The Jinnah-Iqbal Bill: A Response to the Kerry-Lugar Bill

October 8, 2009

A PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com Exclusive

To implement the ideology of Pakistan purported by Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal, to promote an enhanced relationship of this nation with its ideology and for no ‘other’ purposes.

Be it enacted by General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani and the Armed Forces of Pakistan as a Representation of the Will of the People of Pakistan.

This Act may be cited as the ‘The Sovereignty and Dignity of the People of Pakistan Act of 2009’.

We, the people of Pakistan, make the following findings:


(1) The people of Pakistan have a long history of being used by the United States as a pawn in its plans for world domination. It is clear to us now that the Pakistani interest is not well –served by the meddling of the United States in the affairs of our state.

(2) The people of Pakistan will never give up their sovereignty, their dignity and will not let their government sell the country for so called financial ‘aid’.

(3) Despite the fact that Pakistan has been a major ally of the U.S in the so called ‘war on terror’ , the U.S continues to kill hundreds of Pakistani citizens in drone attacks which are seen as a major onslaught on the sovereignty of the Pakistani nation and a violation of our international borders.

(4) The U.S support for terrorist activities inside Pakistan, compounded by the hostile Indian presence on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border has led to the deaths of several thousand Pakistani civilians and members of the security forces of Pakistan over the past 8 years and any more of this outrage is unacceptable to the people of Pakistan.

(5) Despite the sacrifices and cooperation of the security forces of Pakistan, the United States continues to support and fund separatist movements in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), parts of the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) and Balochistan.

(6) The continued hostility of the United States towards the Armed Forces and Intelligence Agencies of Pakistan, as well as the spread of disinformation regarding the Nuclear Assets of Pakistan.

(9) The ultimate U.S goals of destroying Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons and to exert complete control over the military institutions of Pakistan have now become very clear from the Kerry-Lugar Bill.


(1) In the long political history of Pakistan, Pakistanis have often been deceived by corrupt politicians in the existing ‘democratic’ structure. Section 62 and 63 of the Constitution of Pakistan clearly define that each candidate applying as a potential candidate for the Parliament needs to be someone who is honest, sagacious, righteous and ameen. It is quite evident that this section of the Constitution has not been implemented in the past as well in the current government.

(2) The current regime has failed to run the country and look after its people and has not been able to make timely decisions in order to protect the sovereignty of the Pakistani nation. Also, this present regime has been found to be in cohorts with elements that are hostile to the Pakistani State.



(1) We support the patriotic elements in both the civilian and military establishments who have demonstrated the wisdom and courage to oppose the Kerry-Luger bill.

(2) We assure Gen. Kayani that he has the unequivocal support of every concerned citizen of Pakistan in taking a firm stand to protect the ideological and physical borders of Pakistan.

(3) The Pakistani nation is not for sale and we once again reiterate the resolve that this nation has had since its inception: that we will eat grass but we will stand on our own two feet and not bow to imperial masters.

(4) Based on the findings in Section 2, it is imperative that the current regime is forced to reconsider Pakistan’s Foreign Policy in terms of engaging with the Americans and other actors in the so called ‘theatre of war’ created by U.S presence in this region.

(5) We demand that the current U.S diplomats in Islamabad including the ambassador be expelled on grounds of interference with internal matters of Pakistan.

(6) We also demand the deportation of U.S contractors and mercenaries currently operating on Pakistani soil.

(7) We demand that the U.S embassy in Pakistan is reduced to 10% of its current size, both in terms of area and personnel.

(8) No Visas be issued to any American citizen without clearance from Pakistan’s security agencies.

(9) Pakistan does not need aid from the U.S or any other country. It is time that we used this opportunity to take a stand against corruption and injustice in Pakistan. The Kerry-Luger bill is a challenge to the Pakistani nation and it shall be met with dignity and honour.

It is time for the Pakistani nation to remember who we really are and our real potential. This bill is an attempt to subdue us into slaves of imperialist forces and is a bait to harness the ‘shaheens’ of this dignified nation.

Aye Taair-e-Lahooti us rizq say Maut achhee
Jis rizq say aati ho parwaaz mein kotahi

Let us join hands and implement the ‘Jinnah-Iqbal Bill’. This is what the people of Pakistan want and this is what the father of this nation strove for.

Pakistan Payendabad!



