US Recruiting Retired Pakistani Military Officers

October 1, 2009


Who Protected Ali Zaidi, A Frontman For American Mercenaries In Pakistan?

An AhmedQuraishi.com Report

Despite denials by the US Embassy in Islamabad, this incident exposes the presence of American private security operations similar to Blackwater in Pakistan. The embassy and US citizens working for either the US government or the US military are recruiting retired and well connected Pakistani military officers in order to build a network of informants and special operations agents inside Pakistan. This is tantamount to creating a US military presence in Pakistani cities without sending the US army into Pakistan. To counter reports the growing reports of how the US is raising private security militias armed with heavy weapons to supplement the existing information-gathering network and the coming expansion in the US diplomatic presence in Pakistan; the mainstream US media is churning out stories that seek to discredit these reports as ‘conspiracy theories’.


A secret military training facility where US defense contractor imparted training to Pakistani recruits on the outskirts of Pakistani capital. In March, US ambassador personally sought the help of the prime minister and interior minister to license DynCorp activities in Pakistan under the pretext of providing security to US diplomats. In September, Pakistani authorities canceled the license.


A secret military training facility where US defense contractor imparted training to Pakistani recruits on the outskirts of Pakistani capital. In March, US ambassador personally sought the help of the prime minister and interior minister to license DynCorp activities in Pakistan under the pretext of providing security to US diplomats. In September, Pakistani authorities canceled the license.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Washington is invading Pakistan without the need to order the US military in Afghanistan to invade Pakistani territory.

Some influential lobbies within the US government, military and intelligence have been advocating a direct invasion of Pakistan for quite some time.  It was impossible to achieve because of Washington would not prefer a direct confrontation with a nuclear-armed Pakistan.

But the Americans have achieved several breakthroughs in Pakistan recently without putting a single boot on the ground.

CIA-manned drones have so far killed less than 20 al-Qaeda terrorists at the cost of murdering more than 700 innocent men, women and children, Pakistani citizens, who have unfortunately been abandoned by the power elite in Islamabad.

Now evidence confirms that the United States has launched a massive program of recruitment of retired Pakistani military officers to create information-gathering networks and private militias tasked with special operations inside Pakistan.

Part of this expansion is the introduction of private American security firms, or American mercenaries, contracted by the US military and working on their behalf.  The US embassy is being used as a cover.  US diplomats often tell Pakistani authorities that the private security militias are tasked with the protection of US diplomats and five diplomatic missions in five major Pakistani cities. This is correct in many cases but not in all cases.  The US program of recruitment of retired Pakistani military officers and bolstering the presence of private security firms is far larger than just the task of protection of US buildings in Pakistan.

Since the Pakistani military and Pakistan’s intelligence agencies remain on Washington’s target list, retired military officers can provide a valuable insight and access into the inner side of the Pakistani military.  US diplomats and others directly seeking this type of insight would alert Pakistani security authorities. But not if the same is done using retired Pakistani officers.

The case of a former Pakistani special operations officer Captain Ali Zaidi must send alarm bells ringing within the Pakistani national security community.

Capt. Zaidi’s Inter-Risk security firm was the Pakistani face for US defense contractor DynCorp, which provides defense-related maintenance and supply services to US military bases worldwide. But in Pakistan, as in Iraq and Afghanistan, DynCorp was helping Washington create private security militias, or mercenaries in real terms, with proper military training and access to advanced weapons.

This is tantamount to creating an indirect US military presence inside Pakistani cities.  The alarming part is the Zaidi and DynCorp had created an elaborate physical setup right in the heart of Pakistan to train recruited Pakistanis.  Using his connections within the Pakistani civilian and military bureaucracy, Mr. Zaidi is suspected of smuggling advanced weapons into the country to be used by the Americans and their hired recruits.  As a legal, cover, the US Embassy in Islamabad told Pakistani authorities that Zaidi/DynCorp were providing security services to US diplomats.

Pakistani newspaper The Nation broke the story on Sept. 29, with hard evidence, including photographs of an elaborate building on the outskirts of the Pakistani federal capital that was acting as a military training facility for the Pakistani recruits.  The facility was camouflaged as a car repair workshop.

