BLA Spying for Their American Paymasters

October 4, 2009

Sumayya Farooq | PKKH Editorial Team

Quetta (Special Report) American spy agencies are receiving secretive information about Taliban presence in Baluchistan through BLA terrorists. Barahamdagh Bugti, the leader of this terrorist outfit is sourcing this information for his paymasters in the CIA with the help of India. According to a highly reliable source, the notorious terrorist Balach Maree who came in contact with American secret services two and a half years ago was given the task of collecting information about Taliban presence in Baluchistan. Balach Muree collected this information through BLA terrorists and passed it to the US. According to this source, the information was then given to the American secret agencies in the UK. After Balach Maree was killed, the Americans established contact with the BLA through Indian RAW and hired Barahamdagh Bugti to provide information to the Americans regarding Taliban activities in Baluchistan. During this time Barahamdagh Bugti also received information from important personalities.

According to this source, Barahamdagh Bugti was also told by BLA terrorists that that Quetta had become a centre of activity for Taliban leadership and that it was also in Quetta that Mullah Omar was hiding. This information was immediately given to the Indian secret services by Barahamdagh Bugti and it was then passed onto the Americans. It was after this so called ‘report’ was given to the Americans that they started  a hue and cry about Taliban presence in Quetta and that Taliban were using Quetta as a command centre for their activity. The reality however is to the contrary. According to the same source, it is BLA that is strengthening its terrorist network in Baluchistan, a recent example of which is the abduction of UN worker John Solecky by BLA terrorists and the kidnappings of Police officers from Naseer Abad.  The source also claims that the US is using this ‘fake’ report from the BLA as a basis for landing American Marines on Pakistani soil.



  1. Where did this info come from? Useful stuff to share with newspapers I think.

    • this actually came from the newspaper
      It was in Urdu.

      • Bummer, i’m not that much of an written Urdu literate. Which newspaper?

  2. the only survival and properity of balochi people is in getting rid of these assholes bugtis, mengals & murrees. the earlier u do it the better it is. balochis please wake up & try to indetify friends & foe.

  3. it could be ummat or jang..but even if its not in a newspaper..this news does makes a sense and connects the puzzle of the latest hysteria of anne patterson

  4. presence of AL Qaeda and taliban is not a new thing.
    The problem we pakistanis have that we only lie to ourselves.
    If Baramdagh bugti is giving info to US paymasters then it means there are presence of Talibans and Al Qaeda. Baramdagh doing the same, doing what his masters said like operation in Swat and now in waziristan in coming days to please US.

    few months back jasmine manzor also break the story in washington times about the presence of Al Qaeda number 2 in quetta from Pakistani sources.( all of you can google it)

    it is now time for pakistanis to come out from State of Munafqat and start telling the truth.
    otherwise these talibans and al qaeda will eat their children sooner or later.

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