  1. I as a citizen of sovereign Pakistan thoroughly agree with all the clause of The Jinnah-Iqbal Bill.
    I fully support this bill as it give me immense pleasure and dignity.

  2. I also wholeheartedly support this bill and believe strongly in each and every one of it’s clauses!

  3. I strongly support this bill in all the way i can .

  4. we stand by our soverenity

  5. United States is mis-spelled in 2-A-1

  6. I support this bill all the way.

  7. Support this bill !!

  8. I support and we should all promote this bill!

  9. this bill should be implemented as soon as possible … by any means,constitutionaly or otherwise.

  10. This is absolutely fabulous!
    I, being a legal citizen of the sovereign State of Pakistan, demand this Bill to win the status of a National Bill.
    I demand the implimentation of each point mentioned in this Bill, ASAP!
    I demand legal actions to be taken against who so ever tries to play about with the seriousness of this document once it has got the deserved status.
    I demand a medal of star and crescent to be given to the person/team who has put this Bill together! =D really encouraging. Thank you so much!

    • Thank you so much for your outstanding feedback Sehar! 🙂

  11. I support this bill

  12. To the Mods of PKKH:
    is it possible to have this page (alone), sent to all the newsletter susbcribers, so we can pass it on to ppl on our list… thanks!:)

  13. I as a citizen of sovereign Pakistan thoroughly agree with all the clause of The Jinnah-Iqbal Bill.

  14. Wholeheartedly supported.

    Pakitan Zindabad.

  15. I strongly support this bill and hope every possible medium is chosen to convey and promote it.

    We owe this to Jinnah…to Iqbal..

  16. No army boots again… Our politicians have already done enough to destroy Pakistan Army’s reputation, now on the election system must keep going on… some day our system will be refined enough… and our people will finally sincere people to the parliament…
    that’s passionate. emotional. super cool document. sounds like something from Gen. Zia’s era. face the reality. we can’t kick them out, we can’t force them out either cause they will bomb the hell out of us… the situation we are facing was created over a long period of time and a quick fix is not possible at all. Who bought us here, is a separate question. We need a long lasting, root level cure. All this crap spread around us is symptom, real problem is somewhere inside us. And we better focus all our energies on getting rid of the real causes instead of emotionally bragging around.
    Now you’ll ask me what is it that we can do, my dear… all of us are supposed to start from ourselves. We need to do some soul searching, fix ourselves. Then we need to bring together our families, we can keep on discussing ideas with like minded friends along the way. Then a time will arrive, when there’ll be a large group of like minded people capable of changing the destiny of this country.
    One more thing, solution to the problems of our problems lies in rise of the educated middle class. Generals won’t help, cause they don’t know our problems, we’ve already tried enough nawabs/ syeds/ khans/ maliks and industrialists. They’re are already corrupted by our clever politicians, army’s already infiltrated by pets of politicians through marriages and family ties.

    • well said!!

      • Agree with you on some points Naeem, but the solution you have put forward would not rid us from the existing crisis. It is more of a rebuilding of a nation once the Nation has realized the lackings. You are talking about the middle class, what do you think is the ratio of this class ATM?
        These politicians in power are like termites in a house, the longer you wait for awareness to elect the right people, the more it will weaken the structure until it has gone to a point of no return. Talking about democracy, this system is a failure in this Feudally administered Pakistan (where people are herded to polling stations to vote for CORRUPT or be extinct!)and do you think there is an educated way to remove Fuedalism? These Hypocrite Americans claim the establishment of democracy while using forces in foriegn countries. Have you ever thought why America has no Prime minister and who gave their President the right to VETO the congress??? Then why was Musharraf a Dictator?
        Quit thinking that America will bomb the hell out of us because if this could happen the limited army of 313 soldiers would have extinguished long ago.

  17. We fully support your efforts PKKH. All Muslims and Patriotic Pakistani should Boycott KERRY LOGAR BILL.

    Its the time to shake hands together to fight against those whoever want to divide us and whoever is supporting them.

    Pakistan Zindabad
    Pakistan Paindabad

    Pakistan Revolution Team.

