BrassTacks: CIA’s threats to Pakistan | Episode 8

October 5, 2009

BrassTacks presents another bitter-facts series exposing threats to Pakistan and deliberate ignorance of current government. Zaid Hamid exposes the covert war which CIA is waging against Pakistan, as he explains the current domestic scenario of Pakistan and the threats to our nationals security that we face due to CIA covert ops and US policies.

In latest episode of the series, cutting edge analysis of the current scenario and Kerry Lugar Bill are presented by Zaid Hamid.

part 1

part 2

part 3



  1. Very Nice

  2. what ever he says is good to know…. i wish he speak truth…. but the guye need atleast haircut and also a new cap any colour other then red… maybe yellow will be ok
    he need treatment for his Blood Pressure … he is sure hypertensive

    • Seriously but sarcasm aside….. he rocks!!!!!!!

    • I will take him as leader of Pakistan rather then the scum bags “current meer jafar and meer Sadiqs”

  3. that hypertensive is his charisma dear..he speaks truth…insha allah we the people of this country will not let our country suffer anymore like the a**h**es who tried to bring anarchy to pak sarzameen

  4. People with zero IQ should not waste their time to listen to him.We have descendants of Neiro who was playing music when Rome was burning.
    An advice and request to ZH.Please go slow.Your life is very precious to all of us.
    May Allah give you healthy long life.

  5. Ann Patterson should be gang raped at Abpara Chowk.

    • excuse me?? we dont condone the rape of women, whoever they might be, on this website. Kindly keep these kind of disgsuting suggestions out of this thread. PKKH Moderator.

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