Open Letter To US Citizens

October 6, 2009


Dear citizens of United States,

We Pakistanis are ordinary beings like you, having the same dreams, same needs,  ambitions, emotions, reservations and same passion if not more for our country. We like you, to feel the same regret for wars, same grief for the world problems, same distress towards injustice, same hopes for a better tomorrow. We, like you, also fantasize having serene borders, comfortable homes for our children, fine education, some leisure, and a satisfied mind that what we are contributing to this country and the world at large today will benefit us and our future generations tomorrow. We fancy the feeling of living in coziness of our homeland, away from overseas interventions and foreign-extremism in the exact same way as an average American desires.

We didn’t get our independence as a birthday present, we got it after much struggle and sacrifices (over 4 million lives were lost during the migration); after much strangling and many fatalities, we finally broke free of the quandary at the hands of British and Hindu rulers. After independence, we have shown remarkable progress in many areas despite having rulers who placed personal interests over national interests, who never really had to face the trauma of poverty, sickness, injustice, or leaving their loved ones behind to inhabit a land with no promises. Yet we did not give up and made a nation out of it. We did not fail as our current leaders try to put it, to solicit more and more aid to gratify their own greed. In our short history we have never been blessed with a true leader after our founder, and yet imagine our courage, we did not break down, we moved on and on. And we never really looked for shortcuts to this existence, we have paid plenitude.

We have now been presented with yet another aid package from your country which will be financed by American taxpayers money, which is the right of American citizens and on which we have got no claim. To your surprise neither do we need it to solve our problems. We do NOT need it. We have been seasoned to rely on our own resources, our own means; because at the end of the day this money will not be utilized for our poor nation it will land somewhere you cannot imagine its terminus to be. Period.

Let us give you a reality check, as the voice of our Pakistani country men and as a friendly gesture to the fellow citizens of U.S. who have a right to know. In all veracity this little aid which comes with a lot of dictation, will be utilized to finance foreign lavish trips of our government personnel who will take approximately 200 personnel including their family members to luxurious places. It will be utilized to provide notorious yet special security services that we cannot afford, to people who are not even part of the government but somehow our democratic rulers are much obliged to flatter. The so-called economic development this new aid promises will definitely not materialize. We know this because this has been happening for the last several decades.

The so-called promises to create jobs for us will never be fulfilled, whereby this money would rather be utilized for expanding the job market within the USA for the American people, which itself is being hit by the worst recession in decades. Not only that, the conditions mentioned will destabilize our civil system, will cripple our autonomy, our existence, will rob our craftsmen and the population on the whole of their much deserved earnings, and in turn will fan more frustration. The ordinary Pakistani is already paying a heavy return against the lending of IMF. Our electricity, fuel and other bills have been incremented, and those too over the dictation of the IMF. The Kerry Lugar Bill does not attempt to bring any solution for our challenges at all, instead, it will be sucking blood from our innocent population in the name of few miscreants who are not a part of us in the first place, in the name of a war that didn’t belong to us by any means and was imposed on us. Are we really attempting to build peace in here? Who are we fooling in the name of amity?

Islamic Republic of Pakistan is an independent country, which means that we are fully capable to take care of our needs, self reliant and competent like Islam teaches us to be. We do not rely on shortcuts for realization of our needs. By the grace of our creator, we have been seasoned to work hard and achieve the impossible. The elite on powerful positions do not in anyway represent the opinion of general public. In their sinister yet sadly successful efforts, public is kept so busy in their basic problems that they never really get to question them on where was the Aid money utilized and why was it even asked for in the first place.

Its time the U.S realized that and leave the treachery of aiding us on the face and stabbing us at our backs. As the voice of enlightened Pakistanis, let us assure you, we will be delighted if the same money is utilized in your own country to deal with the recession it faces, to deal with the crimes soaring high with U.S. topping the list of most crimes in the world in a year. We will be glad if it is also spent on researches and precautionary measures on why so many Americans die with stress-related diseases every year, why life is getting tougher and tougher for an average American family and their social values are declining. We urge you to ask your Government  whether this aid package is really helping us, the fellow citizens of Pakistan, or are you helping our shameless government with their lifestyles and luxuries? Are you helping in setting up schools and better health care or fanning more extremism due to ill-utilization that our rulers will ensure and frustration that the brutal conditions on this sell-out package will bring for us? Are you actually helping to support our displaced countrymen or giving them more reason to hate you for financing our depraved rulers?