  18. I support this bill

  19. This is best reply to Karry Lugar bill and this is what a dignified reply from a dignified nation. I am sure if this is presented to each dignified pakistani they will definetly support it. thumbs up to the team who prepared this bill keep it up guys.
    time has come to become shaheen & momin of Iqbal, halqaya yaraan ho to resham ki tarha narm jo razm haq wo batil ho to faulad hai momin. its time to show “faulad” effect which will break the jaws of enemies in one shot and i believe this is the faulad effect bill which will have shivering effect on these filthy intruders. I can see the coward enemies running to save their lives from the hand of the brave armies of pakistan

  20. I salute the entire team of PKKH for their nobility of purpose and conviction in awakening the true spirit of our ideology which we, as the older generation had lost track of. I not only support every clause of Jinnah-Iqbal Bill but also demand its immediate and unequivocal implementation in the sovereign state of Pakistan. As a mother and a teacher you have my blessings and unconditional, undying support wherever, whenever. Allah aap sub ko dono jahan mein surkhrooh karay. Ameen.

  21. Can their be any other way – NO – my wholehearted support to the bill may be noted please !

  22. Brilliant!!! let’s spread this message to all corners of the world

  23. Thsi Pakistani wholeheartedly supports this bill.

  24. I have a question. With The Kerry-Luger Bill the US is giving Pakistan 7.5 Billion USD. How much Pakistani Rupees is Pakistan giving to the USA with the Jinnah-Iqbal Bill???Just wondering….

    • @ Deep… Manifests the courage and dignity of those who oppose the bill even more. Furthermore, the Jinnah-Iqbal Bill is meant for the Pakistani nation not for the US.

    • USAs money will go in Zardaris pocket and Mr Badmash Sharif will eat rest of it if he comes in power again. So Pakistan will not get 7.5 billion anyway! Hope someone can arrange a rally against this bill. We had enogh of USA, they should pack and go back. We dont need them in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

  25. A bill named Jinnah Iqbal Bill should be passed by the Army Chief?You should have asked someone else as you have stated that you support the civilian patriotic elements as well and Jinnah would certainly not be pleased by the Army Chief making national policy…Just to remind you..
    “Do not forget that the armed forces are the servants of the people and you do not make national policy; it is we, the civilians, who decide these issues and it is your duty to carry out the tasks with which you are entrusted”.

    Quaid-e-Azam to Armed Forces; Aug 14, 1947

    • i am right there with you, this is asking for insanity.

    • yes they are there to defend and it means to defend ideology,territory and internal defence too!

    • Totally agree the civilian should make the policies but my question is are they really doing that?? Look at the president stooges they just bragging that this bill is for the people of pakistan. Can you see what the hell they are doing in Islamabad? They are after your idiology, your religion and culture. People please remember we all have to die, do you believe it or not? What will Zardari say there in the grave that why he was supporting the US against its own people. I have heard the hadith from our prophet SAW(peace be upon him) (Allah forgive my wording if not completely correct) Rasool Allah said that the muslims are like a body and if there is pain in one part of the body it is felt by the whole body. Mr. Zardari please follow your own people and you will see they will start following you and not the Americans (your & Mr. Musharaf’s masters).

    • What else is there that remains of what Quaid-e-Azam said? Hypocrites electing hypocrites and the cycle goes on. This western system of democracy is in itself a corrupted system because the Islamic idealogy is, ‘What Allah wills & His messenger orders’ & not ‘What people WANT’. Look for yourself what Garbage the ALL KNOWING people of Pakistan have elected for themselves.

  26. we support this bill with the bottom of our heart.

  27. @ cheemus
    duty is not just a mere word, its a feeling upheld by one’s conscience! so its performed best by the one who feels it most strongly.in our case, the civilians don’t qualify to make national policy coz they don ‘feel’ nethin and have traded away their conscience for a pat on the back and sum doggy food….i’m sure tht even quaid-e-azam wud want the Army to take national policy into its hands wth such crap callin itself the ‘civil society’!

    • excellent reply 🙂

      • Well argued, patriot.

      • Thanks! :)Just trying to voice the heartfelt feeling of every true Pakistani
        btw, excellent effort summaiya…really commendable 🙂

      • actually it’s a pretty igrnorant reply.

      • Ya .. and you must be one of the All knowning Fatima, right?

  28. Yes it is time to rise up and become part of this make or break revolution. I agree and as a citizen of Pakistan demand that we disregard all the elements of US interference into and outside Pakistan anything related to Pakistan.
    Most of all severe punishment for the politicians who are part of it in anyway.

