PKKH EXCLUSIVE: Open Letter To US Citizens

October 7, 2009

Read: Open Letter To US Citizens – From A Pakistani
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  1. A Martian “Tea Party”

    It will take something “extra-terrestrial” at the very least, in order to bring peace and tranquility to our planet !

    The American governments are very fond of targeting a select group of people and stirring-up a mass-hysteria against them among their own population to legitimize their actions.

    Counting loosely, first it were the British, then the Red-Indians, Black-Africans, the Southerners, the Germans & Japanese, the Communists (in all flavours i.e. Russians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cubans, North Koreans, including the Jews,), and now Muslims, anywhere in the world.

    The whole of the 20th century is filled with American ignited – fueled – or stoked ! upheavals— and there is an American hand in every war, large or small.

    Lets hope that with their “hubbles” and their “shuttles”, the Americans find a distraction, like some sort of an alien nation on Mars, to serve as a new target, and spare the rest of the mankind and our planet.

    It seems like the earth is badly in need of a Martian Tea Party !

  2. Good letter! Hope it gets to the right people.

  3. The substance of the Kerry-Lugar is beneficial for the country, now and in the near future. We should criticize the language but not the matter itself. The conditions are not binding on anyone. We do not owe any country anything. It is not a bilateral treaty. Today’s terrorist attacks on the country’s army headquarters just prove that we need assistance in rooting out this menace of terrorism


    • you see what they want you to see, and you write what they want you to write. attack on GHQ was to show that Pakistan Army is weak and need US help to protect Pakistan. We should not sell Pakistan to any other nation we can protect Pakistan more then anyone.

    • for you i would say there are so many controversial elements in this bill..no doubt this bill is meant to disgrace Pakistan and our nation we must denounce nad condemn this bill at every forum..by this bill our corrupt and traitor polticians they are not only selling Pakistan but also accepting Pakistan a failed and terrorist State,,,which for sure we are not

  4. KLB is meant for economic assistance..wat it got to do wid security issues…BTw we have given alot in this war and thats wat we are getting in return…
    We need to live like an independent country and a nation only then we can progress and prosperous..

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