Your financial aid will not do us any good, since more than this amount already stays in the bank accounts of some of our narcissistic leaders, who occupy the ‘seats’ but are indifferent towards the distress of the majority. If you are still so keen to help us however, start sharing best practices, help us in establishing good governance, help us in making our systems more transparent, help us in medical researches, help us in building up universities to polish our youth else we really don’t need your help, we can help ourselves.

We also request you to ask your government on how this bill helps the American nation and us, when it will just land in a few pockets and exactly what will our unfortunate nation be faced with as conditions to comply, tragedy of which is unimaginable but appalling enough for us to reject any aid from U.S. at all! The Patriot act which has left your nation so vulnerable cannot be allowed to implement in Pakistan. Let us make it more apparent, we will not allow the U.S. access to any of our properties or our citizens. These citizens belong to a free country, accountable to none other than their own national laws and America as a knowledgeable and well-developed country should respect that. Our country is fully capable to deal with any miscreants itself and we have been doing it to our best since this so called war on terror started. We will not allow interference in any form whatsoever in the internal matters of our country, in its governance, in its institutions and above all in its authority that this bill carefully ensures. Our rulers may be dissolute, our nation is not.

Your country has not only deceived you in the name of wars to eliminate terror while being exceptionally involved in creating it, but it also has left many homeless, many innocent killed, many children orphans, many women widows, houses and hopes shattered. It hasn’t just betrayed us, it has betrayed you. And rest assured, the bullying tactics that your country specializes in will someday become a pit in itself. Haven’t we all started witnessing that it in front of our eyes already?

We however maintain, the U.S. citizens don’t deserve to be kept in darkness. Since World War II, your country has intimidated directly or indirectly at least 44 countries, if not more in the name of peace while creating havocs in real, distributing civil wars, turmoil, oppressing nations, breaking them into pieces, dictating policies that completely butcher the civil structure. As your infamous Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger once put it so correctly: “While being America’s enemy may be dangerous, being America’s friend is invariably fatal”. Who would comprehend that better than our nation, who has a history of 62 years being your ally and what did we get in return? Treachery, betrayal, deception?

What did the US get out of it; a deteriorating economy, a failed social structure, not to mention countless killed soldiers? It isn’t a surprise the same Kissinger who believed in brutal de-population of the world and whose policies your government still follows, also said “Soldiers are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy”.

Ask yourselves, are the U.S soldiers really worthless herds of cattle to be thrown into hostile territories just so that a few in the Govt. can benefit by selling their weapons to the U.S Govt., which buys them from these local multi-million dollar businesses at such dear cost of American tax-payers’ blood-earned money? Decide yourself, where this will lead you as a nation? This hatred your Government is mongering against your beautiful country is pushing you down the path of obscurity too, towards a point of no return.

We as responsible citizens of Pakistan request the responsible citizens of U.S. to really ask their government on the effectiveness of wars it has waged in the past and what it plans to wage in future. For instance, what did the Americans get out of the Vietnam war? Did the Vietnamese attack them? What did the Americans get out of the War between Iraq and Iran? What did the American people get out of the recent war in Afghanistan and Iraq? Did the American people get a share of the oil wealth that is being ripped off the Iraqis by use of brutal force?

Think about the latest package of deceit this Kerry Lugar Bill brings for us, the ruthless face of which we are already seeing, yet you are kept so oblivious to. We respectfully ask you to convince your government to keep the same money to themselves and utilize it to benefit your ailing economy, or maybe it can be used to return the debt that US owes to China.

Only then will we as a nation be inspired by the high spirits on your nation’s conscientiousness, and will be stimulated to follow your footsteps and will be thankful to you for our generations to come.


A Pakistani.