    Long Live Army and Sincere people of our Nation.
    Pakistan Zindabaad!

  29. Great…. our sovereignty & dignity should not be challenged.

  30. v ll promote ths bill

  31. We salute our Quaid and Iqbal, Few suggestions under section 2 point 1.1 – US should convince Pakistan why US should not be declared a hostile state.
    1.2 – Pakistan should declare China and Russia the most favorite states for trade.
    1.3 – There should be no aid from any one in the world, Pakistan will only do “TRADE”.
    1.4 – Accepting aid should be punishable by death and will be treated as treason against country, people and ummah.

    • @ hijazi: totally agree wth u on section 2 point 1.4

      • “Accepting aid should be punishable by death and will be treated as treason against country, people and ummah.”

        damn you guys do sound like NUTS!! what you are saying is completely UNISLAMIC.

      • @Fatima, what this means is and any intelligent person who read the bill would know who this clause would point to..the corrupt politicians of course! ..and they deserve to be punished for the way they humiliate this nation by begging for ‘aid’ that fills up their own coffers anyway.

    • great points brother

    • Thanks for the suggestions Hijazi 😉 I specially like point 1.4!!!

  32. as wr wb, keep it up!!! rakh lo bharam,…..


  34. Jazak-ALLAH
    great work once again, we support this bill.

  35. Go ahead with Civil Martial Law, plz. i wholly support this Bill of Conscience.

    May Allah grant us the courage to change our ways.
    Pakistan will inshaallah live forever, may we become immortal by sacrificing ourselves in path of Allah.

  36. Who Made This Bill its Great

  37. Dear All,
    Its never too late to realize our duty as an indivdual citizen towards the only nation willing to sustain us. Pakistan is our identity and we should whole hartedly support such motions. We have done enaugh blunders, we must learn from our History, our country has been divided once before in 1971 because we were not united as a nation, it will happen again if we keep on pleasing the West & slaugter our own brothers.

  38. I support Jinnah-Iqbal Bill. Long live Pakistan

  39. One more point…

    Drone attacks should be immediatly stopped!…failure to do so will result in a declaration of war!

    This is addressed to both the army and te goverment….

    We have to admit the army is not acting to its full capability with respect to drone attacks

    Now i accpect this bill and do solemly swear to uphold the right of this bill.

  40. The only person here who understands the problem is Naeem. You are all lining up for Pak Fauj to make fools out of you and the nation again, just because you think they are the best guardians of nazariya-e-pakistan. If the Americans don’t give you money, you get mad and say they’re not helping Pakistan with poverty and its war on terror. If they do, you get mad when they actually try to see its not being spent on somebody’s vacation house in London. It sounds like all that is wanted is money without any strings attached. It’s a lose-lose situation. Whatever happened to rizq-e-halal, I thought I saw it written on Pakistan currency somewhere. And btw if you read about Quaid’s proposal for relations with America, he would have happily taken the money.

    • This is the most ridiculous ive read so far!

      • totally agree with you sumayya!

  41. i am proud of this resolve and determination and please i implore mr.kiyani as the defender of faith to implement this bill .
    i cannot tolerate zionists like kissinger and obama making a total mockery of a state derived from the sacrifices of million of lives in name of islam and allah and where thousands of pure muslim women sacrificed themselves for the ideology of this state ,we are indeed not for sale for the benefit of a few american marionettes.

  42. […] will be explained from Pakistan’s point of view, as to why it is favourable or unfavourable. Pak Nationalists(PKKH) has already responded with a Jinnah Iqbal Bill , so have a look at this as […]

  43. copying from the very start of this post:

    “Be it enacted by General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani and the Armed Forces of Pakistan as a Representation of the Will of the People of Pakistan.”

    What rubbish is this ? Who the hell is General Kayani to enact/ordain bills ? Who gave him the authority to pass the bills or enact them? This is absolue bullshit.

    This website is straight propaganda machine of ISI against democracy.

    • General Kiyani doesnot require any permission … he can do anything inorder to defend this paksarzamen and as far as people of PAKISTAN is concerned they are always and will INSHALLAH remain on PAK FAUJ’s back…

    • LOLz @ propaganda machine of ISI against democracy.
      As if the democrats have left something to be taken up against it.
      Brother u need to come out of the comic book & wake up!!

