonomous tribal belt and work the illiterate nuts out there into a frenzy,and then see the fireworks go off. The Americans did their part by activating the left-wing ‘intellectuals’ (read- extremists) in Pakistan and controlling the ‘free’ (read- dollar-glutton) media. It worked very well for a while, even bringing in US assets into the presidency and key government positions.

    But sadly for the americans and indians, all the planning and plotting in the world cannot prevent the ass-whooping ISAF is getting in Afghanistan.

    The thing is that, Operation Rah-e-Rast succeeded thanks to the sacrifices of our men, and the so-called operations ‘panther’s claw’ conducted by NATO fell flat on its face. The Americans realize there is no denying that this is still Pakistan’s backyard, so they then smartly decide to play the economy card – the Kerry-Luger bill, which is nothing but a ruse in my opinion, designed to test how much of a fight can this country put up when it comes to its main weakness – the economy. The Army leadership appear to see through the ruse and issue a strong statement. A bomb goes off in India’s Embassy in Kabul. The next day a bomb goes off in Peshawar. Then next an attack on GHQ which fails to detonate the bomb. On the ground these attacks do not change anything. NATO will continue to get its ass-whooped in Afghanistan and Pakistan will be in a militarily strong position given the success of Rah-e-Rast and the continued control over NATO supply line. The nation, having seen countless such attacks in the last 2 years, is now immune to these bombs as a psychological weapon. And this country’s international image is irrelevant anyway, since it can’t get any worse than it already is since the last 2 years. So really, Pakistan has nothing to lose and everything to gain, but sadly for the Indians and Americans, these attacks only show their desperation. The body bags are piling up and all the while, China’s quiet, double-digit economic growth is fueling fears in its rivals. So really, the clock is ticking for the Americans and their proxies and history is going to repeat itself yet again in Afghanistan.

    • very well put Cheeta

    • Cheetah laga hai cheetah…very well put…shehzada laga hai yara…Pak fauj zinabad!

  7. This attack is equivalent to an attack on pentagon. Pakistan,s response should be loud, clear & very strict.

  8. Hi cheeta

    You are still in denail, I guess rather than falling to Mr. Zaid Hamid’s comments and baseless analysis .. read Dawn newspaper.. there are lot of sensible writers from pakistan having better understanding on all these isseus.. basically what I see from outside is There is educated class who feels terrorist networks once created for strategic depth in Kasmir/Afgan by ISI/Army has to be rooted in any cost with or without help of US.
    however the majority of readers here are not at all acknowledging this point & they still feel ISI/army whatever do its right in the interest if pakistan.. very unfortunate for Pakistan is former class of people is very less.. and the grave danger is many of educated also turning into latter class..
    Read the below editorial from Dawn.. It makes lot ofsense

    • Why don’t you worry about the Hindu extremists who are infiltrating into the Indian army according to an Indian!!

      • very rightly said IM that we should worry about Hindu exterimisum.. but this so called hindu extremisum is out of power in recent elections and that too they could not come back in power becuase of majority of hindus only. The difference is so called hindu exteremisum is not casuing problems to the world but Islamic one causes .. You can ask many pakistanis who stand in long queues out of UK embassy and making hue & cry agianst visa refusal.. The issue is same . you people are in denial..its pity despite having great thinkers & analyst in Pakistan who writes in very good newspaper Dawn .. people listen to Zaid Hamid… The only loosers in all these is educated middle class of Pakistan .. who are pro development and want to move ahead all of this beaten down .by their own country’s mess

      • Anil
        We know who is best for our country and who is not…itz none of ur business to tell us whom we should support or whom we should believe!!

        It is ur filthy extremist Hindus that has been carrying out terrorist activities in all your neighboring countries!

        Read this written by an INDIAN –

  9. http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/dawn-content-library/dawn/the-newspaper/columnists/14-irfan-husain-hype-and-hysteria-over-nothing-009-zj-04

    Read this one too… its really miserable .. such intellegient thinkers are there and masses are not taking views from them

  10. Have watched the “current affairs” video.The The voice in the background is Iranian style Qirat.Why a soldier is carrying a megaphone near the guy who is being beaten to confess.
    Sorrry for such an interpretation. Maj.Gen.Athar abbas should be fired and cleansing made before it is too late.

    • hey Paki ! for gods sake plz dont make foolish and reckelss statements such as Maj. Gen Athat Abbas should be fired! who the hell are you to say this? do your reasearch on the video first and then name individuals. this gentleman is doing a good job for Pakistan via the media, he is doing his best so dont knock him. he is also a very intelligent individual, do you want to take the ISPR spokesman’s job instead? dont be a dick. be a friend to ppl like this and support them, dont make hasty and ridiculous remarks. if you cant or are incapable of constructing positive arguments and statements then just get off the forum! no hard feelings, ppl can do alot of damage by making shitty coments. regards and duwa.. Ali

  11. Gun fighting is a waste of resources….there need to be destruction of the scale of Indian embassy attack in Kabul.

    It is time, these attackers are provided with heavy weapons and man-portable rockets to be able to cause large scale destruction of military installations.