  1. Well written!

    • well well
      what a passion … i dont know either laugh or cry .. u guys r d one who is selecting a gov , n ur gov beg for aid ..if pak has resourse why dont u guys do something with those resourses than waisting time on debates…
      do hard work n make ur country proude than pointing on US citizens .
      i dont wana b a part or this crap

    • as long as amrika isreal india are alive pakistan can not have peace,becuse these stoogs like zardari gilani kainai are paid in billions to fool around with pak , the only man can be trusted is aq khan .but jews amrikns want him to be killed by black water of usa natzees

  2. Just brilliant. It encapsulates all of our thoughts. I bet the average American is not even aware of the sheer mayhem their government is causing around the world – especially Pakistan.

    This should be taken by them as a polite gesture so that they can respond by lobbying their own politicians to STOP INTERFERING and WREAKING HAVOC in other nations that have NOTHING to do with them.

    Great work by PKKH!

    I advise everyone to spread this letter around as much as possible…

  3. Splendid. It has presented the average Pakistani case in a compact form. Thumbs up to the writer!

  4. incredible. all those who read this letter. plz do one more thing to share it on facebook and other group acconts.

  5. it is no doubt briliant and it’s truly a voice of every single patriotic Pakistani,,,,gr8 work Pakistan zinda baad

  6. The letter is too long and confrontational. The average attention span of an individual in US is 30 second.

    • LOL

    • … we could do without the patronizing attitudes towards them.. I moved to the U.S. this year – having been born and raised in Pakistan – and am in college right now, there are some splendidly smart Americans around here; yes, there are those ignorant ones who dominate the masses, but ask yourself, isn’t that true of any country? including ours, a people who ended up with a man like Zardari in office by the dint of sympathy vote?

  7. Its time America realizes the true sentiments of average Pakistanis and leave us alone. We are a nation who will not give up and will fight till the last breath for our homeland… 170 Million is a lot of might you see!
    Great Article PKKH yet again… Well done and May Allah bless you all.

  8. Its time America realizes that we can take care of our own needs..They should leave us alone and quit this game of treachery.
    Very well written!… couldnt agree more
    well done PKKH!! yet again… May Allah bless you all

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  10. Great work Brother !!!!…and very well written!!!

    • In addition to the areas mentioned by the writer for assisting Pakistan which will be welcomed, the USA can effectively HELP Pakistanis by getting the LOOTED WEALTH of Pakistanis by Pakistanis,back to Pakistan.They can do this, if they are sincere and everyone knows this amount will be enough for turning around Pakistan’s so-called fragile economy.

  11. its no doubt brilliant, but its not relevant.
    in my opinion, our govt. is more responsible for the current situation as they r accepting the conditions 4m American govt. so we should pressurize our govt. to not accept every condition in there own interest rather than Pakistanis interests.

  12. my dear friends .. things like these does not matter … why? because American media is fully controlled by Zionist and Elites therefore normal citizens don’t get to know what really is happening in world unless and until it does not contradict with their mind control policy …. secondly Americans and rest of the world is already been heavily brain washed with the propaganda that MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS they don’t care what we say or do because they believe it to the core that we are terrorists …. and the people who don not believe this are very little and are banned also … American presidential candidate “Ron Paul” is an example. Last but not the least only citizens can not do any thing on their own unless their respective government supports them our that is Pakistan’s example is in front of all

  13. truth!

  14. Very well written MashAllah 🙂

  15. As a nation we r united and strong for instance in 8th October 2005 when the Kashmair was jolted by earth quack where every Pakistani showed love, unity, loyality,strength, command, pureity, honesty, how to face the diffculty and full trust on AlMIGHTY one ALLAH this is only one example of this brave nation we have already shown thousands of examples that truely refect the strentgth and intragrity of our Nation WE THE PAKISTAN

  16. Yes She is right i am agree with her

  17. Worth reading, totally Agreed. The AID provided by USA is never spent on the poor people, instead our leaders do become billionaires from it. We reject the Kerry Lugar Bill. Pakistan has suffered a loss of Rs 2,080 billion (almost Rs. 2.1 Trillion) since 2004 in WAR ON TERROR and USA is giving Rs 123 Billion yearly to fulfill the losses we occurred in 5 years (With so many freaking conditions as if we are taken out of the jail on bail, so we have to give them surety of many things.)