    • Mr or shall I say Miss ‘Pakistani’, should I tell everyone how ‘democratic’ your pathetic website is?? no more than a propaganda machine against everything that is true. Dont think we dont know who you are. Better crawl back into your delusional hole and dont try to come back here again?? clear?

  44. Full support for this bill!

  45. implementaion required ASAP!

  46. I guess you haven’t actually read the Kerry Lugar bill. I suppose if you are against rights for Pakistani women, education for girls, rehabilitation of those affected by military actions, reform of Madrassas per Pakistani law and more or less against separations of powers as envisioned in Pakistan’s constitution, then you may not like Kerry Lugar bill. But if you do care for the above then I suggest another read of the bill might be helpful.

    • Please do not insult the intelligence of people who are opposing the KL Bill.
      We are perfectly capable of looking after our nation if only we can rid of the corrupt system and the individuals who support it. And we are NOT willing to give ourselves over to the Amrican Imperialist Masters and sell our soul to them.
      I dont understand how these two cannot exist together!

    • Another saddening support for a small bunch of Beggars! “Rehabilitation of those affected by the military actions” Were not these actions took place on the orders of the Beggars you are supporting. Please open up your eyes & mind and quit being herded like lambs.

  47. all who agree say, “yea”, a big “YEA”

  48. I am fully agree for this bill why not Pakistan doing trading with China and Russia why Pakistan depend on US aids and for how long for how long Pakistan inocent ppl will die in dron attack.

  49. Not everyone in the States supports Kerry-Lugar.

  50. YEA!

    • People People People listen to this guy Ron Paul, he is absolutely right America you need to exactly do that and leave innocent people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and for the matter of fact the whole muslim ummah alone. Donot bribe our dictators like Musharaf and Zardar (so called elected president) he is rather a dictator and by having a shameless behaviour of supporting this Kerry Lugar bill and also allowing blackwater, expanding US Embassy and CIA into Pakistan. The people in the Pak Parliament open your eyes no matter which party you are with that if you support these zionist agents they will eventually not only bring the country down but also put all our pakistani nation into trouble. ZARDARI IF YOU SUPPORT PEOPLE AND GIVE INTO THEIR DEMANDS THEY WILL LOVE YOU. They liked you when you said Pakistan Khapay. Now your actions are not what you stated but you are acting contrary and you cannot keep on going against people will and think that you are the only one who has wisdom in whole of pakistan (like Mush & Bush). Learn from past but may be you wouldn’t because you don’t care what happens to people of pakistan you all including Nawaz, that blackie dada altaf and yourself will leave pakistan to your pigeon holes in US or Britain where you keep Paki stolen wealth and leave poor pakistanis to face the music. May Allah protect the nation from all the evils and yes we should reject KL Bill but fully support Iqbal Jinnah bill.

  51. 1) There is a stipulation in the American aid bill requiring “Pakistan” army to stop its support to terrorist groups so that “Pakistan” government can receive aid money

    (2) Pakistan army is unhappy since the bill aims to block Pakistan army’s traditional sponsorship and support to terrorist groups.

    (3) Because of (2) there is a rift between Pakistan army and civilian government.

    What are the options?

    (4) The Pakistan army be allowed to continue its traditional sponsorship of terrorist groups and pakistan government should NOT take the aid money.

    (5) Pakistan army stops support to terrorism and Pakistan government takes the aid money

    (6) Pakistan army can continue its traditional sponsorship of terrorist groups and Pakistan should still be allowed to take the aid money.

    The pakis are crying and screaming hoarse like a child deprived of its candy because they want #6.

    If you have any dignity left you should reject the aid money!


    • Here comes the ‘Pakistan Bashing Brigade’- mate seriosuly…get lost..you are not welcome here!

    • People like you have no sane description & I suppose this forum would not allow Insanity, so be thankful & adhere to what Sumayya has said.

    • Is it our piss drinking neighbour???

      U dont have a hangover do u? from last night?

      Should we need your shitty input, we will let you know..for now please get lost..


  52. I support this bill and all its clauses.

    Shaandar Bukhari.

  53. We all support the above bill…but who gives the rats @ss….btw do read all the clauses of US Aid bill 2001. You wont find enough difference.

    • Theres 8 yrs worth of experience since then…

      That counts..and plus its about awarenes..most of the times the pakistani didnt even know what their Govt signed on…

      Thanks to the traitors..

