Pakistan Military’s Strong Message To America & Its Pakistani Loyalists

October 8, 2009

Ahmed Quraishi

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Top generals of the Pakistan Army issued an indirect but strong warning to Washington and the pro-US government in Islamabad to step back from infringing on Pakistani nation’s right to decide its national interest and priorities.

“Pakistan is a sovereign state and has all the rights to analyse and respond to the threat in accordance with her own national interests,” said an unusually strong statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations [ISPR], on Oct. 7.  It came at the tail of a daylong conference of the commanders of the main corps of the Pakistani armed forces, chaired by the Chief of the Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.

Analysts said this was an indirect rebuke to US Ambassador to Pakistan Anne W. Patterson and other US officials who have been pressuring Pakistan to take a number of actions that fall within the sovereign domain of the country. This includes the decision on whether to launch a military action in the tribal belt adjoining Afghanistan; Pakistan’s role, if any, in helping US eliminate opponents of its eight-year long occupation of Afghanistan, and whether America’s war in that country should become Pakistan’s top national security priority superseding the threat from India.

The military also indirectly rebuffed several US loyalists in the Pakistani government, including President Zardari, his foreign minister and his envoy to Washington who have been fierce advocates of the Kerry-Lugar aid bill that stops short of declaring Pakistan a terrorist state and designates the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta as the headquarters of the Afghan Taliban leadership, all without providing any evidence to back this serious allegation.  Other conditions contained in the US aid bill virtually give Washington the right to oversee the smallest details in the workings of the Pakistani civilian and military institutions.

Sources suggest that General Kayani told the commander of the US forces in Afghanistan Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who was briefly in Rawalpindi on Tuesday, that US Ambassador Anne Patterson’s recent statements, where she indirectly threatened war against Pakistan, were unacceptable and will not be tolerated in the future.

Not that Ms. Patterson is taking it lying down.  She reportedly met yesterday a local politician from Balochistan whose fugitive family member is leading a separatist terror campaign from a safe haven in US-controlled Afghanistan, where the separatist terror movement receives money and financing from US allies in Kabul and also from Indian intelligence operatives based in Afghanistan.

The stance of the Pakistani military on the Kerry-Lugar bill and the US ambassador’s statements accurately reflects the feelings among a majority of Pakistanis.  This leaves the elected government, with its unusually strong pro-US position, isolated in the country.  The elected government, which came to power through a US-brokered deal that whitewashed illegally obtained wealth, is effectively using Washington to confront the Pakistani military and enforce the US agenda for Pakistan and the region.

Almost all the major Pakistani politicians – President Zardari, Altaf Hussain of MQM, Asfandyar Wali of ANP, and now Nawaz Sharif of PMLN – are now directly conducting their own foreign policies with Washington.  This has made US a direct player in Pakistani politics, a level of meddling unprecedented in the history of Pak-US relations.

But despite this, the Pakistani military made it clear in the statement that it believed the Pakistani parliament is the right forum to decide the fate of the US aid bill in accordance with the wishes of the Pakistani people.

This is the text of the statement issued by the military on Wednesday:

122 Corps Commanders Conference was held at General Headquarters today. The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani chaired the day long meeting. The participants were given a comprehensive briefing on the current security situation in the country and the region.

COAS in his opening remarks dilated upon various issues related to national security and impending challenges faced by the country. COAS reiterated that Pakistan is a sovereign state and has all the rights to analyse and respond to the threat in accordance with her own national interests.

Kerry Lugar bill also came under discussion during the conference. The forum expressed serious concern regarding clauses impacting on National Security. A formal input is being provided to the Government. However, in the considered view of the forum, it is the Parliament, that represents the will of the people of Pakistan, which would deliberate on the issue, enabling the Government to develop a National response.

COAS in his concluding remarks reiterated that Pakistan stands committed to global and regional peace, and wishes to live in harmony with her neighbours.



  1. Kerry-Leecher Bill for the world’s most corrupt person zardari. Its his pocket money to sell pakistan. shame shame shame! we don’t want this democracy! send it back to bumreeka in a coffin!

  2. We don’t want American AIDS.Give this AIDS to her Heejry Clinton

  3. We don’t want American AIDS.Give this AIDS to Heejry Clinton

  4. gr8 going Army, danda de ke rakhoo

    • lol. that is good.

    • danda de ke geo !

  5. Most bastard and abject people are now governing the country. Fuck off these bastards. One pig from ruling elite said that Dr. AQ shipped planes of nukes outside Pakistan. Fuck off these pigs. Where is 111 brigade???????????????????

  6. Its time for Pakistan to put the foot down firmly. The demands from CIA will not go away but they will ask to do more killing of your brothers and then it will be easier to get to you.
    I have a story for you “Once there were 3 Black bulls and a white bull, wolves would chase them around but they could never attack and were scared to come close. One day 3 black bulls gathered together and decided to leave the white bull out of there company thinking this would stop the wolves from chasing them. Guess what wolves took out the white bull easily that same day and the same fate followed for the rest of the 3 bulls on after the other. Before the last black bull would be killed by the wolves, he said to the wolves I became your meal the same day I let my brother the white bull be the first meal.
    I hope we get lessons from this story. Don’t let your brothers be a meal today, remember you will be a meal tomorrow for sure.
    Mr. Kayani We Love you and Hope you will always do what is right for the UMMAH and Pakistan. We are the only hope left for the UMMAH. Sorry to say everyone else in the UMMAH don’t care or are busy drinking and have lost their minds.

  7. Stop this Bull shit “WAR ON TERROR” We know it is a war against “ISLAM”. And we also know “THE WEST” is aware of the capabilities of Pakistanis and they know we will never leave our brothers down, even if our Muslim brothers are sleeping drunk.
    After all they are our brothers. One day they will wake up, INSHALLAH.

  8. I request army to take control of the govt.
    ARMY shud jst start exposing the politicians.

    Ths wil directly result to the idea bringing army back to power through support of masses.

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