    With this Rs 123 Billion yearly, it’ll take almost 17 years to reach to the loss of Rs 2080 Billion. and in the upcoming 17 years our losses in WAR ON TERROR will cross 10 Trillion, what will USA do then?

    We don’t need such money which is not used to help the poor people in Pakistan. We don’t need such money which in the end of the day goes into the account of our Politicians. If our politicians can stay in 7 star hotels along with 200 staff while being on foreign trips, then i guess everyone is educated enough to know that we don’t need this money.

    Pakistan Zindabad.


  18. Great work by the patriotic Pakistani, My salute to you

  19. Great Stuff!

  20. SubhanAllah and JazakumAllah Khair..The real Truth every bit of it, totally agreeing…an excellent effort brother…its just like showing the mirror, the real face to all those corrupt leadership of our beloved country, PAKISTAN, who are sucking the blood of our poor people, increasing their wealth by new ways each day and having no remorse at all for it. Let’s pray & hope this should bring the difference, InshaAllah-o-A’ameen.

    • SubhanAllah and JazakumAllah Khair..The real Truth every bit of it, totally agreeing…an excellent effort SISTER…its just like showing the mirror, the real face to all those corrupt leadership of our beloved country, PAKISTAN, who are sucking the blood of our poor people, increasing their wealth by new ways each day and having no remorse at all for it. Let’s pray & hope this should bring the difference, InshaAllah-o-A’ameen.
      My apology with correction…***Sister***not brother as i mentioned above..Pakistan Zindabad

      • Thanks bro..:) Please spread it as much as you can. Cheers

  21. If we are a sovner state or really pakistani then we should return this aid to them and ask them you are not our masters ….and tell them very clearly
    friendship is always on equality….
    Also convey the message of Quran that Yahood and Nasara are not friend of muslims….

  22. great letter

  23. Voice of every patriotic Pakistani … May this voice be heard …

  24. Although points hi lited are true in their spirit and we SHOULD avoid “AID..S” like this, however dear fellows, hard truth is that we do need support from our intl friends till we focus our efforts to get self reliant. Unfortunatley, as a nation, we have not been honest at Micro and Macro levles and thus are suffering from dilemas of in capable leadership and in adequate resources.

  25. Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Paendabad…

    we should also get rid of such politicians… certainly all at the top level of political echeleons..

    Long Live Pakistan…

  26. Oh come on! we can take care of ourselves. from where? the total number of income tax payers in the country is 1.5 million i.e. not even 1% of the total population. the writer is right when he says that all the money offered in aid is being stashed away in swiss acounts but if you want to be self dependant, then how about starting by paying your taxes, stop stealing electricity, throwing garbage on roads and bribing the “tullas” on the road. Sorry to say that we are not in a position to dictate terms. if u want to stand up to ANY country how about paying off their debts first. all hogwash and nothing else. pakistan, sorry to say, is a nation of speakers and writers. No one wants to get out of their cosy air conditioned drawing rooms and do something for the country. want proof? look at the lines at US, Canada and European embassies. Just look at the number of immigration applications to USA, Canada and UK. everything will be crystal clear.

    • Hey there dumbass genius, they’re trying to wake up the nation from a slumber that ignorant defeatists like you had put it into.

      Did you even write anything in this regard? Let alone protesting yourself as you want others to.

      The queues at US/Canada/UK embassies are of the dumbasses like you. Who neither believe in themselves, nor their nation and the best they can do is criticise those who’re making efforts to change the mindset of the people.

  27. Dear Friends,

    i think the way this writer wrote this letter is the most noble and appropriate manner. i slute him on his effort.

    all of his points are valid and genuin. i wish all Pakistani’s read this letter and i also wish for American that they read this and ask those questions to their government.