  54. I support this bill wholeheartedly.

  55. Someone should put this bill in our so called Parliment…..

    Thats why i hate FARANGI Democracy… and wish Pakistan to have Islamic Democracy , we have tested this for around 30 yrs now change the system and impose Islamic Democracy , Islamic Economic System and Islamic Justice….

  56. Nothing will change until we realize on what Ideology was the Islamic Republic of Pakistan founded & what what were the reasons behind the successes of the Muslims from the past. This ideology can never be realized with the current tail waddling begging traitors currently called Civillian government. Iran is a current example for us, has the US Bombed the hell out of it? Have the Iranis been extinguished from the face of this world? No and they wont be because America does not own this world, we just need to put our trust in hands of the One Who owns it. Act & think like true Muslims rather then being hypocrites and finding ways to keep hiding in our pit holes.

    It is time that all of us should stand up & deliver and the first step would be to support this Bill. Always remember that a true Muslim can live with stones tide to his/her stomach but cannot live without dignity & self-esteem, which is being demanded by the current KL bill.

  57. […] PDRTJS_settings_11610_post_784 = { "id" : "11610", "unique_id" : "wp-post-784", "title" : "The+Jinnah-Iqbal+Bill%3A+A+Response+to+the+Kerry-Lugar+Bill", "item_id" : "_post_784", "permalink" : "http%3A%2F%2Fsiyasipakistan.wordpress.com%2F2009%2F10%2F09%2Fthe-jinnah-iqbal-bill-a-response-to-the-kerry-lugar-bill%2F" } By: PKKH […]

  58. يعنی فوجی امداد کی صورت ميں پاکستان کو ان شرائط پر عمل کرنا پڑے گا ورنہ نہيں- ميرے خيال ميں يہ امداد پاکستانی معيشت کو سہارا دينے کيلۓ بے حد ضروری ہے کيونکہ عالمی فورم فرينڈز آف پاکستان بھی اسی صورت پاکستان کی امداد کرے گا کہ جب کيری لوگر بل کو پاکستان قبول کرے- مزيد يہ کہ اس سے قبل مشرف دور ميں پاکستان کو جو فوجی امداد مل رہی تھی اس کی شرائط اس سے… Read More بھی زيادہ سفاک تھيں جيسے سرحدی حدود کی خلاف ورزی کی اجازت اور دہشت گردی کے شبہ ميں گرفتار پاکستانی کی امريکا کو حوالگی – مگر وہ فوجی امداد تھی اس لۓ قبول تھي

    • Mere bhai kya isse pehle imdad nahi aai Pakistan main? tu phir aj tak kio Pakistani maeshat ka haal bura hai? ap please apni ankhain kholiye aur ghour kijiye. aur ye kaise friends of Pakistan hain jinhon ne KL bill pe apni friendship ko munhasir kar dia hai? kya apko ab bhi lagta hai ke is imdad ke denay main America ka apna koi maqsad shamil nahi hai? Aur jahan tak pehle dour aur fauji imdad ki baat hai tu agar woh khaufnak thin tu in sharait ko maan lenay ka kon sa jawaz banta hai? kya pehle hoa tu phir ho?

  59. Hmm. We should care about the sovereignty of Pakistan. The dignity and sovereignty is all dismantled to an exceeding extent.

  60. While i do not support KL Bill but who is the retard who wrote this post…
    Who is General Kiyani to enact will of people of Pakistan…..He was the one who used to do back door deals with BB in UK as DG ISI…ISI under his ABLE command sell Pakistanis to the American for Dollars…
    He and his impotent soldiers cannot stop American drones and he keeps on meeting USA officials all the time…

    So please wake up and don’t expect the biggest defender of USA interest in Pakistan ( The Army ) to do any thing good for this country….

    These looters (Corps Commanders) are angry and issuing such statements only because they have been denied their share …Why were these coward Generals silent when USA gave Billions in aid during the Zia Era for Fasad-e – Afghanistan and to Musharraf and his corrupt lot ( for their DHA and lavish Styles)

    It’s a shame that Army in Pakistan Gulps down 70% of the budget , otherwise we won’t be begging for KL bils and Alms…..

