Why is US embassy protecting Inter-Risk?

October 4, 2009

Sikander Shaheen

ISLAMABAD – The ongoing investigations with the owner of notorious Inter-Risk Security Company, Captain (Retired) Ali Zaidi would unearth
some shocking revelations in the days ahead, with a bulk of startling discoveries already in store. Even though Zaidi has confessed during interrogation that most of the recruits, whom he called ‘company’s security guards’, carrying weapons of prohibited bores are deputed at the US consulate Peshawar; these recruits are inaccessible to investigators due to the alleged protection being provided to them by US Embassy. As rightly pointed out in a news item published in this newspaper entitled “Trained recruits plus record go missing,” the major problem encountered by Pakistani authorities in Zaidi’s case involves their inability to reach out to the recruited lot. “If the authorities succeed to apprehend the recruits and they divulge information, one can’t imagine how big breakthrough could be, but the US Embassy would never want this to happen,” TheNation heard from a well informed source. Despite their best efforts, the investigators have not been able to get hold of the accurate record of recruits and their original documents that could be instrumental in this regard. “We have been trying for the last many days but still we are clueless about those guys who received trainings from Zaidi, we really don’t know who are they, and how do they operate,” source added.

The entire episode of this drama involves some big guns, the all mighty US embassy and other ‘respectable’ elite of our society.
In addition, the aforementioned news item had indicated that the  recruits trained by Ali Zaidi had been sent to Peshawar and other parts of NWFP in the garb of providing security to American diplomats.  This assertion was proven correct when Captain Zaidi himself confessed
during interrogation that the ‘guards’ are deputed for the American’s security in Peshawar consulate.

The Nation



  1. US embassy exports terrorism…shut this doghouse

  2. anne cheaterson and kirley clinton are lovers. Dikes are the face of modern amreca HAHAHAHAHHAA

  3. There are some local bastards as well who train them and get millions of $ to fill up their gob

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