India pilots in mid-air ‘scuffle’

October 5, 2009

Just being close to Pakistan makes them nervous

The incident took place over Pakistan on an Air India flight from the United Arab Emirates to Delhi, with 106 passengers and seven crew on board. The cabin crew alleged that pilots sexually harassed a 24-year-old air hostess, who a filed a complaint once the plane landed.

Read Full Report from BBC



  1. ISI, this was totally unnecessary! :@


    • LOLzzzz…

  2. lol, Shining India, incredible India, and now presenting, Pervert India.. loll

  3. this happens only in india LOL

    • Must b ISI or Hafiz saeed involved lolzzzzzz!

  4. New Delhi Air randiya said on Sunday it was investigating allegations of a mid air brawl in which pilots and cabin crew were reported to have exchanged blows in front of startled passengers.
    The times of rindya reported that crew members threw punches and hurled abuse at each other on the flight from sharjah in the UAE to delhi after a female attendant accused the pilots of sexually harassing her,

    The fight spelled out into the galley of the plane as about 100 passengers looked on, the paper said under the headline “Pilots, crew slug it out at 30,000 feet”
    the cockpit of the airbus A 320 was left unmanned at one point, and one of the pilots threatened to divert the plane to Pakistan, the rindiya times alleged. LOL!


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