Ambassador Patterson MUST Be EXPELLED

October 3, 2009

patterson2__pakistan_140The United States really will never stop whining. It is time to crush the US war-hysteria for the last time in Pakistan. Pakistan should go on the offensive and we should deliver selective strikes inside Afghanistan destroying drones and whatever equipment is to be used against Pakistan.

KARACHI, Pakistan—After the controlled media leaks about US concerns of a Taliban ‘safe-haven’ in Quetta, the US Ambassador in Pakistan has come out and spoken to the media about it. Instead of denying reports that the US might attack the provincial capital of Balochistan, she says the US will have to do what it has to do to take out terrorists.

Enough is enough, Ms. Patterson. The outrage the Pakistani nation will show with if anything as such happens will really be very painful for US interests in the country and region.

Ms. Patterson says several Pakistani officials have made it ‘crystal clear’ to her that the Taliban are a strategic asset to Pakistan in case the US has to withdraw from Afghanistan and the Taliban come into power, an implication by her that Pakistan is supporting insurgency in Pakistan or anywhere.

The United States really will never stop whining. After a major counterinsurgency operation in Swat, they still express their lack of trust over Pakistan’s ability to contain and crush terrorism.

It leads one to believe that it really is not about terrorism. It really is not about insurgencies. It is actually about the dirty US goal to destabilize and colonize Pakistan. It is about having put the Frontier province on fire and now to support anti-state elements in Balochistan. The US wants to provide these anti-state elements with opportunities in the middle of all the mayhem that US military attacks will bring with them.

We also have to understand the significance of Quetta as a major military base of the Pakistan army. The command and staff college is situated there. All of a sudden, the so called ‘Quetta Shura’ of the Taliban now tops the US agenda and not Waziristan.

Will it not give confidence to anti-state elements like Brahamdagh Bugti who claim representation of Balochistan to take on the Pakistan army openly in the very heart of the province with US support? Will it not send a signal to them that not even the Pakistan army is secure in its own country? I believe it is time to crush the US war-hysteria once and for all in Pakistan.

We, I believe, should now go on the offensive and we should deliver selective strikes inside Afghanistan destroying drones and whatever equipment is to be used against Pakistan.

Ms. Patterson – Who are you to tell us we have no control over our territory? Who are you to tell us what we have to do with the insurgents inside?

I urge the Pakistan army to take strict notice of any suspicious military movements across the Pakistani border near Quetta. I urge the government of Pakistan to expel Ambassador Patterson for crossing the line one time too many.

Ammar Faheem is completing his post-graduate work at the University of Karachi. He blogs at http://www.Ammar360.com and can be reached at Ammar.faheem@gmail.com



  1. I wish Pakistan make it a priority to kick these white terrorist criminals out of our country.Pakistanis should be ready to fight them at any front. americans are filthy cowards if Pakistan change attitude the whole country will be united Insha Allah.

  2. Our leaders are shameless. I we do not beg for financial air from USA then we could have kicked all these people out of this country. Are we in a situation that we cannot survive without the AID from USA and give up our self respect??

    • US is getting aid from CHINA and midlle eastern KINGS … and so called superpower is on top on imf loans…these white from outside and black from inside should deserve a slap on their face …how about a surgical strike on US base camp in AFGHANISTAN …nice time to prove efficiency of PAKCHINA’s JF-17 thunder.

