Kayani Slams US; Rejects Kerry-Lugar Bill

October 7, 2009

KARACHI: As anger mounts over the degrading language and observations in the Kerry-Lugar Bill on Pakistan’s military services and intelligence agencies, the Army conveyed its part of protest to the United States when Commander of International Forces in Afghanistan General Stanley McChrystal met Army chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani at the GHQ on Tuesday, informed officials said.

These officials said that General Kayani told General McChrystal that like the Pakistani people, the military and intelligence services were furious at the observations made on Pakistan’s security establishment in the Kerry-Lugar Bill. Kayani also protested over the controversial statements made by some US officials in recent days.

“General McChrystal returned from the GHQ with an unambiguous message that the terms set in the Kerry-Lugar Bill on the national security interests of Pakistan are insulting and are unacceptable in their present formulation,” according to an official familiar with the content of the meeting.

Informed official sources said that the Army’s strong reaction to the Kerry-Lugar Bill was shared in detail with the government when General Kayani met Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Sunday.

In a related development, also on Tuesday, Gilani asked Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi to convey Pakistan’s reservations in his meetings with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Obama’s Special Envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke and key members of the US Congress.

While Tuesday’s meeting with General McChrystal provided General Kayani with an opportunity to convey the Army’s serious objection to the controversial sections of the bill in detail, he had lodged an initial protest during his meeting with General McChrystal in Kabul, where he had gone last week toattend the tripartite military conference.

The Kerry-Lugar Bill and its impact on national security interests of Pakistan will be a key subject of discussion when the corps commanders and principal staff officers of the Army meet under General Kayani on Wednesday.

While the nation’s response is currently focused at the controversial content of the Kerry-Lugar Bill, the government is also concerned about a growing unregulated arrival and stay of American citizens in Pakistan.

Concerns grew when Pakistanís security agencies recorded various cases of illegal acquisition of weapons by security firms connected with the US Embassy in Pakistan. Prime Minister Gilani, sources said, has already ordered a complete record with specific details and pre-clearance of US citizens entering Pakistan on US government business.



  1. I seriously don’t get all this Kerry Lugar drama… whats going on exactly, anyone ?

    • look at it simply that United states want Pakistan to bend over, if you know what i mean so either we as nation stand up to them and give them a bloody nose or loose our dignity as human beings.

  2. Our General is lion who is roaring.
    The lion of Allah
    The lion of Muslim
    The lion of Pakistan
    The lion of Pak Fog
    The lion of Pakistan Nation

    May Allah bless you and your companion. Amin

    • Y this Lion does not roar about the droan attacks ??? plz explain

  3. When we realized that America is our enemy.

  4. Long Live Gen. Kiyani and Pakistan Army !

    Zardari-Gillani-Haqqani evil trio should be arrested and put behind the bars.


  6. Salute to u sir!
    kick thier asses

  7. Take a stand mr. Kiyani Pakistani stand behind you.If they want peace give it to the and if they want war then have no fear and give it to them you will see them like rats Insha Allah.

  8. Zardari-

    all should be executed in public outside parliment house ismalabad. their corpses be mulled by running cars over them and they should be hund upside down from the lampposts in islamabad.

    Pakistani are the nation of lions. these heina’s have taken ove the lead and giving the whole world a wrong impression of us pakistanis as a nation.

    May Allah Bless Pakistan, Pakistan Army, ISI, and all Pakistani Patriots. we shall fight till the end.

  9. Inshallah we wil kick thm out.
    ISI n ARMY we are with u. U jst need to take strong n firm stand against American Establishment

  10. Pak Foaj Zindabad
    ISI Zindabad

  11. Makes me happy to read all the above comments.

    Ordinary citizens & our army is dying on this so called war on terror. Till when will we bend down.
    Hail Kayani! Show them that we are a soverign state. Letz see what they can do.

    As Mr.Bhutto said “we will eat grass but not surrender on our nuclear weapons” So here we are. Tell the PPP what their founder said. We dont need their aid. We can live without it.
    Even if we get the aid, half of it will go into the embassy expansion, the salaries of US employees(they will be paid in dollars & their salaries will be very high. 10% will go to zardai. So the amount an ordinary citizen willl get is PEANUTS.

  12. Things are going towards minus formula or Mid term elections…

  13. @ Shahid Orakzai. i agree with him. please other visitors support his opinion and add some thing more.

    Being unite nation we should stand against our sovereignty. Which has been sold by some of immoral politicians and military dictators. As a single we are nothing. just support each other we can form a united nation. This is purely sake of ourselves. Do not be quite on any national issue express your opinion and be part of silent majority. Our opinion and support to each other will bring a revolutionary change. Inshaallah. Do not be disappointment. be connect each other through emails. my email is imrangee77@hotmail.com and yours??

    Best regards to my country fellows.

    Do respect each other’s opinion and argue generously.

    Imran Javed

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  15. When we say as a Nation, we expect our elders i.e. the Top officials of the government to act and show a no non-sense attitude. Ordinary civilians can’t do a lot when it comes to delivering a national pov, thats the responsiblity of the gov. as beghairat as they are , they havn’t issued any statements of such sort … but the Army has, so hail Gen. Kiyani!

  16. Americans have destroyed afghanistan with an excuse of taliban; Iraq with an excuse of weapon of mass destruction. see they have chosed Obama (gud man)to carry on Bush’s Legacy (idiot) and than spread black water to underpin aim of destroying Pakistan’s Backbone (economy)through offer of $1.5b dollar.
    I think american think all Pakistanis are policeman.

    We r with u…
    PAK Army and ISI ..
    I proud of u..coz u can do any thing in this world my the Grace of ALLAH.. (mashallah)
    Now its time to Save ur and our Pakistan like a LiON… Kick of all bloody enemy of Pakistan n Muslims..
    we r with u..


  18. If Pakistan stand in front of US, than they can do nothing.. even a one word..
    But bloody son of bitch zardari.. killer of Bainazir bhutoo..
    want to sale this country..
    but remember all enemy’s of Pakistan..
    This Battle is a Last Battle… (Inshallah)


  19. Proud to be a Pakistani

    Great Nation Great Army

  20. We love our army .We trust on army.All nation is with G.Kayani.Kerry-Lugar Bill is controversial.We have to protect our freedom and rights.We should not allow to any body to inter fear our interior policy in any rate.Our foreign policy should be free.No any detection required.

  21. The substance of the Kerry-Lugar is beneficial for the country, now and in the near future. We should criticize the language but not the matter itself. The conditions are not binding on anyone. We do not owe any country anything. It is not a bilateral treaty. Today’s terrorist attacks on the country’s army headquarters just prove that we need assistance in rooting out this menace of terrorism


  22. death is better than that type of food which lets down muslims khudi

  23. Dear all Pakistanis,
    These are the things due to which Army comes in politics and save Pakistan. There are so many politicians who needs only money. They never care for Pakistan and Pakistani nation.

  24. Hail Kayani…had he not pulled the strings our politicians would have accepted the bill…I totally adore this man…dashing personality…doesn’t like to speak aloud and alot but he gets the job done…..WELL DONE GENERAL….!!! u r our CEASER!!!!!!!!

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