Zardari’s credibility is ‘big question’, says Mushahid

October 5, 2009


Secretary General of Pakistan Muslim League-Q Mushahid Hussain Syed said on Sunday that questions about President Asif Ali Zardari’s credibility were the main reasons behind the crisis the government was facing today.  Talking to journalists here on Sunday, he said: “…The president’s own credibility is a big question. It’s in fact a major factor in the crisis the government is facing today. The government’s own performance is another factor.”  The government did not fulfil its promises about ending loadshedding and abolishing the 17th amendment and the president was paying fruitless visits to foreign countries, he said.  He referred to some statements made by government circles which, according to him, were directed against the judiciary. “I fear the government’s irresponsibility and adolescence may take the country towards confrontation. The statements directed at judiciary are irresponsible,” he said.

He said Balochistan needed a healing touch and the government should adopt a policy of reconciliation. “It can also be done with the help of parliamentary committee’s report on Balochistan.”  He expressed disappointment over performance of the special committee on constitutional reforms.  Answering a question about possibility of trial of Pervez Musharraf he said that no case would be lodged. A call from Saudi Arabia ended the clamour about his trial. Politicians bowed to just one call, he said, adding that long march had come to an end on a call.  About the Kerry-Lugar bill, he said that despite showing outstanding performance against militants, Pakistani military was being pressurised.  “Pakistan army has outdone the US and Nato forces operating in Afghanistan but accusations continue,” and the US was now talking about terrorist networks in Quetta and Muridke, he said.  The PML-Q leader said that there was no mention of corruption in the bill although the US used to talk about good governance. “I urge the government to review its clauses and advise the US to desist from exercising double standards. It should look into the role of Indian agencies in Balochistan. We are allies, so everything should be based on reciprocity,” he said. 

PML-Q president Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain said he was confident that neither Musharraf would be tried nor NRO would be brought in parliament. If the NRO was taken up in parliament his party would oppose it because it did not concern leaders or workers of his party, he said. 
He said that the US was talking about attacking Quetta on the basis of their reports that Osama was there, adding in a lighter tine that who knew Osama was not living on a street adjacent to White House




  1. Bagaart Insaan ki credibility nahee hoti. So Zaradari is not loosing anything. He knows he has no respect.

  2. Dear Mr Mushahid I write express my 100% support to you .I shall be obliged if you came on Face Book as a friend and educated the youth about the sate of affairs in the country .Also to hear what the youth has to say about Pakistani Politicians and conduct of Pakistani Ambassador in Washington.You will also discover that Baluch boys who were trained and educated by Pakistan Government in the best Army schools are the leaders of anti Pakistan Movement.There are girls from Hyderabad and Karachi who are leading the freedom movement of Baluchistan.You have to get involved to learn.

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