The activities of Mr. Zaidi and the US defense contractor DynCorp were obviously being protected by individuals at high levels of the Pakistani government. In fact, US Ambassador Anne Patterson personally intervened earlier this year with Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and Interior Minister Rehman Malik seeking licenses for Mr. Zaidi and DynCorp to operate in entire territory of Pakistan. This is why Mr. Zaidi managed to stay away from Pakistani investigators thanks to a bail. But The Nation reports today that the court has cancelled his bail and that he has been arrested yesterday, which is an indication of how seriously Pakistani authorities are taking this case. [continued below]


[On Sept. 30, Mr. Ansar Abbasi of The News published the full content of a letter written by Ambassador Patterson to Interior Minister Rehman Malik, dated March 30, seeking his “intervention” to grant Inter-Risk and DynCorp “the requisite prohibited bore arms licenses to operate in the territorial limits of Pakistan and as soon as possible.”

The letter creates a new dent in the US embassy’s counteroffensive that seeks to downplay the presence of private US security firms in the country.  A Web news portal, PakNationalists/AhmedQuraishi.com released fresh evidence this month showing the infamous US security firm formerly known as Blackwater recruiting military-trained agents fluent in Urdu and Punjabi.]

[The Americans are looking for ambitious risk-takers such as Mr. Zaidi.  For more information on how this retired officer describes himself, see his own brief biography posted at a Pakistani news website that introduces him as an ‘investigative editor’.]


Retired Pakistani military officers are not the only people being hired by the Americans in Pakistan to spy on their own country. Washington’s military and intelligence has also hired the services of a handful of Pakistani academics and media commentators. These civilian recruits are longtime critics of their own country and its national interest.  The Americans are using them to present a Pakistani face to what essentially are American plans for Pakistan.  These academics/commentators also provide occasional input into US plans and Washington uses them to sell these ideas and plans to the US public as something that the Pakistanis people themselves are demanding.



  1. Well his complete name is Capt(r) Zaidi. This guy have also links with Musharahf

  2. I hate such blacksheeps as zaidi….worse he is from the army….He sold his motherland for money?? Pathetic..!!

    Once an American in Pakistan said, “You Pakistanis will sell your mothers for cash” and he got away with it just because he is american and that makes him superior and immune to everything 😦

    Shame on us..!! We sit here doing nothing while these hired mercenaries and their Pakistani hired guns are planning to tightening the noose around our necks..!!

  3. any patriotic pakistani will not tolerate this at all and at any cost…

  4. We should pull out this blackwater from our teritory as soon as possible.

  5. pakistan ka khuda hafiz.well we have to believe Allah.inshallah Allah will curse usa

  6. there is nothing to worry about zaidi he is doing his job for americas nothing wrong with him what about pakistan goverment give american permission to open a company they sold pakistan pak military who allow american to use drones in there own people they sold pakistan pakistani people who vote for zardari or nawaz sharif knowing that they both can sell there mother for money they sold pakistan dont blam zaidi i dont think he did anything wrong he was permitted by pakistani goverment. all we do blam others america,india,british,and so on so on not other country distroy pakistan we distroy pakistan that american was right we can sell our own mother for money.do u know why we are suffering because we do all the bad thing start with name of Allah we lie to our self allah will distroy us if we dont change we are munafiq NWFP is in war Balochistan is on war what left panjab and sindh.

    my brother and sister we have to hold each other hand and build pakistan from beginning. pakistan is asking cost of freedom ‘secrifice’ like people did at the time of indo pak sepration there is no prophet is comming no savior is comming dont wait for other, start helping youself and people will join you we need revolution
    and please dont listen to stupid mullahs because the are the one who are distroying islam
    Allah Marcy on us

  7. Zaidi may be one MODEL man but he is being protected by so many. A whole lobby is usually behind these kind of set-ups. Same was true for Musharraf. If u review, the Pakistani Government’s strategies against Terrorism are more severe AFTER Musharraf. Army did not take actual action in Musharraf’s time. The Key Players can still blame him for all even now. But sober people know the true.
    These people come up in high ambition to acquire a position and promise to sacrify as STOOCH (Qurbani ka bakra. But actual PLAYERS are behind the screen. They are so many. A big lobby/establishment/society etc.

  8. I will discuss this issue with a different angle.

    A soldier who opts for SSG,has extra ordinary qualities.Havig read Zaidi’s biography,one wonders how he can be anti-state.We should try to know how he finished his SSG career.Was he fired?

    Moreover,if Americans do not man their security apparatus with Pakistanis,then Americans will come which nobody likes.What is required now,is that these hirings must be vetted by our agencies.

    Allowing import of sophisticated weapons,then leaking the story,serves the purpose.Now the matter is in the hands of Media and bloggers forcing Americans to take a step backwards.

