Private Security Agencies & Anti-State Activities

October 1, 2009

Pakistan’s intelligence agencies have submitted their report regarding Xe (Blackwater) to the federal interior ministry. The report includes proofs of XE Services (also Blackwater) presence in Karachi besides shocking story of their nexus with the political party dominating the city.

The report also contains details of houses and hotels being used by Blackwater as its operational centre and lodging. Quoting highly reliable sources, the investigation cell of one of the large circulated dailies from Karachi has claimed.

Summary of the details given below:

  • Blackwater’s activities are at the Peak.
  • The notorious mercenary forces are enjoying the support of the most powerful party in the city.
  • Office bearers of the two major political parties are providing [not known whether in their individual capacity or with party lines] to Blackwater besides helping them in getting houses.
  • Nearly half dozen of the houses are provided by a federal minister who is also helping them in clearing the shipments [weapons and hummer] at Port Qasim.
  • Black water has acquired dozens of houses while its strength has reached to 60, 32 out of which are retired officers of Pakistani Law enforcement agencies. No need to mention that the owner of disband Inter Risk is also a retired Captain of Pakistan Army.
  • Blackwater has also acquired the seventh floor of five stars Hotel in the Karachi which is believed to be the new operational Headquarter. Previously a Bungalow in the Khyaban-e-Shamshir area of DHA was used as operational centre.
  • The American School in KDA scheme one has 8 housing units. One house is used by a senior American diplomat while the remaining seven houses are given to Xe Services (Blackwater) for their lodging.
  • Blackwater has got seven houses near the houses of Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf and Gen Moinuddin Hayder in the General colony, near Zamzama DHA. Some Japanese and Koreans are hired and accommodated there to doge Pakistani agencies.
  • Another house is acquired in Karsaz Area which is situated near the Muslim League House. The street has been blocked.
  • Two Vehicles of BB and BD numbers are used by Blackwater in Karachi, the numbers which are assigned to the MNAs and MPAs only. No one will be able to stop them.
  • According to Ummat, the plot reserved for children park in China ground [Kashmir Road] is also given to Xe Services (Blackwater)


  1. WTF

  2. Who will stop them ? Where is our agencies and our pro Pakistani politicians or waiting until every thing will be finished ?


  3. how can Pak army be a part of all this??
    it’s a shame to know that people who are suppose to defend and protect their poeple and country are involved in such kinds of plots!!

  4. thats bullshit, who is gonna take care of our country then?

    • we gonna stop them. but first we have to take control of the command from the people who deceived the whole nation. look at them. they are the former dacoits. Musharraf is gone now and its been 2 years, what they have done. in 1971,it was Bhutto govt. when east Pakistan became Bangladesh. and now this govt. what u assume their mission is? if u have have watched news channels, talk shows, i think u can easily guess. we, Pakistani’s are still sleeping even after knowing everything about these corrupt politicians.
      We have to wake up man. we have to. if we get united and we gain the Knowledge of right and wrong(that can only be done by reading and understanding Quran), by the Grace of ALLAH swt there will be no such society left, that is corrupting this world from inside out.
      Inquilaab Zindabaad
      Pakistan Paaindabaad

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