Europeans Arrested With Weapons

October 7, 2009

ISLAMABAD—Officials of a security agency on Tuesday detained two diplomats working at the Embassy of Netherlands in a sensitive area of metropolis and recovered arms, ammunition as well as explosives from their possession.

The diplomats were later released on the intervention of top diplomatic officials from embassy of their country and that of US embassy. Sources in the Police Station Secretariat informed that officials of a security agency intercepted a Dark Blue BMW at 11.30 am roaming suspiciously between Marriott Hotel and Pakistan Secretariat.

On search, the officials of the agency recovered two handguns, four magazines, two smoke grenades, two flash bombs, six bullet proof jackets and some other material from the car and detained two diplomats Mr. Smith and Mr. William. Meanwhile, the police rushed to the spot where the diplomats arrested with contraband failed to provide any licence or documents. “They were unable to provide any justification for being armed and keeping bombs,” the sources informed. Police was planning to take the Netherlanders to police station when the top diplomatic officials from US and Netherlands intervened. [Daily Mail]

This comes just two days after a Greek national was arrested at Karachi airport attempting to smuggle a handgun onboard an Emirates Airlines flight to Dubai, hidden in his laptop.



  1. REQUEST TO ISI -> Plz keep sharp eye on all the foreigners who are staying in PAK sarzameen. These are actually the consultants of suicide bombers who are creating havoc n destruction by using our own immature youth.

    REQUEST TO ARMY -> Plz its enough is enough now. Take a firm stand against AMERICANS and challenge thm to leave ths region or if not meet with serious consequences.

  2. http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2009108story_8-10-2009_pg7_27

    The dutch ambassador was summoned. But when americans all this a few backs, nothin happened.

    Are we this obliged to America.
    Wake up Pakistan!!!

  3. why the hell are they keep getting released???

  4. meh same old same old

  5. Give a little credit to the devil”Dakate Rahman Malik”.
    As long as they were caught,and news flashed all over the world,serves the purpose.

  6. first of all salam to all team of this website. this is very critical time. we should open our eyes. plz all pakistani brother help our security forces and our police. and put your eyes on all foreigner. dont trust on any foreigner. nobody (foreigner) want to make our country strong. this is all cheating with us. some our leaders knows every thing but they dont care. i want to tell them money is not everything. if u will loss your dear country then what you will do with money.

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