    What is needed is that we must be more vociforous in
    highlighting their mischiefs.

    Once Asghar Khan said that every country does conspiracies against others,but only those suffer who are sleeping.

    So,we must be awake.

  9. Good Morning,

    Thanx to everyone for nice comments and sharing innovative ideas. I think that case of Mr. Zaidi is a pre war tactic of USA. If you could remember same war technique they have already used in Iraq & Afghanistan. Americans are increasing their diplomatic intervention day by day in Pakistan. They are looking for the talent inside Pakistan who can work for their ulterior motives. They will keep on funding such socially deprived people who despite of having innovative minds have been deprived from their rights due to many social evils. We must have to curb social evils existing in our society. We need to find out the root causes of terrorism and on going conspiracies against Islam, Muslim Umma & specifically against Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We must have to keep on monitoring the activities of companies like blackwater and their agents in Pakistan with vigilant eyes, It’s the matter of our sovereignty, solidarity and survival.

    Nation should get ready for their role in upcoming 10 years. People of this region must have to fight many wars against strongest nations and economic powers of the world for their survival.

    MEDIA: We the Pakistanis are going through a very crucial phase we have so far been attached through media. Our media should come up to unveil the US, behind the wall objectives in this region.

    FINANCIAL SECTOR: Forces are active to collapse financial sector of Pakistan since long. Purpose behind weakening the financial sector is to weaken the economic position. Efforts have been made to enslave the whole nation under the consumer banking style. In Musharaf era efforts were made to privatize many state owned institutions in an attempt to increase the dependence of 170 Million people of this country entirely on western industrialized nations.


    Bilal Sheikh

  10. amrica te laanut

  11. This article is full of nonsense and there is very little fact or meat. Just taking pictures and hearsay doesn’t make a story definitive. Learn some journalism, I guess thats the problem with bloggers…there is no objective statements or analysis…

    BTW if I gave you 1.5bn dollars a year, I would do everything possible to make sure it is well spent. And remember its US taxpayers dollars coming to Pakistan, and unlike Pakistan the citizens of US have a very strong control over what their government does or doesn’t know and who gets elected and doesn’t get elected!

  12. well i so not agree with You mr/ms HS. by the way we never asked for dollars. now you would say that its what our Govt. is doing but keep in mind that this all drama of WAR ON TERRORISM is created by US and allies!their so-called jew friends attacked world trade centre which was made an excuse to torture inncoent Muslims all over the world. inc. arab, afghanistan, iraq, iran and not to mention PAKISTAN.the question is WHY ONLY MUSLIMSSS???
    then they created insurgencies in these muslim countries just because the ignorant muslims are not aware of the richness of the land they have, to take control of the resources. they created Pakistani talibaan n terrorist half ov them by training and half ov them by killing the dear ones of the innocent ppl.
    now they say that u fight for our self-created enemies, make your army die while fighting within your own country and we’ll provide you dollars? the hell with these dollars which have no purpose other than taking the left over strings of pakistani politics in their hands to take control over our precious nuclear assets (the ultimate purpose)
    (i said strings of pakistani POLITICS not PAKISTAN, as they would kill themselves to do it, but they cannot! INSHALLAH)
    => my views might be very non-technical and without facts n figure but thats what the truth is!

    u say that they are doing this just to track their dollars? Man, thats just an excuse n plot that u have fallen in. there are many other ways to track their hard earned dollars apart from demanding the custody of nuclear assets, creating insurgency in the ocuntry by making innocent rather naive ppl fight among themselves while they make a plot to find the weakest link n take over this country!

  13. no offenses!

    • black sheeps should be beheaded ……..u know ghaddari ki SAZA MOOT SAY KAM KYA ho gi????????

  14. well,
    the general rule in pakistan is “ye pakistan hae yahan sb chlta hae”,
    actully mr, zaidi just came into crossfiring now bloggers and madia and others are commenting on most of fabricated stories, mr, ansar abbasi started it first and being a journalist(black mailer)he has done his job once again .
    it was not a forced retairment mr. zaidi faced.he just left army for good and later established a successful busniss. american,japanies, and other embassies were in contract with interrisk from such long time which mean this proffessional soldier is running the only standard security company in pakistan but as he’s not a shrewd busnissman he was made an escape goat in ths husband wife relation of pak-amrica.the real traitors are sitting in president house and other in raivind.and others , like ansar abbasi, are their way to misguide nation
    i only hope good for capt. zaidi its only him who can tell the real story.

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