India to station all MiG 29s along Pak border

October 5, 2009

Still think India Not A Threat To Pakistan?

To beef up air attack capabilities in quickest possible time along the international border with Pakistan, the Indian Air Force has decided to station all its MIG-29 squardons at Adampur, the second largest Air Force base in the country.

The Adampur Air Force station, which is also known as home of MiG-29, already has two frontline fighter squardons and will see another squardon moving from Jamnagar in Gujrat soon. ” We consider ourselves to be a strategic air power establishment of the IAF in the western sector, ever ready for operations. We are fully geared up to operate in any given time frame like any other Air Force stations of the country,” said Air Commodore HS Arora, Air Officer Commanding of the Adampur air base.

To extend  that the service life of MiG 29 by 25 to 40 years, the RAC MiG aircraft coporation signed a contract with the ministry of defence to upgrade over 60 fighters in service with the IAF since 1980s.



  1. insecure indians have now decided to place all their treasure of MiG 29 along the border of Pakistan . Their army is also making decision to deploy 300 tanks along the borders with China and Pakistan .

    Is this the insecurity or they are in a mood of offence ?

    Or just making a stir ———

    • Just making a stir… Nothing to worry about…

  2. bas fut gai tum logon ki…………..abhi to squadrons tainat kiye hai

    • Apni baba di chod wi lia k tainat kar do!!!

  3. thats gr8 news. now, we can take em all out with one strike, without using a lot of fuel. Thanks India. 🙂

  4. They start the war and i guarantee that we’ll end it!.Cow piss drinkers trying to be men here!!!

    • ooooo…

      somebody is scared

      • not scared of baniya … this is the time we are waiting for and know what will be the result indian soil under PAK FAUJ’s boots,PAF controlling air space and PAK NAVY petroling on indian ocean .
        we should thanks indian government,forces and all zionest lobby …
        sabak phir prah shujaat ka adalat ka imanat ka
        liya jaega tujh say ab kaam dunya ke imamat ka

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