  3. If wishes were horses….. please read >>>>
    The intellectual, writers and columnists through media have very convincingly elaborated the clarity of ‘thoughts and objectives’, which USA, allies and Taliban want to achieve in Pakistan, which has left the nation perplexed. However there is a need to consider the other side confronting them, i.e. the ‘Ruling Elite’ governing and (mis)managing Pakistan during last 60 years which has provided sufficient space to the radicals and foreign powers for exploitation. I need not to go in to the details of composition of this ‘Elite Group’ which has adequate representation form all the privileged classes of our society including the so called ‘Establishment’.
    Now let us look at the present malaise, we are expecting [the most incompetent and corrupt leadership in the history of Pakistan to face this challenge, which has not been created overnight. Their immediate predecessors and those earlier had sown the seeds of this malaise to extend their rule for ulterior motives & personnel gains. The vast majority of Pakistanis are simple Muslims [both practicing or non practicing] with deep respect for their faith. The mass corruption, deteriorating economic disparity, law and order lack of justice has provided enough fuel to extremists to assume the perceived role of Robin Hood to provide a hope to liberate the people from their sufferings through their version of Islamization. Whosever dare to disagree with them he is declared as apostate (murtad) entitled for nothing less than death sentence. There is a general consensus among Muslim scholars that if a Muslim fails to perform some of his obligations and is remiss in practice or commits some such actions as are forbidden, yet he/she believes in the liability of all obligations and the impropriety of all unlawful deeds, he/she will continue to be a Muslim though will be a sinner. [The concept of Takfeer i.e declaring a non-practicing Muslim, to be ‘apostate’ and liable to be killed; by extremist groups like Taliban, calling themselves as ‘True Muslims only’, is rejected.]. As will be seen below that three categories of Muslims have been mentioned in Qur’an;35:32.
    The fear of casting doubt in their faith and loss of writ of state has made the people an easy pray to extremists. While people fear ‘Theocracy’ in its worst shape, the present democracy (a form of civilian dictatorship. While previously, civil-military dictatorship) under the slogan of ‘Enlightened Moderation’ or ‘Modernization’ is symbol of obscenity, immorality, corruption and oppression in its worst shape [need not to produce a thesis as a proof, media has well exposed them all]. The innocent people know that they are being handed over form the jaws of wolf to the vulture. Only the face of masters will change. People, already in avalanche do not have much choice, to fall in ravine, ditch or be buried under the heap of snow?
    The present political leadership, itself the product of corrupted system could only be able to gain tactical victory over bigots by delaying the inevitable for some more time with the help of their masters to fill their pockets. Most of them have nothing much at stake in Pakistan, their families, business, palaces and villas in Dubai, Europe and other foreign lands are well known fall back positions.
    Allah appointed Muslims(all Muslims, rich, poor, black, white, educated, illiterate, pious or sinners) to inherit Qur’an, but He categorizes them in to three groups: “We have given the Book (Qur’an) as an inheritance to those of Our servants (Muslims) whom We have chosen, among them there are some who wrong their own souls (extreme sinners), some follow a middle course (sinners with piety) and some, by Allah’s leave, excel in good deeds (very pious); which is the supreme virtue.”(Qur’an;35:32). As inheritors of Qur’an Muslims have a joint responsibility, Allah says: “We have made you a moderate (justly balanced) community so that you may be witness against the mankind and that your own Messenger may be witness against you…”(Qur’an;2:143). The essence of Islam is to avoid all extravagances and extremism on either side. It is a sober, practical balanced (wasat) religion. The use of violence is against the spirit of moderation.
    The mainstream Islam abhors the priesthood, the institution misused and corrupted by the Jews and Christians. Priesthood is the office of a spiritual leader expert in the ceremonies of worship and the performance of religious rituals. With the passage of time a class of Mullahs (religious teachers, cleric)with priestly tendencies alien to Islam has been developed because, the Muslim leaders encouraged and created this class by not themselves leading the prayers (salah) and delivering the weekly sermon (khutba) on Fridays congregation; which was a direct link between the ruler and people. In the words of Dr.Israr Ahmad; The role of Ulema (Mullah) today, instead of being that of an engine capable of propelling the ship of Islam forward, is actually nothing more than that of a heavy anchor. Another aspect of the activity of Ulema (Mullah) that needs correction is their usually strong emphasis on trivial mattes. A serious stagnation of thought along with dogmatism has set in, ever since the practice of Ijtihad (‘independent reasoning’ as opposed to ‘taqlid’-imitation) was done away with.
    The religious seminaries and Ulema (Mullah) of every sect are therefore spending most of their time and energies in defending and propagating their particular brands of dogma and rituals, often insisting that any variation in such matters is nothing short of apostasy. Such narrow mindedness has exacerbated the evil of sectarianism and the resulting intolerance among the masses has led to a dangerous trend towards militancy. The superfluous priesthood, (the form it has taken now) has to be restricted by the society whereby each Muslim or at least majority should acquire normal religious knowledge to perform routine religious functions and reduce dependence on Mullah. A class of genuine religious scholars well versed in the theology and comparative religions should always be an asset for Ijtihad, guidance and education of the masses in their religious obligations which are few in numbers.
    It is deep desire of common people in any society to be governed and treated with fairness and justice. The socio economic system, education and justice system based upon the true Islamic traditions implemented by good leaders will not only strengthen the society but will also result in achieving the renaissance of Islamic civilization lost during last few centuries. The deep rooted love of Pakistani Muslims with Islam should be taken as a source of strength to harness the energies for achievement of progress and stability under peaceful environments rather than anarchy. A lot can be learnt from the Malaysian model of Islamic, multi religious & multi ethnic society.
    Its time for the silent majority, the followers of ‘Middle Course’ (ummat-e-wasta) to harness their energies and support the honest leaders (though few in numbers) with track record of success and achievements to their credit, to lead the country and take the nation out of this mess. The media can play a very positive role in this regards as proven in the ‘Lawyers Movement’. Though it will take some time but at least it will be not only be a step towards right direction to reach the destination, will act as a check upon the existing leadership in the interim period.Only a strong and honest leadership can steer out the country from this quagmire, USA or any other foreign power can not dare treat us like a colony ruled through their ambassador and pawns.