  61. Wat rubbish! In LMU, we take such bills for uje in the morning when there ij a lota shortij.

    • Lal you know why you are called lal because when you go for shit in front of every one they smack your bottom and everybody can see it is lal because of smack on your bottowm which is always lal and that’s why you are called lal teri tui lalo lal bo hind!!1

  62. dude forget the lota…ur country’s got shortage of toilets…as i speak u’re being burried in ur own shit!!! 😀

    GAY HIND!!

  63. This is the true response to United States of America and every patriot proud Pakistani should second this bill.

    I would like it to be amended pertaining to Section 3 clause (7) The U.S embassy in Pakistan is reduced to 60% of its current size, both in terms of area and personnel.

    I believe that the bill should be sent with an INVOICE of at least 40 Billion Dollars for the damages sustained by the Pakistani Economy over the last 8 years shouldering the burden of the so called WAR ON TERROR, which became a war of error for our country


  64. As a citizen of pakistan i strongly support this bill with all its clauses!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. This is all delsusional fantasies.
    You are proposing a bill with 2 guys whose grand fathers were Hindus!

    Your castle was built on hatred- filled lies, denial of your heritage.

    All you have to do is shed your war mongering, hatred, and reconciliation with India.

    After all we have 160 million muslims in India. If you cling on to the same hatred and lies, you are not going anywhere.

    Your econmomy is in ruins, future prospects look bleaker than ever, and you talk about being “soverign” and all??!!!

    You have no choice other than agreeing to stop terrorism and take the aid money.

    About drinking cow piss, try to come up with something new. At least we don’t have our budget drafted in Washington DC and Brussles and don’t have a Viceroy Clinton who needs to certify us.

    Grow up. Shed the hatred.

    • “Grow up. Shed the hatred”- and this invaluable advice from someone who has an id called “Pakiterroristan”!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!this is just TOO FUNNY!!!!

      Also, You don’t have your budget drafted in Washington DC? really? are you sure? oh well..dunno whether or not thats the case. BUT what we DO know is that you are these days busy licking Israeli-American boots just begging them to let you be their pathetic little sidekick in Afghanistan, so you guys can sit there and carry out cross border terrorism into Pakistan like you are doing now. Thats how peace loving and non-violent u are! Pathetic.

      U know what, cut the crap and stay the hell away from here. This is Pakistani Territory, right here on PKKH, and we dont tolerate ‘cross-border’ violations!!!

      • “this invaluable advice from someone who has an id called “Pakiterroristan”!!!!!!!!! ”

        Here you are being a hypocrite. Aren’t you? As if you don’t know?

        You host terrorist training camps, 10 thugs came to Mumbai to shoot and kill Muslim and Hindu citizens of India. And you are stonewalling the investigation and continue to be a terroristan. That’s why my web site exists. And you know that.


        You have exterminated the Hindu population to less than 2% in pakistan, and the remaining live in the finges in fear.

        For Indians you are like our next door neighbour muslim. Many places muslims are 10-20% or more of the poulation.

      • Oh Please give us a break, ok??? Your website exists because you are a bigot and are simply ignoring the fact that ‘Mumbai attacks’ were an inside job purported by your own corrupt elements in the military and establishment.The entire ‘dossier’ that your government provided was debunked and blown to bits by us and you know that. You think you can deceive the entire world and if you keep repeating the same lies over and over again , people would start beleieving you. Well, not us.

        And how dare you talk about ‘extermination’ of minorities when its your extremist Hindu population that burns Muslims and Christians alive in not tens , not hundreds but THOUSANDS, hows thats for TERRORISM??

        You host terrorist training camps on the Afghan-pakistan border and send in terrorists into Pakistan, thats the nonly reason why you ARE in Afghanistan. It’s your RAW that is supporting the BLA terrorists to wreak havoc inside Pakistan.

        For the last 62 years the ‘brave’ indian armed forces have terrorized the Muslims of Kashmir, when will you get it that they dont frikkin wanna b a part of your country? I guess you will just keep slaughtering them till they are no more! How’s that for TERRORISM??

        You call yourself the ‘biggest democracy in the world’…but in reality you are the ‘biggest hypocrisy’ that the world has ever seen, you can fool some people for some time but you cant fool everyone all the time.

        Hindustan = Terroristan and that’s the truth. Truth will prevail no matter how many lies you spread.