    May Allah bless writer and also bless Pakistan (Aamin)

    • It was written by a sister 😉

    • Thanks a bunch Ali :)…Please spread it as much as you can


  29. Brilliant, we all are requesting to U.S citizens, please open their eyes.

  30. American’s claim to be human where as I dis agree,please let me know if you all agree with me after reading the incidence with my minor son in Islamabad.
    On the eve of 12th August 2009, my son was travelling in his car No.MK906 as he was crossing the zig zag road blockers with a hump in front of the U.S. Embassy suddenly an American standing on the road side next to the blockers kicked and broke back view mirror of the car, my son got down from the car and asked him what was that for he started abusing him and said when you saw me why did you not stop the car, in return my son said I will call the police, American got furious on this and started abusing him Pakistani police and Pakistan and said I am an American Marine you your police or your Government can do nothing against me now I will tell you what I can do and called his private security in addition to two security guards already there posted on the un law full barrier on the road when their security company Wackenhut Jeep No BD5841 arrived and four uniformed security guards jumped out of the vehicle and surrounded my son, on arrival of the guards that American Marine walked away and vanished in the Embassy.
    Guards of WACKENHUT did not allow my son to move from there and started interrogating him on the road, when one person in kameez shalwar arrived and started threatening my son and used un parliamentary language, took photo graphs of my son and my car, they all kept him confined on the road un lawfully for about forty minutes and after checking his security pass issued by the diplomatic security police, and interrogating him then let him go
    So far even after over a month police has done nothing in this regards I asked for the names of the security guards, that Pakistani in Kameez Shalwar and the American marine they did not provide any information the only answer is that the report has been sent to foreign affairs and it is so sad that no one from foreign affairs bothered to ask me the facts of this shame full incidence.

    President Obama Sir,
    Since my child hood I have been watching Rambo movies carrying impression that the U.S. Marines were very brave and strong men till 12th August 2009 when one U.S. Marine (as he told me himself) posted in your Embassy in Islamabad damaged my car only because I did not stop my car as he was jogging on the road (Do people in your country jog on the road) and on asking why did he do it he said when you saw me standing why did you not stop the car (It happened between zig zag road blocker with a hump on the road )and then he started abusing me when I said I will call the police he abused me my police and my country so shame full isn’t it, (EDUCATED AMERICANS) then showed his coward ness by calling his private security and vanished from the scene ,who un law fully interrogated and detained me on the road for about forty minutes and forced me to hand over my I.D.
    The false impression of your marines being brave and caring towards children and women washed off now the truth has come in front of me that the U.S. Marines are only a bunch of cowards who can only show their strength to minors only that too with the support of Pakistani Guards.
    Now I know that all what you show in movies is truly false and all what is portrayed is 100% wrong.
    I know writing you all this will not help me nor will get me honest decision and no action will be taken against that cowered.
    I have written this just to satisfy my self that I have lodged my complaint to the most power full man in the world today.
    MAY God give you the honesty and strength to sort that coward out.

    Minor Son of PAKISTAN

    President of Pakistan


    There is no Pakistani to stand by children of Pakistan neither from Government, public, Politicians, Lawyers Human Rights Activists, Public and Student Unions, this attitude is making us individuals not PAKISTANIS.
    I am Saddened Sir,
    For no one taking notice of one of your Pakistani son being harassed by an American Marine in his own home Country.

    One question had some one done the same with your son would you have still kept quiet.

    And can I have the courage to ask what these MARINES are doing here in Pakistan and with whose permission.
    Thank you sir.
    Pakistani son

  31. I need support and help fight the case if any one willing to join hands contact me shamsullahkhan@gmail.com

    Shams Khan

  32. Superb it is..this is exactly what all Pakistanis wanted to express from such a long time…Thanks for being the representative of the Pakistanis and in such a good manner
    Hats off to you

    • Cheers Maryam 🙂

  33. An Extremely well thought out and well timed open letter to our friends the people of USA !

    Pls read below too….

    A Martian “Tea Party”

    It will take something “extra-terrestrial” at the very least, in order to bring peace and tranquility to our planet !

    The American governments are very fond of targeting a select group of people and stirring-up a mass-hysteria against them among their own population to legitimize their actions.