  12. The question of Drones and the Operation in FATA since long….and the dollars being poured in ..and the aid taken by the politicians and the army..though mishandled due to corruption…draws a question mark on face of those who talk about sovereingty of Pakistan….
    The Kerry Lugar bill is just another ruse to insure our servitude to them..but much has gone before..
    Y is it that we r silent on some issues and louder on others??? when it all relates to our sovereignty!!!!

  13. after reading articles of this website all its trying to suggest is that civilians are dumbass and army has landed straight from heaven

  14. India+America+Israeli are behind this attacks.

  15. This article is utter nonsense….. How on earth can u imagine that a certain political party is so powerful to allow US infiltration in Pakistan….R u serious man???

    I ask you certain questions what will clear your minds that who actually is responsible for allowing US security agencies in this country.

    Who ruled Pakistan for last 9 yrs????

    Who surrendered on one phone call call from US secretery of state and made their so called war our own war???

    Who allowed bases and air bases to US troops in Pakistan????

    Who allowed access to Dr Qadir….n signed more dangerous bill than Kerry Lugar????

    Who handed over Pakistani citizens to CIA in including Dr Aafia Siddiqi???

    It is our General Pervez Musharaff who is responsible for all the US infiltration in PAK…..n if u think that a political party is so strong to allow 250 homes to US and blackwaters access without army’s permission …than you r living in fools world….

    A Revolution is needed in Army Elite who r addicted power n president’s house n also political parties to save our homeland

  16. why dont army hang zardari,rehman malik and altaf hussain.half of the problem will be solved in this way.

    • Ali Azmat Bhai…u haven’t answered my question..n stop behaving like a brainwashed kid


      Answer my simple n straight questions….n i think u shud ask these questions to Zaid Hamid Sahab too??

      Which leader sold this country to Americans after 9/11???
      Who allowed Drone attacks in this country in the first Place???

      Who handed over Aafia Siddiqi???

      Who gave air bases to US in Pakistan?????

      I wonder why u guys are in complete denial of Musharaff’s permission to CIA n US infiltration in Pakistan..

      Common guys grow up n stop blaming everything for a weak goverment..All over the world army take care of borders n civil elected people rule…. not otherwise

  17. let it be zardari&party,raw, mosad,mi-6 or what ever ,there is a clear conflict of interests between GHQ & so called democratic forces. COAS has to realise that things are going beyound repair. options are evident & time is passing , act to put things right or someone else will do it.
    if obama can win NOBEL PRIZE for bringing Change, then why we can’t read the ‘writing on the wall’.

  18. If we are going to indulge in conspiracy theories then I have to say this attack on GHQ is a very kick-ass response to the attack on indian embassy in kabul.

    If the GHQ attack is a RAW operation then please have the courage to admit that indian embassy attack was ISI operation.

    So then, in terms of doing actual and long term damage RAW wins hands down. While ISI is busy killing off civilians (mumbai operation) and attacking civilian installations (kabul embassy operation)…..RAW has now shown their dominance and superiority over ISI and Pak military by launching a brazen attack in broad day light on the HEART of Pak military establishment.

    Attacking a formal, known and well established military headquarter is NOT an act of terrorism by any definition.

    If Pak army cannot even protect itself how on earth it can claim to protect the people of Pak ?

  19. Wow. This entry is so full of bulls**t that its smelled up all of WordPress. Well done!

  20. nice one mr. moin

  21. >>Who ruled Pakistan for last 9 yrs????

    an american puppet who has left us with another one.

    >>Who surrendered on one phone call call from US secretery of state and made their so called war our own war???

    when you are able to see the enemy’s (coalition of US+Israel+India+ some european countries) design then you would be an idiot to opt for :superman’s role” in such scenario.

    It was not a surrender at all. it was not letting a mad dog bite you.

    who can still challenge the hysteria of world’s media ?

    >>Who allowed bases and air bases to US troops in Pakistan????

    so? whats the big deal about it?

    >>Who allowed access to Dr Qadir….n signed more dangerous bill than Kerry Lugar????

    quote any credible source other than “geo” propaganda machine.

    >>Who handed over Pakistani citizens to CIA in including Dr Aafia Siddiqi???

    do you even know what she had been doing? your “sympathies” are with her because she is a woman?

    >>It is our General Pervez Musharaff who is responsible for all the US infiltration in PAK…

    and how all this risk Pakistan’s existence?

    >>..n if u think that a political party is so strong to allow 250 homes to US and blackwaters access without army’s permission …than you r living in fools world….

    we had been asking the same question for swat operation – how all this happened (caves, tunnels, training camps) were established – thanks to MMA which did everything to keep army at distance during their rule under mush.

    speak with an army personnel to get an answre for such quetsions. army can’t operate on its own – it requires civilian govt’s approval.

  22. Politicians or military…We always have some honest rulers who r willing to put away themselves frm harms way no matter if it is on cost of national integrity..

    MushaRaff was as dishonest as Zardari is…but the crux is “this nation is dishonest” we really need to look after our charachters and values.

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