  66. When i read things lyk this where hopes are termed as dillusions n life is portrayed as a dark tunnel with no light at the other end, i am reminded of the story of that frog who stopped trying to jump out of a closed jar after a few failed attempts not knowing that his efforts had forced the lid to drop….Those who stop trying and stop believing are lyk that frog and the true believers who remain steadfast no matter how bad the situation are the leaders n worthy of being called as ‘humans’!this is the difference between an animal and a human.
    No wonder hopelesness is forbidden on all MUSLIMS!

    • Very Well-Said Patriot! Inshallah PKKH will always always keep the Faith and Hope alive!! Thanks to all our great readers and their positive feedback..we will go from strength to strength!!!! Pakistan Payendabad!

      • @ summaya: jst ignore ppl lyk terroristan coz they expect us to react to their nonsense……let them dwell in their fool’s paradise coz they will find out in due time tht who is the real terrorist n who r the victims…do they really think tht being n indian, american or basically a non-pakistani grants them indemnity from all kinds of problems- no way!they r all being used as pawns by the rich n the evil who throw them away lyk garbage once they’ve been used. a wise man once said:” there are two ways of controlling people and they are both in practice in the world right now. one way is to stop people from getting education and basic resources for survival such as food,shelter, clothes n justice n the other is by giving them too much education and a proper system for satisfying every need such that they become completely dependent on it and stop struggling for anything- basically become indifferent to other’s pain n have undying trust in the ‘flawed system’!

  67. Very much liken and support wil also be there for “Quiad and Iqbal”,s bil

  68. I SAlute PPKH…This bill shd be implemented!

  69. Ths bill shud b given official backing from the PAK ARMY and shud be approved in the parliament

  70. Gud work …..keep it up…

  71. Enough is enough. These soul-less politicians have made us a laughing stoke in the world. We’ve come to be known as a “begger nation” in thw world. I heared government officials saying on TV that money recieved from the US would be spent on the welfare of Pakistanis. In the past, we recieved billions of dollars from the US, but where did that money go? Obviously into the coffers of these politicians. It didn’t make any difference in the lives of millions of poor Pakistani souls.
    Therefore, i also support this bill.

  72. If you support this bill Give me a HELL YEAH ……


    Pakistan Rulzzz!

    • HELL YEAH! 😉

  73. I wholeheartedly support Jinnah-Iqbal Bill.

    PKKH and Dan, please forward it to ISPR and other high sources.

  74. Thank you all for your support. Please spread this message as far and wide as you can!

  75. Good Effort.KEEP IT UP. Good luck.

  76. I as a patriotic and independent citizen of PAK SAR ZAMEEN accept the cluases of this bill and InshALLAH will strive to do with what possible resources in my ands to safeguard the rights and to strive make PAKISTAN one of world`s glouious nation

  77. I fully support Jinnah – Iqbal Bill

    Pakistan Zindabad

  78. Assalam-o-alaikum,

    The Kerry Lugar bill is a blatant attempt to undermine the military and nuclear capabilities of Pakistan. I’d rather see my country being run by a nationalist dictator than a corrupt civillian government who only have personal agendas and is backed by the US and other zionist regimes.

    Pakistan will survive this and we will rise as one strong Muslim nation; an example to all muslims around the world InshAllah. We all need to do is stand up against the attrocities. Only then will we produce the leaders who are the true depiction of a Pakistani state based on Islamic ideaoligies, a state that is our ultimate goal.

    The Jinnah-Iqbal bill is an excellent response and as a Pakistani citizen I support it.

  79. This bill can rightly be called the voice of Pakistani people.

    I support Jinnah-Iqbal bill wholeheartedly!

  80. The main culprit for putting PAKISTAN and it’s sovernigty on sale is the traitor “Mir Jaffar” of the moderan era Haqqani,the ambassodor in washington who should be hanged or put straightaway in front of the firing squad.

  81. i strongly strongly strongly support this bill its a sigh ov relief to the people of Pakistan any body plz send a copy ov this bill to our parliament & specially to mr10%(currently knwn as MR.100&)

  82. […] Patriots’ response to the Kerry Lugar Bill: The Jinnah-Iqbal […]

  83. the above mentioned bill is really fantastic and the comments by all our Pakistanis are also encouraging.one can feel that our youth is not dead. but is there any thing which we can do practically? bill is great and ideas are great but whats next? how can we implement such bill? by using such platforms,,cant we get united to do some practical work instead of talking and talking?
    plz share,if anybody comes up with something.

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