    Counting loosely, first it were the British, then the Red-Indians, Black-Africans, the Southerners, the Germans & Japanese, the Communists (in all flavours i.e. Russians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cubans, North Koreans, including the Jews,), and now Muslims, anywhere in the world.

    The whole of the 20th century is filled with American ignited – fueled – or stoked ! upheavals— and there is an American hand in every war, large or small.

    Lets hope that with their “hubbles” and their “shuttles”, the Americans find a distraction, like some sort of an alien nation on Mars, to serve as a new target, and spare the rest of the mankind and our planet.

    It seems like the earth is badly in need of a Martian Tea Party !

  34. This letter is not from “A” Pakistani.This letter is from All Pakistanies we all have these words for usa.It’s time for usa to be off from our PAKISTAN.
    Islam Zindabaad!
    Pakistan Tabindabaad!

  35. Instead of sending such letters to Americans why dont we try to sort out these issues ourselves?
    Do you really think American Government and American nation is bothered about us?
    No sir they are not and they know very well where this all money is goin and who will benefit from it.
    Instead of begging and knocking on others people’s doors why dont we stand up and get rid of all these corrupt leadership of ours? but no we cant do any such thing we are a nation of no self respect and we deserve these leaders.
    Instead of going here and there we need to sort out our internal issues and system first.

    • Well said!!!!!

    • the biggest internal issue Imran, is the mindset of Pakistanis… The leaders dont stand a chance if the 170Million stand up against their tyranny… 170 Million is a lot of ppl…
      Change starts within first… its not about throwing the leader away…its about first becoming so strong within ourselves that these leaders are bogged down on their own…we gotta change ourselves and our negative mindset towards Pakistan first only then we can move forward…
      we as a nation dont beg… our leaders do and hence its an effort to let the world know clearly, that we can eat grass but cant trade our self respect…that this betrayal we wont accept any further! We make the system, let not the system “make us”! Hope you get the point

  36. If in reply to this letter, an ordinary USA citizen asks ,” Well, You lovers of democracy , who has elected that leadership which you are talking about,.Mr. Ordinary Pakistani? what is the answer we have?

    • Mr. G.M.Lali, here we are, requesting Americans to open THEIR eyes, while our own Pakistanis are fast asleep. Brother, we didn’t elect these b#st#rds……… they were imposed upon us by the US. Thanks to Mushy that he departed with the worst gift to the nation, ever……the N freakin RO!

  37. Knock koncok kock…knock at dainne(in urdu) patterson ‘s door

    dainne patterson: who is this?
    zardari:me your honey(giggles)
    dainne: what do you want?everything is over between us?
    zardari: no! I’m a big time leecher . baap ko bhi ruppaiya maaf nahi karta .
    dainne: I’ve nothing to give to you. I’m too old and manly.
    zardari: thats why I’m interested in you.
    dainne: okay I get it.
    she comes out wearing boxers holding a toy.
    dainne: take this gentleman out of here. I was playing with this last night and it got a crack.
    zardari: never mind I’m your girl.(blushes like a girl)

  38. Superrrrrb piece of work !!!

  39. Absolutely Correct!!!!

    But DECIDED has to be DONE 🙂

  40. This is brilliant! Voice of every Pakistani heart! and every Pakistani conscious mind!
    well done!

  41. Excellent! u spoke our heart out!
    well done PKKH… You guys are running a fabulous job!

  42. This is the sorriest letter I have ever seen. I am amazed that this person who is writing such sorry words for his nation thinks he is a great Pakistani and a great patriot.

    All that I would like to say is that, the country where the Water Coolers which are planted for social work and glasses over them are chained so that no one can steal them, that country has something seriously much more wrong then a faulty and corrupt government.

    And that is the only problem with my beloved country men, that they will ALWAYS blame others for the any itch in their respective asses

  43. @ Fahd: are you suggesting that American aid will stop the glasses from getting stolen?

    Grow up, think big.

    For anyone who’s got a broader view of things, this letter certainly speaks alot.