    E Mail: faithforum@live.com

  4. as far as attack on PAKISTAN is concerned either from USA and NATO or any other i mean baniya state PAKISTAN and CHINA has agreed to help each other by all means… if any of the country face such situation ,it will be consider an attack on both countries and response will be fatal and both countries jointly handle the situation and for information PAKISTAN need only 5 mins to launch its nuclear missile … they are on standby 24/7. ALLAH PAKISTAN KA HAFIZ

    • Unfortunately @paksarzamen, that is not the case. Pakistan is probably the only country that geographically separates the nuclear payload from the missiles and the triggers that set off the nuclear chain-reaction. In fact, it takes more than 24 hours for Pakistan to assemble the nuke and ready it for launch. This is meant to be a safeguard against accidental or an emotional launch of a nuclear missile. So, your claim that the nukes can be launched in 5 minutes is patently wrong.

  5. I wonder what these political leaders talk to them when they meet.Probably to show people that how important they are in the eyes of US govt.Also,to plead US to bring them to power,we will be better poodle.
    It was first Swat,then Waziristans,now Quetta. Tomorrow it be Karachi,Lahore and finally Islamabad.

    America has become a land of Sardarjees.Remember one sardarjee was going with his sister.He started fighting a passeby blaming him that “mam hi man mein tum meri sister ko ……….!
    We should stop these sardarjees before it is too late.

  6. Mashallah ammar faheem, brilliant,intelligent and very well written.

  7. Asalam o alaikum
    First of all we can not expect any good from our enemies (Isreal , amercia, bunya) they will do either we condemn it or not, their activities in Pakistan are at the top what we have to do gel together for islam and pakistan. no one in the world is their to beat us.(Insha-ALLAH)
    Tundye bad mukhalif say na ghabra ae uqab……
    ALLAH Pakistan ka hafiz

    • Tundye bad mukhalif say na ghabra ae uqab
      Yeh to chalte hai tujhay uncha uranay kay liye

  8. There is ofcourse no doubt on the efficiency of our armed forces. The way we cleaned Swat and forced the terrorists to voluntarily surrender, USA could not achieve it in 8 years of war in Afghanistan. I hope that our intelligence and armed forces are alert and ready to defend our motherland.

  9. The dawn of 14 August 1947 has brought the sigh of relief to all those who have dreamed and scarificed for a piece of land called Pakistan.We as third generation has read this only in our social studies book that who all were the saviors to make this miracle happened and has accomplished the Mission Impossible. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Allama Mohammed Iqbal and Mohammed Ali Jinnah (Quiad e Azam) were three staunch & persistent individuals took the responsibility to invoke life in the half dead muslim nationals of sub continent. Their mission
    was’nt only to get a seperate piece of land for them but to made them believe that it their pride and divine responsibility to constitute lives their lives according to the teaching of Quran, and that could only be achievable when muslims of subcontinent have a separate geographical recognition and where they will construct the foundation of true Islamic Ideology.

    It was their incessant endeavor and sacrifices of millions other faithful, Pakistan has emerged on the
    world map.

    The concealed history of Pakistan has tons of pages about steadfastness & their charismatic passion to get this objective. But unfortunately we have been deprived not to have our hands on to it! Which isn’t something new?

    What all we are talking about is history. But the question for us that, Is it is an end to all those efforts? Is this why they have got Pakistan for us? Are we as a Pakistani muslims doing just to all those sacrifices? Are we not ashamed of what we gonna say to Allah Almighty at the day of judgment?

    And above all is Pakistan an orphan state that who so ever wants can do any damage to her? Are we lost our pride & dignity both as a muslim and pakistani?

    My answer to all this question is Yes, Yes….and it is because that we have sold our souls not to Allah but to evil and the friends of evil. Our current leaders and the politicians become frigid, they have
    closed their eyes, gum their tongue and have shut their ears towards the cry of Pakistan.

    Pakistan is a gift from Allah Almighty and our predecessors have passed on this responsibility to us, so if we got fail today’s time of test and trail then later one day on the dead bed we all will curse ourselves. Be the protector of Pakistan this is a last frontier of entire muslim nations.

    May Allah Almighty protect Pakistan and those saviors who are standing like a rock to protect this country. Their faith, passion and blood will not go in vain, inshAllah.

  10. Anne Patterson is the face of zionist america. First she gags shireen madari and now bullshits against our army. She should be declared as an ant-state agent and kicked out of our country.

    This traitor duo of zardari-gillani needs to be tried for treason. Thye’re selling our country to the americans. The army should arrest them and put them behind the bars.

  11. Anne Patterson is the face of zionist america. First she gags shireen mazari and now bullshits against our army. She should be declared as an ant-state agent and kicked out of our country.

    This traitor duo of zardari-gillani needs to be tried for treason. Thye’re selling our country to the americans. The army should arrest them and put them behind the bars.

  12. by expelling her will not resolve the problem, we must expell zardari, malik, gillani,haqani and sharifs. this type of democracy and political leadership will cost u pakistan. WHEN WE WILL REALISE

  13. nice one lad… keep feeding em with this type of emotions and i bet she will stop whining 😉

  14. I have to agree with you on that Mr.Iqbal. Looks like lessons are not being learnt fast enough by the Pakistani establishment.

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