    The writer has smartly highlighted the issues with American foreign policy and how it has effected us. This has nothing to do with thugs stealing things. The crime rate in USA is higher than Pakistan, for your kind information.

    So come back when you’ve grown up!

  44. Dear All; I’d like to share something with all of u that this isn’t the only way v can help ourselves but v need to reunite our selves against those SO CALLED Muslims who r busy in killing Muslims. I’v noticed my self that in some f our Masajids v heared prays regarding help of Mujahideen or Talibans and in Ramazan i’v noticed some activites collecting donations for JESH-MUHAMMAD Organization. My point is v not only should condem those fundamentalists but not even consider them in our prayers. And v should change the thinking f our poor people who perhapes help them in the name f Islam. Plz Spread this message if agreed.
    Dr.Muhammad Ali Khan

  45. Dear writer,

    ur thinking is superb but u know that if there is problem in a home then the elders and the family solve these problems,they are in the mode to discuss there problems with others.
    so my dear we are here in flp to solve our problems and this is what flp stands for
    so we will have to follow rule of family to solve our problems by our own efficienies not to follow the thinking of others

  46. Dear writer,

    ur thinking is superb but u know that if there is problem in a home then the elders and the family solve these problems,they are not in the mode to discuss there problems with others.
    so my dear we are here in flp to solve our problems and this is what flp stands for
    so we will have to follow rule of family to solve our problems by our own efficienies not to follow the thinking of others

  47. my eyes filled and my heart aches when i read this letter, is the voice of all Pakistanis except the Lota’s . i beleive there are many people those who have the potential to sneak out these gangsters from the scene and unveil the …face!
    i beleive this is a new step and there is another step to flush out these …politicians,my heart cries when i see people are unfluring the flags of these gangsters ,those have brought mess to this dear country, wake up people and get ride of them!

  48. We can pound your chests and proclaim our patriotism as we much as you want, the bottom is , we are a beggar nation. We depend on the donations of foreign powers to sustain us. Our leaders, go around the world with a begging bowl , pleading for help. So if we don’t want to dance to the tune of the US or any other super power, all we have to do , is not accept their funds………as if that’s going to happen !!

  49. Fahad is rite…..every one of my country men is a theif within his own limits…….the dilema is that we as a nation are corrupt……..then how can we complain about our leaders? they represent us coz they are selected by us…..we are equally responsible for what is going on………..we as a nation are self centered and have no idea how to cope with the situation……we are confused nation…………a dying nation

  50. “A Dying Nation” is what the world thinks of our country today. It may not be that close to truth as yet. But if things go on like this, we are a Dead Nation. I agree with you Dany, our population (illiterate or otherwise) is to blame to have elected these leaders, who have a single point focused vision – “to fill their pockets of looted national wealth”. I also agree with Nasir that our country is now reduced to be a beggar of a nation. Can we survive as a nation without such alms? I doubt.
    Articles like these only try to create a sentiment and enhance patriotism. Nothing more. Where are the articles in PKKH that show us the correct path, rather than beating drums of the ‘failures and in-capacities’ of India and US? Yet to find some!

  51. The substance of the Kerry-Lugar is beneficial for the country, now and in the near future. We should criticize the language but not the matter itself. The conditions are not binding on anyone. We do not owe any country anything. It is not a bilateral treaty. Today’s terrorist attacks on the country’s army headquarters just prove that we need assistance in rooting out this menace of terrorism


  52. Dear Friends,

    I always wanted to write something like this and to an extent, it voices the concerns of a minority of educated Pakistanis. Hats off to the writer for actually doing something.

    BUT the tone that the writer adopts is strange, to say the least. In one breath, s/he is ridiculing America (debts, wars)and in the same breath, s/he asks them to do our job.

    In summary, the writer is asking the Americans to stop their leaders from giving money to our leaders coz we cant stop our leaders to take money from their leaders. Its good to address americans and clarify misconceptions, but they wont do our dishes. We have to do it ourselves. Best of luck.

  53. I think the majority of Americans are truely lovely and gentle people, unfortunately they have been badly conditioned, misled and kept in the dark by the Govt and media.

    Once they know the truth regarding US foreign policies (and thanks to people like John Perkins, one of many who have been brave enough enlighten us) they will realize how they too have been wronged. I hope many God fearing people around the world will stand up against injustices.

  54. Dont just comment Be Pakistani and PROUD TO BE PAKISTANI

  55. You guys need to get out and do some research on the “bilderberg group”. They are the ones who control everything right now. They consist of Presidents, former presidents, Kings, Queens, CEO’s. These are the people responsible for the wars/attacks, they are the ones responsible for the debts. Even a lot of top “muslim” leaders are involved with the bilderberg group, why do you think none of the “muslim” countries stood up for Palestine. War is a big business for these people, and we are the ones left to suffer from their gains. Click on the link below to learn about the Bilderberg group.

  56. Its fantastic and nicely presentd,we salute him and pray for the bright future of Pakistan

  57. love the passion. here’s to Pakistanis who care!

    but id address my own people first. I think that unfortunately its only that we think we really care as a nation. individual morality and conscience are rock bottom- i cant vouch for this nation to rise anytime soon. and i say this from interaction with over 500 students every week- the supposed future of the same state we’re out to lay down our lives for. its a dismal picture from the angle i get.

    but i do salute your passion and i only pray that the near future proves me wrong. May Allah SWT answer all your prayers and keep bestowing his unlimited Rahmah on our beautiful homeland. Moreover may we all rise to the challenge, InshAllah.


  58. okay, so that was harsh. rough day. or rough past few months. taking their toll.
    my point was this. while there are thousands who think and say like you do [author, and those in agreement of]…thats not enough. we need millions. literally.
    and that rallying up will not happen with open letters to americans, rather we need open forums, awareness programs and motivational programs that remind everyone who we are, where we came from and what the dream really was. its a long hard road.
    though if it helps, im with you on the journey InshAllah. till the end.
    Pakistan Paindabad.

  59. I would like to comment that a lot of US citizens do not support US Government policies. We do not have a say in what the military does, and often those we elect because we hope they’ll bring change (like Obama)fail to do so in the ways we had hoped.

    Trust me, a lot of us DON’T like sending you our hard earned taxes, nor do we like sending our men and women into war.

    Not all Americans support war, or think Pakistan is a backwards country.

    You would be well served not to generalize Americans, because you are not better than those who generalize all Pakistanis.

    You must realize many Americans WANT to improve their foreign policy, and are ashamed of how POLITICIANS (not the general American public) have acted, starting with the genocide of Native Americans in our own country.

    So please, be less generalized and more educated.

    • Thankyou for your great feedback. However just a lil clarification the article addresses those factions who ARE destroying our country’s peace and pushing us into an unwanted war.
      We know there are some fabulous Americans like yourself but sadly they dont have much say as u said urself. Americans are facing this cruelty first hand and our heart aches at the economic and social downturn ur society has taken. And here we are making an attempt to make ppl realize, before the average American makes a judgement about Pakistanis, we are the same ordinary ppl with same worries as you have and we should be getting out of this menace.
      Sadly your tyrant leaders have a major role to play in our present woes and crisis.
      Americans need to know what their leaders are doing to the rest of the world
      This piece is against your and our respective govts. and certainly not American ppl who we do acknowledge in the article that they are a great nation.
      Peace. And thanks once again for the feedback.


  61. i totally agree what writer wrote in fact these are the feelings of whole pakistan nation. hats r off 2 u

  62. I agrred, contents of this letter are based on facts and we must reconcile us as a Pakistani citizen.

  63. Assembly members are the public servants and not the leaders. They should serve the Pakistan and its people. We must understand it first. They are accountable and answerable to public and public must held them for this.

    Unfortunately, they think that they are the kings and public is their servant/slaves. Votes are casts over a ‘naan’ or 10 rupees. These MNAa and MPAs get votes from poor people and then forget them.

    We should get out of our minds and be like a nation, love and respect our country and work hard for it. We have to get rid of these so-called politicians and build our selves and our beloved country.

  64. Honesty,Unity,Faith,and Discipline can pull Pakistan from crisis.

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